Great news!

Media groups have reacted angrily after several, including the BBC, were barred from an informal briefing with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

It’s time Fake News anti-Trump merchants such as the BBC were shown the door by the White House. Well done Sean Spicer. Just wait for the extra venom to flow ….

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  1. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Watching Stephen Erlanger live now on Sky News, (as he tells the Sky libtard who`s trying to offer him endless sweet teas and blankets, that Trumps being howwid)
    Apparently the US people will be really sad at CNN and the New York Times being regarded as fake news…as indeed should we.
    I only turned up the oaf because I thought it was the idiot yet sexy AC Grayling.
    Looked up our American In Paris anyway-THIS is the kinda guy that the Fake News Cyclists leave with us…
    Sounds like sexy Ted Malloch-but what a suckup.
    Come on Donald send us the drainage plans to get the lies of THIS louche creep out of our media.


  2. Lucy Pevensey says:


    “we’ve been trying to pull the plug on that $hit for years.”



    • kane says:

      Win some, Trump bans BBC from press conference, lose some, Islamist becomes head of BBC religious programming, plans to broadcast Muslims wailing call to mosques 5 times a day. That’s what they want though isn’t it, to hear the meuzzin blaring out over the church bells, then they’ve won. I recommend this book “2030: Your Children’s Future in Islamic Britain” by David Vincent (Amazon and Kindle) particularly its chapter on the BBC.


    • NCBBC says:

      A BBC editor who selected an Islamic State sympathiser to feature in a documentary has been appointed as the corporation’s new head of religious programming.



  3. All Lives Matter says:

    Considering that articles today include ‘Did Trump win because his name was first in key states?’ and ‘Has ‘OscarsSoWhite’ Changed Hollywood?’, it looks like an extremely wise decision to keep these liberal hacks away from briefings.


  4. chrisH says:

    Jeff Mason MIGHT think that he`s the head of the White Officer Press Corps.
    Indeed, he was summonsed to Mishal Husains office on Today this morning, maybe labouring under that misapprehension.
    But Mishal was having NONE of it.
    This is NOT America-this is the BBC. How very DARE Trump do this?…Reith is sad, truth to power yada yada.
    Mishal clearly was hoping and steering wee Perry towards a “Solidarity Wide Strike”-all of us refusing to speak to that bad dude.
    Er, Jeff knew more and his response was measured-maybe as if his job and future might rely on it.
    As opposed to Mishals begging for the Big Gesture.
    Ah well-lets rerun Johnny Dymonds final hit piece on Trump from yesterday, and call it news shall we?
    The US press Corps seem clued in-but the BBC and their Kuennsberg cones seem to think that the BBC are finding all this unacceptable, intolerant and disappointing-it gets no worse you know!


  5. john in cheshire says:

    Hurrah for Donald Trump. Now all we need is for Mrs May to exclude the bbc, Sky,C4 and Mr Peston on ITV from all press conferences. Including what are loosely called Newspapers, the guardian, mail on Sunday, the observer the independent and the Telegraph. It would be a very small get together if she did.


    • vesnadog says:

      “Now all we need is for Mrs May to exclude the bbc”…

      …. from our pockets!


    • NCBBC says:

      May should know by now that the BBC is a communist anti-Christian pro-Islam propaganda organisation, funded by the tax payer.

      She has to do something, or the BBC will become an Orwellian beast. She can do it under the pretence of modernising the BBC for the 21st century.


      • taffman says:

        “She has to do something,” ?

        Does anyone here have the thought that she, who was pro EU, is dragging the Brexit process out, to allow Al Beeb and the rest of the MSM time to push out more and more propaganda and fake news against leaving the EU.
        I am very surprised that the Tories have not got rid of Al Beeb by now.
        What do Tory voters and MPs think ?


  6. Tabs says:

    Brilliant! Best news I have heard since the morning of the Brexit results!

    Hopefully this will help bring down the BBC. It gets £4.5 bil a year from taxpayers and it isn’t considered a worthy news organisation to be allowed into the White House – not good value for money is it?


    • peterthegreat says:

      Tabs – Hopefully this will help bring down the BBC – YES!


