May Day


Another election on June 8th….should have been on the 6th….considering.

The BBC going negative already?…..only one positive voice on this vox pop…as usual from the Beeb…and why pick Bristol…a very pro-Remain area?….

Does Brenda speak for you?


Don’t know about Brenda but the BBC certainly doesn’t speak for me.

My sympathies to the News-Watch crew who will be having some sleepless days and nights ahead as they undoubtedly maintain a remorseless watch over the BBC’s ‘balance’ during the run up to the election.  It will be interesting to see exactly how the BBC reacts considering that this is supposedly an election whose main theme is Brexit and Lord Hall Hall has let slip that not only does he, who’d have thunk?, support the Remainders but also thinks the BBC’s ‘balanced’ coverage lost them the vote….

After the Brexit vote last June, Robinson’s boss, Lord Hall, went round the London dinner circuit wailing that BBC balance had “lost us the election”. It had given too much credibility to leave.

I have to say if that is what he thinks is ‘balance’ then god help us if the BBC decides to let that balance slip a bit.  The BBC’s referendum coverage was far, far from being balanced and impartial….and its truth seeking organ of repute, the famous ‘Reality Check’ is staffed by people who wouldn’t know reality if it hit them between the eyes and who produce ‘reality checks’ that are anything but.

Will Lord Hall Hall gently nudge his reporters into tipping the scales for Remain?….or will Nick Robinson have to dust off the ‘balance’ guidelines that he so carelessly discarded in a fit of pique as people dared to question the BBC’s honesty?

Tim Farron

Interesting to see how much time and effort goes into ‘promoting’ the LibDem narrative and presenting the execrable Tim Farron as a decent and upstanding politician rather than the weasily, dishonest, lying, contemptuous stain on our democracy that he is.  Farron clearly has little time for democracy as he tries to overturn the referendum and dismiss the result, sneering all the time at Leave voters…however he is quite prepared, Erdogan-like, to ride the bus of democracy until it gets him to his destination…keep voting until Brexit is trashed.

Already heard them giving us more ‘opinion’…Farron is wonderful, the only politician to give us a clear explanation of what is happening and to tell us how terrible Brexit will be.

The election is of course a potential double whammy opportunity for the BBC….topple the Tories and derail Brexit….May is taking a chance…..nothing is written…..will UKIP take votes from her costing seats, will Tory voters vote LibDem/Remain, will disgruntled Labour voters go to the LibDems or the Tories?

Can the BBC resist the urge to interfere or will Lord Hall Hall have to buy in more indigestion tablets as his workforce fails him?



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60 Responses to May Day

  1. ScottishCalvin says:

    At which point the BBC News channel transforms into a constant stream of vox pops. Why have balanced or educated debate when you can send a reporter “up north” (maybe as far as Luton!) to ask the rambling opinions of a bloke who’s for whatever reason sat in a pub at 3 in the afternoon

    Normally do these for the weekend but I thought this week was due an exception


    • Grant says:


      LOL ! One of your best. ” Diane Abbott knows what Pi is “. Love it, and so does she.


  2. Glenn says:

    Did anyone watch Newshite? What a disgrace.


  3. Sir_Arthur_Strebe-Grebling says:

    The bBBC keeps replaying Nicola Sturgeon’s “a decision made in the interests of her own party, not the country” soundbite, without once challenging the hypocrite over her own call for a second ‘once in a generation’ Scottish independence referendum in two years, to which exactly the same slogan could be used.


    • ScottishCalvin says:

      I really find the SNP position disappointingly sad, I remember 10-15 years ago when the SNP was more idealistic, sort of like UKIP was a year or two ago. Now it’s just a media operation, clambering to crowbar Brexit (or whatever the issue being discussed is) into a reason to accuse the English of betrayal and undermining Scotland. The thing I find particularly grating is that I’m sure half the SNP politicians would be terrified of actually being independent and having to do work and be judged by their promises. They just see it as a 10-20 year job where they can go on Question Time and demand subsidy from London/Brussels and line their pockets in the mean time.


