We’re at war, intern Lord Hall Hall

The PM is battling for Britain

The BBC is battling for the EU

We are at war with the EU…it’s a war of words, of propaganda, of soundbite diplomacy, but it’s still a very real war with very real consequences…a war that the BBC has chosen sides on, and it’s not the British side.  Lord Hall Hall lost the Referendum vote and he doesn’t intend to lose again, intending no doubt to hand a recalcitrant Britain over to the EU to be dismembered and neutered so that it can never again rebel against the Regime….the Telegraph tells us that the EU’s ‘briefings’ are ‘worthy of a Kremlin propaganda operation.’...the BBC?  Reports it all as fact.

Lord Hall Hall’s BBC is the enemy within working for the EU against British interests.  A simple illustration is how the BBC’s anti-May rhetoric is being used by the enemy, and the EU is the ‘enemy’ seeking as it does to attack, undermine and destroy British interests…the BBC has across the board been mocking May for the use of the phrase ‘strong and stable’ to describe her leadership and government, hardly an hour goes by when a BBC journalist doesn’t disparage that phrase in a way that they don’t for Corbyn’s continual stance of ‘the many against the few’ which he did in fact steal directly from Blair’s 1997 campaign.  The Eurocrats have picked up on the BBC anti-May narrative and are using it to attack May…as the Mail reports..

EU chief TAUNTS Theresa May over ‘strong and stable’ election slogan


The Telegraph reports...Germany ‘interfering in General Election in attempt to undermine Theresa May’, an interpretation of events which is undeniable and blatantly obvious and yet the BBC barely registers such a significant fact of a foreign power tryng to undermine and interfere in British democracy instead reporting every leaked [often directly to the BBC] bit of misinformation and black propaganda from EU sources as gospel whereas anything from the British is scorned and doubted…the BBC tryng to  make the British look intransigent and foolishly ignorant about the ‘EU’ and its workings, living in a delusional La La Land.

There’s this report from the BBC that recognises there is spin going on, and yet, and yet, it gives more credence to the EU spin…there might be spin but ‘That said’….

These tough-sounding comments are at least as much aimed at their domestic audience as at the British government.

That said, a high-level EU source has confirmed to me that feelings were running pretty high following the Downing Street dinner due to what he described as a huge “asymmetry of expectations” and a “completely different reading” of the Brexit situation at No 10.

He said the British government, from their comments about negotiations, clearly had “no good understanding of the fundamentals” around which he said the EU was united, and which would now not be undone.

Ah yes, whatever the EU says must be true.

Over and again, EU diplomats insist this is no “us against them” situation; that there’s no desire to punish Britain and that a good Brexit is in everyone’s interest.

“It’s in our mutual interest to correct all the misunderstandings,” I was told today. My source was confident that Downing Street was beginning to realise that now too.

Yes…The BBC is helpfully aiding and abetting the EU to re-educate the British and correct all their misunderstandings abut Brexit….amazing how they report everything the EU ‘sources’ say as if all true….despite the fact that there is very definitely an ‘us against them’ scenario and the EU are out to punish Britain and is working to destroy Brexit and interfere in the election..you’d never know if you listened to the BBC.

Look at this main BBC report, it’s entirely negative for May, it even misleads readers on a quote attributing it to May as if she said it herself in her leadership election campaign and is now ‘reviving’ it, the wording intended to make it a negative for her….

Theresa May says she will be a “bloody difficult woman” towards European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker during Brexit talks.

The PM revived a line used during her Tory leadership campaign to respond to claims the two clashed over dinner.

It’s only later we are told that it was in fact the other ‘enemy within’, arch- Remainer Ken Clarke, who said that about May.

Then the BBC peddles more EU propaganda.  May has always wanted to get the question of expats settled…the EU has always refused to do so and yet the BBC has been reporting the EU’s latest words claiming they want to settle the matter as if it is May who is being intransigent and difficult….

She also declined to commit to settling the issue of expats’ rights by June.

Hang on, isn’t it May who wanted to settle by June and the EU who is refusing to do so?

Then there’s this..

Opposition parties have accused the Tories of pursuing a “hard Brexit” strategy, with the PM insisting no deal is better than a bad one and planning to withdraw the UK from the EU single market.