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Can we now apply for a discount now that the BBC won`t need to stuff DC with their jiffy bags and stuffed shirts? Bring `em all home# surely.
      Wolverhampton Express and Star needs delivery units to run to the KFC-I know THAT for a fact. so we do real news here….they could learn from their provincial hacks how to turn a burger or flick a chicken.
      Some people are not cut out to be journalists.
      Still though-he banned the daily Mail too, so the BBC can cosy up to THEM!
      Bought a copy earlier to show I`m protesting, yes…


    • JosF says:

      Tabs……………….The next best news is we finally modernise the BBC and it is forced to pay its own way either by advertising or the BBC is forced to encrypt its output and those of us who want the BBC in their lives will pay the subscription fee just like with SKY and those of us who can put their time to better use than watching the BBC’s propaganda especially the BBC’s increasingly dire news and current afairs can get on with their lives without dealing with BBC/TVL threatograms and goons


  7. Alan says:

    Laughed this morning as the BBC tried to turn it into a huge injustice being done to them and the others….they very self-importantly announced they would be ‘seeking an explanation as to why they were excluded from the briefing’. I could tell them…the BBC is corrupt, dishonest, biased, is ardently anti-American and has peddled the Muslim terrorist’s narrative for well over a decade now…and add to that it has spent the last two years vilifying Trump, calling him a racist,a misogynist and an Islamophobe and has generally not bothered with any truthful analysis of his policies or of anything he has said. And they wonder why Trump disdains them.


    • peterthegreat says:

      And that’s just for starters Alan 🙂


    • vesnadog says:

      “I could tell them…the BBC is corrupt, dishonest, biased, is ardently anti-American and has peddled the Muslim terrorist’s narrative for well over a decade now…and…

      And BBC’s attack on Family, morality, society, decency, children and everything that the elite greens, liberals, feminists, gays, hate about this great nation of ours!


  8. Wild Bill says:

    Maybe for a start the way the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg spoke to President Trump at the press conference in Washington on January 27th, in the presence of Theresa May?


    • carterdaniel says:

      So after Trump#s victory, The BBC is at the back of the queue.


    • Deborah says:

      Wild Bill, Laura’s point scoring followed by Jon Sopel’s. If any organisation was going to be excluded it was the BBC. I am still not sure about Trump (probably too much subliminal indoctrination by the BBC) but I love what he is doing.


      • Demon says:

        Deborah, you sum up my feelings on Trump too. I find myself cheering for him despite not really being completely sure about him. But if his enemies are also the enemies of the People (BBC, ABC, CNN, W Post, NY Times etc.) then the saying “My enemy’s enemy is my friend” means that I support the Donald.


  9. vesnadog says:

    “while Judeo-Christian values and morality are ridiculed and increasingly eradicated from the public and social consciousness of our nation. Under the decades-long assault and militant radicalism of many so-called “liberal” and “progressive” elites, God has been progressively erased from our public and educational institutions, to be replaced with all manner of delusion, perversion, corruption, violence, decadence, and insanity”.

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn.


    • The General says:

      “….to be replaced with all manner of delusion, perversion, corruption, violence, decadence, and insanity”
      Or as we know it ‘an obsession with all things Islamic’.


  10. Roland Deschain says:

    From the “tell it often enough” files:

    He added: “Our reporting will remain fair and impartial, regardless.”


  11. Right Angle says:


    President Trump’s paw
    Connected with a fake news jaw
    But ’twas within the laws
    He was just exposin’ their flaws

    Actually, President Trump has been remarkably patient with the BBC. He gave them 3 chances, and they blew all 3.

    I have a suggestion: if the BBC is out, why not have a representative from say, Biased BBC, to replace them?


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Did you attend university many times and, if so, [PUNCHLINE COMING] …

      have you got 90 degrees?!

      Just off to get me coat.


      • Oaknash says:

        Well James Harding as our transatlantic cousins say
        “Howdya like dem apples!”

        Maybe You should re-consider whether Johny Dymond really should be your new “White House Correspondent” or similar position though I understand it is your way to reward stupidity and upsetting people with a pay rise and a better job.