  4. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    Nick Robinson used to be in the YCs, dontcha know? Which proves that the BBC is completely impartial and represents all shades of opinion and so the telly tax must go on. Well, sort of.


  5. matahari says:

    why have i got this feeling that if may wins and then claims a personal mandate for her own personal view of brexit she will also sideline the real leavers in the party and we will end up with what brussels want and that if she loses to a lib/lab/snp majority we will end up with what brussels want anyway? is that why she was made PM? to do this? She is a globalist after all…


    • Deborahanother says:

      Well we will see what’s in the manifesto. I cannot believe she will go for a fudged Brexit because it would make her the most reviled woman in the UK .If that was her intention she could leave things as they are and blame others for making a weak deal to get it through Parliament.

      Im for no deal , a complete break with EU.i hope that is the outcome.

      Though not religious myself i think her faith does matter to her so no stitch ups expected.Also she stuck at it and got rid of Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri when everyone said it couldn’t be done.


    • joeadamsmith says:

      With you on that. It’s too convenient for me. She is a REMAINer. She could have called Article 50 months ago. But didn’t….. Why? I think, Like you, she wants a BIG mandate to, eventually, leave the UK with a quasi-BREXIT that will leave UK in a position whereby we’ll eventually be back in…….

      Alternatively, if her grip is weakened….. That will show that “BREXIT wasn’t really wanted and the people are having second thoughts……W

      OR, is this to weaken UKIP? I mean, the CONservative argument could be for UKIP voters to back CONservatives and not support UKIP – “which might let in anti-BREXIT MPs…”

      Or, am I being TOO pessimistic, too paranoid?


    • Dadad says:

      Which, if any, party election manifesto will promise to privatise the BBC ?


  6. Richard Pinder says:

    On past record, Lord Hall will call forth a General Election Seminar full of the best political experts, to indoctrinate his staff with what too think.
    All 28 experts invited to the seminar will be tax payer funded Remain supporters of authority, from left-wing political organisations, who will advise the BBC that any air time given to UKIP and leave supporting Tories, would create a “false balance” because all computer models (using a project fear formula) show that Democracy and Non-membership of the European Union guarantees economic collapse, for the rest of the World.

    The first I heard about it was a BBC headline about the BBC telling the listener about the opinions of those who do not want a General Election, which was presumably the BBC opinion by proxy. Nothing about the facts such as the Parliamentary Fixed Term Act, or the avoidance of a predicted 30 By-Election embarrassment for the Tories, turned into a Tory landslide.

    Then, the first poll out, just happened to be on a new live ITV program “Ask Britain” which agreed to the holding of the General Election, by 2 to 1.


  7. Deborahanother says:

    There is an argument to be made about election fatigue ,but this isn’t it. Brenda I’m sure is a Remainer who is seeing the writing on the wall finally. Its written all over her sour face.Only the fools at the BBC could misread her and think this is a positive look.

    She doesn’t speak for me and should be very proud we live in a country where the PM can call a snap election.Back in the 70s we seemed to have several snap elections as the country went downhill from weak government.


    • Grant says:


      Quite agree. This is one occasion when a snap election is justified. If Brenda and the Remainers do not like it, they do not have to vote. But you can be sure that we Brexiteers will be out in force. Bring it on !


    • Oaknash says:

      Unfortunately Deborah – I expect we will be hearing a lot more of Brenda who I am sure the BBC will be trying to foist on us as the genuine “unheard voice” of the electorate.

      I expect they are hoping that this obviously deep thinking soul will somehow help to release a tidal wave of non voting apathy amongst the older population (who generally voted leave) and who dont want the bother of another election.
      Leaving the bright hopeful young things, peoples poets and those young at heart from Little Timmy and Earnest Nicks rainbow alliance to rally under the Liberal pro Euro banners and pull off a stunning victory for liberalism, socialism and of course globalism (er forget the last one for now – were not meant to think about that)

      I suspect at the BBC they were also hoping that this woman would somehow release some
      sort of “silver haired” anger similar to when Gordon Brown lost the election (by suggesting that an older member of the public was bigoted by expressing migration concerns). YOU know the sort of thing. The little person being steamrollered by the political machine and forced to vote – poor dear, I suspect in North Korea the opportunity of voting may not be looked as quite such an obvious evil as this lady clearly thinks it is.

