Who is doing Russia’s mischief?


Is Trump working for Russia or is it the media organisations like the Washington Post, amongst others?

US politics is in chaos, the democratic system under attack internally, talk of impeaching the President, and an economy sent reeling.

Just who is damaging America…just who is it that is causing the chaos that Putin could only ever have dreamt of in his wildest dreams?  Just who is it that has sent the US stock market tumbling as they destabilises the political system and send out the message that they are intent on bringing down the government and at the very least will upend and block the legislative process?

Just who is doing Putin’s work?  The Washington Post, New York Times and the BBC.

The left-wing media…supporters of democracy, free speech and progressive politics…or the useful idiots of dictators?




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24 Responses to Who is doing Russia’s mischief?

  1. Jerry Owen says:

    It really is becoming surreal watching the news now it tedious beyond belief. You could be forgiven for thinking that there is nothing going on in the WH except turmoil and chaos and the collapse of the Trump administration is happening already. However listen to Spicer on the WH press briefing and you will see a government working just fine ( apart from the obstructions from the Democrats and media ). I wonder how many people know that the Trump administration has brokered a deal with China to export American beef, China being the biggest importer of beef in the world. America has not exported beef for several years to China. A great business deal from Trump… maybe I missed the BBC report on this!
    A WH official last night on Fox news ( I forget his name ) said that all this stuff about Russia and Comey is entirely media led and the government isn’t paying the propaganda any interest in terms of how the government is working in terms of getting things done on policy. One media hack asked the question ‘ is the government actually getting anything done at all with all this chaos.. clearly the media believe it’s own hype, the reporter was told. it’s government as normal. all departments are working on their own policies and the media has no impact on individual departments.
    Much criticism even from those that support Trump is that his timing is bad, ie in firing Comey when he did, and his meeting with Russian officials. However the question has to be asked when would be a good time for Trump to do anything?
    My opinion is that the media cannot be allowed to obstruct a legitimate government running a country at it’s own discretion in terms of when and how it carries out policy. The media has to be ignored in the case of carrying out the business of running America.
    I notice Comey alleged that Trump asked him to drop the investigation on Flynn ( yes that name still after all this time ) some two months ago.
    The question that begs to be asked, why did he sit on this information for all this time? Future bargaining power or quite frankly just made up ?
    I must admit I knew the Trump administration would have rough ride, but I never thought it would be this rough, or this concerted. It is clear that it will not mellow and will continue at this pace and with such venom for every day of his administration. If they bring him down it will be a sad day for democracy and prove beyond doubt that left wing media has absolute power on who runs a country.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      What, I wonder, would be the reaction of “flyover America” if the President they voted for were hounded out of office?


      • GCooper says:

        I’d like to think that a few of the far Left agitators who pass themselves off as US MSM journalists would end up dangling from lampposts but perhaps I’m being optimistic.


  2. KatieH says:

    The craziness in the media is going off the scale. The british media is bad but the us media coverage is off the scales altogether. basically its get trump at any cost. Was watching hannitys show on fox last night who was discussing all this in a rational manner something you will never see here. They were showing clips of CNN and MSNBC and their attitudes. I have never seen such open hatred and desperation to get trump impeached. Cnn were talking to an ex soldier who questioned the sources in the washington post and the presenter nearly went down his throat literally screaming at him for questioning CNN’s integrity. Wolf blitzer was practically wetting himself at the thought of trumps impeachment.

    I turned on sky this morning and amanda walker was doing a report on trump and russia but basically it was a sneering session. She kept mentioning Trump and not president trump in a very sneering tone. A report full of mights, maybes, could haves not one shred of evidence. Just keep mentioning Russia hoping for it to stick. Her colleague hannah thomas peters turns up every afternoon around 3 talking to burley and its more of the same shite. Just sneering and hatred and zero balance. I have seen her in the white house briefing on the rare occasions that she is there and judging by the look on her face she doesnt want to be there. Sopel at the beeb is the same with the same arrogance.

    Spicers stand in last week Sarah is a new star and took no shite from the journos in that room especially some of the female journos whos faces were contorted in arrogance and hatred. She even told them off for asking the same questions all the time.

    The attitude of the media is to run away and blame trump, nothing to do with us gov he started it. But in reality these guys are at war with Trump for winning the election from their darling entitled Hillary and the democrats and cannot and will not accept it and are willing to do anything and everything to get him out. Things are going to get alot worse before it gets better but more and more people are waking up to what they are doing.



    • ToobiWan says:

      As I tell my lefty neighbours, the Don could end all wars, cure all diseases and end world poverty, yet still be viewd as the Anti Christ by the lying MSM!


  3. NCBBC says:

    Ann Coulter: Every Time I Try to Be Mad at Trump, the Media Pull Me Back



  4. Payne by name says:

    It is getting insane isn’t? I saw the ex soldier that KatieH mentioned and the reaction of the CNN anchor was just ridiculous.

    Unfortunately it’s the media that scream the loudest, so it’s really hard to gauge whether the public are aware of the clear motive behind this continued frenzied attack or whether they are starting to buy into it.

    I’m a leaver but when we had the referendum, I was certain the we were going to remain. The coverage was so overwhelming in it’s bias and the population so brow beaten as to the ‘correct’ way that we should vote, that it truly was astonishing that the UK voted to Leave.


