Muslim First


Today has shown perfectly why you should despair if you think ‘radical’ Islam is a problem for Europe.

A Muslim drives a truck into a Christmas [Christian] market killing 14, injuring many in a deliberate attack.

What is the response from the BBC, the intelligence community, Royalty towards a radical Islam that is at war with the West?  Not the real threat.

Instead blame the Right, warn of the threat the Right poses, the threat ‘populism’ poses…and conflate them all with violent Far-Right groups.  Bury the truth along with the victims of ‘Radical’ Islam.

On the Today programme we were told the problem was not immigrants but immigrants being groomed once they were in Europe….thus you are supposed to conclude that it is a failure of Europe to stop radicalisation that is to blame not the immigrant himself…they are the ‘vulnerable victims’.  This narrative was backed up by ex-MI6 spook Richard Barrett who said the real question was why would someone want to spread terror?, telling us that it was alienation, marginalisation and discrimination that disassociated them from Society.  So again…it is our fault.  Why though is it so often only Muslims who ‘radicalise’, terrorise and kill people?  That’s the real question.

Later on John Humphrys wanted to know how we can stop radicalisation…first understand, admit, who and why, but no, all we got was another tale of immigrants being radicalised by people in Germany already.  However…the ‘big piece’ we are all missing, is the real problem….’cumulative radicalisation‘ no less.  What’s that?  The rise of the Far-Right of course. Others might call it ‘self-defence’.  When terrorists hit on 9/11 we invaded Afghanistan then Iraq….is that ‘radicalisation of the Far Right‘…is Tony Blair a fascist or worse, a populist?  I heard it was a justified response to a terror attack.

Anyway, as said before in the last post, the Far-Right would not be on the rise if the likes of the BBC had not worked to open the borders and flood Europe with people who have no loyalty and no desire to integrate into European societies in their millions.  Keep smacking someone around the head for long enough telling them how good it is for them and they’re bound to eventually hit back.  What’s that favourite Lefty word?  Blowback.

Then we had Prince Charles on Thought for the Day [0748] giving us a highly political sermon that essentially equated the Muslim terrorist and his fellow travellers in Germany with Jesus, Mary and Joseph…the Holy Family being refugees themselves.

If you were not a republican before you probably are now as you were treated to a highly misleading and dishonest interpretation of what is happening in the world.  Charlieboy told us of the terrible persecution of Christians, of Christians attacked and driven out of their own lands, not just Christians but Yazidis, Jews, Ahmadis, Bahais and other minority groups.  What he didn’t mention was who, what religious group, was doing the persecuting around the world….Muslims.  He then went on to raise the spectre of the 30’s again and said it was beyond belief that such a thing could be happening once more in Europe….yes Jews are being driven from Europe once more, but that wasn’t what he meant.  He spoke of other refugees coming into Europe who then suffered persecution from the ‘Populists’….a pretty disgraceful grouping of all those who voted for Brexit or want to limit immigration with Far-Right groups who use violence.  Again no mention of Muslims or the fact that it is in fact they who are driving the new ‘1930’s’ rise of anti-Semitism, backed by the Left….such as our own Labour Party….and by default those who back open borders like the BBC.

Charlieboy then mentions Islam, or rather Muhammed.  He was a refugee we are told, only wanting to worship freely.  Yes, just like the terrorists now…they do it to make Islam the dominant religion…so they can ‘worship freely’.  Muhammed was a warlord who used the religion to draw in supporters for his wars telling them God would reward them with loot, women and land.  He had a tribe of Jews beheaded, the women and children enslaved and engaged in a campaign of conquest and colonisation that has resulted in the mass oppression and the inhuman mentality of such a vast swathe of humanity.  Forget to mention that Charlieboy?

The BBC of course reported Charlieboy’s words eagerly…naturally going straight for the warning about a new Fascism stalking the land…

Prince Charles has spoken out about the danger of religious persecution, warning against a repeat of “the horrors of the past”.

Delivering BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day, the Prince of Wales said the rise of populist groups “aggressive” to minority faiths had “deeply disturbing echoes of the dark days” of the 1930s.

In the Christmas message, he urged respect for those of different faiths.

Then we have the video at the top of this post.  A Newsnight film…

Is the “alt right” on the rise in Europe? And if so, is it a fringe movement – or something bigger than that? BBC Newsnight’s Gabriel Gatehouse reports from Austria and France.