        I suppose with Kuenessborg, Sopel and now Johnies attempts at making the US president look stupid – maybe you should award yourself the Director General Job of the BBC – you certainly seem stupid enough to give the current one a run for his money!

        ps James – I loved Johnie’s stand up bit on yesterdays “World at One” hope it was worth it!
        In the words of another of your favourite targets Nigel Farage “Youre not laughing now – But I am and so hopefully are 63,000,000 million Americans.


  12. Charlatans says:

    I just wonder whether it is more than anti-Trump that has the BBC included in the White House press-ban:

    Could it also be about the BBC spawned, hosted, promoted and has seen more serial pedophiles convicted than any other world broadcasting organisation?

    Or is it because BBC, although taxpayer funded, practices tax avoidance on such an industrial scale with its stars and executives utilising the ‘self employed’ avoidance umbrella?

    Or is it because the organisation is so politically to the left of the population as not to be any where near representative in its output to those who mandatory pays for its services?

    Or is it because the management are mainly recruited from left wing sources, i.e. Guardian adverts or top job for Labour Party ex-Ministers shoe-in?

    Or is it because the BBC has literally hundreds of left wing/ liberal spawned biased cases listed daily on a plethora of vastly subscribed internet sites, such as this one, all dedicated to exposing such bias, (not one site can be found which shows the opposite)?*

    Or is it BBC was allowed to appoint a Muslim as Head of our British State Religion and Ethics broadcasting of our 2 millenia Christian heritage nation?

    That is like the Vatican appointing Jimmy Saville as their child abuse adviser or Saudi Arabian TV appointing the Pope to be their Islamic programmes Chief!
    Nowhere else in the world!


    • Dystopian says:

      Has anyone from this website written to the White House and made them aware of the support they DO have?


      • John C. says:

        I’m sure the White House is well aware of this site and keeps a regular watch on it. No need to write, just give your views here. They’re not daft in the White House. Not any more.


        • chrisH says:

          My American friends and relatives are often VERY impressed at just how much we all know here about their media.
          Those of us who`ve been there know just how big the place is-and they value the fact that we need not be concerned just with Massachussetts or Iowa…we get the lot here, and can see bigger patterns then they do sometimes. And our Paris, Berlin and Malmo stuff, as well as Luton and Dewsbury is a terror alert to them, so we`re like Israel as we see that country-a canary that sings loudly.


  13. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Here he is!
    Lionel is a rising star, just as the libtard Death Star is sputtering into mockery and irrelevance.

    Loggorhoea eh?….takes a clever lawyer to define what we`ve been sitting through eh?


    • chrisH says:

      Brilliant AS!
      Here`s Nigel as Philosopher King last night.

      Note the genius where he distinguishes “nationalism” with “nationism”. Brilliant, like racism/racialism…populism, popularism etc…screw them with their weasel words with OUR versions.
      Carlson is a great interviewer-we get bloody Piers Morgan instead.


      • Thoughtful says:

        Do I need to remind you that “bloody piers Morgan” is a vocal Trump supporter who has been forced to pull out of an award ceremony by the violence of the ‘tolerant’ Fascist Left ?


        • chrisH says:

          True thoughtful. But if you saw his interview with Farage last night, you`ll see why I said it.


        • StewGreen says:

          Ahem False-Narrative
          ..He has spoke more reasonably than the vile media pack
          ..but said he wouldn’t have voted for him, “but he’s the president now”


    • Dystopian says:

      At last someone says it like it is!


  14. Lucy Pevensey says:

    I like the way The Nige speaks of the EU in the PAST tense 🙂 @3:28


  15. Sinniberg says:

    Make no mistake, although this wasn’t a major news conference it is actually a seismic moment.

    Trump has said that he will reach the ordinary people via the Internet, YouTube and Twitter.

    The point being he doesn’t need or want the lying BBC/MSM, and he has realised that the ordinary millions in the real world don’t want them either.

    The BBC/MSM are redundant and irrelevant.

    The BBC/MSM’s reign of terror is coming to an end and they don’t like it……..


