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We’ve looked at the BBC’s Newsnight ‘Kingmaker’ programme that paints a portrait of Corbyn as a principled and honourable man, a man who has never given support to terrorists, a man who has not sat back as anti-Semitism ran riot under his reign, a man whose economic policies are not fantastical nonsense that would bankrupt us, a man who has supported anti-terrorism legislation with enthusiasm, a man who doesn’t have a deeply held attachment to Marxism, a man who doesn’t surround himself with people who do support terrorism, are anti-Semitic, who do have intentions to wreck the economy and destabilise society and who are so ideologically driven that implementing their political dogmas comes before everything else regardless of the effect on ‘the people’ [as with Labour’s secret mass immigration policy]….and of course are completely incompetent and unfit to run a whelk stall let alone a government.

We may have been premature in our judgement, despite that being an obviously extremely partisan film that was solely designed to cheerlead for Corbyn, Newsnight have made a film about May…surely it will heap equal amounts of lavish praise upon her, lauding her achievements, extolling her character and eulogizing her abilities to get things done, looking to a future when she carries all before her in the Brexit negotiations.

Well, the BBC’s chosen conduit to communicate the accolades and plaudits was the gutter journo Matthew Parris, the wettest of the wettest of Tories, a highly disgruntled Remainer who has been whining relentlessly in the Spectator and the Times about the nasty, racist, stupid little englanders who voted for Brexit…he suggests such stupid people can’t be trusted to vote the right way and so shouldn’t be able to vote.  This film was all about Brexit…and stabbing May, the ‘hard Brexit’ administrator, in the back.

Perhaps the choice of film-maker was just a thoughtless and lazy one…Parris is in the Media and was a Tory…so ispso facto must be perfectly suited for the job.  Or maybe the BBC knew exactly what his views were and how he would approach this…with an axe to grind…a hatchet job.  And a hatchet job it was….a deliberate and unpleasant character assassination…..just look at who the main contributor was…Remain moaner Nick Clegg.

Parris says he has no idea what May stands for…but he was helpfully told by Clegg that she may be overwhelmed by what she has to do…she wouldn’t make decisions on the spot because she poured over the details…she had to test ideas and suggestions….and that’s a bad thing.

We are told that she has a major weakness…she has no interest in wider politics, no understanding of, or interest in, business and the economy.  She has no organising vision for society, she has no firm destinations…hence she u-turns all the time.

She was compared to Thatcher…who at one stage was said to be cruel to the common man.

Is she intelligent? asks Parris…..we hear she’s not obviously brilliant…organised, capable but not brilliant…damning with faint praise….a manager with no vision, no all encompassing passion and drive to impose a brilliant dream upon the world.  I’m assuming Hitler is one of Parris’ heroes.

Parris gives her a few nods…naturally, he being the self-flagellating Tory that he is, praising her for coming up with the phrase ‘the nasty party’ amongst other things but it is rapidly back to the hatchet work as he questions her ability to work in a team and carry out negotiations that apparently need a charming and warm personality.

No, no she can’t negotiate, she doesn’t do charm, doesn’t do compromise, she doesn’t do a deal because she likes you…she does it on the merit of the offered deal…and that’s a bad thing, a weakness we are told.  Cameron was a warm and sociable guy…open to negotiation and compromise…hence he got f**k all when he went to the EU to renegotiate pre-Brexit.  Maggie on the other handbag….No, No, NO!

Parris then told us he wanted to know her weaknesses…as if he hadn’t already spun a few tales on those lines already.

What, he asks, would bring her down?  What?  She’s up for election and Parris, a supposed supporter, is already suggesting she is for the chop!

She has an inability to build a coalition inside the party, she doesn’t listen to a wide variety of voices, she has a lack of ability to form a ‘gang’, a team….em…what politician controls his party…Corbyn?  LOLOLOL….Blair?  Brown?  Miliband? Cameron?  Clegg?  Clegg who?

Why is Parris already seeking to bring her down, to present her as someone who will fail not just in her own government but in the Brexit negotiations as well?

Parris suggests he still doesn’t know her [and yet he can cheerfully paint this grim picture of her] and he suggests either she knows exactly what she is doing, and thus carries on without bothering to ask anyone else what they think, or else she ‘hasn’t a clue’.

Again damning with faint praise before damning.

I imagine this was a highly selective film…choice of presenter, the choice of those interviewed, the choice of who to put in the film and the highly selective choice of what they said…all choices made to reinforce Parris’ one narrative that May is too common, too middle-class, too middlebrow, too much the manager, not enough the ‘brilliant’, swashbuckling risk-taking buccaneer of Parris’ dreams who will fail at it all.

