Facts, Alt-Facts, or Just No Facts?


The BBC has been blitzing us with half-truths and lies by omission as it continues its assault on Trump.

Got to laugh at those who whinge about Trump getting a state visit so ‘early’…same people probably applauded Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize as he took office.

The BBC in all its hours of coverage have never, in my hearing, mentioned that Obama also blocked Iraqi refugees for 6 months…even as they tell us how important an ally Iraq is to us and Trump’s ban will wreck the relationship…or that the countries chosen were chosen by Obama’s administration as of concern….ah no…they have finally caught up after days not reporting it….at least it’s on the website if not on news bulletins.   Read it though and it tries to blame the Republicans for Obama’s restrictions or tries to muddy the water and confuse you as to whether Obama did ban Iraqi refugees…

Trump referred to an incident in May 2011 when the FBI indicted two Iraqi citizens in Kentucky on federal terrorism charges. Both were accused of providing material support to al-Qaeda and had been involved in attacks against US forces in Iraq.

A hearing before the Subcommittee on Counter-terrorism and Intelligence found that the pair had “exploited special Iraqi refugee programs”. The vetting system came under review and this resulted in fewer Iraqi refugee admissions that year.

The number of refugees from Iraq dropped from 18,016 to 9,388 as a result of the suspension. That number increased to 12,163 the following year.


The BBC does not correct anyone who says it is a ban on Muslims….clearly not as so many other Muslim countries are not so banned and Muslims from non-Muslim countries are not banned.  The BBC also insists on referring to the 7 countries as ‘Muslim majority’…when the fact they are Muslim is irrelevant…what they should say perhaps is ‘Terrorist infested’ as a more truthful description and explanation for the bans.

The BBC does not correct, indeed tells us itself, that the British people are alarmed at Trump’s ban…and they reference the petition giving it massive airtime in the hope, no doubt, that more and more people will sign up.

Funny how ‘populism’ is suddenly popular at the BBC….a highly democratic vote to leave the EU is classed by the BBC as a drift towards Fascism and a Britain that is turning nastier and more racist but a very one-sided petition is the voice of the British people being heard?

Let’s look at the petition.   Or rather let’s look at the map of where the signatures are coming from.

Curious thing…nearly all the numbers are from Labour areas…or from Nick Clegg’s and SNP cosmopolitan areas….The demonstration in London was led by Owen Jones and Labour’s top draw politicians were there to speak…..let me put forward a thought…that Labour and LibDem activists are signing up in large numbers in order to embarrass Theresa May?

A fairly obvious conclusion when you look at the facts and who is making the most noise here and who benefits the most from doing so.  The BBC’s finest political brains for some reason have been unable to see such a possibility.

Here’s another oddity…Corbyn is up in arms about Trump coming here…

The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, said Mr Trump “should not be welcomed to Britain while he abuses our shared values with his shameful Muslim ban and attacks on refugees’ and women’s rights”.

This is the man who said we must invite his friends, the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah into Parliament, and yet he wants to ban the President of our closest and most powerful ally?  Again the BBC’s finest don’t notice anything amiss.

“Tomorrow evening it will be my pleasure and my honour to host an event in parliament where our friends from Hezbollah will be speaking. And I’ve also invited friends from Hamas to come and speak as well. Unfortunately the Israelis would not allow them to travel here… The idea that [Hamas] should be labelled as a terrorist organisation by the British government is really a big, big historical mistake and I would invite the government to reconsider its position on this matter and start talking directly to Hamas and Hezbollah.”

What we’re getting from the BBC is not news but a massive propaganda drive designed to portray Trump as racist, deranged and self-obsessed…not to mention reckless and amateur.

Just another day with Lord Hall Hall’s BBC.  Goebbel’s secretary might have died but his understudies live on….I think he’d be proud.







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70 Responses to Facts, Alt-Facts, or Just No Facts?

  1. Up2snuff says:

    Great point, Alan: “Funny how ‘populism’ is suddenly popular at the BBC … “


  2. Dystopian says:

    So why aren’t Corbyn and the lefties out in their droves protesting against Saudi Arabia and the likes if they are so concerned about women’s rights?


