Country Girl and City Slickers



I think we’ve all seen how the BBC has reacted to the death of Castro, with reverence, regret and rank hypocrisy.  How different was the BBC’s reaction on the death of Margaret Thatcher, or indeed to the life of Donald Trump…Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize before he’d set foot in the White House just about, yesterday the BBC was telling us Trump was about to cause world war 3 because he blamed the Chinese for the Great Global Warming Scam…actually he’s wrong about that, the Chinese benefit but the real culprit is the BBC’s very own Roger Harrabin (and his mate Joe Smith) who has driven the global warming narrative, suppressed the truth and made absolutely sure there are no dissenting voices allowed on the BBC…and when they do get under the wire their blasphemies are rapidly censured, censored and literally erased from history…ala Quentin Letts…..look at the transcript and you’ll wonder why on earth the BBC thought his programme was at all controversial….just Harrabin being a manic control freak.

The BBC’s reporting on Castro pretty much reflected Corbyn’s approach…Castro may have had a few flaws but he was really a jolly good chap…and so anti-American, how can you not really like and admire him?  As we’ve said, contrast that with Thatcher or Trump’s reception…but it’s not just the right of centre Big Beasts that get the BBC seal of disapproval…if you’re a simple American white girl from the country and you vote Republican and you let people know that then the BBC aims its guns at you….she represents everything the BBC hates and what’s more it’s that damned internet that’s bypassing the old-school media dinosaurs like the BBC…

Tomi Lahren: the young Republican who’s bigger than Trump on Facebook

The report is just a little ‘snarky’ in how it represents her views using perjorative, negative terms…..

One of Facebook’s most popular conservatives burst into prominence with sharp viral rants against liberals. But how will her underdog attack style play under President Trump?

She’s a free-speech advocate who tells her opponents to sit down and quit throwing tantrums.

A sharply partisan commentator who says she feeds people the truth. A rap fan who’s made an enemy of the Black Lives Matter movement. And a combative polemicist who says that all really she wants to do is start a conversation.

Meet Tomi Lahren: a 24-year-old Republican provocateur, a photogenic rising media star, a high-energy mass of contradictions.

They’re biting, outlandish, dripping with sarcasm and – depending on your political perspective – either righteous and rousing or obnoxious and infuriating. Lahren launched into her tirade against the athlete with characteristic snark. [‘Snark’ or truth?]

“Colin, I support the first amendment, I support your right of freedom of speech and expression. Go for it bud!”

“If this country disgusts you so much, leave,” she continues. “It seems to me that blaming white people for all your problems might make you the racist.”

Fair and balanced, she is not. [All the below…again the truth…not sure how her views here are unfair and unbalanced]

She takes a Trumpish tough line on immigration and Islam. She’s compared Black Lives Matter movement to the Ku Klux Klan, and in the Kaepernick video and others she criticises African-Americans for unemployment, drug abuse and other social problems. On women’s issues she hits at a popular theme on the right these days, that feminism was in the past a laudable quest for equality but has been taken “too far” by campus radicals.

Has she ever changed her mind on other things, or perhaps thought she’s gone too far with one of her videos? [In the BBC’s eyes or a normal persons?]

Remarkable how the BBC sees right-wing views expressed with passion and a level of truthfulness unknown on the Left as ‘snarky’ or ‘Trumpish’ or unfair and unbalanced, provocative, partisan, combative, not forgetting biting, outlandish and sarcastic…just how many negative words can the BBC apply to one person in  one article?  Bloody loads it would seem.  Can’t remember a similar level of ‘snark’ being aimed at Left wing commentators…such as Russell Brand or indeed James O’Brien who was actually given a job on NewsNight on the strength of his anti-Farage ‘provocative, unfair, unbalanced, sarcastic and outlandish ranting’ tirades.

Speaking of Farage…he speaks truth to power, the power that is, or was, the MSM…the internet made UKIP and Brexit, hence two good reasons the BBC hates the Web, he criticises their reporting on immigration, Islam and climate change….might get a job on this site now he’s at a loose end….should he not get the ambassador’s job that is….


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6 Responses to Country Girl and City Slickers

  1. Amounderness Lad says:

    After the bBBC’s reporting, if you can call their propaganda outpourings that, of the recent US presidential Elections both before, during and after the events for them to complain about anybody not providing ‘fair and balanced’ versions of events is unbelievably farcical. In fact I take that back, it’s the bBBC so it’s farcically believable.


  2. The Duck says:

    Actually the full audio of “What’s the Point of the Met Office” by Quentin Letts is still available:


  3. Nibor says:

    ‘ mass of contradictions ‘

    To the BBC and ” progressives” and liberal/ left that sums up their attitude to what politics is , because they don’t have a Mass Of Contradictions , it’s either all of one or the other . So while their views and thoughts on any subject are predictable , that girls views are unpredictable .
    For the BBC , That’s the trouble with humans , their thoughts , experience and interactions with the world . The average Joe of little political persuasion is never 100% predictable . A right winger can be awkwardly individualistic about any subject .
    The polls predicted , they got it wrong . People were more complicated than ” I am Black I vote Democrat ” I am a woman I vote Democrat etc ” .
    People who don’t even like President Elect Trump voted for Donald Trump .
    Hopefully the era of tribal politics is at an end . People won’t vote because their family always voted that way , or the area , or the Imam’s instruction , or the class voting .
    A new age in politics as well as broadcasting would be great .


  4. Richard Pinder says:

    What can Parliamentarians do about the BBC,s censorship policy for climate science, scientists and scientific debate.

    (1) This has been condemned by the two Scientist MP‘s, with Tory MP Peter Lilley saying it shows the BBC is ‘afraid of letting a single critic point out  that the climate change emperor has no clothes’. And Labour MP Graham Stringer saying: ‘This is a form of censorship’.

    (2) Like myself, John Whittingdale is a Mensa member who studied Astronomy at University, and I was told he was aware of a conflict between the BBC and Mensa members which started at the same time as the rebellion of the Fellows of the Royal Society, which I subsequently found out had been caused by the contributions to the debate by the same scientist, Professor Peter Cox. The abolition of the BBC Trust is supposed to be Whittingdales action to satisfy the Tories, and his fellow Mensa members.

    (3) Also we have the unknown influence of Piers Corbyn over his brother on this issue of an upcoming Judicial Review of the BBC,s Climate Science censorship policy, which I understand is due to start after the BBC Trust has finished whitewashing the BBC.

    (4) Also Trumps Uncle John worked as scientist at MIT, but died in 1985, and according to the UN, MIT is the worlds top University. So if Trump took on board the worlds top causational climate scientist, MIT Professor of Atmospheric Physics, Richard Lindzen, it could help put the causational climate scientists back into the driving seat, once Trump cuts the funding of those social parasites, the Languages, Arts and Drama qualified environmental activist morons who dominate the mainstream media. This would then help Farage deal with BBC Censorship.


  5. EnglandExpects says:

    How many times now have the BBC interviewed some artist, actor or other luvvie under some pretext like 100 women or a film review and then steered the interview to the subject of Donald Trump because they know the person dislikes him? Toady lined up Gillian Anderson for the role this morning . She duly obliged but eventually even she got uncomfortable with the persistent anti Trump line of questioning and protested that she ‘was not a political person ‘.


  6. chrisH says:

    Great song Alan!
    Never heard country crossed with Rap before…very good!

    As for the Trump fixations?
    Possibly a good game here EE.
    How many questions does it take for ANYBODY to go from …topic to a) Trump-USA interviewees
    or b) Brexit-for European interviewees.
    Not even “six degrees of separation” in either case I betcha.