    • chrisH says:

      Too true Sinniberg. This will turn out soon to have been our Northern Rock moment, maybe even the start of a Wall St Crash in regard of bonds/trust re the media cartel. As the Financial Crash began with a little-noted story re BNP/Paribas in Aug 2007-the Great Media Reckoning started with the Guardian thinking that it was entitled to attend with CNN with some “hard pass” for the gaggle pool moment.
      Who knows?…Freddie Mae/Fannie Pack means nothing now, but they lasted longer than Johnny Dymond-who might turn out to be the one worm too many for the sack of liberal shit that they`ve been feeding us like our own foie gras.
      A seismic moment-the Emperors got no clothes, no nose either.
      Fake News-or VERY Fake News…Bad Dudes…or VERY bad dudes…Donalds keeping it simple for them…and we who are being liberated by the day laugh at every word.
      A Runaway Train, now bogged down and up to their waist in the Big Muddy-yet we just KNOW they`ll press on and drown themselves as the fires take hold all around them.
      Great day today!

      Brian Matthew however IS the Voice of us all-and lovely Liza Tarbuck will heal our hurts eh?…thank God we`ve got a few good folk at the BBC.

      Labour replaced a Tristram with a Gareth-Viva Revolution eh?
      And David Miliband speaks re Labour from a “Hollywood rally for refugees”.
      Is the BBC aware of what they`ve now become?
      Oscars for Lady Nugee tomorrow hopefully?


      • wronged says:

        How incredibly embarrassing for our national broadcaster. How they have embarrassed and shamed our country.

        Surely, May’s government have to act against this fascist organisation now. This is the perfect opening for her. Come on Tories do something about them, while you have the power to do so.


        • Oaknash says:

          Wronged – I am afraid it is not her way she is a fence sitter until the end. She will not move until her arsecheeks have gone purple through lack of circulation and then all she will do is get up rub said cheeks and find another fence with slightly different shaped palisades to sit on.

          She never moves until she sees clear political gain for herself.
          It is how she became Prime Minister
          It is how she is dealing with brexit. Still showing no commitment to reducing migration or regaining our fisheries. Maintaining them as negotiation points as long as possible.
          And it is how she will deal with this issue. Sit tight and see which way the wind blows before she acts!

          I hope I am wrong about her but I fear I am not.


          • Lobster says:

            Oaknash – Did you have to mention Theresa’s purple arsecheeks? I can see me having nightmares tonight!


            • Oaknash says:

              Sorry Lobby – said cheeks could also have pressure hematonas also corresponding to red, black and brown too.

              I apologise for offending you by not covering the full spectrum of Treezers arse cheek diversity, Hopefully you will now no longer have nightmares knowing that I have given full recognition to this. In fact it could be said that she could well have arsecheeks of colour! I wont mention any white bits cos only a dark arse = good and these days white arse = bad!


              • Lobster says:

                LOL! Perhaps the aforementioned arsecheeks will now look like Abbott’s, but a fraction of the size of course!


                • Oaknash says:

                  I think Abbots arse cheeks could well have their own gravitational field! You would not want to get too close as you could well have to spend eternity orbiting them like sputnik (or should that be Jeremy)


          • wronged says:

            Sadly Oaknash, I fear you are exactly right.

            She always sits on her hands and should be renamed ‘Emma Royd’ who works in the back passage of a mucky Parliament.


    • Lobster says:

      I think the big problem the media have is that President Trump isn’t a career politician, but is primarily a sucessful businessman who lives in the real world and not the “Bubble”. They don’t appear to know how to counter that, as their constant jibes appear to be water off a duck’s back as far as he is concerned.


      • Steve Jones says:


        That is spot on. Also, President Trump isn’t trying to push a false narrative of a multicultural utopia so doesn’t need the collusion of the media in that little lie. When he says something the media doesn’t like (eg Sweden) their tantrums encourage people to look wider for information and, what do you know, they find out things the media has ‘overlooked’. Clips of immigrant bullies abusing women in queues blows the MSM bullshit out of the water and exposes them for the propagandists most of them have become.


  16. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    Amusing moment of self-delusion on R4’s news at 18:00, when the reader said that the BBC was considering its next move in the light of the exclusion by Trump’s team.