The phrasing of that is intended to indicate that a ‘hard Brexit’ is a bad thing, and then there’s this about Osborne…no indication that he is a hard-line Remainer and that he is using the Standard as his own personal propaganda sheet….note his use of the phrase ‘blank cheque’…a standard Remain phrase that comes out of the mouth of Farron usually…no sneering from the BBC about the ‘reviving’ and constant reuse of that old chestnut then?…..

The first edition of the London Evening Standard published under the editorship of ex-chancellor George Osborne was headlined “Brussels twists knife on Brexit”, with an editorial warning the PM against seeking a “blank cheque” from the EU.

And the Kuenssberg assessment?  Here she tries to make out that May is stupidly uncompromising and is refusing to listen…that’s entirely Kuenssberg’s own interpretation and implication, and of course a negative one….

Theresa May’s comment is revealing about her strength, and also her weakness. No political leader wants to be seen to be pushed around…….Refusing to be pushed around is one thing, refusing to show any sign of compromise or listen quite another.

Both Kuenssberg and Nick Robinson are fairly hopeless as political journalists making increasingly fact free comments and ‘analsyses’ that bare little resemblance to what is actually happening…this morning Robinson told us that May was scared of debating and was afraid to meet the public…never mind that she was out on the streets knocking on doors in Scotland, not the most Tory friendly place, and that she has called an election….so hardly afraid of being challenged.  That was just an out and out lie by Robinson.

Lord Hall Hall is peddling Berlin’s propaganda.  Sack him.  Lock him up.


From Guido…

£3.6 Billion Fund Lists in London Despite Brexit

Given how the slightest hint of a bad news story from the City is seized upon by certain elements of the media, it’s interesting that this one has gone under the radar. 

US billionaire Bill Ackman’s £3.6 billion fund Pershing Square Holdings, which initially listed in Amsterdam some years ago, has listed on the London Stock Exchange today. The move clearly reinforces London’s attractiveness to international fund managers despite the doom and gloom from Remainers.




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30 Responses to We’re at war, intern Lord Hall Hall

  1. Fedup says:

    I’m not surprised that the leadership of the EU is interfering with our election.They believe in their god of An Ever Closer Union and anyone who disagrees will be crushed. Us. It is strange that when Russia is accused of interning in the US election the Beeb and msm scream “foul”. Why the difference in approach?


    • Fedup says:

      I understand the PM has raised the interference issue in public . The msm won’t talk about it ( but talked endlessly about it during the US election ) so I suppose it’s for the PM to do the right thing.


    • Oaknash says:

      History repeats itself – Jarmany Calling! Jarmany Calling!

      Only this time they can broadcast from the UK rather than Berlin.

      Interesting that yet again Germany has unleashed another invasion on Europe.

      I bet “Lord” Hall is proud of himself

      I can see Hall now sitting behind his microphone – maybe he should try a little direct broadcasting himself – bastard!


  2. JimS says:

    We didn’t intern William Joyce, we hanged him.


  3. Fedup says:

    Apologies – typo. I meant “interfering ” . Thanks for the reminder about William Joyce. A Just end.


  4. G.W.F. says:

    I am not convinced that Treezer is battling for Britain.


  5. Moodswing6 says:

    Lord Hall needs to be removed or at least castrated.


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Difficult, when he has no balls to start with …


  6. EnglandExpects says:

    There’s no doubt that the BBC is at war with all those who voted Leave and also with the Conservative government that is carrying out this democratic instruction. Kuenssberg’s TV report on Theresa May’s visit to the South West yesterday was as usual cynical and doubting . All interviews with locals were with people who either didn’t like the Tories or were Remainers.
    This mornings BBC radio report on the pro EU FT’s calculation of the ‘ leaving bill’ of 100 million euros was entirely unquestioning and reported this figure as a factual amount that will have to be paid . it’s like listening to reports of Munich in 1938 or the ultimatum over Poland in 1939 that are purely from Hitler’s perspective . What a shambles the anti British Broadcasting Corporation has become.
    The irony, in my view, is that regurgitating EU bully boy threats to Britain will just increase votes for the Conservatives.


    • engineerdownunder says:

      yes, I also that BBC R4 crowing about the “divorce bill” of 100 billion.

