I’m Laura from the BBC…I’m here to help and inform


Great insight from our Laura…

Elections matter because they determine all our futures based on the decisions made by millions of people in the privacy of the polling booth.

Kuenssberg’s movable feast of a conclusion about who will win the election plumps reluctantly for the Tories but get how she speaks about Corbyn…the excited tone, enthusiastic about Corbyn breaking the mould of the dull, staid old politics….as always with the BBC, hoping ‘the young’ will have believed all those tall tales of them being victims of Tory austerity and Brexit and thus vote for Corbyn….

Just as when he won the leadership of the Labour Party, his candidacy, and his promises have excited voters for whom the standard political offer of recent years has come up woefully short. For Labour candidates who see this election and its expected result as an opportunity to end his control of the party that enthusiasm is a genie that may be extremely hard to wrangle back into the bottle.

Remember that, as with Mr Corbyn’s election to the Labour leadership first time round, and the European referendum, we are living through times where traditional political rules are certainly frayed. And if young people defy expectation and turn out to vote in unprecedented numbers any result is possible.

One cabinet minister told me today that if the Tories don’t win, the polls are “bonkers” and voters on the doorsteps have been “deceitful” when reporting, whether enthusiastically or grudgingly, that they will put their cross in their box.

Yet perhaps either way, the events of this campaign will be felt across the spectrum for years to come.

Astonishing when you consider how they treat Trump for his sins of wanting to control immigration and Islamic terrorism….here we have a man who has been a die-hard-Marxist all his life, a terrorist supporter, a supporter of Muslim extremists at a time when we are under attack by them, a man whose reign as Party leader has seen a rapid rise in anti-Semitism as well as political hate campaigns against his opponents, not just within the Party but in the Media as well [including Kuenssberg herself]…and the BBC cheerleads for him.  Astounding…but not surprising.

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17 Responses to I’m Laura from the BBC…I’m here to help and inform

  1. foxcote7822 says:

    Which window are we going to look through today children The busted one, Playschool!!


    • touchjudge says:

      Thanks for the imagery. Defenestration on Friday for Laura at Broadcasting House. I’ll turn up for that.


  2. Deborah says:

    Can anyone help us? Mr D has just heard Kamal Ahmed on the 1pm WATO inform us that all Labour’s manifesto plans are fully costed. Mr D’s blood pressure has gone sky high. I have had to send him for a lie down with a cold compress.


    • GCooper says:

      Send for the leeches.

      Though, come to think of it, they may be in power by Saturday,


    • Nibor says:

      In that case can they show us the future costs of criminals coming into our country , the crimes they will commit , the damage caused and the incarceration costs , if they dare imprison someone ?


  3. JosF says:

    Thanx for the offer of help as to who to vote for in tomorrow’s general election laura kuensseburg but we grown up dont need the advice of either you laura or your odious and lying employer the BBC as we grown ups prefer to get our information from multiple sites, none of which are the BBC. analyze it and make up our own decisions as to who to vote for in tomorrow’s general election. clue for many of us who have seen through the BBC’s lies, bias and propaganda {for eveidence of this just review the BBC’s coverage of recent events In or out of the joke that is the EU/Brexit and the election of President Trump for a couple of examples of what I am saying} it wont be for jeremy the garden gnome corbyn {and his support for assorted terrorists over several decades} and the rest of the coruppt incompetent joke that is the labour party. Sorry laura and your master at the increasingly irrelivent BBC you can spin and lie as much as you want, As it will make no difference as their is things like the internet, alternative media, multichannel cable and satellite, smartphones, tablets and laptops all of which enable us who are interested in finding out the real truth and facts. Not the half truths, agendas and outright propaganda that you and your colleagues at the BBC would have us beleive is the truth and facts. Sorry but its about time that you laura and your employer the BBC realise that you and the BBC are irrelevent and more and more people are seeing that you the BBC and the rest of the lying dying MSM are irrelevent and geting their news, facts and information from multiple sources and making up their own minds as to what is fiction {clue about 100% of BBC news and current affairs} and what is fact {clue nothing from BBC news and current affairs}. You laura and the BBC think you are important. The reality is you laura, your colleagues and the BBC are far from important in reality you and the BBC are a stagecoach in the era of Shinkansen. When the BBC is finally killed of the BBC will not be missed.


    • gaxvil says:

      I suppose the BBC is there for people who agree with their views. Not sure the ‘impartial’ bbc should have views but anyhow. In these days of multiple choice it does seem odd that all we have is the bbc and clones of the bbc – no choice at all.


      • Wild says:

        “it does seem odd”

        It is not odd at all, it is entirely by design. The only freedom they are offering is the freedom to agree with them.


  4. Beltane says:

    Other political leaders to have especially excited the young include Hitler, Mussolini, Ayatollah Homeini and Mao Tse Tung…..


    • GCooper says:

      You forgot the most wicked of them all – Tony Bliar!


      • Wild says:

        All totalitarian regimes love the young and hate the old, love the dependent and hate the independent, hate the idea of people making money, which gives people independence, and love the idea of government taking it away from them.


  5. Fol-de-rol says:


    Comes to something when Muslims are sticking the boot into the BBC for making terrorism worse in this country, by giving extremists the oxygen of publicity.

    Blood on their hands.


    • ToobiWan says:

      From the article, Fdr.
      “And still, lessons have not been learned. Broadcasters who remain committed to hateful self-publicists such as Katie Hopkins for the sake of “debate” would do well to consider Choudary’s example”


  6. Rick Bradford says:

    Maybe they’re painting Corbyn as the political outsider to try and get a bit of that Trump magic to rub off on him.

    Too bad that he’s been an MP for 32 years. In all senses of the phrase.


  7. nofanofpoliticians says:

    On the subject of the young, it’s interesting that there are only 75 constituencies in the country where the young (18-25) outnumber the over-65s. Of those, 57 are already held by Labour with an average majority of over 14,500.

    So, by my amazing powers of deduction, that leaves only 18 constituencies where enormous numbers of the young voting can make a huge difference. That assumes of course that they will all vote Labour, which judging by my son and his associates is a big assumption to make. Whilst it is obviously good to encourage more people to vote, it is a big leap to suggest that one sector of the population can make such a huge difference as that.

    On the subject of Laura Kuenssberg, she is getting a pasting from the Momentum folk, in my view unfairly. They don’t seem to be able to spot one of their number when she comes along.


  8. s.trubble says:

    You would have to hand it to Blair + BlairWitch + supported by the bBC the multidudes for the uncontrolled immigrants brought in our United Kingdom.

    1) Blair and his strategy devised in secret to get them in( mass immigration) The word mass must have doubly attracted Papal Knight Blair.

    2) Blair Witch and the Human Rights Con to keep them here with little chance of repatriation

    3) Our state communications organ for leading the racist charge against anyone who questioned it.

    Laura is simply a product of this mindset. maybe Prevent should call her in for a chat!!


  9. Megaricht says:

    I started out quite supportive of Laura Keunnesburg (?)

    But ive lost confidence. She (and her colleagues actually) tell us with great authority what we already know or have worked out for ourselves. Bbc journalists do not provide any added value so far as I can see.

    Ms Keunnesburgg seems more intent on her own image and clever question than the answer…the answers are always over edited….

    and what is this ludicrous habit of calling across Downing St. to ministers going in “are you going to resign?”
    Its moronic.

    When was any policy debated on the BBC in the last 20 years before the day of the vote…when did you last hear news of a green or white paper in the past 20 years.