    • Dogger Bank says:

      Hypocrisy. You can’t be left wing and not be a hypocrite; it just wouldn’t be right.


  3. Mrs Kitty says:

    After signing the alternative petition for President Trump to visit the UK I’m enjoying watching the counter move , when I signed it was 16,545 now it’s 35,865 . It needs media exposure to push it .


    • Number 7 says:

      Not a lot of point, as the “much trumpeted by the BBC” Trump Out petition has already been hacked.


      I can’t be bothered to follow the links in the comments to the “bot” websites – my IT knowledge is slightly behind the curve – but it would appear to be quite easy to use sites that not only supply “bots” but also supply links to “fake” email (unused) addresses that can be used.

      I give my learned friends, the speed at which the “We want another referendum” petition grew. No wonder that the Giver-nment are ignoring this one.


    • Jerry Owen says:

      Mrs Kitty
      With all due respect it is counter productive, as it will never match the ‘ban Trump’ petition as it will never get the publicity, but the BBC etc could produce the final tally ( it will be tiny) and use it to gloat and show the tiny amount of support Trump has over here.
      We don’t need to play their game, we need to concentrate on building up ‘alternative media’ this site being a perfect example, this is the weapon we have that is destroying the hegemony the left have in the media, proof being their desperation to close it down.


    • Wild Bill says:

      Can you give a link to the petition please?


  4. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Mrs Kitty “alternative petition”

    Link please! 🙂


  5. NCBBC says:

    From the map, most of the people that do not want Trump to come, are from Londonistan and Birminghalal.

    Why should Muslims interfere in our friendship with our oldest ally, with whom we share a common language, customs, culture, and faith. Its none of their business. They are guests here, and they should behave with good manners, no matter their numbers or passport status – dual, or otherwise. Most of them are on Benefits anyway.

    Support TRUMP coming to the UK… https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/178844


  6. Guest Who says:

    Seems the BBC is aware that placing this daft excercise in online mailing manipulation above the crumbling hopes of a Trudeau triumph, and so has decided the breaking news of the day to be mailed out is…. drumroll…


    Breaking News
    Peter Capaldi to leave Doctor Who

    Peter Capaldi says he will leave Doctor Who at the end of the year, saying “I feel it’s time to move on”


    Some may feel it is time for the BBC to jog on.


  7. Far Horizons says:

    1.3 million sign U.K. Petition to cancel Trump state visit.
    How about —
    63 million do not sign U.K. Petition to cancel Trump visit.


    • NCBBC says:

      I wonder, what if we had a petition to ban Islam from the Protestant realm of Her Majesty the Queen.


  8. StewGreen says:

    5 Mins ago LeftMob told us popularism is a really bad thing that led to Brexit and Trump

    Now, it Celebrates Popularism
    ..”Ooh look at this ..Lots of people signing a petition and demonstrating against Trump !”
    20 min of reports on the 10pm news today

    Ironically the MSM build up that hysteria
    By day after day reporting half a story on Trump and then manufacturing False-Narrative from that
    – He got a low inauguration crown
    – He’s obsessed and called the press liars
    – May should tell him
    – He’s Banning Muslims


  9. Guest Who says:

    BBC darling of the commentariat green room gushes that the BBC headlines the PR event the BBC supported with vast coverage…

    Impartially, of course.


  10. NCBBC says:

    EU socialists, the lots of them, are stoking hatred against President Trump. They think, that with help from their fellow leftists in America, they can defeat President Trump.

    They need to think again. Trump has faced greater odds, and with more firepower, and has beaten them all. That was when he was on his own. Now he is the president of a matchless superpower, with a very powerful team behind him.

    Moreover, Americans are very patriotic – nation and flag. Seeing their president ridiculed, they are likely to take offence.

    Frankly, these leftists do not know what they are doing. President Trump has been very polite and understanding so far. He can can afford to have patience, as he knows he has the power to bring the house down. But lets hope he does not lose his temper because of these spoilt EU brats.