      What of course is not mentioned too much is that the broad left (meaning the BBC, liberals etc ) with the help of our “Lords” have been responsible for creating this situation. I do think Theresa (whom I trust about as much as Saville at a child abuse inquiry) also shoulders a share of the blame for letting this situation develop.

      I can understand why she is doing it – But I certainly dont trust her resolve on achieving a meaningful brexit but I suppose at at moment she is the best of a bad job. I would trust her more if she shut down the hard brexit vs soft brexit argument. We alL know we either leave or we dont – But apparently Theresa still seems confused on this point

      I expect the REAL LABOUR PARTY, sorry I mean the BBC will be now having a difficult few weeks. I am sure we will have to suffer lots of amazing “comment and analysis” from Professor Bollockbrain from the University of Dalston. And poor old Nick Robinson might have to watch his step a bit longer. Though I was impressed when Toady was reporting from Hull Our Nick seemed perplexed that the people of Hull “had bought” Theresas argument for an election. Obviously thickies and probably dont even know what a skinny latte is.

      Aunty Ive got it – Maybe you should stand in the election too. It would save all this frustrated soul searching and weasel words. And you too could be a part of the rainbow alliance – with all your talent how could it fail! As my mum always said “honesty is always the best policy”

      But I suppose you dont really know what that is.


      • Grant says:


        Excellent, can’t find anything there to disagree with. They don’t understand the older generation at all and what they have been through. They will get out and vote. Well my 92-year old mum is determined to. By sheer luck I shall be back from Gambia by then and and will get her to the polling station even if I have to carry her.

        I am proud not to know what a skinny latte is and , frankly, I don’t give a monkey’s.


        • Oaknash says:

          Grant – I always assumed it was an italian rent boy!

          You are right about the BBC not understanding the older generation
          They only see them in terms of a demographic designation eg A1/B2 etc. who vote in a certain way Not as sentient beings (unlike themselves of course) who have a lot of life experience and actually think about things. Thats why they got the brexit vote wrong!

          Lets just hope this election finally delivers what this country needs – But I am not hopeful and certainly dont trust Theresa!


          • Grant says:


            LOL ! That explains why I didn’t know.

            Whatever the opposition and BBC say, this election is about Brexit. If the Tories get an increased majority it makes it more difficult for Treezer to renege. But, I agree, I wouldn’t trust her one inch. In fact, apart from a few honourable exceptions, I wouldn’t trust any of them.

            Bring back Maggie !


      • joeadamsmith says:

        Good point, Oak. As I said previously, I don’t trust May. She IS a REMAINer. To me, there is an ulterior motive. As an ex-pat, I’ve got my record up-to-date with a helpful lady at the electoral office….. Albeit my vote is in Ayrshire….. But, the thought’s there. LOL


      • FeelLikeWTF says:

        I was listening to the BBC R5 on the day the election was announced at 10.30pm. I am sure you are part of their editorial team 😉

        What can I say about R5? Greatest achievement is to gave BBC NEWS John Pienaar Deputy Political Editor. It is now Phil Williams trying to do politics there.

        22.30 – Ten voters join Phil for a discussion about the snap general election.

