Anti-Semitism…The Facts…Just Not The Facts As You Know Them



Imagine my surprise when I heard 5Live telling us in concerned tones that anti-Semitism was on the rise in universities.  I was surprised because it was not four weeks ago that I was posting about the BBC scrambling to put out a counter to claims that anti-Semitism was rife at universities.  I guess the BBC didn’t want our Christmas to be spoiled with all those claims reminding us that the Jews killed Jesus.

Four weeks on and, well, it’s not really the BBC’s choice of subject, it’s a Jewish guest editor’s choice….the BBC really are getting all diverse and multicultural.  Oh..hold on…she maybe Jewish almost certainly left-leaning and of a BBC persuasion…anyone who uses the words ‘uplifting’ and ‘privileged’ is definitely suspect.  Suspicions unfortunately confirmed by just about every other word.  She’s a guest editor on the BBC for a reason.

So anti-Semitism is rising in universities?  Well not in this alternate universe.  The BBC seems to have found another Jewish student in complete denial or too scared to tell the truth.

Anti-Semitism is rising in universities not because of fellow students, of whatever ideological persuasion, but because of outsiders, neo-Nazis, Fascists, the Far-Right…..and of course Islamophobia is a concern for her.  In fact Jews and Muslim students get along just fine….people who face the same oppression must unite our guest editor tells us.

Image result for hitler was right muslims

She tells us of some graffiti that said ‘Hitler was right’.  Hmmm…Seem to remember that’s something that comes out of the mouths of highly respected moderate Muslim preachers…..

Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi: Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the [Jews] people who would punish them for their corruption. The last punishment was carried out by Hitler. By means of all the things he did to them – even though they exaggerated this issue – he managed to put them in their place. This was divine punishment for them. Allah willing, the next time will be at the hand of the believers.

Still, it’s got to be those neo-Nazis, not a single word about Muslim anti-Semitism nor indeed Labour Party anti-Semitism.

Nihal expressed surprise at the graffiti and said he couldn’t believe that in 2017 this was the world we live in…well, Nihal, it’s the world that the BBC’s reporting  has helped create with its remorseless and maliciously anti-Israel/Jewish ‘reporting.

The CST gave some facts, it put some numbers to the anti-Semitism.  And indeed white boys were responsible for 55%.

But hang on….45% was down to essentially Muslims…or Pakistanis, Arabs and Blacks [how many are converts?] as the man rather coyly called them.  So 45% is due to ethnic minorities, basically Muslims…of which there are under 3 million, what 4-5% of the population?…and how many Whites?  87% or so of the population is White….so 45% of anti-Semitism is due to 4-5% and the rest is due to 87% of the population…telling figures no?

But hang on again, there’s one more wrinkle…not all the white boy anti-Semites are Far-Right neo-Nazi Fascists…many of them are of the Left….reference Labour.

So when the BBC tells us that Britain is getting nastier and more racist due to a rise in the Far-Right due to Brexit one look at the figures tells a completely different tale.

Shame everyone seems to scared to say anything…or are lying through their teeth.






Facts, Alt-Facts, or Just No Facts?


The BBC has been blitzing us with half-truths and lies by omission as it continues its assault on Trump.

Got to laugh at those who whinge about Trump getting a state visit so ‘early’…same people probably applauded Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize as he took office.

The BBC in all its hours of coverage have never, in my hearing, mentioned that Obama also blocked Iraqi refugees for 6 months…even as they tell us how important an ally Iraq is to us and Trump’s ban will wreck the relationship…or that the countries chosen were chosen by Obama’s administration as of concern….ah no…they have finally caught up after days not reporting it….at least it’s on the website if not on news bulletins.   Read it though and it tries to blame the Republicans for Obama’s restrictions or tries to muddy the water and confuse you as to whether Obama did ban Iraqi refugees…

Trump referred to an incident in May 2011 when the FBI indicted two Iraqi citizens in Kentucky on federal terrorism charges. Both were accused of providing material support to al-Qaeda and had been involved in attacks against US forces in Iraq.

A hearing before the Subcommittee on Counter-terrorism and Intelligence found that the pair had “exploited special Iraqi refugee programs”. The vetting system came under review and this resulted in fewer Iraqi refugee admissions that year.

The number of refugees from Iraq dropped from 18,016 to 9,388 as a result of the suspension. That number increased to 12,163 the following year.


