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Who is more self-important, full of bluster and bull, the BBC’s Jon Sopel or The Donald?  Jon Sopel edges it I think.

The BBC is very pleased with its boy after his rudeness to Trump at the impromptu press conference and has been replaying his ‘impartial, free and fair’ joust with the President throughout the day with glee.   The Today show naturally had a pop at Trump and brought on Sopel to double up on his smugness. [08:23]

Sopel gave us a comedy routine rather than any real analysis of what was going on…for instance he comments on Trump’s hatred of the Media but instead of saying it was fully justified as the vast majority of the Media set themselves against Trump during the election, and that includes the BBC, Sopel told us he had decided that Trump must be watching the cable TV all day instead of governing.  Sopel’s so proud of that analysis, in fact he thinks it’s the only point really worth making, that he puts pen to paper and lays out the full glory of his journalism for us to see…

And here’s my one curious takeaway.

The media that he professes to hate and despise he seems to spend an awful lot of time watching.

You wonder, when does he find time to govern?

Never said that about Obama when he was on the golf course.

He then came up with a tale of a Republican senator contacting the Media and saying Trump was in need of therapy….no mention of who that senator was or whether he was one of those utterly opposed to Trump from the start.  The BBC doesn’t like Trump’s behaviour and takes a superior attitude towards it…Sopel says he might ‘quietly’ suggest things aren’t going smoothly…never mind that no other administration has gone in anyway differently.  Sopel decides that Trump does not like the drudge and detail of goverment…it’s all chaos…he just loves the adoration of the crowd.  Just another smug put down.

The BBC then makes the mistake of bringing on Peter Oborne who gave Sopel both barrels for his hypocrisy, his ‘sneering, superficial, arrogant smugness’, telling us that what is going on is nothing new and that Sopel was a fawning Blairite sycophant who never said such things about Blair despite Blair being so very similar to Trump in so many ways.  The rather shell-shocked Webb and Sopel laugh this off rather than admit to the reality and truthfulness of the comments.

Sopel was later [Radio 2  around 12:07] also dismissed as irrelevant by one of his own BBC colleagues, Mark Lawson, in an indirect way as he stepped up to ‘defend’ Trump or at least put Trump’s case for him…though he still managed to slip in several remarks about psychiatrists…guess you just can’t take the BBC out of the man….and Vanessa Feltz asked if we thought Trump was absurd, crazy and dangerous or maybe he is talking directly to the people…no bias there then.  Lawson thinks Trump has many bad points but says so had every other President…the difference is how it’s being reported…by the likes of Sopel perhaps?  As for a ‘chaotic’ administration, well Trump’s only been in office four weeks and other administrations hadn’t appointed all their officials after years in office…so a couple of weeks is nothing…and of course people get dismissed all the time even as they are announced as the new appointee.

I’m guessing the Media doesn’t like being called out on its bias and anti-Trump messaging….if only more politicians put the boot into the smug shysters of the media the world would be a better place.  And I reckon you could quite truthfully accuse Sopel of showboating and enjoying the limelight just as he accuses Trump of doing…and of not bothering with the detail…though the BBC never did as it ignored Trump’s policies during the election and settled for shouting him down as a racist, sexist Islamophobe instead.








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  1. Mice Height says:

    “The BBC is finished, and last night’s Newsnight proved it! Evan Davis was interviewing Deputy Assistant to President Trump, Seb Gorka yesterday, and when Gorka told him the BBC was “fake news” he looked like he was about to cry! The controlled media have no idea how to deal with a president who treats them with such contempt like Trump does, so they just resort to calling him a racist or an anti-Semite! After yesterday’s demolition of Davis, which followed a press conference where The Donald openly laughed at BBC reporter Jon Sopel calling the BBC “free, fair and balanced”, no one can doubt that Trump has played a blinder with the media!”


    • Doublethinker says:

      Yes Gorka was brilliant. He put the BBC in its place as a purveyor of false news and distortions with a strongly liberal left agenda. This is exactly why this web site was set up and what those of us who contribute believe has been going on for years. At last someone in power has the guts to call it for what it is. President Trump needs not only to by pass the distorting lens of the MSM by communicating directly with the people , he also needs to bring about much greater plurality of news organisations so that by the time of the next US election people can get a wide range of views from which to form their own opinions rather than the narrow liberal left range that currently exists.
      Whilst he is at it perhaps he could help us smash and burn the noxious BBC.


      • Doublethinker says:

        One point that I forgot earlier was an interview with Peter Allen , once of the BBC, on Sky News. He was asked by Boulton his opinion on fake news. He replied that the so called fake news was in fact only a response to the complete break down in trust by the public in the MSM. Boulton was very unhappy, an ex MSM man and ex BBC , telling him live on air that the public didn’t trust the MSM.
        As with Rod Liddell , Allen , talks greats sense once liberated from the untrustworthy corporation. What a pity that they were forced to suppress these views when employed at the BBC, still better late than never.