        The 10 voters to represent the views of the UK:

        Voter 1 – Brenda from Bristol – the Star of the Day according to Phil, played the recording of “Not another election”
        Voter 2 – Julia who would like to get rid of the unelected Theresa May by voting Labour
        Voter 3 – Mike – who will be voting probably Labour, but quite reluctantly
        Voter 4 – Ms Adibe who will also vote Labour ” reluctantly, but yeah ”
        Voter 5 – Norman – ( sounding like an old gentleman ) voting Conservative
        Voter 6 – Young person voting Conservative – excited about Brexit
        Voter 7 – Ms Preston who wishes to oppose hard Brexit and May is going to far to the right, she is voting Lib Dem
        Voter 8 – Frank who is tactically switching from UKIP to Conservative ( older person )
        Voter 9 – Lucy who is a first time voter and she will be def. voting Labour
        Voter 10 – Richard who always voted conservative but he doesn’t know which one to go for this time Liberal or Conservative

        First question: How many Brendas are here, how many of you went “oh, not another election”?
        At that point I needed to turn the Radio off as the rage was getting to me, but in the world of the impartial BBC the election is going to be:
        40% will vote Labour, 30% Conservative ( with the help of dirty UKIP voters ), 10% will not vote, 10% LibDem and 10 % is undecided.

        Once my rage went I started laughing and I have not finished yet….


        • Oaknash says:

          FLW – I am afraid this is all par for the course these days for our “National Treasure” state broadcaster. But they would not do it if they knew they would not be able to get away with it. Unfortunately they can.

          I think that the current Tory Government is either

          1 In favour of what the BBC broadcasts and tacitly encourages it

          2 Is afraid of the BBC for some reason (maybe there are a few dodgy photos of Tory politicians held by the BBC as insurance against a rainy day) Ball gags, lingerie and amyl nitrate comes to mind.

          3 Is totally oblivious to the fact that the majority of the BBC political comment is always left leaning.

          4 Or just doesnt care.

          I am beginning to think that No1 is most likely. I think the Government is actually in favour of the BBC being so so constantly critical and negative. They hope that the electorate thinks – “wow the poor old Tories they are so up against it with the media, they must really be batting for Britain – its a miracle they achieve anything”
          Of course the comrades at the BBC are willing to play along. Anything which shifts the direction of travel to the left is always useful. I am sure they are “in” on the game, my only criticism is that they probably get a bit too carried away and over egg it.

          All this of course means that as well as getting the sympathy vote. Less attention is actually given to what the Tories have achieved because “its a wonder they manage to achieve anything with all this bias”

          I am afraid the straight as a die Vicars daughter is already backsliding on brexit and immigration control. And so far the media does not really seem that interested in the specifics. She must be really chuckling that it is so easy to fudge what should be a very black or white issue. Poor Theresa – theyre all against her!

          Its a bit like a woman in skimpy clothes, carrying a gun, deciding to walk home through a park notorious for sexual assaults. A rapist approaches and she could easily jump in a cab or shoot him but no – she falls on the ground, lies back and thinks of England.
          Surely if you have it in your power to prevent or stop the situation you would do so! What use is sympathy when you are lying in the gutter bruised and sore – well I reckon quite a lot if you are this Tory Government!

          Sorry I dont buy it – There is a reason that the BBC is tolerated by the Government as it is, they have had more than ample opportunity to fix this and have never shown one iota of determination on this issue.

          I am afraid this does not bode well for our democracy.


  8. AsISeeIt says:

    No more ‘it’s the economy, stupid’ now it’s “The NHS, obviously”

    Biased BBC tv news editors start as they mean to go on with their vox pop selection offered to us early this morning – they ask the question : what issues will you be voting on?

    We meet some of the BBC-selected people of Leicester – presumably recorded yesterday afternoon.

    First up the BBC offer us an answer straight out of the old Ed Miliband weaponise the NHS playbook: “The NHS, obviously”

    Next vox pop is some eastern european-accented chap telling us that “people will have realised after the Referendum what they have done and wanting to change their minds”

    Nice try BBC – but your average audience age is now 60+ and you are now serving up bias that alienates what is left of your audience.


    • Grant says:


      I agree with chap, many Remainers will realise what they have done and change their minds. I cannot see Brexiteers swapping. After all, we all voted on a matter of principle.

      The other side will have to avoid the economy, it is doing pretty well !


