A massive vote of confidence in May’s Brexit policy in Copeland?  I don’t know because curiously the BBC report doesn’t even mention Brexit in the Copeland …a 51.3% turnout in Copeland, a mere 36.7% in Labour held Stoke.

The only mention of Brexit was in relation to Stoke in a dig at UKIP [who of course were targeted hard by the media and a bit of Hillsborough fall-out]…

The questions facing Labour in Copeland are tumbling UKIP’s way here in Stoke.

A party whose very success in achieving the thing they were set up to achieve, Brexit, brought with it a blunt question – what is the point of them now?

You might have thought Copeland was significant for Brexit, the BBC made a huge noise about Richmond, but none here….this is the BBC’s analysis of Copeland…

This is a significant political moment for Theresa May – the first time in decades a sitting government has ousted an opposition party from one of its seats in a by-election.

But the real fallout will be for Jeremy Corbyn, who has promised to reconnect with voters. He may be left trying to do so while facing further opposition from his own MPs.

Just why might Copeland be significant other than the technical one of a sitting government ousting an encumbent?

Guess the BBC aren’t too keen to suggest a proper Brexit is the preferred route.




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28 Responses to Hopeland

  1. ScottishCalvin says:

    In the end though, what a result!


  2. EnglandExpects says:

    Nick Robinson interviewed both the UKIP Chairman and the Labour Shadow Chancellor on Today about the bye-elections . The contrast in tone was so marked . UKIP were treated in a harsh and vicious manner. McDonnell was treated entirely differently , almost in the hushed tones one would use at a funeral, with few interruptions.
    Unfortunately for Labour, it is a funeral, no matter the BBC bias . A loss of 70 seats in 2020?


  3. Wild Bill says:

    Good comments from the Guardian…

    “Center right parties in Stoke are the overall winners ukip and tories got over 10k. Seems strange to keep saying Ukip are finished they came 2nd with a disastrous campaign and only just finished a few hundred behind the Lib Dems. Overall they make a good argument for being the third party just based on these results.”

    “In Stoke, UKIP saved Labour from defeat.

    Without UKIP, the Tories would have picked up most of the Brexit voters – as they are doing elsewhere in the country.

    The UKIP campaign in Stoke, however, was so poor that it failed to beat Labour outright.”


    • ToobiWan says:

      That’s the danger, WB. same thing happened in my constituancy (conservative) in the GE. Labour got in because the vote was split between the Cons and UKIP. Voting for just one of these parties ould have given labour no chance of winning.


      • John C. says:

        The old problem with FPTP. It’s actually a poor system that mocks democracy.
        If you add Tory and UKIP votes now versus Labour, LibDems and Greens, the country is now staunchly to the Right (or what passes for Right these days).


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      John Curtiss was equally honest this morning.
      If the Guardian were only to stick to THESE facts-at least likely and not pointed for their mates-then we could trust them again.
      Maybe Trump has put a firecracker up their fat arses, if so that would give me hope instead of endless doubling down and filling their graves with endless lies.


  4. Deborahanother says:

    The BBCs Labour spin in full force this morning. More bad for UKIP than catasptrophic for Labour apparently .UKIP ,despite everything thrown at them by the media did OK .They increased their vote in Stoke

    Mind you if UKIP had won ,Corbyn would be on his way out the door ,so a good result all round.


    • John C. says:

      Nuttall was not inspiring, and compares badly with Nigel, but the stuff that was hurled at him shows that UKIP candidates have to be purer than the driven snow. It’s unfair, but Kippers will have to accept that the fight will be tough.


      • ID says:

        According to the Usual Suspects, UKIP has lost its raison d’tre.
        If it had, they would not be trawling through information whose significance they had not noticed for six or seven years.


  5. Mice Height says:

    According to ‘Hope Not Hate’, it was Paul Nuttall who ordered the police to open the gates at Hillsborough.


  6. Guest Who says:

    The BBC is quite good at not mentioning stuff that doesn’t suit.