Gatehouse didn’t actually listen to what was being told to him.  He had a narrative and he stuck to it….what we got was a constant drumbeat warning us of the rise of a new Nazi regime….Gatehouse freely used words like ethnic cleansing, Nazis and references to concentration camps.  No analysis of the issues that politicises these people just condemnation and demonisation.  In other words just the usual BBC dangerously dismissive and contemptuous treatment telling us these groups had ideas ‘beyond the boundaries of the acceptable’… like controlling immigration and stopping Islamisation?  Very controversial.

Gatehouse ran through a list of ‘Far-Right’ issues to probe their ‘Far-Rightedness’…gays, Jews, ethnic minorities…er well that would include the Church of Engalnd then as ‘Far Right’ and Muslims of course…only yesterday the BBC was accusing the Cof E of institutional racism….and gays and Jews have never been top of the Christian church’s hit list (or rather…)…nor of the Islamic community’s.  Those under the inquisition actually said they had no problem with any if these issues.  Damn…Gatehouse had to try another tack.

Gatehouse hilariously asked if the ‘Far Right’ people he was interviewing had any gay friends…and thought it odd, and obviously an indictment, that they didn’t.  Yep he really did pull that old chestnut out of the fire….’I have a gay friend…so I can’t be prejudiced’ but turned on its head…’I have no gay friends, therefore I am homophobic’.

They then tell him that Jews are forced to flee Europe because of Muslim attacks and Gatehouse’s voice over then came up with the paradoxical gem that ‘Islamophobia is the new anti-Semitism’.  No Gatehouse, Islam is the new anti-Semitism….an irony, and a fucking disgrace, that Jews cannot go to university in Britain because of Charlieboy’s mates in the Gulf just as he preaches to us about ‘Islamophobia’…..

Related image

Some of Britain’s leading universities are becoming no-go zones for Jewish students because anti-Semitism is so rife, the first ever higher education adjudicator has warned. 

Baroness Ruth Deech, a cross-bench peer who formerly held the highest office dealing with student complaints, said that institutions may be failing to combat hatred against Jews as they “afraid of offending” their potential benefactors from Gulf states.

“Many universities are in receipt of or are chasing very large donations from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states and so on, and maybe they are frightened of offending them,” she said. “I don’t know why they aren’t doing anything about it, it really is a bad situation.”

These ‘Fascist’ ironically want a pan-European identity but with national identities maintained…strong European borders but ‘soft’ and pluralistic within.  Almost BBCish….or is it ‘Fascist’?

Hilariously Gatehouse complains that multiculturalism has lost its attractions and now the politics of identity has taken over.  Er what?  Identity politics is a classic left-wing approach to society…divide and rule, everyone divided up by race and religion and offered policies to suit each and every group in order to win their vote.   A famously left-wing tactic.  Multiculturalism was all about identity and ‘celebrating diversity’…in other words separate identities.  But now it’s a bad thing, in fact a totally diffferent thing, something to label the Right with as yet another example of ‘Fascism’.  On the BBC’s ‘Muslims Like Us’ you’ll see the devout Muslims declare that they are ‘Muslim first’.  Not ‘Britain first’ then?  No shock and horror about that though.  It is, apparently, not just Fascism that results from the ‘new’ identity politics but ethnic cleansing as well as Gatehouse goes on to explain as he links to another issue….a group in France says that if immigrants don’t want to integrate they will offer them money and the chance to go to a country where they will feel more at home…not force them but offer them.  Gatehouse says this is ‘ethnic cleansing’.  Never mind the UK government already does it.

Are you starting to get the idea that Gatehouse doesn’t have a clue what he is saying and what the reality is and has his own agenda to peddle?

You actually struggle to see what the spectre of the 30’s is here…just what are the policies and ideas that Gatehouse says are ‘Far-Right’ or ‘ethnic cleansing’ or have the whiff of the concentration camp about them or have ‘scary connotations’?  They all seem fairly mainstream and indeed already put into practise by many governments.  Gatehouse comes with preconceived ideas about these people and completely ignores what they actually say preferring to overlay everything with his own narrative, colouring what they say in the darkest tones when such an interpretation, at least from what they said on film, is far from the mark.

