Muslim anti-Polish racism…BBC interest? Zero


Any interest from the BBC about this anti-Polish racism from a Muslim who tells him this is not your country and slags him off for eating pork…must be due to Brexit then…or Islam….


No BBC shocked outrage?  No calls to the Polish Ambassador? No linking this to the ideology of Islam asking if Britain has become a nastier, more racist place since Islam came to our shores?  No interest at all…which is funny when you consider how much effort the BBC puts into telling us how badly Poles are treated in this country and that they are fleeing back home because of the racism here #DuetoBrexit.

Looking back at a Biased BBC post from 2014 and we have this…which has now been confirmed by the video…

Was amused though to hear the reply of one Polish girl to Peter Allen’s leading question along the lines of….‘Do the Brits like you?’ (49 mins)

Her reply was interesting…she said she was always welcomed by British people…however when living in London…er..the people were different….but now she lives in Manchester and they are really friendly there.

Hmmm…could she really mean that multicultural London, where the Brits have been ethnically cleansed from, is less friendly than good old racist white Britain?


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36 Responses to Muslim anti-Polish racism…BBC interest? Zero

  1. EUTV says:

    Plenty of attention when the Poles were trying to stop immigrants being forced upon them. #OutOfAfrica.


    • vesnadog says:

      Yet again I turn the TV on and another BBC female Muslim reporter is on the main news/sports news! I’m convinced that the BBC Elites who read this website are doing this to stick “two swords” up at us on here who see their obvious bias towards Muslims!

      I have to wonder how many white BBC reporters are jettisoned onto the scrap heap every year to make why for new Muslim employees? It would be interesting to know the numbers?!


      • Foscari says:

        It wouldn’t surprise me if the “intruders” at the BBC , were just thought to be
        job applicants. Actually the gentleman on the video clip looks like a perfect
        reporter or presenter for the Londonistan programme .


  2. Charlie Martel says:

    Islam trumps everything in the beeb’s Alice-in-Wonderland hierarchy of ‘victimhood’.
    The invader shouts ‘you eat pork and you look like a pork’. Porkophobia, surely. Porcine Hate Crime. Constable, arrest that man!
    I’ve noticed many Poles heartily despise muslims, unencumbered by political correctness or bogus post-colonial guilt. Back home they’re discussing building massive fences, like the Hungarians who can’t build them fast enough.


    • Deborahanother says:

      They are not too keen on black people either.


      • Owen Morgan says:

        Basically, islam is an Arabian ideology, which has, somehow, managed to masquerade itself as a religion. The Arabs have contempt for all other muslims: Indonesian, Pakistani, Turkish, Bosnian… As ever, islam is strangely similar to communism and “useful idiots” are vital.

        That aggressive clown in the nightdress, seen in the video, would be little more than a slave in Saudi Arabia, or Dubai, but he’s the product of some madrassa, or some mosque, which has “educated” him to believe he is superior to any non-Muslim, despite rather a lot of evidence to the contrary.


        • Grant says:


          Very true. Also funny that Turks have total contempt for Arabs and with good reason ! I cannot think of any race that I despise more than Arabs. They are lower than dogs !


          • Grant says:

            PS, yes I am a racist !


            • G.W.F. says:


              I am proud to be a racist. From childhood I was taught at home and in the Christian Church that colour prejudice was evil and have always agreed, but I feel so howwibly waaycist in condemning people who believe it is right to rape children.


              • Grant says:


                Some races are just more civilised than others !


                • G.W.F. says:


                  Right on. It is time we spoke more openly about civilised and uncivilised people.


                  • Grant says:


                    The BBC and the Left are so crazy about moral equivalence. If a culture had a tradition of baby sacrifice ( and some do ), the Leftists would support it. Just a traditional practice. That is one of the reasons that FGM in the UK is not dealt with.


                    • G.W.F. says:


                      Not just moral equivalence but medical and scientific.
                      How can we regard the opinions of an NHS Consultant who is obliged to believe that came urine has medically beneficial properties? How can we accept the opinions of a mayor of London who is obliged to believe that the Earth is flat and the sun sinks at night into a muddy pool?