    It is as if the unelected BBC thinks it has equal stature and legitimacy with the US government! What more could this rotten organization do to be biased against President Trump? They have nothing left to threaten with. I wonder if the overgrown schoolgirl Kuenssberg is now regretting her stupid question at the Trump/May press conference? The same goes for Sopel and Diamond. Damn the lot of them!


  17. Roderick says:

    Bring back our shirls*!

    *Short for ‘Shirley Temple’. A term given to an effeminate, young male who enjoys musical theater, Glee and living at home with his mom. (Source:


  18. chrisH says:

    Don`t want to overegg the pudding here-but both Channel 4 and Today as well as their trills all day seem keen to make the US Press Corps act in some kind of “solidarity”.
    One out all out-Dagenham and the Upper Clyde, Orgreave or Grunwick.
    Which sums the BBC up-as if the US medai don`t know what ratings mean, what Trump brings to their lives as history, as story.
    Hopefully the One Love Media Cartel get shown the door-divide and rule, why reward provocateurs and limey milksop failures like Jon-Snow Sopel?
    If they DO what the BBC-we all KNOW what a lazy stitch up it is-and they shall sink together. If they DON`T do what the BBC says-well, at least we will know the wheat from the chaff, that we`ve been right as has Trump and his team.And their ratings and share price won`t go into freefall.
    PS-are the BBC and the British press the only non-US agencies banned then?
    If so….what does THAT say about the imperial arrogance and over-reach of the BBC as it exists…time to lop it.


  19. Thoughtful says:

    The BBC now have two choices, to carry on with the bias, attack Trump in a petulant manner, and create further division and alienation, or to do what any sensible grown up would do, and attempt to build some bridges ( which they are always claiming are better than walls).
    Alas I think they are little better than petulant children and will seek the former – led by CNN of course


  20. Dave S says:

    This ban was inevitable after the Kuensberg question. The BBC lacks any sense of strategy or danger. The President is not the man to take insults without retaliation and this is also a warning to Mrs May who ,if she agreed the question , is going to be very much on probation.
    I hope she was kept in ignorance because if not then the outlook for her and her hopes is dire.
    The BBC is finished with the administration. We need ,as do all European states, to learn a harsh lesson. We are not that important any more. China is ,as are Russian and India, Japan and Israel.
    Another error the BBC made was to forget that the world is actually a small place and it is surprising just how easy it is to make contact with those people who share one’s views.
    We in this country who understand that this is a vicious culture war needed this action by the President. I have no doubt the BBC is distraught but it it will do them no good to keep digging the hole. The repercussions of that absurd debate in the Commons on the visit are not going to be to our advantage.
    I am firmly of the view that the President should publicly reject the offer and make it clear exactly why that despite it coming from the Queen it is demeaning for an American President to be discussed in the way he was and is.
    I suggest the progressives should watch the film of his latest address in Florida and in particular the recital of the Lord’s Prayer by his wife. The reaction of the huge crowd should leave even the stupidest BBC reporter in no doubt that insults to the US and it’s President are going to provoke a reaction that this country has not seen for generations.


  21. KatieH says:

    I watch those daily briefings with spicer and the Beeb are never there and neither are sky. But you will see them both outside afterwards twisting and sneering at what spicer says. The only time they do show up is when the don is present to Sling shit at him. There arrogance and bitching over this is unreal as they are never there as they see themselves above these daily briefings.

    I watched the don at cpac yesterday and bannon on the day before and while watching I said to myself CNN are going to be going mental and sure enough when I switched over after the don Finished I saw six of the most pissed lemon sucking faces you will ever see just twisting what he just said live. You just knew that hitler nazi racist. bigot was on the tip of their tongues. It’s a long time coming for the Beeb but it’s well deserved . Take a bow boys you blew it big time. Will they learn, will they fuck.