Gatehouse in essence has ‘faked’ a film, producing something that is indeed reminiscent of the Thirties…the propaganda films of the Nazis.

Interesting to see that the Right-wingers are all young, educated people….yet another BBC lie laid to rest that it is just ignorant old people who don’t want to see the wonders of the über-Liberal world vision imposed upon them.



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20 Responses to Muslim First

  1. Nibor says:

    Then on Radio 4 news at ten we have two talking heads and the interviewer comparing now to the atrocities of the thirties . The Jewish woman complained about Trump . His language was disgusting she opined .The other talking head said Britain had got nastier . Such comments pass unexamined by the BBC .
    So a talk which is about anti semitism in the 21c goes on about events in Europe that happened 75 years ago and won’t happen again UNLESS EUROPE IS ISLAMISED .

    What does a nine year old German boy have to do with Nazis . What atrocities has he committed ?
    What does a nine year old Muslim boy have to do with the Nazis . What atrocities will he be committing ?


  2. Rick Bradford says:

    The BBC, with its hypocritical, self-righteous, arrogant, moralising cant, believes that anyone who disagrees with it is irretrievably stupid, deeply evil, or a mercenary funded by shadowy sources.

    If things don’t go their way, they think they didn’t get the message across in the right way, and so they start casting around for a new line of agit-prop. It would never occur to them that millions of people had received the message loud and clear, and rejected it.

    They don’t get it, and they never will get it, as to concede the point would destroy their world view.

    To them, the self-styled great and good must always be given a free hand to shape society, into the way that suits them best.


    • embolden says:

      The biased BBC are in the game of delegitimising opposition to their left-liberal worldview by placing all opposition to this worldview (except Islam) into a “basket of deplorables”. Despite their obligation to provide impartial news coverage.

      This is a mistake as these clowns will learn that they are soon outnumbered by the “deplorables”.

      They should have got the message after the Brexit vote….but they haven’t. Perhaps President Trump will remind them in the new year.

      But I suspect they will continue to use the old communist popular front tactic of using the term “fascist” to demonise the opponents who, when push comes to shove, outnumber them.


  3. Nibor says:

    Notice the words ” fellow travellers ” used in that BBC report . Fellow travellers is a pejorative phrase in which a Beeboid would try to lump in all sorts who are not even travelling in the same direction , except not in the BBC ‘s favoured path to Socialism and Islamism .
    Similar would have been a better word . Affiliated maybe , like minded – I like less but would do , and that’s three off the top of my head late at night .Next time I’m in a discount bookstore I’ll buy a few Thesaurus and Collins Little Gem dictionaries for the BBC’s editorial staff . They need them .


    • embolden says:

      The term “fellow travellers” was originally a perjorative term for non Party members who were supporters of Communism.
      Its use by the BBC in this context has two purposes….to seperate it from its well established specific meaning and to apply it to perceived enemies.

      What else would one expect from the “fellow travelling” BBC?


  4. Tothepoint says:

    There’s an incredible display of language gymnastics and showmanship on display on the Al Shabeeb webshite today! The lying, devious, conniving, misleading, cowardly bastards that have utterly infested western democracies are everywhere, especially in Australia, where Victoria police chief Graham Ashton is the latest to display hilarious levels of delusion and mental detachment from reality.

    Read this quote from his statement after the prevented Islamic enrichment act on Christmas day in Australia…

    “He claimed they were “self-radicalised” but inspired by propaganda of the so-called Islamic State.”


    They were inspired by the propaganda of the so-called Islamic state????? Islamic State are utterly inspired and have taken to the exact letter pedophilic killer Muhammads life instructions!!! Islamic state is Islam you lying bastards!! Why don’t you just say it instead of misleading people Muslims want to massacre!!


    • Grant says:


      I never heard of this guy Ashton, but nice to know that the UK does not have a monopoly on thick coppers. “Islamic State “, can he not work out that the clue is in the name ?


