A Government for ‘All the Media’


Good to see that Theresa May is putting her principles into action and is making sure that it is not just the elitist, entitled, self-aggrandising BBC that gets the opportunity to broadcast and print the breaking stories which previously ensured its inherited status as the news broadcaster of choice….government media releases for all the Media.

Perhaps we are seeing a new world where the BBC is quietly sidelined and government no longer sees the BBC as the first port of call when it needs to announce policy or thinking.

Apparently, according to the Spectator [H/T Craig at Is the BBC biased?], this has gone down like a ‘cup of cold sick’ at BBC HQ as Theresa May gives her first interview of the year to Sky and to the Telegraph in print and not to Andrew Marr who was fully expecting to have first dibs.

No doubt this is why Marr, taking his revenge, featured guests of an entirely Remoaner hue on his show…I’m sure Marr was in fact only doing his professional duty and taking the chance to quiz them rigorously, pointing out the error of their ways and holding them to account as he recently published his own view that Remainers should bite the bullet and try to make a success of Brexit [which he calls ‘The Great Disaster’] noting that if the ‘elite’ blocked Brexit ‘the glossy fabric of British democracy would be ripped to shreds. Frankly, I dread to think what would follow.’

I’m pretty sure that would be the correct conclusion…civil war might well break out.  The blatantly pro-EU, anti-Brexit BBC would of course be one of the first ‘up against the wall’  as an institution.  No wonder Marr is worried.

Note that Marr dismisses May’s Telegraph interview as ‘glorious glossy verbiage’ [again H/T Craig at Is the BBC biased?  Seems ever more proven each day, each minute]…that’s despite May suggesting something that has been redhot in the Media for days, if not weeks now…

Theresa May signals that Britain will leave Single Market so it can take control of immigration

Asked repeatedly whether Britain will leave the Single Market, the Prime Minister said that she will not try to “keep bits of membership”.

Her comments suggest that Britain is prepared to leave the Single Market and the Customs Union and apply for a good deal from outside after Brexit.

Extraordinary that Marr not only ignores that report but gliby dismisses it in such a manner.  Interesting though that Marr accepts the Economist’s hatchet job on May as an honest and perceptive interpretation of her government as indecisive and lacking direction but Marr does not refer to the Mail’s takedown of that article…

A crude hatchet job on Mrs May and a cynical bid to stop Brexit

He does however like the Mail’s story about the Jewish lobby running Britain….an ‘absolutely cracking story’ according to Marr.  Always interesting what catches a Beeboid’s eye.





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4 Responses to A Government for ‘All the Media’

  1. chrisH says:

    ITV though are no better.
    Just heard their news headlines a few minutes ago.
    Loaded cliched descriptions of her, her thinking and the crisis she`s creating in effect.
    And good old Remoaners, Keir Hardy from Labour and some Business suckup for Soros follow the “story” just in case we`d think that May was actually doing what we mandated the Government to do.
    Basically it`s now the People versus Soros, Davos and all who rely on them for their easy lives and fat salaries. And we are noting who our traitors are. There will have to be a reckoning. Lord hawHaw was hanged for less.


    • Scroblene says:

      Try not to feel too sorry for Soros, Chris.

      He’ll have bet squillions on President Elect Trump winning, and then got back all his money wasted on a failed Billary campaign.

      You’re being too kind!


      • All Lives Matter says:

        He’s helping to finance all of the anti-Russian propaganda, in large part because Russia is one of the few countries that actually has warrants for his arrest.


        • FeelLikeWTF says:

          I feel organisations like the BBC will always be used by Governments for propaganda purposes. If they were threatened with job losses the rhetoric would change quickly enough. The special slots pre 9am would still have the “extremely well spoken but unknown expert” from a government organisation most of us never heard of, giving us advice on matters of all kinds…..Think the doctor working in Syria/Aleppo having been interviewed twice in a week to inform us about the evil attack on civilians by Assad and the Russians.