  3. TruthSeeker says:

    More evidence, not that any more evidence was required.
    The two most evil groups in recorded history, Muzzies and Marxxies. The groups with the highest death count. Yet they think, well at least the Muzzies do, that they are God’s gift.
    Birds of a feather, well they do spend an inordinate time preening themselves.
    Time for some mass compulsory banishment and repatriation, let’s enjoy ourselves


  4. BBCReject says:

    Yep, they don’t do political correctness in Eastern Europe and are unabashedly outspoken about a number of things which would probably get you shot here (or imprisoned and murdered, at least), like Muslims, Gays and Feminists, for example.

    Having spent a lot of time working in various East European states I can’t say I agree with all their ‘prejudices’ (as the BBC would call them), but it is refreshing to experience real freedom of speech and honest debate.

    Or as Voltaire would have it ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it’.

    Personally, I like pork, and bacon, ham, salami… get on well with most of the Poles I’ve known… and a couple of the muslims too, although not ones like the nasty little racist guy in the video, that kind of muslim I DON’T like at all and think should fuck off back to the Middle East.


    • john in cheshire says:

      If you think you have a muslim friend, he’s not a muslim. If he’s a muslim, he’s not your friend. Just remember that.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Sorry, replica


  5. KafirMe says:

    The Polish authorities reacted like this BECAUSE of Brexit. We taught them that hate beats hope. Poland was a pluralist utopia with no racism whatsoever before 23 June, 2016 but, after Brexit, they have absorbed our hate.

    Once again, it is the Muslims that bear the brunt of bigoted hate crime. I will be starting an online petition soon to make jyzra mandatory in order for us to compensate them for our persecution.


  6. Nibor says:

    Chanel 4 Father Ted ” I hear you’re a racist now Father , can you tell us the teachings of the church on this ” .

    To Al Beeb . I hear you’re a racist now Beeboids , can you tell us the teachings of the Gramscians on this ? “


  7. john in cheshire says:

    If UFOs; ie. Fallen angels and demons; do not exist, why doesn’t the government, ie. any government of any country in the world; declare this to be false? If fallen angels and demons aren’t real, why don’t the established Christian churches or the satanic cultists such as the muslims, say so? If satan doesn’t exist, why do a billion muslims worship him together with many millions of non-muslims? Why doesn’t the sodding bbc consider such matters?


  8. maxincony says:

    Alan suddenly discovers “racism…”.

    Carer hurled racist abuse at taxi driver and police officer
    ”BBC interest? Zero”

    Blackburn decorator daubed Muslim man’s walls with racist abuse
    ”BBC interest? Zero”

    Drunk bus passenger jailed over ‘vile and disgusting’ racist abuse shared on Facebook
    ”BBC interest? Zero”

    Steven Townsend called the Asian driver a “dirty Paki” during the row on the Liversedge street
    ”BBC interest? Zero”

    Jamie Bond, aged 43, sent letters in red ink to three mosques and two men warning: “Next time it will be a bomb, you Muslim scum”
    ”BBC interest? Zero”

    Meanwhile, on Biased-BBC:

    [Muslims] Best advice, keep away from them,
    avoid eye contact,
    cross the road when you see them,
    if one is serving in a supermarket checkout, join another queue,
    and if you see one on fire, save your piss.


    • Heisenberg says:

      So you have posted this on a thread about anti-Polish racism when none of the examples you give have anything to do with the subject of the thread. Incidentally, Jamie (I like my muslims shaken not stirred) Bond is guilty of threatening behaviour but not of racism … as Islam is not a race.


    • Guest Who says:

      Be interesting how the BBC react if it turns out he is a Chelsea fan.

      Can’t be bothered faithfully posting them all (there are many), but you can start with the links at the bottom for ‘more to this story’.


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      It really bothers you when free people defend themselves, their families or their territory doesn’t it? Too bad. You had better get used to it. Your filthy false god is heading up the losing team. As it’s Sunday I’ll mention that it’s not too late to repent. The best thing about Islam is that it’s NOT a race. You can leave & be forgiven for it & do something worthwhile with your life. Welcome to a Christian Nation.


