Muslim Lawfare Muzzles the Press



Here is a classic example of the way that the Left and Islamist activists combine to attack the Right-leaning Press in order to pressure them into silence and to create a narrative that it is the Right-wing Press that drives ‘Islamophobia’ and anti-immigrant hate crime.

A train crash in Paddington during the period when Muslims practice Ramadan, the driver a Muslim….the Sun links the crash to Ramadan and the possible fatigue and inattention caused by lack of food and sleep.  Buzzfeed [the BBC’s new found ally] reports that the Sun has been forced to correct the report that supposedly drives negative notions about Islam by linking Ramadan to the train crash….note who the Buzzfeed journo is…

The Sun Has Been Forced To Correct Its Inaccurate “Ramadan Train Wreck” Story

The Sun has been forced to print a page 2 correction over a claim a train crash in June was caused by a driver who was fasting during Ramadan.

IPSO, the press watchdog, said the paper had made a “significantly misleading statement” in an article headlined “Ramadan train driver in crash”, published on 20 August 2016.

The Sun reported: “A Muslim train driver crashed after going without food or drink for 15 hours during Ramadan,” adding: “Rail accident experts claimed his fast caused the rush-hour derailment that led to three days of disruption.”

The Sun has been forced to print a page 2 correction over a claim a train crash in June was caused by a driver who was fasting during Ramadan.

After a complaint from Miqdaad Versi, a management consultant from London, IPSO said the misleading statement in the article resulted from a failure to accurately interpret the RAIB report, “representing a failure to take care not to publish misleading information”.

Who is the mysterious ‘Miqdaad consultant from London’? He’s only the Assistant General Secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain, the extremist Muslim organisation that campaigns to stop the anti-terror and anti-radicalisation programme ‘Prevent’, that was at the heart of the Trojan Horse scandal and which provides the Islamic theological justification as to why Ahmadis are not ‘Muslim’…hence we get numerous violent attacks on Ahmadis by ‘real’ Muslims.

Miqdaad Versi@miqdaadManagement Consultant, Assistant Secretary General of , Board member of , Grassroots activist.

Prevent is failing. Any effective strategy must include Muslim communities

Paddington derailment driver ‘had fasted 16 hours’

A driver on a Ramadan fast had not eaten for 16 hours before his train was derailed, a report has found.

The crash, near Paddington Station, affected services for days.

A Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) report said it was “unable to determine” whether fasting and interruption to sleep was a factor in the crash.

But the investigation recognised there was research showing fasting can affect people’s concentration levels.

Fasting and driving

The Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) has published research on the effects of fasting on fitness to drive.

It says fasting can have a range of effects including tiredness, dizziness, dehydration, headache, and a reduction in concentration, prompting safety concerns.

The report advises workers to ask for physically demanding tasks to be delayed until after Ramadan, and says managers must be aware of the potential effects of fasting on their staff.

Employers are also called upon to provide as much flexibility as possible, as well as health and well-being guidance for those fasting.

And yet the MCB targets the Sun only.  Just another example of Muslim ‘lawfare’ as it’s proponents use every means possible to suppress all criticism of Islam and to force deference and surrender to its values.

Similarly this recent statement from the New Statesman spells out perfectly the Left’s own tactical narrative and how they wish to portray news and comment from the ‘Right’ as the driver of hate crime and thus should be suppressed…or at least made socially unacceptable….

Mair wasn’t endlessly glued to the Sun and Mail websites. He was occupying a place significantly to the right. But his two-decade long journey of radicalisation occurred against a backdrop of stories in which immigration was a problem, and its defenders in the “political elite” held up as an enemy within. When politicians act as if the £270m spent on foreign patients is the reason for the cash crisis in the NHS, when the Prime Minister talks about “citizens of nowhere”, when the Home Secretary says that foreign workers are allowing businesses to keep British ones unskilled and low-paid, that contributes to a political climate in which the opinions which Mair mainlined for two decades become more acceptable.

So let’s not talk about immigration or ‘health tourism’ fraud….but do let’s make false allegations….’citizens of nowhere’?  A comment about immigrants?  No…about the global elite who jet around the world living in their multiple homes loyal to no nation.  Cheap immigrant labour keeping down wages and Brits out of work?  A lie driving hate?  No….perfectly true as most genuine business analysts will tell you….just ask why is productivity is so low in the UK?…because businesses didn’t invest in training, innovation and R&D because they could just import cheap labour instead.