  11. Guest Who says:

    Seeing some more US celeb brain donors trotting out the ‘we are all immigrants’ line.

    Conceding the two wrongs bit, but how did the new batch work out for the original natives?


    • Jerry Owen says:

      Guest Who
      I can’t give you a link as I forgot where I read it or saw it, but it was no doubt a ‘fake news’ site 🙂
      Apparently twice in it’s history America has banned certain types of immigration once in the late seventeen hundreds and once in the early nineteen hundreds, the latter ban being on ‘Chinese immigration’ as they didn’t think it beneficial to Americas society and direction of said society.
      Perhaps some history buff here may know more on this.


      • Guest Who says:

        Tx. Like its editorial integrity commitment to stories that suit versus those that don’t (a neat, if obvious sidestep attempt to meet factual requirements via omission), the BBC clearly has marches, bans and petitions it likes and promotes, and those it prefers erased.


      • Owen Morgan says:

        There is a useful article about this at


        It’s having a go, initially, at the dire Emma Lazarus poem which includes the words, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free,” displayed somewhere around the Statue of Liberty. Admittedly, Lazarus, who died in 1887, only a year after the dedication of the statue, may not have envisaged the kind of immigration with which the West is now faced; in her time, Britain, Germany, Italy and the United States itself were the places with booming populations.

        Mark Steyn is not a fan of the poem, or of its implication of an all-embracing welcome to… ermmm… anyone who has some pretext not to be somewhere else:


        He sums up why mass immigration is ultimately destructive of freedom in the host nation, when the immigrant culture is so totally incompatible.


  12. king crimson says:

    My apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere –
    Rather than signing petitions, the White House website has a place for comments. I have had my ‘lily allen’ moment and made it clear that all these idiotic protests are “not in my name”.


  13. Jerry Owen says:

    This isn’t about Muslims in particular, it is a wider concerted effort by the left/media/politicians to bring down a democratically elected President by whatever means with the support of virtually all media and western politicians. If Trump started his tenure as President on attacking abortion the media would be hysterical about abortion and the BBC would be wheeling every experts on abortion onto it’s screen morning noon and night.
    I actually watched the BBC news yesterday twice against my long held policy. It went on about the petition at lunchtime and at ten, They had two presenters at ten, in between them you could see the petition on screen, the camera zoomed in till the petition was full sized, this was clearly designed for you to ‘sign’ it.
    They also had a bit on ‘fake news’ showing an image of Denzil Washington showing alleged support for Trump, the link with fake news and Trump being obvious.
    The left are given publicity beyond their numbers, Trump walked the election, he played a blinder, the Democrats are as in serious terminal decline as Labour are over here, and rather like Brexit, his supporters are trashed and side lined at every opportunity. Despite the vile anti Trump rhetoric even if the petition reached two million or three ( simple clicks not ‘signed’ as the BBC say ) it is tiny.
    I wonder if any on the left can see a tiny bit of the irony in that their hatred of Trump is supported by people they hate ie big business.. Microsoft and Starbucks..to name but two, the same Starbucks they smashed the windows in on Trumps inauguration, and over here on their periodic and wearisome demos, how funny.
    The attacks on Trump are as predictable as the attacks on Brexit, personally I believe the BBC and world establishment are after a revolution, against the ‘populist right’ at any cost now as their hegemony is slipping away fro them, they have lost the argument and for those of us that think something like the old soviet union or Nazi Germany couldn’t happen again I think we should start to countenance that frightening possibility. The left whilst small in numbers wield huge power by virtue of it’s monopoly of the media and it’s support from ‘big business’ ( where have we heard that before)!
    Starbuck’s boss stated yesterday that he would employ 10,000 ‘refugees’, clearly totally oblivious that he has alienated half the American voters and possibly his own indigenous workforce, hopefully Starbucks has just had it’s longtime coming ‘Ratner’ moment.


    • Grant says:


      The man from Mars watching the BBC would wonder why the Conservatives are in power in the UK and the Republicans in the USA when the vast majority of British and Americans are Left-wing.