  5. Blackwell says:

    At least it’s entertaining. Watching this week as Trump shoots himself in the foot, reloads, takes aim, and then shoots himself again, has been topped off nicely with Alan’s ever more desperate manoeuvres. Hehehehe, hahahaha! It’s a beautiful thing!


    • GCooper says:

      How’s that examination of the BBC’s doorstepping ethics coming along?

      Or is cutting and pasting fake news from the NYT and WaPo taklng all your time?


  6. G.W.F. says:

    What happened to Trump’s state visit to the UK?
    Is Treezer being informed that he will not be POTUS much longer and that she should back off?


    • matahari says:

      With the blairite manifesto she just published it may be her the one who is not going to be PM much longer


  7. Beeb Brother says:

    I think Trump is winning just by sitting by as the media hysteria plumbs new depths of insanity; incredibly their credibility has sunk even lower than during their disgraceful behaviour during the election cycle. The second I hear another Trump/Russia story, I just turn switch channels as I am sure most other people do.

    How can they think it ok to disseminate confidential information? It puts everyone at risk. They are proving Trump was right when he said they are the enemies of the people.


  8. GCooper says:

    And to whom did Martha ‘klueless’ Kearney turn on WATO for information about the Trumped-up case? Why, an NYT hack, who waffled airily about his ‘sources’ without even once suggesting why we should believe he didn’t actually mean Hilary’s hairdresser, or Obama’s golfing coach.

    I’m no fan of Trump, but the Left is making such a hash of this that it beggars belief.


  9. Amounderness Lad says:

    This is a rerun if the 1950s Reds Under the Bed hysteria but with the Leftist Media currently hyping the idea up whereas in the 1950s, when the situation, whilst admittedly overdone, was at least a reality with provable facts to support it.

    The current claims by the Leftist MSM not that there is anybody Under the Bed but that the President of the Russian Federation is actually tucked up in bed with the President of the United States. The reality is that other than Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink from the Leftist MSM, and that includes the bBBC, there has yet to be any substantiated facts to support the claims.

    One thing is absolutely certain though, Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of their propaganda efforts.


    • GCooper says:

      There is, however one huge difference. McCarthy was right. He may have been an unpleasant man but his claim that the USA had been infiltrated by communists was actually quite true, as subsequent events proved.

      That’s something the BBC always tries to slide around – like the snake it is.


      • TPO says:

        For proof of that one only has to go to the Venona decrypts along with the Mitrokhin files.
        Venona was made public in the early 90’s and the Mitrokhin archives somewhere about 2010.


  10. MartinW says:

    Surely Hillary Clinton, having sold 20% of the US uranium stocks to Russia, is much more likely than Trump to have been ‘in cahoots’ with the Russians. As far as I can judge, all Trump and his associates did was to make it clear that, unlike the egregious Obama, he would re-establish proper working relations with the Russians. That is surely an eminently sensible thing to do, after Obama’s foolish anti-Russian stance. I would hope the current US administration will, at some stage, re-open an enquiry into Clintons’ emails, her private server, the criminalities associated with the Clinton Foundation, and her sale of uranium to the Russians. The GOP could defend itself and wider democracy if it had a mind to do so.


    • GCooper says:

      I get the impression that your last sentence contains the real nub of the problem here. Trump isn’t a ‘proper’ Republican and some of them hate him almost as much as the Dems do.

      Of course, that’s a bit subtle for some of the BBC types who have never worked out that Trump is, if anything, a pretty typical New York liberal.


  11. Al Shubtill says:

    It is probable that the leaked Clinton emails weren’t hacked by the Russians from the DNC, but given to Wikileaks by a Bernie Sanders supporter who worked for the DNC; in an attempt to derail Clinton’s bid for the Democrat presidential nomination.



    • GCooper says:

      Even if they were leaked by the Russians, surely that’s a mere distraction? What mattered was what Clinton had done, not who revealed it.

      And that is what the BBC and the US MSM are trying to conceal.


      • Al Shubtill says:

        Why does it matter who revealed it?

        If they were leaked by the Russians, then the (Deep State inspired) MSM narrative that Trump’s election was facilitated by covert interference in the election from Moscow is mightily strengthened; to a degree potentially fatal to his presidency or immensely damaging to it.

        If the leaks were by a Democrat Party employee to damage Hillary Clinton’s campaign to shore up the preferred candidature of Bernie Sanders, then the pressure on Trump is lessened somewhat and scrutiny of the emails leak smoking gun re-directed onto the Democrats.


  12. sharethedebate says:

    The Russia hysteria is all a media distraction from the real crimes of the Clinton Foundation. Watch the utube or RU12 George Webb an investigative reporter in the old school method. George Webb started Day 1 when Eric Braverman former CEO of the Clinton Foundation and actually named as the leak in the Podesta emails, he said follow the money and then disappeared. Now missing 200+ days reportedly at Google but no proof of life. George Webb has unearthed the real crimes of the Clinton Foundation, their infiltration of foreign influence through the Awan Brothers, sex trafficking in Haiti and helping the ISIS through supplying sarin gas and stingers, the latter the real reason why the Diplomat Chris Stevens was murdered in Benazir. Read his daily report and be truly informed and realise why the MSM and DNC are doing such a job distracting from the real issues.