Fake news, news and comment and ‘lawfare’ that wants to suppress freedom of speech and the freedom of the Press?  That’s all coming from the Left and its Islamist allies.



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22 Responses to Muslim Lawfare Muzzles the Press

  1. Wild says:

    Why do we have to pay for a license to watch a television? The whole idea is absurd. It gives intolerant over-privileged middle class Leftists a tax funded blank cheque which, at best, massively undermines the plurality of our sources of information, and at worst, supplies a fountain of disinformation. What could justify this bottomless sense of entitlement? Oh wait, I have just answered my own question. What has the BBC got to do with a free society? Absolutely nothing. Scrap it.


  2. embolden says:

    The train crash, stampedes in Mecca, collapsing cranes……..everything is “the will of Allah”, to be surrendered to by his slaves, humanity.

    It is particularly meritorious for a practicing Muslim to die during Ramadan.

    For observant Muslims the Ramadan fast is a key pillar of faith that binds the believer together with fellow believers, the poor and hungry of the world and Allah.

    Any challenge to the faith and practice of Islam is infidelity……to be opposed, by any means possible.

    These were the attitudes prevalent among Muslims of my acquaintance during years of working in the Middle East, they are also prevalent among Muslims in Britain.

    These attitudes are just not assimilable into a western society based on a just balance between individual responsibilities and rights, or, if you prefer…..the balance between individual sin, duty to fellow humans, and seeking repentance and forgiveness from God through His son Christ.


  3. Nibor says:

    The driver of the LandRover that caused the Selby train crash was punished for not sleeping the previous night
    IE ; he was not fit to drive .


  4. EnglandExpects says:

    There is yet to be a huge battle for power and influence fought between apologists of Islam in the UK (both Muslims and liberal-left in alliance) and those who see Islam as a problem, cult-religion that simply cannot be assimilated into Western culture. Indeed, those who argue the latter case think that, due to demographics and Western weakness, Islam is an existential threat to Western culture. Needless to say, the BBC denies the existential threat and is either part of a movement to destroy Western culture or at the very least, part of the alliance that refuses to see the inevitable outcome of a growing indigenous Muslim population, supplemented by mass immigration.

    The battle of minds is not confined to the UK but is being fought throughout the Western world.

    Yes, there are ‘nice’ Muslims, yes, some Muslims are not strict enough in their adherence to their religion to want to destroy the culture that surrounds them in the West. Yet this in no way wins the argument that the West can co-exist alongside a large and growing Muslim population within its borders.

    We either seek to contain the problem now or we must eventually have a period of violence, which no-one wants but will ultimately be the only way to preserve Western culture. The political debate is changing (Brexit and Trump) but is still very muted, not being honest about the policies required and is merely a shadow of what it will become. A major political transformation will be required in the UK for policy to ward off the Muslim threat to be implemented. Either the Conservatives must toughen up and be honest about Muslim demographics and how they change the prospects for our culture, or the Conservatives must be eclipsed in power by another party that may or may not be UKIP. All is yet to play for and we have barely seen the opening moves. But time is of the essence now if we want to avoid an unpleasant violent outcome between Muslims and non-Muslims which eclipses anything we have seen to date from Islamist terrorism in the West.


    • Wild Bill says:

      Exactly, which is one of the reasons the BBC and the Left try to downplay the need for UKIP any more,seeing as how we have BREXIT.
      Another reason is of course that the Conservatives are weak and halting BREXIT would be easier without UKIP in the way.


  5. Sluff says:

    Here’s a scenario for you. One that is firmly kept under the radar by the authorities.

    You are a cancer sufferer and about to be operated on.
    You discover the surgeon is a Muslim who is observing Ramadan.
    It is June 2016, so the surgeon is getting up in the night to eat, and therefore has sleep deprivation. He then cannot eat or drink anything for the 16+ hours of daylight.
    You are scheduled for an afternoon operation, and you know the surgeon will be dehydrated with low blood sugar.
    What action do you take?

    A racist theoretical rant? If only. It was a real situation for a relative earlier this year. Luckily, some very sympathetic Anglo Saxon NHS medical staff were able to massage the operating lists enabling a swap of surgeons.