    • G says:

      “He who laughs last, laughs longest”. Pres. Trump had a good briefing from Nigel Farage about the BBC I don’t doubt!


  2. maxincony says:

    The BBC is very pleased with its boy after his rudeness to Trump…

    In what way was he “rude”? Did he not genuflect enough for your liking or something? Please explain.


    • matahari says:

      For a start. Why couldn’t he ask something relevant to us i.e. possible trade deals etc rather than something relevant to people wanting to go to america from isis training area? Then really, his question implied that trump is a failure in effectiveness. The paradox is that what isn’t working after recounting, protest fuelling, daily hatred, russia fake news etc. is the legacy media and this ‘anti because they can’ attitude. Trump’s approval ratings grow as they whinge and baby cry.


      • Scroblene says:

        Unfortunately for Jon Sopel, he doesn’t seem to offer enough gravitas to be a serious reporter.

        When a good journalist seeks to find out information, he researches his subject, then hones a question and asks it in a civil manner.

        Jon Sopel falls down on all this, and just pokes snide remarks at anyone who bothers to listen, and President Trump just bats away these mental lightweights.


    • Cassandra says:

      I’m perplexed Maxincony, every comment you make seems to be contrary to the opinions held on this site. I’ve noticed that most of your contributions end with ‘Please explain’ when it is quite clear what the writer has to say.

      This site is clearly against the distinct bias contained in BBC broadcasts; do you share or question the general views held by contributors on this site about BBC bias?

      I’m being quite serious when I say this, are you employed by the BBC? Please explain.


      • TruthSeeker says:

        Is it some software with its lefty dial on the red line?
        Perhaps Mr Vance should add a bot detector which would reject this “contributor”.
        A text window into which “The BBC is composed of treasonous left wing slime” must be accurately entered, might work.


        • maxincony says:

          The Telegraph; “Quebec mosque shooting: Student charged with six counts of murder over gun attack in mosque

          TruthSeeker; “Some brave Canadian patriots joining the most desirable process of expelling members of the nastiest organisation in history from the Occident.

          Most welcome.


          • TruthSeeker says:

            Zero again.
            Islam can do no wrong, it’s says so in the AlBeano, which we all believe.
            How are your mates in ISIS doing? The statistics must be grim, down to one million murders a year.

            You must long for the past, the Golden Age, when you Izzzzies could murder a million Hindus a week. It sure makes a Muzzzzy angry. It seems the only way to improve the figures is some spontaneous mega combustion.


            • maxincony says:


              I don’t justify murder. You do. “End of”.


              • TruthSeeker says:

                “I don’t justify murder. You do. “End of”.”
                Correction, you avoid such on BBBC.
                Members of your religion, the founder of your religion, the almighty omniscient eternal entity who instructed the founder of your religion, all state that murder is not only justifiable but compulsory.

                With no end of.

                Nobody, anywhere takes behavioural lessons, or any other lessons, from members or supporters of your disgusting “Religion of Peace”.


      • Jerry Owen says:

        Don’t waste your keyboard! I have asked ‘maxicony’ questions before with no response.. as expected. he or she will get bored soon, and it is half term you know!


      • maxincony says:


        This site is clearly against the distinct bias contained in BBC broadcasts; do you share or question the general views held by contributors on this site about BBC bias?

        I am questioning Alan’s claim that Jon Sopel was “rude” to Trump. So far neither he, you, nor anyone else has been able to justify that statement. Or in other words; his accusation is completely false.

        It’s quite obviously false. I think perhaps everyone reading this knows it’s false yet nobody is prepared to admit it. Instead you resort to paranoia:

        I’m being quite serious when I say this, are you employed by the BBC?



        • Guest Who says:

          ” I think perhaps everyone reading this knows it’s false yet nobody is prepared to admit it.”

          Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. And Laura K will smile on you for that ‘everyone’. Crookedly.


        • Cassandra says:


          “I am questioning Alan’s claim that Jon Sopel was “rude” to Trump.”

          That’s a fair point but you seemed to have avoided answering this question which I think is quite pertinent…

          “… do you share or question the general views held by contributors on this site about BBC bias?”

          Could you clarify your position on this fundamental point please?


        • Foscari says:

          Maxicony- You have every right to put your point of view over. I admit I am paranoid about the BBC. Even to the point when I see a sub continent Indian
          lady reporting on the latest football news. But maybe it’s because I went to
          Christs College Finchley with the likes of Jon Sopel,Will Self. The Saatchi brothers, Jonathon Sacks etc , etc etc. Talk about an anachronism’ Christ
          College. Half the school were Jewish including the chief Rabbi! No wonder, as in the case of Jon Sopel we all finished up a bit “meshuga” (Mad)!!