    • G.W.F. says:


      You have been busy with your research
      But consider this gem
      keep away from them,
      avoid eye contact,
      cross the road when you see them,
      if one is serving in a supermarket checkout, join another queue,
      and if you see one on fire, save your piss.

      The point of this remark was to draw attention to the one sided way the police and law enforcement officials over react (with a little help from Tell Mama) to any slight offence to Muslims. Good advice, avoid causing offence and ending up in jail as a statistic concerning post Brexit hate crime. It is a comment on law enforcement in May’s multiculty paradise. Personally if I recognise a Sikh or a Jew in similar circumstances I would be open and friendly as I would to most people.

      Suggest you bugger off back to the BBC – you have no research skills


    • taffman says:

      Maxicony you are continually defending Al Beeb, do you have a vested interest ?
      Can you provide any right wing bias of of Al Beeb to justify its clam of being an ‘impartial’ broadcaster ?
      Or are you merely a troll?


  9. Deborahanother says:

    Exactly the point .Islam is not a race but a political and legal ideology which puts itself above any other.Then gives itself permission to murder any one who doesn’t believe.

    Some uneducated people may equate Islam to a race and I don’t see the BBC doing much to enlighten people . They much prefer the “safer ” option of the religious aspects for their virtue signalling.


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      “Islam is not a race but a political and legal ideology which puts itself above any other. Then gives itself permission to murder any one who doesn’t believe.”

      I think this is one of the main appeals Islam has to the left. The common thread is the supremacism.


      • Restroom Mole says:

        I know a man who is phobic about spiders, has to leave a room if one is found.
        I know a woman who has a similar problem with butterflies.
        Both have irrational fears, yet they are supported and comforted.
        Millions of rational people fear a supremacist death cult masquerading as a religion yet they are vilified for being phobic and forced by the law to accept the growth of this cult. What next, being forced to “like” what will destroy you?


        • Demon says:

          Islamophobia is like saying a person with a severe nut allergy is “Foodaphobic”.

          A person with this life-threatening allergy has to be very careful what contents are in their food, but once checked that it’s free from nuts they can enjoy their food the same as everyone else. I know some muslims whom I like but they’re the ones free from nutty inclinations. We need to check those that are arriving to make sure they are free from nuts in the same way as the allergic person checks their food ingredients.


      • Grant says:


        Spot on. They are 2 sides of the same Fascist coin. They are Fascists.


      • Charlie Martel says:

        I think what they have in common is hatred of the white, Christian, democratic, free, West.


  10. tinopener says:

    In a similar vein, here is a perfect example of BBC bias.

    I was eagerly waiting for the BBC coverage of the recent Trojan Horse accusations in Oldham. Islamic infiltration of UK schools is one of the biggest stories of recent times and was the front page headline in the Sunday Times. Even the Guardian had to pick it up:

    Not a single word about it on the BBC though. However, the very next day – and still in the educational context – the front page of the BBC website had an article about a British schoolteacher who was refused entry to the US, and no explanation was given as to why. It was also on the main news:

    This teacher also happened to be Muslim, but there was no indication this was the reason he was refused entry.

    One one hand we see a blatant cover up of a story that may alienate Muslim Labour voters and on the other advancement of a story that implicates Donald Trump in order to gain favour with those voters.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Suppose we now all know that the BBCs urge to bind the nation in Muslim ribbon and stuff its mouth with Trotskys old socks is ALL that the BBC is about.
      Saw ex Labour nobody James Purnell on last night in yet another lefty fest on Parliament Channel, left after three minutes though.
      Looks like one of the Fleet Foxes or some weirdy beardy Amish cult…did say cuLt…
      Not a good idea to stay too long at the BBC-he seemed such a nice young man as a New Labour splint.


  11. Breitbart fan says:

    As far as I know this guy has been charged , according to the Peterborough local press . Surely this must be a positive move as his presumed untouchable status has now gone . The law should be applied without fear or favour .


  12. Breitbart fan says:

    As far as I know this guy has been charged , according to the Peterborough local press . Surely this must be a positive move as his presumed untouchable status has now gone . The law should be applied without fear or favour .