    It’s one way around that whole ‘false news’ thing, if not really ‘full facts’, despite:

    Clearly, nothing to worry about here.


    • Grant says:


      Did the BBC ask the kids if they could spot BBC Fake News ? Beeboids are so stupid that they have not sussed that the Fake News sword can be turned against them.


      • Guest Who says:

        I can play almost any video on my PC, but the BBC requires a version Flash I appear not to have, so I currently have no idea what the BBC asked… or did not.

        But yes, the BBC is very stupid and trying this on with kids is unsurprisingly even more so.


      • Loobyloo says:

        I’d like my kids to go to that school! Nice small class sizes, all children sound relatively engaged and coherent. Fake class!

        But yes it is worrying, and that’s why the left love social media. Fb is full of crap fake news, thanks Zuckerberg.


    • Mice Height says:

      ‘Fiona Rutherford, BuzzFeed News reporter, on avoiding Fake News’ – “Never visit our website”


  7. Jerry Owen says:

    If the Lib Dems were a party that could be factored in at their most popular of several years ago the labour vote would of course be diluted, as is at present UKIP and the ‘Tories’. However the Lib Dems are finished as a party which helps labour enormously and flatters them.


  8. Dazed and Confused says:

    In Copeland voters were given a choice by Labour. @”Vote for Jeremy Corbyn or your hospital will close and you will die”. They seemingly preferred death.

    Says it all really.


  9. s.trubble says:

    Brillo was attacking any Labourite he could get his hands on aided and abetted by
    a former a lady and the theme was “Get Jeremy”.

    The bBC must be running scared ………..think about a landslide Conservative majority. err Lord hall………might we have a word.

    PS Just as I turned in last night a line from a football song came to mind….this was prior to knowing the result

    ” happily i,m walking down the Copeland Rd”..some might have heard it?


  10. chrisH says:

    Norman Smith seems to think that the point of UKIP is gone.
    He`s the BBCs political correspondent and knows this kinda thing.
    I therefore will give up on UKIP, and vote for whoever the BBC would like me to.
    Given the BBCs current performance re “calling the results”-safe to say that UKIP will rise triumphantly.
    Oh-Norman Smith and Eddie Mair are now bigging up the Lib Dems….is that the smell of lilies?
    Keep em coming Beeb!


    • Deborahanother says:

      They will pick up again when and if there is any back peddling on full Brexit. They are still in transition from a one issue party .

      The usual bashing UKIP took by BBC and elsewhere means more than any other party they are really up against it when it comes to getting MPs. Thay are going to have to neuter he BBC somehow.Farage leaving has not done it.

      All the stuff about them being irrelevant now is just propaganda .There is a huge role in holding the government to account over the type of independence we get.Nothing but full Brexit will do. The issue its still very much alive.They need to grab it once Article 50 happens.

      The fact they are trying to replace Labour in the North also pitches them against the Labour dirty tricks machine which is formidable even now in their dying days.Labour does not play by the Queensbury rules.UKIP will only prosper if they regroup,stop the in fighting and focus on their enemies.


    • Essexman says:

      I , have not been on this site for a while , because it is so Kipper centric , but as a Conservative , Out & Proud of that , ( I am not gay , just like claiming lefty slogans for the right), but you & the spokespeople of that party are sounding like Monty Pythons Life of Brian. Kippering is finished , get real , the Conservatives will execute Brexit , end of .


  11. Thoughtful says:

    It is clear to me that Labour lost the Copeland by election because of one simple fact. They aren’t left wing enough.
    There are far too many moderates and Blairites still remaining in the party and no one (save for some at the BBC) likes Blairites.

    To correct this situation Labour needs to purge itself of these false flag Labourites and return to its original values which saw it returned to power after WWII and again with the Wilson Callaghan governments.

    Only when these rogue elements have been removed will the people see an undivided party and Labour can return to power and create an undivided nation. If that means setting up re-education camps gulags and death camps (which it would) then get on with it comrade!