  22. StewGreen says:

    Ban ? Calling it a ban is entirely false narrative
    like @Grant & @DavidVance EXCLUDED..BANNED..BLOCKED me from their birthday parties
    ….. well actually they just didn’t invite me

    Breitbart explains ..Obama had friendly press only private meeting
    ..He’s known for excluding Breitbart
    \\President Barack Obama met privately with liberal reporters and columnists frequently throughout his tenure in office — “more than a dozen” times. //
    Media Outrage over White House ‘Exclusion’ is Fake News
    At the WH Grisham told the WHCA that “claims that outlets were excluded are not factual.”
    “The pool was there, so various media mediums were represented,” she said

    BTW Audio of the briefing was posted on Twitter ..(38 mins)


  23. StewGreen says:

    RT has a report which shines more light.
    A gaggle is a normal thing ..a limited pool briefing
    That day there was a morning one and afternoon one
    ..The invited lefties first attended AM then boycotted PM.

    #Irony We are talking the BBC which itself EXCLUDES proper voices all the time
    … preferring to give free reign to its LibMob mates.

    My point is if you get your news from MSM you are brainwashed by having bucket loads of constructed false-narratives fed to you :
    – MI5 expert ready to show us a Trump Moscow prostitutes tape
    – Muslim BAN
    – idea that Trump spoke of a terrorist attack in Sweden
    – Idea that there is no Muslim sex/crime problem in Sweden
    – idea that Trump banned all lefty media from a briefing and allowed only righties.
    All that is FakeNews

    The fact that Obama usually excluded Breitbart and had press meeting with only selected Liberal media
    … Is not


  24. StewGreen says:

    As one reporter (Mika Brzezinski of Morning Joe), it would appear, has made clear video

    Trump “could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that is our job.”

    That looks to me as an admission by the MSM that their intention is no longer to impartially inform, but to actually control the opinions of the populace.

    Scarborough: “Exactly. That is exactly what I hear. What Yamiche said is what I hear from all the Trump supporters that I talk to who were Trump voters and are still Trump supporters. They go, ‘Yeah you guys are going crazy. He’s doing — what are you so surprised about? He is doing exactly what he said he is going to do.'”

    Brzezinski: “Well, I think that the dangerous, you know, edges here are that he is trying to undermine the media and trying to make up his own facts. And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that, that is our job.”/

    The comment failed to raise any eyebrows from her co-panellists. Instead, her co-host, Joe Scarborough, said that Trump’s media antagonism puts him on par with Mussolini and Lenin…

    MSM/BBC need a huge kick up the a$$ – your mission is to report news, not promote personal/organisation opinions.


  25. carterdaniel says:

    Trump’s mate Jeremy is the cause of all this


  26. The Highland Rebel says:

    Trump was right about Obummers birth certificate.
    It looks like the Bozo will be heading off to jail for a long long time.


    • Scroblene says:

      Don’t tell Jimmy )’Diemundd, it’ll muck up his colonic routine…

      Amazing, Highland!


    • NISA says:

      I haven’t watched all this video, so apologies if it answers this question. I don’t understand why the certificate issued is regarded as crucial. Surely the proof of the matter is whether there is an appropriate entry in the register held by the authority?


      • The Highland Rebel says:

        IT is US constitutional law that the President has to be born in the US something that Obama was clearly not.
        He lied to congress, he lied to senate, he lied to the media and he lied to the people over his birth certifate.
        It means that EVERY law that Obama passed was illegal and trying to enact them was a criminal Federal offence.
        But at least he’ll get to spend the rest of his rotten life behind bars with his Muslim Brotherhood friends.


  27. Swelter says:

    The BBC been given a dose of its own medicine .Great. Its been long over due.


  28. Demon says:

    I know this isn’t actually BBC but on Sky’s Press Preview last night the ridiculous and vile Christina Patterson was anhihilated by Michael Heaver (didn’t know him). Every stupid claim she made was countered by him brilliantly and her voice was going up and up the register until she started squeaking. He got her to say that she believes the British People chose deliberately to make themselves poorer as the reason for voting Brexit.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Yes, heard this.
      Patterson ans the Sky bloke opposite clearly want a “containable” revolution led by themselves-a managed decline but with a Sham 69 soundtrack.
      Heaver didn`t know too much-but he knew FAR more than hip opponents.
      Aaron Banks needs to train him a little more, and he`ll be fine-but Patterson is the worst kind of liberal lefty disguised as a “critical voice”. The women editors of the Times and the Sunday Express were SIMILARLY hoping that their poncing foot stamping would assuage us, keep the hoses quiet for the abbatoir. Passed that ladies….you`re either Brexit Plus with Trump-or you`re the answer to a question that nobodys asking any more where it matters.