      As for Starbucks. Why would anyone go there in the first place ?


      • Owen Morgan says:

        Re. Starbucks

        I was in New York City some years ago. It was a blisteringly hot day and I had been walking a long time, so I went in, ordered a drink (tea, I believe) and slumped down. Then I realised I was the only person in the room who had forgotten to bring his laptop with him. Free wifi, you see. Everybody was nursing the dregs of a cup of something, probably bought hours before. You can’t lose: the hot coffee gets cold and the iced coffee warms up, so you end up with the same thing, either way.

        Quite how Starbucks benefited was a bit harder to see. While I was in there, I don’t recall that anyone else bought a thing. Elsewhere in NY, I’m pretty sure most cafes move you on fairly ruthlessly, if you try to take hours over a coffee and blatantly exploit the wifi. Perhaps, Starbucks gets favourable references from NYT journalists and novelists, who have composed their finest work over tubs of indefinable gloop.


        • matahari says:

          what i don’t get is why they do not make the headlines for employing natives and locals


    • honestus says:

      Mr Owen
      the first two lines of your post are particularly noteworthy.
      This is the strategy of the liberal progressives. They and their chief propagandists (BBC and most of the MSM) are aching to engage – and mainly being student driven do not have to concern themselves with time off from paid employment and indeed many colleges and universities actively support and encourage their student protests.
      They have always enjoyed wall to wall positive and sympathetic reporting, especially from the BBC, as they are of the same mindset and political ideology.
      The British protests against Trump are proxy protests against those in the UK who voted for Brexit. They struggled originally because there was an obvious overall majority giving the leavers a democratic mandate.
      Now they are finding their feet and have committed to attacking Trump until the time is right for them to lend their considerable media voice and front line agitators to the battle against leaving the United States of Europe. They are gaining in confidence and they believe, in numbers.
      We, the democratic majority, will very soon need to do more than commit mere words to this campaign. They have the advantage of huge media support (as biased and prejudiced as it is) for their cause. We have the numbers and will need to bring those to bear if we are to enjoy the freedom we have voted for.
      They can only get stronger as time goes on while we grow fewer and therefore weaker.
      There will not be another chance.


  14. Stella2 says:

    Putting aside all the bad reporting of the facts and the fixation with presenting only one side of the argument (which they obviously will argue was “about right”), the BBC has rather neatly provided OFCOM with a simple “yes” or “no” answer to the following question:

    Has the BBC given the same air- and screen-time to the Trump Welcome petition as to the Ban Trump petition?

    From the map of signatories, it seems likely that the Trump Welcome petition is far more representative of the opinion of people across the country who are not being manipulated by social media activists.

    And even better, if OFCOM cannot make an objective judgement on this question, then it must no longer be fit for purpose. The trouble is, as I think we all know, neither the BBC nor OFCOM cares, as by the time they are called out on it, they will have achieved their political objective.


  15. kebab says:

    Sorry to be a dissenting voice here, rather than just pitching in with more ‘Trump is great’ rhetoric, but I’ve noticed that everyone seems to think the BBC is biased against them. You complain of a ‘liberal bias’, but then people on the left claim that the BBC is also biased against Jeremy Corbyn (one of many sources: http://uk.businessinsider.com/is-the-bbc-biased-against-jeremy-corbyn-2016-9).

    Either way, you shouldn’t rule out the possibility that Trump is getting so much negative press because he’s an incompetent man-child, who’s repeatedly lied to the public. He’s recorded as saying one thing, then says another thing. When questioned about this, he simply denies everything – just as a child would. When clear photographic evidence showed that his inauguration attracted fewer people than Obama’s he just stamped his feet and said ‘Not true’. Childish and also completely unnecessary. No one would reasonably expect him to attract similar crowds; surely the fact he won the election should be enough.

    Now, by refusing entry to people with valid visas, he’s showing that he doesn’t understand how the law works. As a result, numerous judges are simply rejecting the legality of his actions.