  9. Guest Who says:

    Seems many are not happy. And using each other to vent. Odd, or maybe not so odd bedfellows:

    Comments going well for BBC favourite so far. They are really going to need to rig all the QTs they invite him on over the next month’s carefully.


    • Guest Who says:

      And here is BBC DNA mutant Nick channelling his inner Laura K:

      Impartially, natch.


      • Grant says:


        Of course, Labour leaders have never changed their minds. Prick Robinson is so stupid he thinks that Treezer’s change of mind will influence which way people will vote. It wouldn’t occur to a dimwit like him that many people will welcome it. Typical Beeboid thicko.


        • Guest Who says:

          The MSM, and BBC in particular seem to feel U turns are mega important. That ‘s why they get so excited about them. The public is more mature, and does not. If this is the BBC’s best avenue of attack, good luck to the sad, bent bastards.

          They already seem to have pushed impartiality off a cliff. Senior management not back from the slopes yet to rein them in?

          Possibly not…


    • Grant says:


      Owen Jones says this with no sense of irony. What a total mindless plonker.


      • Guest Who says:

        Agreed. As a mindless plonker he also seems to get his ‘news’ and talking points from the appropriate channel. There is clearly a link.


    • TigerOC says:

      Didn’t Owen abandon social media because he was having to spend so much time in his “safe space”? So maybe he is just feeling left out, again. poor dear.
      I got into a BREXIT debate with him some time ago. He is very civil but didn’t want to share how the crowd funding was going for his dear old Dad.


  10. Guest Who says:

    Expect the BBC to use many expert commentators from renowned ‘news’ pap… online source The Indepedent from now on…


  11. Guest Who says:

    Newsnight seems pretty set for several weeks of ‘Stop the Tories’ stories now…


    • Grant says:


      This is good news, because the BBC went full on at the last election and the referendum and lost. I think that they are too stupid to realise that their relentless propaganda has no effect. In fact , it may be counterproductive. I am happy for Beeboids to get increasingly hysterical and demented, in fact I enjoy watching them suffer, but I don’t see why TV tax-payers should have to finance their lunacy.


  12. Jerry Owen says:

    Teresa May had a very strong mandate from the people. 52% is as strong as you need, further, opinion polls concede that the general public ( around 69% ) just want to get Brexit over and our country back to stability.. how much more of a mandate do you need?
    Of course though the ‘personal’ mandate May is concerned about is the media, the lords, the EU, and the assorted rabble of Millers and pipsqueak Farron’s with weight above their positions. The EU suggesting another GE is a good idea should be of concern to all of us.
    My opinion is that this next GE is a gamble, reading many pundits articles such as the likes of Oborne Hopkins etc no one real;ly knows what the outcome will be.
    Just suppose the tories don’t increase their majority or indeed they lose seats, this will be presented by the BBC the EU and all the other bitter malcontents that the government clearly doesn’t have a mandate for Brexit ( this GE will be presented as a vote on EU membership ). If it pans out less than a good result for the tories ( do they really want a good result ?) )It would present the perfect opportunity for the EU to present Britain with a second referendum which they have wanted all along.
    It would of course be game on, the EU would present us with a fifty page booklet on the benefits of the EU ( like Ireland ) the media would be in total overdrive like never before, fraud at the ballot box would be rife, and every other dirty trick in the book would be activated.
    The stakes are so high, this election is proof that we will be left in a state of instability until we ‘decide’ to remain.. or rejoin, the EU.
    I watched ‘South Today’ on BBC they did their usual ‘snapshot’ of public opinion, I grabbed a pen to tick off the following ‘positive towards the GE, neutral and against. By neutral I give the example and that was someone who said.. that May was in a strong position and they could understand why she was calling for a GE.
    My pen ticked off 12 against and negative towards the GE, 4 neutral ( said it as it was per my example ) and 3.. yes just three that were positive about the GE. However you present these figures impartiality cannot be one of them.

    Alan, ‘Why Bristol’ my first thoughts also!