The BBC does not correct anyone who says it is a ban on Muslims….clearly not as so many other Muslim countries are not so banned and Muslims from non-Muslim countries are not banned.  The BBC also insists on referring to the 7 countries as ‘Muslim majority’…when the fact they are Muslim is irrelevant…what they should say perhaps is ‘Terrorist infested’ as a more truthful description and explanation for the bans.

The BBC does not correct, indeed tells us itself, that the British people are alarmed at Trump’s ban…and they reference the petition giving it massive airtime in the hope, no doubt, that more and more people will sign up.

Funny how ‘populism’ is suddenly popular at the BBC….a highly democratic vote to leave the EU is classed by the BBC as a drift towards Fascism and a Britain that is turning nastier and more racist but a very one-sided petition is the voice of the British people being heard?

Let’s look at the petition.   Or rather let’s look at the map of where the signatures are coming from.

Curious thing…nearly all the numbers are from Labour areas…or from Nick Clegg’s and SNP cosmopolitan areas….The demonstration in London was led by Owen Jones and Labour’s top draw politicians were there to speak…..let me put forward a thought…that Labour and LibDem activists are signing up in large numbers in order to embarrass Theresa May?

A fairly obvious conclusion when you look at the facts and who is making the most noise here and who benefits the most from doing so.  The BBC’s finest political brains for some reason have been unable to see such a possibility.

Here’s another oddity…Corbyn is up in arms about Trump coming here…

The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, said Mr Trump “should not be welcomed to Britain while he abuses our shared values with his shameful Muslim ban and attacks on refugees’ and women’s rights”.

This is the man who said we must invite his friends, the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah into Parliament, and yet he wants to ban the President of our closest and most powerful ally?  Again the BBC’s finest don’t notice anything amiss.

“Tomorrow evening it will be my pleasure and my honour to host an event in parliament where our friends from Hezbollah will be speaking. And I’ve also invited friends from Hamas to come and speak as well. Unfortunately the Israelis would not allow them to travel here… The idea that [Hamas] should be labelled as a terrorist organisation by the British government is really a big, big historical mistake and I would invite the government to reconsider its position on this matter and start talking directly to Hamas and Hezbollah.”

What we’re getting from the BBC is not news but a massive propaganda drive designed to portray Trump as racist, deranged and self-obsessed…not to mention reckless and amateur.

Just another day with Lord Hall Hall’s BBC.  Goebbel’s secretary might have died but his understudies live on….I think he’d be proud.








The BBC coverage of Brexit is dire. They still can’t handle the fact we voted OUT  and so they desperately hang on to any lifeline to keep their EU hopes alive. Take the way they cover this story…

Leaders of the devolved governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are to press for a greater role in Brexit negotiations when they hold talks with Theresa May in Cardiff. The Scottish and Welsh governments have produced plans that would allow them to keep full access to the single market. However, they say they have not seen any signs that the UK government is taking their proposals seriously.

Gosh – and WHY might that be, BBC?

Do you think it is because the UK voted to LEAVE the Single Market, the Customs Union and indeed every other facet of the EU. The delusionalists in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast may wish reality to be different but it isn’t. Yet the BBC does all it can to keep these delusional regional tinpot third rate politicians happy by bigging up their ludicrous agenda.


Further to Alan’s post below, the BBC are in full on “Muslim victimhood” mongering mode. This morning, the utterly DIRE Today programme, was out to try and link together several stories.

First of all, they had Trump “rowing” back on his “Muslim Ban.”  In fact neither has happened. The detail in the legislation brought forward by the President makes it clear that this is a temporary travel restriction on people from seven specific countries. It does not apply to DOZENS of other Muslim countries. But the BBC is hellbent to see Islamophobia everywhere. Secondly, they went on to talk about the Petition to Ban the US President from the US. This bit driven on-line hissy fit is pathetic but the BBC treat it as if it had credence. And then, as the coup de grace, the BBC announces the murders in the Quebec mosque – a “terrorist” attack. The sly insinuation is that Trump is stoking up SUCH hatred against Muslims that some nutters have taken it upon themselves to kill Muslims. However, it is emerging that at least one of the two suspects is…Moroccan. There are reports of them shouting “Allahu Akhbar” as they conducted the attack. There is a clear possibility that this is internecine Muslim killing, but that is contra to the BBC narrative.

The best laugh of there morning was the BBC reporting breathlessly on the need to crack down on “fake news” when they are a prime purveyor of such.

No shame, no balance and beyond salvation. Axe the license tax,


Who, what, where, when, why.