    And while I can understand the logic of restricting migration from countries associated with terrorism, don’t you think it’s strange which countries haven’t been included in the ban list? Could it be something to with his own interests? (https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/29/opinion/who-hasnt-trump-banned-people-from-places-where-hes-made-money.html?_r=0)

    Now, before anyone resorts to name-calling, let me point out that I don’t regard myself as left wing or liberal. I can agree with people right across the political spectrum. Dividing everything into a simple ‘left and right’ dichotomy is idiocy and is what’s responsible for so much arguing between people who aren’t perfectly politically aligned but who would otherwise agree on many things. Folk on both sides of this supposed line like to pretend they’re free thinkers, while the opposition are sheep, led by the evil media. The fact is we’re all susceptible to external influences, otherwise we’d be forming our opinions on nothing at all.

    The simple fact is that Donald Trump, like anyone is power, needs to be held to account. If he really is a sex offender, for example, then he should be impeached. Politics shouldn’t even come into it. If he’s not, then he should be given a chance, but not so much freedom that his inexperience and arrogance are detrimental not just to the US but the rest of the world.


    • Cranmer says:

      Kebab, I take your point about Corbyn but if the BBC shows bias against him I suspect it is because because their viewpoint is metropolitan centre left/liberal, not the sort of old fashioned trade union/Trotskyite hard left labour views of Corbyn. Andrew Marr I believe is on record saying as much.

      As for Mr Trump, what leads me to suspect bias is that most Trump stories take a soundbite (and images/film) and twist it to show him in the worst light. Dig a little deeper and you often find him later on in the same speech qualifying what he said or showing that he is only doing what previous leaders did anyway – eg, Obama’s travel bans of 2011, Clinton’s mexican wall building programme of the 90s etc.

      I take your point that Mr Trump needs to be held to account but it does not seem to me that the media are going about this in the right way; they are simply responding with overblown emotion to everything he says rather than dispassionately analysing it as they should do.


      • Grant says:


        The BBC are only biased against Corbyn because they know he is unelectable !


      • matahari says:

        yes. the underlying job for the bbc was originally to synchronise anti corbyn’s propaganda with the rise of sadiq khan in time for 2020


    • Jerry Owen says:

      An astonishing post that shows a complete lack of factual analyses.
      What has Trump ‘repeatedly’ lied about?
      Why is he an incompetent man child when he has passed so many directives in one week alone that he said he would to his voters? I suggest that is dedicated competence.
      Trump is POTUS and as such is pretty much the law, he is well within his rights to curtail immigration from any country just as Obama stopped immigration from Iraq for six months.
      As for your conspiracy theory about his ‘business interests’ he no longer has any as his new business is POTUS.. do keep up! Further, the list of countries he has banned temporarily is the same list Obama drew up in his tenure.
      As for Trumps alleged sex offences, they clearly do not exist as there are clear laws in place for victims to go through and they haven’t.
      His inauguration crowd.. I watched the whole event and the photos/footage shown by the media were at the beginning of the day when few were there, this story has already been well and truly debunked.
      I look forward to your informed response.


      • Grant says:


        If one wants a “man-child”, you need look no further than Obama, the eternal teenager.


    • Kaiser says:

      shame its barry’s list then aint it kebab

      and yes we do suspect the bbc dont like Comrade Corbyn, but its because he makes the labour party unelectable.


    • Peter Grimes says:

      So the many Corbynutta opponents in his own party get the most airtime because they make most noise. Corbynutta himself says sweet FA or talks pure gibberish so the media go easy on him so as not to expose his imbecility and his minders cry foul?

      And if you are talking terrorism, remember the Corbynutta invited Hamas and other terrorist organisations to visit Parliament.


    • ToobiWan says:

      “…who’s repeatedly lied to the public” Is this not a prerequisite for any politician, or indeed, anyone entering public office, K?


    • Roland Deschain says:

      When clear photographic evidence showed that his inauguration attracted fewer people than Obama’s he just stamped his feet and said ‘Not true’.

      Erm.. did you not read the articles linking to CNN footage (yes, CNN, hardly a Trump supporter) that directly contradicted the BBC’s sparse photos? And that the larger audience referred to the worldwide audience.