      No you traitors, it’s not a “divorce”, and it not a “bill” either. It’s an opening bid in a negotiation in which the EU have a very weak hand and UK has a very strong hand. The UK can let the negotiations fail, walk away. We still regain our sovereignity and control of our borders, as we want and voted for. We could lose maybe, what … a few tariffs on our exports to EU. They could lose maybe, what … 350 million pounds a week, 3 million migrant workers and their remittances, support from the best armed forces in Europe, data from the best security information and services in Europe, access to the biggest financial centre in the world, access to the world’s best universities outside the USA, access to the Anglophone world and the Commonwealth, and well, I could go on, there is a very long list and these political descendants of assorted dictators, communists and fascists know it.

      The BBC slave-ishly promote the Blair/Miller Globalist/Oligarachist agenda. They are bought and paid for mouthpieces , that’s all.


  7. Up2snuff says:

    Strikes me that the BBC are blinded by their own desire to be thoroughly in and not leaving the EU.

    If enough anti-Brexit people cavil and push, encouraged and enthused and unendingly publicised by the BBC, it could put a bit of spirit into the national backbone, diversifiers, politicians and all. A very hard Brexit may follow. It may do more to unite the country much more than any conservative of Conservative Prime Ministers could wish.

    The BBC do not appear to have grasped that we have nothing to lose and everything to gain and the EU has everything to lose (well a significant chunk, anyway) with a hard Brexit, ie. no agreement by 29 March 2019. In fact, economically – if the BBC’s willed result of a hard Brexit comes to pass – if we go through troubled business and economic times, it will hurt Europe as much as it will hurt us. It is one of the reasons why the EU is so keen to have the rights of its citizens working and earning in the UK guaranteed into the future.

    It is in the EU’s own best interests to be very quietly and discreetly accommodating while presenting a blustering front, especially if Marine Le Pen wins and Angela Merkel does poorly, or even loses, in the French and German leadership elections, respectively.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      The BBC seem totally oblivious about how traitorous they appear to many of us, or perhaps they simply don’t care?

      Was watching Kuenssberg interviewing ‘locals’ in Cornwall and amazed at how few local accents there were among the interviewees, a lot of ‘Southern’ even ‘Cockney’ to be heard, but very few local Cornish.

      I’m from the West Country myself (although Wiltshire, rather than Cornwall), so perhaps my ear is better attuned to the local accents than others would be, but to me it seemed indicative of the BBC cherry picking whom they interview, or at least whom they put on the TV as ‘locals’.

      Here in the West Country we have less immigrants of ‘foreign origin’ than in many other parts of England, but instead we have had a massive influx of ‘immigrants of English origin’, nearly all from the South East and London – many of them, in turn, displaced by immigrants of ‘foreign origin’, or their plentiful offspring.

      These ‘in comers’ have caused a lot of problems for us locals in terms of housing costs, coming from wealthier parts of the country they have pushed house prices far out of the reach of locals. There has also been a housing boom in the region, with a lot of what was once beautiful countryside, and good agricultural land, going under tarmac and concrete. Of course there have been no extra medical facilities, schools, roads etc… to support this massive influx.

      Not surprisingly the BBC don’t seem to have interviewed too many (any?) of the angry locals, perhaps they couldn’t find any as they’ve all had to leave in search of work and homes they can afford? … and yes, doubtless hordes of homeless yokels from the West Country descending on parts of Wales etc… has had a similar knock on effect there too, so it goes on…


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        There is something kind of Dark Age like about the mass migrations of people, that’s been going on all over Europe over the last decade, or so.

        It amuses me to consider how the BBC would have reported the ‘cultural enrichment’ of pagan, axe wielding ‘refugees’ from Germany and Scandinavia in past centuries.

        Would Lily Allen be interviewed sitting, crying, with little Hengist, the ‘orphan’ refugee from Saxonia, while he sharpens his seax? ‘His father is somewhere overseas, raping and pillaging, leaving poor Hengist (just 36), to fend for himself. What kind of heartless, small minded ‘Little Britons’ don’t want to give this cuddly, fur-clad warrior a home for life in their village?’