Fairly basic journalistic principles.  Not for the BBC who when ‘reporting’ a shooting in a Canadian mosque fail utterly too bring us any information of any relevance other than this was ‘a terrorist attack on Muslims’ thus suggesting it was non-Muslims doing the shooting.  It could be.  But two minutes on Google and you find out first it is a Sunni Muslim cultural centre [so we can probably dismiss Sunni against Shia or Ahmadiya].

Second that those arrested are allegedly a Quebec citizen [ethnicity/religion unknown] and an ‘Arab’….

Un des deux hommes arrêtés dans le cadre de l’attentat terroriste survenu dans une mosquée de Québec serait d’origine québécoise et l’autre serait d’origine arabe

Third that witnesses say that the shooters shouted ‘Allah Akhbar’ [CBC News]…maybe a ‘false flag’..but unlikely as they must know they were likely to be caught and thus exposed.

This information has been easily available all night and yet the Today show mentioned none of them in its ‘report’ and markedly failed to ask ‘who’ the shooters were…a normal question of any journalist especially when the shooters had been arrested and thus something must be known of their identity…you suspect they didn’t ask because they knew the available information is rather inconvenient for the BBC narrative. The R4 news similarly censored what we were allowed to know….again telling us this was a terrorist attack on Muslims….indeed it was and yet the BBC approach is to insinuate that it is an Islamophobic attack rather than an inter-Muslim dispute of some kind which so far the limited evidence seems to point to.

The BBC website does a similarly limited report on the shooting, however the BBC is able to bring you information about something that didn’t happen last night but is intended to encourage you to think this was an Islamophobic attack…

In June last year the same mosque was the target of an Islamophobic incident when a pig’s head was left in front of the building, with a card saying “bonne appetit”.

Eating pork is forbidden in Islam..

Once again the BBC shapes the news in order to manipulate your views.



The Douzey that is the Dozy Doucet


Three very seriously and dangerously subversive anti-Western, anti-Trump narratives in one interview from Lyse Doucet to which I referred earlier but Craig at Is the BBC biased? [hell yeah] has helpfully gone to the huge effort of transcribing….

First, that terrorism is our fault and that any action we take to tackle it only angers Muslims more and radicalises them more.  Doucet says this is a ban on all Muslims [patently not as she later admits…paradoxically trying to use the fact not all Muslims are banned as a stick to beat Trump with] and that Trump is condemning a whole religion [again clearly not…just the violent fanatics whom Obama has already pinpointed…a fact Doucet misses out].  A narrative that is beloved of the Muslim radicals themselves…a win win…they win if you bow to their violence, and then they win if you bow to their you do what they want because otherwise it would inflame the situation…otherwise known as blackmail.  Doucet also links Trump’s policy to the Far-Right in Europe in an incredibly grotesque and fantastical piece of journalism. [LOL]

Second, that the BBC fully intends, as always, to personalise immigrants’ stories in order to exploit the viewer’s emotions, manipulating their thoughts and perceptions towards being more sympathetic and less reasoned and logical about things….facts no longer matter here.

Third, that there is the claim that Trump is avoiding countries he does business with…as mentioned the countries targeted are those listed by Obama as of concern, those that are failed states with large numbers of Islamist terrorists roaming freely around them.  Pakistan [despite a long history of also backing the Taliban] and Saudi [with along record of backing IS, as has Turkey …a NATO member] are supposedly strategic partners and allies…hence not targeted…right or wrong…long term US, and UK, policy, not a Trump thing at all.

Shame Doucet, supposedly a professional journalist, cannot provide us with a proper analysis rather than conspiracy theories and prejudiced idiocy that passes for BBC journalism these days that itself fuels and supports the terrorist narrative….such as this…

  1.  This would provide fodder for recruitment, it would give more fuel to the fire – and, literally, they are fires in the Middle East caused by the so-called Islamic State fighters and this proves their point. So it is a very, very dangerous, a very potent weapon, in the hands of a so-called Islamic state. And I think the distinction has to be that former president Clinton, former President Barack Obama, Western leaders, have talked about about the need to fight against those elements who used Islam, the religion of Islam, for violence, for political reasons, But it is not the same thing as condemning a whole religion on the basis of religion. But we’ve seen now, not just in the United States but across Europe as well, far-right leaders, populist leaders, using this as a political weapon to tarnish an entire religion because of actions carried out by those…and those who know the faith well say that it is a distortion of of the religion.
  2.  They say it’s racist, it’s illegal and it’s a huge black mark on the United States. So, and I think, as more and more stories continue to come out of people stopped at the airport, people whose lives will be torn apart. The stories you’re hearing now are heartbreaking. People have waited years and years for their green card or to be accepted as refugees now literally been turned back.
  3.  You can find now on the internet the maps which show the countries which had been banned and the ones which haven’t, and some other countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, are places where Donald Trump does business.