    • ID says:

      She said that 17 million Brexit voters were stupid enough to vote for economic self harm. You could imagine the reaction if she had said 52% of muslims in Britain were stupid enough to believe in Islam


      • NISA says:

        Re Patterson, as stated by ID – That may be what the future holds, but the arrogance of the woman to be absolutely certain of the fact.


  29. shelly says:

    So the Daily Mail which is widely percieved to have a right wing readership, has luvvie Christopher Eccleston doing the definite article in the back of this weeks telly mag.

    When asked the saddest time that shook his World his answer was ‘When Britain voted for Brexit’
    Really ? He must have lead a charmed life if thats the saddest thing that ever happened to him.

    When asked what crime he would commit knowing he would get away with it, he answered ‘ I’d help Donald Trump ” disappear”..’

    This prompted me to complain to the Mail. I saw that as wishing death on a public figure, and while you expect that from the acting profession, I would have expected a bit more responsibility from the Mail. Especially considering the Conservative bent of their readership.

    It really is relentless, its gone way beyond the Beeb now.


    • GCooper says:

      Funnily enough, I posted elsewhere only this morning about the split between the Daily and Sunday Mail. The former is a rabble-rousing stirrer somewhere on the Right (though not reliably so) while the Sunday version has a different editor and was very staunchly in the Remainiac camp. I’m not sure I would call it Left wing, as such, but it is a distinctly wishy washy rag with little to commend it other than David Rose’s occasional articles exposing the Global Warming scam.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      The BBC have been up in Salford. Eccleston comes from there I think.
      The BBC rots your brain, especially if you now live in London and hope to go the Oscars one day.
      The Mail need to watch it-they`re fake news too at times.


  30. boohanna says:

    All Our Donald has to do is keep going like a Honey Badger….


  31. Limbaugh says:

    Trump should direct border officers to give BBC staff the rubber glove treatment. A close look at laptops etc may find links to dodgy characters and give the cretins a free holiday in Cuba.


    • Grant says:


      Careful what you wish for. Beeboids may actually enjoy the rubber glove treatment.


  32. Guest Who says:

    Sipping the afternoon cuppa, a quick SM (like S&M, but virtual) browse shows the new line of attack on the correspondents’ dinner RSVP in the negative.

    Seems Donald Trump is a) chicken, and b) ruining the charity night for the kids… as all it is is a bit of mild joshing in good fun.

    I am pretty sure most planning to attend a) were sharpening every VS tool in the armoury and more but, more crucially b) would have zero clue who the beneficiaries were and c) popping on expenses.

    Yet still think most are not well aware of that.


  33. chrisH says:

    Can only assume that having watched too many Vietnam clips and Watergate narrative gives you this arrogant sense of self-regard and some kind of “public good”.
    The media have been up their own arses now since the Reagan era, and Trump is the first President-indeed western leader at ALL-who is independent, needs no favours from them or their moneyed backers.
    They`ve not carried a decent story in years-tittle tattle, windups and all manner of liberal agitprop in the cause of the Good Rebellion. But ever-so submissive in the face of Islam.
    Hence the endless Oscar shit, sports flotsam, political hen house musings and that kind of airfill.
    All Trump has done is remind us how useless they are, how entitled-and lazy -and privileged they`ve been.
    And now they dare to summons Trump to show up like their clown prince on cue. Piss off you teenage scribblers and gaylords-he`s THE President, not some lardarse like yourselves at the Wheeltappers and Shunters.
    Who`d want to sniff Lardells Brylcream blended with wet feet and woodbines at some Rat Pack shuffle round the White House bins?
    Trump has chosen well-when is everybody ELSE going to can the media as they waste time.


    • taffman says:

      Vietnam? IMHO the Yanks lost that one not because of the Vietcong but because of their ‘home grown’ media.