    • Grant says:


      It is high risk. But , if we stay in the EU, the damage is already done and they can walk all over us. We shall be in an even worse position than before the referendum. We shall almost certainly have to increase our contributions as a punishment for messing them about and won’t have the threat of leaving as a negotiating position. And we shall be dragged down with them when the EU collapses. Maybe that is what the Remainers want.


  13. Guest Who says:

    Views his own…


    • Jerry Owen says:

      Guest Who
      Trivial as it may seem I do not by ‘Walkers’ crisps anymore, I buy the supermarkets own brand, not quite as good… usually ( they all vary in quality as do Walkers ) but I feel healthier for it even though it’s in mind only!


    • Grant says:

      I wonder who spelled “saboteurs” for him ?


  14. All Lives Matter says:

    Had the election come before we’d triggered Article 50 I’d be a bit concerned, but it hasn’t. The government’s already set us in motion to leave and parliament’s already agreed to it. May was a remainer but she wasn’t particularly passionate about it, she said that Brexit had potential but wasn’t her choice. She will be the most detested person in the UK if she tries to pull the rug from under us now, especially after her very specific statements that we couldn’t cherry-pick parts of EU membership, i.e. we would have to have a hard Brexit for Brexit to actually mean anything.

    My guess is that her “personal mandate” is just a few minor differences that give EU nationals living in the UK more security and businesses a bit more assurance. However, she needs to take it directly to the people because of how antsy (justifiably so) many Brexiteers on the back benches get whenever there’s any kind of compromise discussed. Once the manifesto is published the electorate, including Brexit voters who wouldn’t usually vote Tory, and many Remainers who have now come round to it and just want to get on with things, will give the government a massive majority that embarrasses Labour, kills the SNP’s momentum, and makes Farron and his league of extraordinary arseholes even less credible than they are already.

    That’s the likely scenario. There’s a chance of a hung parliament, but Labour have been backed into a corner of supporting Brexit anyway, so no matter what happens we’re leaving the EU. Sad that the BBC, the Independent, the Guardian, and some other laughably spoilt adult brats who still think they have the moral high ground whilst trying to shit all over the democratic will of the people, are intent on deluding themselves that Brexit is somehow avoidable. It isn’t. We won.


    • Jerry Owen says:

      All Lives Matter
      I wish you were right..
      However I have heard your argument put by others elsewhere in that Brexit voters will vote Tory and many Remoaner’s will just to get on with it. I do not see where this argument comes from. Yes, we have had tactical voting in the past in local seats to oust another PPC, but it is rare. However this is very complex in that it would be a two way battle in that not only do you not vote for your preferred candidate because it is primarily about the EU but you would of course have to elect a Tory MP for the next four years and not the next closest PPC that could unseat the present encumbant. How many northern labour seats will change overnight to tory? I would suggest virtually none.
      Personally I live in a area that is a close battle between the Tories and liberals every election, however I could never bring myself to vote conservative no matter what. Now we have a UKIP presence I now have someone to vote for and I could not forsake them for the worry they would not stand again, ‘from little acorns do mighty oaks grow’ as they say!
      My principle is that if there is no one who reflects my opinions I will not vote for them. I suspect many others feel the same way, tactical voting has never been a major part of British politics.


      • Lucy Pevensey says:

        Jerry, I have a dilemma myself regarding Tories. I voted conservative in the last election. I thought conservatives would be conservative but my treacherous MP campaigned to remain in the EU. I voted to leave the EU & I still want that. So why should I vote for the same spineless capitulating MP a second time? It doesn’t look to me like the Tories mean to get us out but the opposite.


        • Jerry Owen says:

          The age old problem!
          I think for me consistency of political conscience is key ( I have traversed the political spectrum and like where I am now!). For me I would vote UKIP regardless of where or when. This why they exist, most know an MP is very hard for them to get but they certainly won’t get one if you don’t make the break and leave the stale parties behind. If you vote tory tactically it may help Brexit ( although I doubt it ) but you can be guaranteed it will hurt a relatively small party like UKIP if you don’t ( or independent etc ).
          Short term gain or long term gain… long game for me as our current political system is destroying Europe and needs to be replaced lock stock and barrel.