Hang on….so May is weak because she is intransigent, doesn’t listen and has an unshakeable belief in her own views which means she just won’t negotiate…. and conversely she is weak because she listens to peoples’ concerns and rejigs her policies to meet those concerns?  Drivel, as usual, from Parris who also tells us she is not a go-getting adventuress out to win the world preferring the safe harbours of the known knowns.  Hmmm…isn’t that in fact a good description of Parris and his Remain chums who fear the outside world and want to stay in the stifling embrace of the EU for supposed protection…or stagnation and a strait-jacket, whereas May and the Brexiteers head off into the brave new world to seek our fortunes?

Two highly partisan and political films from the impartial BBC…one praising Corbyn to the skies, one a complete assassination job on May on the eve of the election.

As said the BBC is throwing caution to the wind and gambling on a Corbyn surprise win…but knowing the Tories won’t dare tackle the BBC other than to make a few complaints that are easily brushed aside as usual.




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27 Responses to Parris by loonlight

  1. Pounce says:

    We have the telly on. News at 10 is on and we are sure we are watching a Labour Party political broadcast. LK is a fuccking disgrace, there’s is no impartiality here.

    The male lead has stated that a Tory landslide can only be averted if you vote tactically………says the limbs Dems.


  2. Jerry Owen says:

    Watching the BBC news occasionally to see their take as opposed to Sky, tonight Sky had May speaking at a meeting we could all hear her, the BBC in comparison had Kuenssberg at the very same meeting but speaking over May and May was an inaudible mumble in the background… clearly Kuenssberg is more important than the PM now!
    I note that when the tory campaign trail is followed we get to see disgruntled people voice their anger at May and hear her disapproved of and virtually no supporters around yet alone large crowds of supporters. Corbyn of course is shown addressing large crowds of enthusiastic and mainly young supporters picked out for interview gushing praise for him, I also notice that it is invariably sunny fete type weather and atmosphere around him whereas for the Tories it is rather more grey!
    As per the fake CNN Muslims at the Tower Bridge farce, I do wonder if the bright spotlights are put up at Corbyn rallies just to give that extra happy clappy atmosphere for labour, these are the sort of tricks the fake media get up to.


    • Grant says:


      Something tells me that you are subtly implying that the BBC is biased . Shame on you .


  3. Newkid says:

    Totally agree pounce, the missus has just turned to me and asked me what was up as she could see me getting agitated watching it lol noticed also there was plenty of cutting to cheering masses for comrade corbyn, yet may’s crowds were shown from angles to look much smaller…….. i see subliminal messages are alive and well at the BBC


    • Grant says:


      One of the sad things about the BBC is that they think these crude methods actually work. They never consider that it may be counterproductive. Basically Beeboids are pretty stupid.


  4. Mice Height says:

    The Daily Stormer backs Corbyn. LOL!!!


    • AaronD says:

      Rofl. Describes Corbyn in deeply awed tones as “possibly an actual nutter” (at last! The Messiah!!). He sounds impressively serious. Goes to show that the loony right and the loony left have rather more in common than they sometimes like to make out.


  5. davylars says:

    In a weird sort of way,
    The reporting by the BBC of Corbyn’s rallies, reminds me of documentaries showing the way the German population reacted to the visits by Hitler in the 1930’s.
    Deluded people being led to disaster on false promises and lies…


  6. Heisenberg says:

    The BBC seem to be in such blatant breach of impartiality rules prevailing during a General Election campaign that there must be someone to whom complaints could be made, quite apart from our everyday complaints about BBC bias.

    Fortunately today’s opinion polls suggest that people are not fooled and that the advantage has moved firmly back to the Tories. The BBC list these polls at whilst managing to say not too much about them.


    • Fedup says:

      Being , as I am , an enforced member of the leisured classes ( but I pay tax) I shall be up all night watching, maybe, albeeb if I can stomach dimbly – not just ( hopefully watched tearful ex labour MPs lose their seats) but how al Beeb feeds in pro Labour bias. Whatever happens they will paint it as a failure for the Torys -as they call Conservatives.

      The real issue is how many of the electorate could actually vote for a traitor like Corbyn. ?