It’s not just a BIASED broadcaster, it’s disreputable and a menace. BBC coverage of President Trump’s first week has been a scandal and as I write this it is foaming at the mouth about a non-existing ‘Muslim Ban”. Just about EVERY BBC presenter (including, lamentably Andrew Neil) is hostile to Trump and their studios are full of “experts” who come to damn Trump. There is NO pretence at balance, this is pure narrative and it sickens my stomach. You?

Assassinate Trump…it’s the liberal way


Thanks to Guest Who for this…

Of course one assassination attempt has already been made on Trump, by a Brit, undoubtedly influenced by the BBC’s sensationalist and scaremongering fake news stories that constantly labelled Trump a racist, a sexist and an Islamophobe and repeatedly built on the idea that Trump would bring about the end of the world as we know it with a rise in racism, fascism and war.

If Knight is not arrested and charged why not?  The police might also consider bringing in Lord Hall for questioning…..

President Obama blamed Fox News and talk radio for virtually every problem his administration encountered, warning in his waning days that these “domestic propagandists” were far more damaging to America than any interference from hostile powers like Russia.

The ‘domestic propagandists’ that work at the BBC are genuinely dangerous, the real enemy within that fuels terror and incites hatred and division between races and religions.



‘We’ are the Enemy


The BBC has trotted out the usual narrative that Trump’s temporary ban on people entering the US from certain countries of concern to Obama will fuel terrorism.  I might suggest the sensationalist, mendacious and false reporting of the BBC actually fuels terrorism as it gives unwarranted credibility and justification to the radical recruiters and terrorists.

Others have similar concerns about the likes of the BBC’s pro-terror narrative...from Terra Incognita…

“Fueling terrorism”: It’s always “our” fault


There is always a narrative about “fueling” terrorism.

1950s-1960s Why is there terrorism
“Colonialism fuels terrorism

1970s Why is there terrorism?
“Israel is fueling terrorism by suppressing Palestinians and its occupation of Arab and Islamic lands”

1980s Why is there terrorism?
“US policy in Iran fueled the revolution that then became extreme and caused terrorism, and US support of Mujahidin in Afghanistan caused terrorism”

Early 1990s Why is there terrorism?
“US-supported regimes and secular dictators and lack of democracy fuel terror by suppressing the demands of the people”

Late 1990s and 9/11 Why is there terrorism?
“US bases in the Kingdom on the land of the two holy sites defiles Islam and fuels terrorism and US role in Afghanistan created blowback, as well as US support for Israel.”

2002 Why is there terrorism?
Poverty and discrimination cause terrorism as well as dictatorship in the Arab world”

2003 Why is there terrorism?
“The US and allied invasion of Iraq fueled extremism

2004-2014 Why is there terrorism?
“Lack of jobs, global warming and opportunity forces young men to become radicalized in Europe and fuels extremism”

2014 Why is there terrorism
“Assad’s crackdown on demands for democracy and Maliki’s disenfranchisement of Sunni Arabs in Iraq fuels terrorism”

2015-2016 Why is there terrorism?
“The rise of the right wing in Europe and racism fuels extremism and terrorism

2017 Why is there terrorism?
“Donald Trump’s immigration ban fuels extremism and terrorism.”


May I propose an alternative theory of how extremism is fueled.

Extremism is primarily fueled by hateful and intolerant societies that produce large numbers of ignorant and bigoted people who are willing dupes, fellow travelers, useful idiots, and some of whome are actual extremists. Within such a society there are also those on its margins, even outsiders, who seek to convert to zealotry because it provides an easy answer and there are psychopaths and sociopaths who seek an excuse to murder others.

Into this society comes voices who exploit the existing bigotry, ignorance and intolerance and encourages people to become extremist terrorists. They exploit the existing and non-existing grievances of the people through preaching and other forms of propaganda using the most modern medium and religion as a cover or rubric to bring in the public. Very small numbers of people join with the extremists, but even a very small number (.01%) of society willing to commit mass murder can wreak havoc.