          • G.W.F. says:


            Better to vote for what you want and not get it than vote for what you don’t want and get it.
            I don’t trust May, and her Tories have shown themselves to be spineless.


  15. evad666 says:

    Very pleased to note that with just over 24 hrs from the election announcement the BBC News coverage remains as bigoted as ever.


  16. JimS says:

    Dear BBC,

    You’re joking, not another and another and another playing of your B***dy ‘Brenda’!


  17. The General says:

    What happens IF someone persuaded Corbin to stand down in the next two weeks ?
    Wouldn’t that put a huge spanner in May’s strategy ?


  18. ObiWan says:

    Obviously, if Remainers could just get their act together and bother to vote this time around they could – if they all voted for the LibDems, deny the Tories a majority and force a Lib/Lab coalition – possibly derail or at the very least heavily compromise Brexit. This snap election is the chance they seem to have been crying for – but will they take it? Will they be able to set aside old tribal loyalties and vote tactically for their beloved EU?


    Nothing is taken for granted and Brexiteers would be wise not to assume victory for Mrs May is in the bag. We know how much Remainers want to break Brexit – they control the media, culture and education (that all-important, impressionable pro-EU 18-30 demographic) – so let us not think for a moment these people will not attempt to seize (for themselves) a late victory from the jaws of defeat.

    Let’s hope they don’t cotton-on just how pivotal this election could actually be for them until it’s too late (again).


    • johnnythefish says:

      ObiWan – Project Fear didn’t work the first time around and there’s even less likelihood of it succeeding in the coming election now that people have realised it was one big fake news operation backed up with bullyboy threats (yes, that’s you O’ Bamagh and your tribute act, Mark Carney).

      I think there’s a lot of evidence emerging that many who voted Remain did so through fear, and are now wholeheartedly backing Brexit to be a success.

      The predictably arrogant stance taken by the Eurocrats and their Franco-German puppeteers will also continue to harden British resolve.


  19. The General says:

    What happens IF someone persuaded Corbin to stand down in the next two weeks ?
    Wouldn’t that put a huge spanner in May’s strategy ?
    Would she have a majority?


    • Heisenberg says:

      Under Labour’s own leadership election rules it takes about 2 months to elect a new leader. I suppose they could appoint an interim leader to see them through the General Election, but the public would be reluctant to vote for a party when they would not know who the party leader would really be.


  20. ThomasR says:

    Have to admire Mrs. May saying no to a TV debate. There is absolutely nothing to gain by standing on a stage with 4 or 5 socialists supported by the moderator (Dimbleby, Burley etc.) She would also be hampered as only “progressive ” views are politically correct.

    Leave well alone Theresa !!


    • Tom_Kenny says:

      I disagree.

      May should take on her opponents (including the moderator, if necessary) in a TV debate, if only because “it’s the right thing to do”.

      To decline to do so looks either cowardly or furtive or both.


      • taffman says:

        Why should she?
        She is going to win the GE hands down. Its just a waste of time. Just get on with Brexxxxxxit, that’s what we all want !
        Isn’t it Tom ?


  21. Zelazek says:

    Theresa May has nothing to fear in a TV debate. She is a dignified figure, a stateswoman who is head and shoulders above the other leaders, and she presents her arguments well. Her inherent decency will trump anything the rest of the leaders might say or do. Remember when the weird sisters (Nicola Sturgeon, Leanne Wood and Natalie Bennett) went into that group hug and tried to freeze out Nigel Farage at the end of that Brexit TV debate? It backfired. They showed themselves up to be the small-minded, vindictive bitches that they really are. Nigel had the last laugh.


    • taffman says:

      Agreed , Nigel did have the last laugh !
      He got us independence & Brexxxxxxxit .


  22. Peter Sausages says:

    Cannot wait till June 9th to see the sadness and hate in the beeboids eyes..bring it on, of course they will put a positive spin on Wurzel Corbyns impending disaster !!!