    • taffman says:

      Maxi boy
      Nights again ?
      How long have been head of Al Beeb’s Fake News Department? You should have been put on day shift by now, monitoring Al Beeb’s HYS department . Things are not running too well there you know . Have you been there lately ?


      • Northern Dreamer says:

        MISSING:- Yesterdays biggest news coverage of St Bliars lecture, seems to have disappeared from its prominent place on the web pages of the bBBC along with the HYS. How can this be? Massive interest and lots of people (almost 9,000 when I last saw it) wanting to express their opinion, does anyone know where it has gone?


  3. AsISeeIt says:

    Interesting contrast this morning as President Trump takes on the liberal media head on, whilst Theresa May employs the failed David Cameron tactic of attempting to tickle their fancy – specifically our Theresa launches a ‘domestic abuse’ initiative.

    The BBC gleefully informs me today that she might think up some ‘new laws’. And then the BBC goes on to start the debate by already telling us Theresa is not going ‘far enough’.

    So in other words this tactic will end with the BBC inevitably concluding : well, thanks Theresa, thanks very much for putting some more socially liberal stuff on the statute books (as for example Cameron and pantomime marriage), but if we really want something done that’s even more socially liberal (and even more to our liking – because you can never do enough) we will have to get you and your Tories out of office – sorry but thanks Theresa.

    The irony of course is that the issue our liberal-media-compliant PM chooses is domestic abuse. And what advice would we give an abused partner? Get out of the abusive relationship – just like Donald has done with his abusive media. Don’t just make excuses and placate the abusive partner and hope things will change.


    • G says:

      I look forward to the Muslim lobbyists getting their mitts on the draft. Perhaps we can expect an exemption from the intended legislation for those following Islam?
      My opinion for what its worth? There is enough law in place already to deal with this but not all victims are coming forward to complain. Same arguments for rape and it has been impossible, even through legislation and all manner of “Guidance” to square that circle. It will be the same with domestic abuse.


  4. Gunner says:

    Sopel is just one of the triumvirate of ‘fair and balanced” BBC scribblers in the US who grace our screens. We cannot forget the charming Katty Kay and the scintillating Gary O’Donoghue. After Sopel crashed and burned the BBC Purple Heart department only did what was inevitable- not a scintilla of doubt or introspection, they just turned up the claptrap volume a wee bit more. Writing articles which suggest that President Trump may have a mental illness is no doubt a cause for some amusement in the Halls (geddit) of W1A, but even the craven crew that continues to try to placate the BBC over here must be beginning to realise just how toxic they have become as they try to drive a wedge between the US and the UK. This is a national disgrace and our so-called government needs to grow a spine.Sadly, I doubt that they have it in them.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Mental Illness comes up a lot on the BBC in debate about Climate Change.
      Psychiatrists are far more likely to be invited by the BBC, to talk about Climate Change, than Atmosphic Physicists and Solar Astronomers.

      But then the Psychiatrist does not debate the science of Climate, but only the pseudo-science of the madness of what they call the “non-believers“ or “Sceptics“, but without naming Climate scientists as the “non-believers” or “Sceptics”, or why they are mad for opposing the opinions of a psychiatrist on the issue of Climate science.

      So therefore, I guess that the BBC must have excluded Causational Climate scientists from those “Climate Change Seminars” on the advice of psychiatrists.

      But then, lots of people who disagreed with Communism, were diagnosed as Mentally ill by left-wing Psychiatrists.


  5. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    When hope not sopel said the BBC was impartial, free and fair he was correct apart from the fact that it is biased, costs £145 a year and is anything but fair. Otherwise, spot on.

    Wall to wall coverage of the riots in the Parisian no go areas which don’t exist is one of the examples of the envy of the worlds broadcasting station (or is that something go do with the NHS, the envy bit although, funnily enough, never copied)

    I wish one of our politicians would ask the BBC on live tv why they are hiding the riots in Paris.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      A car falls down a sink hole in California due to a ‘weather bomb’ and BBC news are happily replaying the footage again and again. Many cars burn in Paris – not newsworthy, apparently.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        That’s because, to the BBC, global warming is real news, whereas the failure of the multi-culti experiment is fake news.


    • NCBBC says:

      They are not riots but a planned left-Islam attack on France.

      It is war.