  8. Dave S says:

    BBC snowflakes melt but the rest of us love a bit of aggro from the EU. Just the thing to wake us up .Most of us never wanted to be in a federal state at all and this latest tells us we were right. They just do not get it. Trouble is the typical BBC/ media/metropolitan snowflake has no real loyalty to anything . The people in the shires are loyal always were and always will be. Never have to think about it or question it. Just the way it is and those trying to derail brexit need to watch it.


  9. Pounce says:

    Anybody else notice how the bBC always promotes the UK (In its dealings with the EU) in a very negative light. Take for notice the current bBC headline:
    UK ‘won’t pay 100bn euro Brexit bill’

    Now any reputable news agency would have reported the fact that according to the FT (based on EU leaks) that the EU is demanding 100 billion Euros for the UK to leave . (The UK pays 17 Billion a Year into the EU) Instead the bBC paints the UK as a petulant child which has stamped its feet in a hissy fit. Then hidden away near the bottom of this bBC article we find this salient snippet:
    The EU may also be planning to refuse to allow the UK a share of the EU’s assets including buildings and bank deposits.

    Finally the bbC ends with:
    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the 100bn euro figure was the “opening gambit of negotiations” but that commitments that have been made by the UK government must be honoured.

    Simply what is it about the liberal left CS who are actually crying out for the UK to get the worse deal possible simply to be able to say:
    “I told you so”

    Point to note:
    The USSR used tanks and guns in which keep its empire together.
    The EUSSR uses fines and back stabbing traitors in which to do exactly the same


  10. Beltane says:

    Among the many depressing aspects of the BBC’s presentation of the EU is the cultivated myth that everything European is a stress-free zone, a rosemary scented and lamb-gambolling paradise on which we, through pettiness, spite and ignorance, are turning our backs.
    It’s as if the level of Euroscepticism that is rife throughout, running at anything from 50% to 70% in the overwhelming majority of the 27, is of no significance. That Wilders, Le Pen, the AfD, the Volgograd Group and all the other parties and organisations from Estonia to Greece and Hungary to Portugal, that provide a platform for the disenchanted to express themselves can be ignored, of no consequence. Collectively they represent at the least dissatisfaction and at worst the potential for open rebellion but, hey, EU rules. OK?
    If nobody knows about the problem it will probably go away – and this seems to be the BBC attitude. As this country’s prime source and disseminator of rational, reasoned, mature and balanced opinion, another ‘envy of the world’, the BBC has become a risible travesty and that, in every sense, is truly a tragedy.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Not hearing much about the endless unravelling catastrophe that is Greece, or the incipient civil wars in France and Germany are we? The BBCs “Europe Correspondents” prefer for us to worry about Cameron not getting a croissant or may not getting a doiley for her torte…they sure as anything refuse to report on what the Euro and Junck the Drunk actually is doing to Europeans still locked in the burning building of the EU.
      The BBC refuse to leave Eurovision, even though Abba are marooned on an island, Borg needs 24/7 security and Wogan is dead.


  11. Doublethinker says:

    When the election is over and the Tories have a big majority I hope that they remember the behaviour of the BBC and take steps to cut it down to size. I feel sure that in doing so they will have the backing of most Leavers i.e. a majority of the population. The BBC have insulted a majority of the population ever since the referendum result and they sought to reverse the democratic decision of those people. Now they are playing for the other side in the EU negotiations. Enough is enough , the people can see that the BBC is not even neutral , let alone batting for Britain. I am sure that support for the BBC is at an all time low. The time to deal with the corporation has come.


    • GCooper says:

      Well, it’s a nice thought but the BBC has been supporting the far Left for over 20 years and there has been so sign of any adverse reaction from the Tories. Even Margaret Thatcher held back from attacking them.

      Couple that with the fact that most of the cabinet are remainiacs and I’d give it a cat in hell’s chance.


      • Doublethinker says:

        Sadly I know that you are right on this. I live in hope not expectation.


    • engineerdownunder says:

      I have to blame the uber-fool Cameron. BBC has a 10 year charter.
      Pretty much can do what it wants and is doing so. We can point out the bias to friends and family and switch-off. In ten years it will be dead.