    But bloody hell. Why on earth should very vulnerable patients have to be put in this position?
    Absolutely deplorable.
    But who has the balls to investigate patient outcomes as a function of surgeon religious disposition during Ramadan and its position in the calendar? Or even raise the issue?


    • The Lord says:

      How can a surgeon be dull enough to listen to the murderous, thieving, paedophile and his mate on the winged horse. (who lives on the dark side of the moon? or some similar bolox)


      • Guest Who says:

        You’d think.

        But then two fine fellow followers went through A levels, Med school etc to decide to climb into a 4×4, drive to Glasgow Arrivals and end up make a bit more than Hippocratic Oaths as their best laid plans went awry.

        Funny old world.


  6. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    French Radio are broadcasting on their regular news that Islamic State have declared responsibility for the recent terrorist attack by the 18 year old Somalian student who entered the U.S. in 2014 as a refugee, describing him as an undercover Islamic State soldier.

    I go to the BBC website and find nothing on the front page, nothing in the news section, nothing in the World news section. In the US & Canada news section there is a tiny link to the story posted 6 hours ago.

    Clicking onto the story there are four short sentences describing what he did and the claim by Islamic State. This is immediately followed by a twice as long “Analysis by Gordon Corera, BBC Security Correspondent” who denies the claim. Saying it is likely merely an opportunistic claim and that the incident has nothing to do with Islam etc


    • The Lord says:

      Scum, aren’t they.


    • Dogger Bank says:

      There is no surprise in this lack of reporting of the facts by the BBC and they are not alone in side-lining this episode. Comments on the blog American Thinker wondered as to how long this item would be in the news as well. If this was a knife wielding Englishman it would be headlined for days, if not longer.


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      It gets worse. The BBC turned the story around and made the headline and main thrust of the article all about Donald Trump and anti-refugee comments. This turned around story made it to the front page of the BBC news section. Although this morning it is now relegated back to the US & Canada news section it is the main story of that section where you are forced to look at the image of the terrorist looking happy and smiling and being “American” (they have purposely found an image where he is next to an icon of American culture – a photo of him next to “Ronald MacDonald”)

      Click on to the story and you are forced to look at two large pictures of a happy and smiling terrorist right at the beginning of the article and one sombre mood picture of the terrorist at the end of the article.

      The story has been turned around to focus on Donald Trump’s “anti-refugee” comment and goes on to try to discredit his comment, belittling the idea there is any link between the Somalian refugee and Islamic State and making the case that apart from this action of his, he had taken to the AMerican life.

      Here is the current BBC US & Canadian front page (date & time of this post – it will of course change at some point) with the happy smiley image of terrorist:

      And here is a link to the actual article:


  7. DragonBreeder says:

    “The investigation recognised there was research showing fasting can affect people’s concentration levels.” Even four year olds know this. FML.


  8. Matthowbbcisscum says:

    It is about time the extremist MCM is brought to account


    • Amounderness Lad says:

      Quite. The MCB are far more racist and far more provocative and violence promoting, and incidentally far closer to Nazi ideology, in both their views and outpourings than the National Front and most other modern so-called Far Right groups have ever been.

      If some of the attitudes and demands of the MCB were made by any right wing organisations there would be outrage from the BBC and demands from the left for them to be banned completely and their leaders prosecuted.

      When it comes to the extremist views of the MCB the total silence from the Left and particularly the bBBC is absolutely deafening.


  9. Amounderness Lad says:

    Alan, the reason the MCB would single out the Sun to complain about is because they know full well that the bBBC, the Labour party and the rest of the Left would be falling over themselves to be first in line to join in the Hate Fest. My only surprise is that they didn’t throw in the other favourite object of the bBBC’ hate fest, the Daily Mail.


  10. evad666 says:

    Lots of focus on paedo footballer staff yet still a shocking silence on Labour’s silence on Muslims abusing non Muslim children.


  11. deegee says:

    Has anyone noticed that there is no accepted antonym for the word ‘Islamophobia’? Lack of demand?


  12. tarien says:

    This is as close to what will be as you can at present get:-
    In the coming generations the Islamic world and Africa could in principle send a constant stream of migrants ten times as large as what we are seeing now. Even if they did so, it would not solve basic social problems in the Islamic world or Africa. It would, however, probably lead to a social collapse in many European countries. Europe must soon decide whether it wants to live or commit suicide.