      I for one don’t automatically think that everything Trump does is wonderful. But until we’re given objective information to make our own minds up, I’ll have to go by who he is annoying the most. And right now, he’s annoying all the right people.


      • Jerry Owen says:

        The large white ’empty’ areas in the mall were made out to be empty of people areas, and the sheets were to protect the grass from being a mud bath. However the truth is that these canvas sheets were in fact covers, and what do people do when it rains and there are canvas covers about!


      • cockneyboy says:

        Roland Deschain,
        Or as some might say the right left people!


    • johnnythefish says:


      Kebab – Trump is doing exactly what he said he would which is what he got elected to do. Duh!

      Look forward to you or some fellow marcher setting up an alternative Biased BBC – one which will reveal reams of right wing bias to match the relentless left wing bias reported on this well-established website over so many years.

      Alternatively, feel free to bring your own examples here but they’d need to be better than the only one you have been able to come up with so far – it would be impossible even for the BBC to ignore the comical incompetence of Corbyn.


    • Flexdream says:

      Kebab, on balance I agree with you. It’s the fact that his critics think Trump is Hitler that makes his supporters more vocal. He’s only human, and frankly I’m getting tired of the BBC and other media’s obsession with US domestic politics. They thought Obama was a mix of Mother Theresa and Superman, but then hyperbole is the currency of crass propaganda. We didn’t use to get saturation US news.


  16. matahari says:

    https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/178844 hit that sticky button!


  17. Rick Bradford says:

    As Brendan O’Neill points out, demonising Trump as a uniquely awful departure from the normal behaviour of a President implicitly condones everything that went before … “The barbarism of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the carpet bombing of Vietnam, the attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan, the CIA overthrowing of foreign leaders, McCarthyism — all normal, all better…”


    • Grant says:


      Superb article. Not sure I agree about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Millions of lives were saved by the Japanese surrender.


      • Guest Who says:

        It was barbaric, but no more than firebombings that saw melted human fat run down city streets.

        It seems some like their civilian deaths longer and slower, and Mishal Husain in charge of liberating Japan with her deathometer.


  18. Scroblene says:

    The excellent outcome from President Trump’s actions are proof that ‘politicians’ are just not the right sort of people to make commercially accepted, and effective measures to do anything except chat among themselves, without understanding the consequences.

    So called ‘climate change’ is a perfect example of stupidity confusing itself with fake news, and that’s a heady enough concoction to make many good business men very happy, as they’ll see an opportunity, while politicos fiddle and fart about and make excuses for ‘work’!

    I can’t wait to see President Trump really get his feet under the table and bang a few heads together (if you’ll excuse the mixed metaphor..;0). I wish he was negotiating leaving the EU, he’d have finished by now!


    • johnnythefish says:

      The ‘climate change’ deception is one of the many reasons Trump got elected. Those not of a generation brainwashed by the leftist education system can see through it and know that ‘carbon reduction’ policies will ultimately bring economic and social catastrophe to the West.


  19. StewGreen says:

    If Trump had simply waited for the first Islamic terrorist attack then he would have had a smooth ride to introducing immigration security tightening.
    That is the usual political trick, bit tough on the terrorist victims though.


  20. StewGreen says:

    Ironically the MSM build up that hysteria
    By day after day reporting half a story on Trump and then manufacturing False-Narrative from that
    – He got a low inauguration crowd
    – He’s obsessed and called the press liars.
    – He’s a waterboarding fanatic ! (Actually when his chief military advisor said they would not be using it Trump acquiesed)
    – May should tell him
    – He’s Banning Muslims
    — His policy is extreme (except it’s only an extension of Obama’s policy and St Obama had stopped visas fo 1 country and Trump an additional 6)
    BBC= False-Narrative Manufacturing Corporation


  21. Fred Bloggs says:

    12:25 daily Politics Disgraceful, allowing a big mouth think they know it all< Baroness Smith spout her stupid mouth off. For instance, she stated the Trumps order was not evidenced based. On the bBC an american woman called Hayes, said the countries were selected by the Obama's admin because their documentation identity system was not secure.