  5. chrisH says:

    Al Shabeeb?…like this TTP!
    No, the Left are in meltdown really, splattering about their slipper baths due to a psychosomatic epileptic fit.
    When ever you hear lefty buzzwords like solidarity and diversity, you know they`re tanking-they`d rather IMPLY such concepts, and have had no reason to shine a light on their weasel words and agendas.
    So to hear “fellow travellers” again is great. They really ARE tied up in knots when they bring back such concepts. They really DON`T like to use those lefty carrion call words and cliches. Not publicly anyway.
    As for the history, the labelling, the mishmash of desperation to stop us settling up with Islam(and-more to the point-with THEM!), we`re just in an Alice In Wonderland world of the powerful and influential using all means to spout the Company Song. Like singing it louder in the courtyard as others are being kicked to death.
    Very funny reading all the above Alan and Co-really insulting to hear it, but if we step back , we`ll see the fun and bigger picture soon.
    Noted that Trump told Al Sisi to ditch the anti-Israel piece that Obama was happy to let by at the U.N.
    “A Change is Already Coming”..isn`t that what they were all singing once-but really, that was for an imagined future-well they`re going to get it very soon.


    • JosF says:

      When looking at the BBC and its associates like the guardian groups like hope not hate, UAF and all the other leftard SJW cupcakes another term also comes to mind namely “useful idiots” because they are most certianly useful and idiots


  6. Wild Bill says:

    It is worrying how the BBC and other media are getting so desperate now that they are trying their hardest to smear and even outlaw any group that doesn’t follow their Left/Liberal agenda,trying their hardest to brainwash our society.
    Someone must have had the idea to drag Prince Charles into this and write a script for him,the Queen would never do this I hope?
    The fool surely must realise that most of the Left are anti-royalists and would like to get rid of him and his family?


  7. EnglandExpects says:

    Since WW2 the rise of any Far Right movement, in the UK and probably elsewhere, has been a reaction to something caused by the left, not the reverse as the BBC would have us believe. Thus the BNP was a reaction to the first waves of mass immigration in the ’60s and ’70s. The EDL or Britain First is a reaction to continued mass immigration , notably that deliberately fostered by the Blair government.
    These groups are a minor affair compared to the threat we face from Islam and it’s Jihadists.. Other than the genuinely mentally ill lone wolves , of which there have been few, the Right have not progressed from street protest and a bit of scrapping to murder. That clearly differentiates them from Muslims.
    The facts simply do not support the view that our problem is the Far Right.


  8. NCBBC says:

    It must be incredibly frustrating as an Islamic Jihadist not to have your views and motives taken seriously by the societies you terrorize, even after you have explicitly and repeatedly stated them. Even worse, those on the regressive left, in their endless capacity for masochism and self-loathing, have attempted to shift blame inwardly on themselves, denying the Jihadists even the satisfaction of claiming responsibility.

    Read it all


  9. Martellus says:

    Given the abysmal state of so called bbc comedy, I cant wait for the Christmas episode of Citizen Khan, the happy smiley humanised bbc face of our favourite psychopathic murderous death cult.
    Ive written my own script full of seasonal festive jollity, multicultural enrichment and bon homi in which lovable bumptious cheeky chappie Khan gets an unexpected christmas present from his daughter – a course of HGV driving lessons. We all know and love Khan – he’s a big hearted softie, but sadly the lessons arent technically sharia compliant and so he’s forced to kill her to preserve his family honour. Khan is saddened by this, and we feel his pain and sense of victimhood caused entirely by our white racism, islamophobia and our stubborn refusal to become a caliphate and adopt sharia law. These have ruined his life which just hasnt turned out how he’d planned. Later to reinforce his status as an environmental jihadist icon, our hero takes delivery of a ton of nitrate for his local mosques allotment. Well what could possibly happen next as he thoughtfully ponders how to enter paradise as he drives his fertiliser loaded HGV past a Christmas market packed with kuffars. It’l be a hilarious laugh a minute for all the family with an explosive ending that will leave you literally in pieces….


    • Grant says:

      5.15 BBC 1 ” Porridge ” from 1976. Real comedy !


    • ToobiWan says:

      And the driving lessons only teach the use of the accelerator and clutch, Martellus but not the brakes, a bit like the NY flyers in 2001, who wasn’t too bothered about learning to take off and land a 737.


  10. charmbrights says:

    Oddly I tend to think that the BBC is partly right. The problem is not just Islam, though that is in the ascendency at the moment. The problem is the basic tenet of ALL religions: “We alone know the truth and you are wrong. Therefore we must convert you to our beliefs for your own good. If that involves killing you – too bad.”