  12. AaronD says:

    Almost everything that comes out of the EU at the moment appears to be stupid, nasty, vindictive or Machiavellian in some way or other. But the constant lip-smacking references to ‘pain’ and ‘damage’ for the UK appear to go more or less blithely unexamined by the ‘so-called’ BBC. Yet when May stands up in Downing Street to fight Britain’s corner, correspondent Laura Kuenssberg is apoplectic, accusing May (not someone’s quote, not someone’s opinion – direct reporting) of “milking Brexit for all its worth”! Astounding, really. What right has she to make such a judgement? Absolutely none.


  13. Alicia Sinclair says:

    My day started with hearing John Humphrys in a tizz over an EU map that only coloured the UK in grey-as if we might no longer exist.
    He brought up this ludicrous self-abasement by way of attewmpting to shout over David Davis-the very voice of reason amidst the BBC ranters of the Toadishow this morning.
    My day has now ended with the BBC/Channel 4 as I count the endless cucks in a row as brought up on the liberal media-Farron, Sturgeon, Campbell, Corbyn and Staremr thus far-hoping yet for Clarke, Heseltine and Soubry(she still about, or has she been recalled for a retrofit?)
    Good game this I-spy. The liberal media have them all lined up 24/7 to moan.
    May is right of course. And our media Quislings and HawHaws need to remember that Qusilings collaborators did not show up on NorskNazi TV every night for the population to recognise…had they done so, they might have been “counselled” earlier that they were.
    Our Quislings and traitors refuse to get off our screens-won`t be good for them in the end I fear.


  14. Flexdream says:

    Just caught a bit on R4 The World Tonight following up Mrs May’s comments. First we had Dominic Raab for the Government, then Lord Faulkener, then moved on to the European Commission. Strangely Lord Faulkener’s political affiliation was never mentioned. That would be the Labour peer, and close friend of Tony Blair. Why, it’s almost as if the BBC would want to present Lord Faulkener’s views as being untainted by any prejudice or ambition. Or maybe the BBC just see him as ‘one of us’ and so the voice of reason.


  15. maxincony says:

    We are at war with the EU…it’s a war of words, of propaganda, of soundbite diplomacy, but it’s still a very real war with very real consequences…a war that the BBC has chosen sides on, and it’s not the British side.

    Oh no! What happened? The BBC recounted what was said in a German newspaper report (just like every other news source in the UK).

    [the] BBC is the enemy within working for the EU against British interests. A simple illustration is how the BBC’s anti-May rhetoric is being used by the enemy…mocking May for the use of the phrase ‘strong and stable’

    Mocking the Conservative campaign slogan is “against British interests”. O…kay…

    The Telegraph reports…an interpretation of events which is undeniable and blatantly obvious…

    Oh just f*ck right off Alan. What’s undeniable and blatantly obvious is that you couldn’t care less about un-biased reporting; you just don’t want to see any news report, fact, or opinion that you don’t like.


    • Fedup says:

      I read your interpretation differently . It wasn’t right for the EU to leak a private discussion with the British PM to a German newspaper or anyone .
      It seems from the approach the albeeb editorial line that they do not understand that we ( Britain) are in adversarial negotiation with what is about to be a foreign power with its own ever closer interests .
      Agree. ?
      I’m glad someone defends albeeb here. But I’d look for evidence of impartiality . I’m willing be proved wrong and change my opinion . Otherwise there’s no reason to discuss the beeb is there?


    • Dave S says:

      Sorry no intention of being ‘fair’ to the BBC. It is on the other side in the culture war now raging for this country and the West and that is that. This is going to get much more bitter and the BBC is going to be a casualty of it. Hard luck. Think of it as a revolution and you will feel much better. The progressives like that .


  16. s.trubble says:



  17. Manxman says:

    First time i have been around when a Brussels Broadcasting Caliphate scribbler has turned up.

    Thought the Muppet show was on ch4, the ”new” bbc, The Burka Broadcasting ”Cuties”. Scarf TV.

    Which channel will be the first to bring us full face covered news programmes, maxicony ?, a view of future Britian.

    May will abolish the licence fee first thing she does, you parasites wont be around to poison Brexit neg’s.


  18. Manxman says:

    A ”new” hijab fashion range ‘ the ”tele-prompter slit” range by Dolce & Gabana..

    From ISIS black to a blood red , mood colours..