  22. StewGreen says:

    Melanie Phillip’s
    Trump’s migrant ban is a defence of freedom

    The president wants to protect Americans from Islamists and is following the lead of Obama

    President Trump’s executive order suspending immigration from certain countries has taken the hysteria over his arrival in the White House to an unprecedented level.

    Thousands have been protesting in America. Here, more than one million people have signed a petition to stop his proposed state visit. He is being accused of racism, anti-Muslim bigotry and discrimination, described as “prejudiced”, “vicious”, “a tinpot dictator”, “a megalomaniac”, and likened to Hitler.

    So what did he do to deserve this demonisation? He issued an order halting indefinitely the admission of Syrian refugees, putting the general refugee programme on hold for 120 days, and suspending for 90 days all visas to nationals of Iran, Sudan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen, which are designated as “countries of concern”.


    • LynetteO says:

      The incitement to hatred of the President of the USA has got to stop. There must be a few brave Members of Parliament who can stand up to the National Broadcaster and say enough is enough !! One MP protested to the BBC DG on my behalf , so it was 15 years ago but it can be done! Get petitioning your local and other MP’s to do something about this.


  23. Guest Who says:

    BBC Jugend wing today so far:


    Donald Trump is “scared of stairs” – and yes, apparently it *is* a thing…

    So what is bathmophobia?


    “The only orange Scotland wants is Irn Bru” ?

    The funniest regional signs from the UK’s anti-Trump protest


  24. Guest Who says:

    Some OT, but I hope relevant links, given the circle of jerks between activism, BBC reporting other media and activism citing BBC reporting to ramp up activism…


    Ok, Newsbeat, magazine, pop up, etc explained on Facebook & ‘views my own’ of all BBC staff on twitter, but not excused.


    They are called ‘Hate Boards’ and are set to replace Alan Yentob’s gold Brompton in his personal lift, apparently. Some my feel this sends out the wrong message, but when BBC PR sees this PR, how can BBC editorial not respond?


  25. John Bull says:

    The petition to allow Trump to come to the UK on a state visit has now over 107,000 signatures


  26. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    I keep seeing politicians on the tv and ALL of them say they would not have voted for Trump.
    Even brexiteers like Hannan.
    Why doesn’t the interviewer ask them if they supported Clinton.

    Yes, I know, they are biased but it irritates me.

    That minger soubry just on the tv debate asking Gove about the £350 million for the NHS.
    Even complete idiots can understand that situation. Is she so completely dumb? (Rhetorical)


  27. EnglandExpects says:

    When the unlamented John Whittingdale announced his asinine proposals for the BBC’s new Charter, I was appalled by this cave-in by the Tories. We all know that Ofcom will be an ineffective regulator and that allowing the licence fee system to continue gives the BBC no incentive to clean up its act and reflect the nation’s views and interests in its news reporting and programme content. However…..the BBCs hysteria about Trump and it’s continued rubbishing of the Referendum vote just make me wonder if the Tories could finally acquire the determination to do something about the BBC after the 2020 election when they will get a much bigger majority . Even if the current charter proposals go through, I seem to remember that there is a 5 year review built in. After the 2020 election, with an almost certain bias in the BBC’s election coverage, plus a preceding three more years of anti-Trump bile and negativity about leaving the EU, surely the Tories could act ?


    • Grant says:


      Whippingdale. Isn’t funny how some people can rise without trace, and then disappear as it they had never existed ?


  28. joeadamsmith says:

    But, how many have actually read the Executive Order? I’ve only just received it and read it. It is logical. Well thought out. And is not permanent. Read it and use it against liberals: https://readfomag.com/2017/01/30/heres-what-the-executive-order-on-refugees-actually-says/?utm_content=buffer594c1&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer


  29. Guest Who says:

    Speaking of reading, given the BBC’s near total redaction control of any views on their output, standards, guidelines or anything else the public needs prevented from seeing or sharing, this looks worthwhile to pen a few pithy sentences:


    You don’t have long, mind.