  7. Beltane says:

    I too cannot fully comprehend why the waspishly ineffective Matthew Parris gains regular column inches in the Spectator – he’s like blind boil, irritant but never actually amounting to anything. I suppose, in an attempt to counter the gross imbalance of the BBC, they employ him as a neutered gay spokesperson, representing the unrepresentable and failing in the process.
    Sadly he’s not alone. Hugo Rifkind’s column currently finds that Corbyn’s calm delivery and manner gives almost a statesmanlike quality to his performances, by contrast with the sniping of his opponents. What a dildo! One of the elite, our noble intelligentsia, unable to see the evidence before him of the baying, be-bannered, engineered Nuremberg crowds of disciples, presenting an entirely false and dishonestly cultivated image of messiah-like attraction. Christ Almighty! to coin a phrase, of course the two-faced bastard can afford to look as though butter wouldn’t melt – all the smoke and mirrors is beavering away in the background.
    And, as the final accolade, not one suggestion, not a murmer, not a hint of any chicanery or anything in need of investigation or explanation from the great and good at the BBC. Kuenssberg, Pienaar, Smith, Robinson, Dimbleby, Vine, Coburn, Davis, Maitlis, and all the rest of you: for SHAME.


    • Wild says:

      “Corbyn’s calm delivery and manner gives almost a statesmanlike quality to his performances”

      LOL. Did Hugo Rifkind really say that! What a prize idiot.


      • Beltane says:

        No Wild, he didn’t use those words, that’s my interpretation, but among several platitudes, what he did say was: ‘And you know the interesting thing about him? The one, true, admirable, startling, frankly heartening thing? He isn’t saying anything (critically) similar in return. Unlike almost every major election participant in recent memory, he is giving Project Fear a miss.’ Followed by: ‘Still, he has been an unexpectedly benign figure throughout this campaign, rather than a more grumpy and weird one, and it suits him well.’
        I think that qualifies Mr Rifkind rather well for dildo status, I’d hope you agree?


    • Peter Grimes says:

      I think that when BJ was editor PiousParris was tolerated as a soft counterpoint to much of the Speccie’s reasonable Rightist viewpoint. Although a former long-term admirer of Fraser Nelson, he nowadays dresses far too far to the Left for me, and he seems to accept Pious’ witterings readily. Speccie subscribers, me for one, often tear into him in the comments, as many do the Little Jockie Rifkind.

      For balance, Roger Scruton’s piece in today’s Speccie is so finely observed as to be worth the subscription on its own, but then he generally is.

      As for the Times, that lumpen Leftoid bitch Caitlin Moron with her ‘Tories are cunts’ diatribe yesterday will see me as a former subscriber by this afternoon.


  8. Nibor says:

    Wouldnt make decisions on the spot …poured over detail .

    Journalists are supposed to go into details . Why not politicians and Prime Ministers .?

    No understanding of business or the economy ..

    Neither has Nick Clegg or Parris .

    She u-turns all the while …

    Mathew Parriss went on one holiday in France and u turned from EUrosceptic to EUrofanatic .

    She can’t negotiate , she doesn’t do charm …compromise …deal ..inability to build a coalition ….

    Parris is having a public row with a fellow contributor to the Spectator . And was uncomplimentary about the Scots , as well as the 52% who voted Brexit .


  9. Nibor says:

    David Mellor , Ken Clarke , Michael Portillo , Mathew Parris .

    What do they have in common ? All are wet Conservatives and get their own shows on the BBC .


  10. Up2snuff says:

    Excellent post Alan. I obviously didn’t watch it and am grateful for your highlights. Er, maybe not highlights, that’s not really the right word, is it? Except for Theresa’s make-up artist. “More powder, dear, more powder!”

    I suspect, although Evan doth protest too much, that the BBC is part-collapsing under the weight of complaints at the present time. It matters not whether they are all from the conservatively and Conservatively inclined or remain – as they were years ago – more or less 50:50 split between Labour supporters and the rest of the UK who are not. The welter of complaints must make the BBC realise that they are now getting it really wrong and in a big way.

    They are now thoroughly on the back foot, so one way of defending is to attack.

    They know the Licence Fee is safe with Corbyn even if their incomes and present standard of living are not. The Prime Minister and the Conservatives are the obvious targets. Interesting piece of outsourcing by the BBC: Parris and Clegg. A tad obvious. They are truly desperate at the BBC.

    Demonstrated by poor choices.


  11. Third Duke says:

    Fence sitting really isn’t an option these days so, in the interests of reasonability and fair play, I’m obliged to state that the continuous and relentless pursuit of poking Beeboids in their soft red under bellies should be indulged at any opportunity.
    The relish with which they purport to peddle manifest absurdities as balanced and factual reporting beggars belief.
    I think the term ‘Quizzling Bastards’ fits quite nicely.