  6. petebogtrott says:

    One headline you wont see on BBC news web site…BBC lose again playing TOP TRUMPS in USA


  7. EnglandExpects says:

    There’s simply no point in relying on either Sopel and his acolytes at the BBC or Jon Snow et al at C4 if you want balanced coverage of US politics now President Trump has been elected. You have to get your news elsewhere, which begs the question, why are we taxpayers pumping money into the BBC and C4 and getting such a clownish inferior service?


  8. Gunner says:

    While we are all distracted by events in the US we should also be paying attention to the BBC’s “contributions” with regard to the two imminent by-elections over here. A classic example would be the Breakfast piece this morning on Copeland, to which the subtext should be “Its all about the NHS baby”- now who do you think this was helpful to ??


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Well, arguably NOT to Labour, that is if the BBC ever reminded people about such successes as mid-Staffs, Morecambe Bay, Basildon, the PFI timebomb, former Health Secretary Handy Burn ’em, unsustainable levels of immigration, etc.


  9. Lucy Pevensey says:

    The finer points of this charade aside, this Sopel character is infuriating! Does the BBC have an endless supply of these smug, conceited newshounds? I am not paying a licence fee for them to unceasingly badger The US President!


  10. richard D says:

    Regarding the chortling ‘kiss-off’ response to Mr Oborne’s comments mentioned by Alan above…The rather shell-shocked Webb and Sopel laugh this off rather than admit to the reality and truthfulness of the comments.

    I heard this interview yesterday morning, and I was just praying that Mr Oborne, who clearly does not suffer the fools at the BBC gladly, had simply observed that their ignorant laughter at his comments simply provided even further proof of the ‘sneering, superficial, arrogant smugness’ regularly displayed by the BBC (and not just Mr Sopel) these days.


    • Beltane says:

      Nor is the behaviour confined to the BBC of late. ITN’s Robert Moore has literally come from nowhere (save for the required minor public school veneer) to establish his very own narrow eyed pomposity. It is obvious he’s preparing the ground for equal stardom with Jon, Fergal, Orla, Lyse, Frank et al and booked his table at next year’s BAFTAS.


      • JonT says:

        I tend to watch ITV news rather than the BBC. It’s no better to be honest and Moore is truly unhinged at times. The epitome of Trump Derangement Syndrome.


  11. sharethedebate says:

    I heard all this on the Today programme, and went immediately to watch the President press conference. It was awful, the BBC shown complete distain and Sopel dismissed like a fly. Unfortunately Today took it as a reason to further anti Trump calling. They just don’t get it, the BBC formerly a serious broadcaster and some journalists now rank with CNN and completely despised by President of USA. I have written to the Today programme and complaints department to complain and I have written to my MP. About time MPs did something to bring the BBC back to its charter that we are paying for. It is just tax without representation.


    • TigerOC says:

      I watch Fox every morning. Particularly like Sean Hannity who has had some very interesting interviews with Pres. Trump last week and with Rep. Congressional leader this week. Both very enlightening and informative.
      According to some media rankings CNN’s viewing ratings have fallen through the floor and were compared to a gardening programme. Fox’s have gone up 50%.
      I so enjoyed POTUS handling of the BBC I sent them a comment to tell them how much I enjoyed the way he put them back in their box.


  12. Sorrowfish says:

    What I found interesting was that Justin Webb, talking to Sopel, referred to “you and other hostile journalists” (or something very similar), and Sopel didn’t question this in any way. Isn’t that a clear admission of bias from the two of them?


  13. G.W.F. says:

    Looking forward to Sopel and the BBC fake news depts covering the Trump Rally with the same depth as they covered the Washington Vagina March

    Jaw-Dropping, Massive “Miles Long” Crowd of Thousands For President Trump Melbourne FL Rally…
    Posted on February 18, 2017 by sundance
    …”Oh My, There are Deplorables As Far As The Eye Can See”…

    The crowd began as early as 5am this morning, and the line was building throughout the day. At approximately 1:00pm the massive line is well over 3 miles long and consists of thousands upon thousands of Trump Supporters. The event starts at 5:00pm

    HOLY CATS !! The line of people is so long, it is now actually “lapping” around (meaning completely encircling ) the entire airport property boundary. It’s insane !


    • GCooper says:

      They will probably use the same team that has done so much fantastic work on the Paris riots.


  14. 13th Floor says:

    Sopel came across rather poorly although the BBC tried to make it a gotcha event. This was not his lowest career moment though, as he was also the live BBC reporter when Raoul Moat was being persued by the police in a manhunt a few years ago. The events of this broadcast are well documented, a search using these two names will bring up the disturbing facts about him and the mobile phone incident. Hardly fit to represent the BBC, however here he is today giving us his view from the USA. Of further interest, a quick look at his Twitter page @BBCJonSopel will also give you clues as to what you can expect to come. I assume his views also reflect those of the BBC, nothing to suggest otherwise.