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A supposed journalist, Jack Pitts from WalesOnline, who doesn’t want to talk to one of the most controversial figures in the UK even though he is happy to write stories about him behind his back and libelling him as being ‘Far Right’……astonishing…a story turns up on your doorstep and you turn it down.  Journalist or gossip columnist?

Definitely one for IPSO if not the courts….thanks to Mice Height for this….



Presumably Tommy Robinson is complaining about this report in Wales on Line which tells of a group of Muslims who wanted to talk to him…he is up for it and invited them to come with him…but they refused to get in the van and then accused Robinson of having run away….when he clearly hadn’t and was more than ready too talk….Robinson prepared to talk but a journalist is unwilling to talk and back up his own claim that Robinson is ‘Far Right’…..

This is what happened when a Swansea Muslim confronted a former leader of the far right EDL



Oh the irony….Pitts reports with glee of this ‘confrontation’ but when it comes to himself he clams up and refuses point blank to explain himself.



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  1. Guest Who says:

    So, pretty much like the BBC and FOI.


  2. Mice Height says:

    In this age of new media, and with so much information that people are able to share so easily, it’s great to see this stuff happening.
    A Scottish Youtuber who made ‘alt-right’ videos under a pseudonym, had his real name published on a far left blog, which was then picked up by The Daily Record, who ran a story about him, using the words “divisive”, “vile” etc etc. repeated about a hundred times.
    Anyway, within a couple of days, both the blogger and the reporter, as well as their nearest and dearest, had their photos, addresses, phone numbers, places of work etc. plastered all over the internet, along with some quite amusing prank calls.

    This used to be just something that reporters, with time and resources could do, but now anyone can do it, and we all have a platform on which to share it.


  3. Owen Morgan says:

    The hypocrisy there by the journalists, or their staggering lack of self-awareness, beggars belief. When a journalist doorsteps someone, or corners him in the street, does that person of media interest get away with saying, “We don’t do things this way”?

    There was another Rebel Media piece, a few weeks ago, covering a demonstration in Ottawa against M-103 (a motion to enshrine “islamophobia” in law), where the same tactics were used: people jostling, crowding the camera, refusing to respond to simple questions, holding things up to block the camera’s view. For people to have the nerve to call themselves “journalists”, when they emulate the behaviour of outright fascists, is breathtaking. In Canada and the US, the people who deploy these tactics call themselves “antifa”, i.e. “anti-fascists”, whereas fascists is exactly what they are themselves. Likewise, those ridiculous hacks in Swansea preen themselves, splurging expressions like “far-right” against anyone with whom they happen to disagree, while brazenly adopting the methods of street-thugs.


  4. Blackwell says:

    Seems quite clear that Robinson confronted the journalist simply to sensationalise and get the reaction he’d hoped for. He could have just emailed him, or made a complaint first, rather than confront the man in his office.

    Fortunately, the ‘mainstream media’ have ethics:


    • GCooper says:

      Codswallop! BBC hacks are past masters at hopping from foot to foot bellowing inanities like ‘are you going to resign yet, minister?’.

      Left wing hacks just don’t like getting a dose of their own medicine.


      • Jump says:

        Fortunately, the ‘mainstream media’ have ethics

        And fortunately, it’s difficult to doorstep the property of an elderly celebrity when you’re filming from a helicopter.


        • Blackwell says:

          Well I’m sure they could’ve done both, but Sir Cliff wasn’t home at the time.


          • G.W.F. says:

            If the journalist followed an ethical path he might have phoned or emailed Tommy Robinson before printing what he thought was a description of his political views.

            eg. ‘Excuse Mr Robinson, would it be correct to describe you as far right? Thank you.’

            Or in the world of ethical journalism you can print whatever you want about a person’ political standpoint.



    • Guest Who says:

      Impressive getting ‘quite clear’ after ‘seems’ like that.

      As to the rest, bless.


      • Blackwell says:

        Impressive that your comment on this occasion is at least comprehensible!

        No need for the blessing though, I’m not religious.


    • Owen Morgan says:

      The only reaction Robinson got, as I have pointed out above, was that of “antifa”. According to that way of doing things, you first accuse somebody of being “fascist”, or “n*zi” and then behave as if any outré behaviour on your own part is automatically legitimised. In other words, the self-styled “anti-fascists” are the actual fascists. While they didn’t have time to get their ninja clothes on and were, presumably, out of firecrackers, those so-called journalists in Swansea took everything else out of the playbook of a bunch of North American extremists.

      Ethics? Do me a favour! They couldn’t discover ethics, if they were handed out in cereal packets.


    • Flexdream says:

      Do BBC ethics include helicopter coverage of a police raid and trawl of the empty house of an innocent man who had cooperated fully with the police?


  5. JosF says:

    Its clear that the BBC does journalism like I do Brain Surgery…………..Oh wait I am a Mechanical Engineer and Mechanical Engineers dont do Brain Surgery. Still I can just imagine the hiring peocess the BBC uses to hire its journos

    Q #1 Is islam the religion of peace…yes
    Q #2 Are Sikhs, Hindus, Jews, Christains, athists, and other non-muslims racsist…Yes
    Q #3 Are muslims victims…Yes
    Q #4 Are the rapeugees that merkel and the EU want to inport genuine refugees…Yes
    Q #5 Is the EU good and Brexit bad…Yes
    Q #6 Is President Trump bad…Yes
    Q #7 Is a Marine Le Pen bad…Yes
    Q #8 Is Western Civilizastion bad and islamic civilizastion good…Yes
    Q #9 Is the BBC the most trusted broadcaster on the planet…Yes

    You answered Yes to all our questions ..Congratulations you are hired and are now a BBC journo PS dont worry about the peadophiles, corruption, incompetence and corruption here at the BBC concentrate your journalistic skills on the realy important things like pushing the good things about corbyn and labour, islam, rapeugees and the european union [who also pay your wages] and the lies about President Trump, Brexit and anyone who dares to point out the truth about things like islam, socialism, rapeugees and the european union