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In the last post we had a reminder of the BBC’s extremely partisan reporting on Blacks killed by US police officers…the BBC wrongly claiming that Blacks are more likely than whites to be shot…not true…whites are in fact more likely to be shot…and note that a good proportion of the cops when they do shoot Blacks are in fact Black or other non-white ethnicity.

When a black person is shot by the US police it is big news for the BBC, they devote a lot of time and resources to reporting the shooting and in following up the story later on as well as tying it in to other shootings so as to make that narrative that they seem so eager to create of racist white cops…..despite knowing many of the cops are not white.

How different when it is a cop who gets shot or stabbed…of course the BBC’s ‘racist cop’ narrative has no doubt contributed to the heightened racial tension and subsequent shootings of police officers in the US by Blacks out for ‘revenge’.

A recent stabbing of a police officer in the US by someone shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ is not clearly one of those ‘revenge’ attacks but it is interesting to see the way the BBC report, or hardly report it at all in comparison to their reporting when a Black gets shot  by a cop.  A police officer is attacked by someone who is likely an Islamic terrorist and the BBC doesn’t manage to get it onto the frontpage, or even on the world page….it is however top story on the US page….but how does a ‘top story’ from the US page about such a sensitive issue in light of present day circumstances and threats not merit a mention on the frontpage?  A bit of news management in light of those circumstances…once again the BBC playing down the violence coming from Muslims…and of course cops are legitimate targets…especially the white racist type…and if they’re white they must be’s a known BBC fact.





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7 Responses to Cop Out

  1. Pounce says:

    I am really concerned about how the bBC feels that Blacks get treated worse by the justice system than whites. In a nutshell more crime % wise is carried out by blacks than by whites. Here in England Diane Abbot and Lee Jasper substantiate the more violent parts of black crime on their websites:

    London is currently going through a knife crime epidemic , the vast majority is black on black.. How did we get here, does the liberal mindset that blacks can only be victims of slavery,Empire, racism somehow push blacks to be more prone to criminality by the use of the ‘I’m a victim’ card in which to excuse their behaviour?

    Wouldn’t it be nice if for once people (Politicians, Liberals, Black pressure groups and the media) actually admitted to the fact that blacks carry out (in this case knife and gun) more crime and that playing identity politics benefits no one, especially those who end up stabbed, shot or worse dead on a daily basis.


    • Kaiser says:

      mainly black on black but searching people is racist

      better to not be racist even at the cost of black lives

      some logic that


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      Hi Pounce, we need a pro English / pro-British alternative to the anti English anti British “BBC”. The obligatory licence should be removed – and the BBC dismantled – it has grown far too big – with a global outreach and influence – or it should be taken back from the progressives and islamists.

      Hopefully Fox News will be allowed to take over Sky – so that we can get Tucker Carson like presenters over here, and a proper alternative to the BBC. But the obligatory licence has to go. There can be no doubt about that.


  2. richard D says:

    It’s worth saying every time….if you cannot (or won’t, in so many cases where the BBC is involved) clearly identify and define the problem, you will inevitably seek the wrong solution.

    And in the case of the BBC’s perceptions as mentioned by Pounce, or its infatuation with the ‘backlash’ meme, for instance, distracting and deflecting attention from the real issue, and focussing on a total non-issue, will absolutely prevent anyone even looking for, far less finding, any solution to the real problem.


    • Fedup says:

      Inevitable that when a Home Secretary gives directions that stop and search be more limited it will send a message to kids that they won’t be challenged if they carry a blade .

      This leads to more funerals where parents cry out “enough is enough”. That home sec of course wasn’t Diane Abbot but was a red Tory – our current temp PM.
      Less black yoof will be searched but more will die . I suspect if you’re a yoof you are more likely be stabbed to death ( in London) than win the lottery.


  3. vesnadog says:

    “How different when it is a cop who gets shot or stabbed…of course the BBC’s ‘racist cop’ narrative”

    Bet those BBC editors/reporters wouldn’t dare to visit this US website dedicated to both black and white officers fallen on duty!


  4. sanitycheck2 says:

    I do not know whether this is accurate, but I saw an analysis performed on the number of police shootings as reported in the Washington Post in 2015. Anyway the background data can be found set out at:

    In 2015, there were a total of some 990 people shot dead by police in the US. By race and ethnicity, there were 494 whites, 258 blacks, 172 Hispanics, 15 Asians, 14 American Indians or Alaskan natives, 9 “other” races, and 28 deaths with the race not specified.

    Apparently, of the people shot dead more than nine-tenths of them were armed at the time—58% of the people killed had a gun or explosives, 17% wielded a knife or edged weapon, 9% were unarmed, 6% used a vehicle, and tragically, 3% had a toy weapon. The rest used mostly clubs, hatchets, hammers, baseball bats, and similar.

    The upshot of the analysis is this:

    For every 10,000 white people arrested for a violent crime, 38 white people were killed by police (± 2).
    For every 10,000 hispanic people arrested for a violent crime, 21 hispanic people were killed by police (± 3).
    For every 10,000 black people arrested for a violent crime, 21 black people were killed by police (± 2).

    So it would appear that a white person resisting arrest is almost twice as likely to be shot dead by police than is a black person.

    Or, to put another way (in approximate terms), a black person is only half as likely to be shot dead by police when resisting arrest when compared to the prospects of a white person being shot dead.

    So why does the BBC (and the likes of The Guardian) misrepresent the true position namely that the chances of getting shot dead by the police if you are black is far less than if you are white. For the ilks of the BBC, white lives do not matter and blacks must always be portrayed as the real victims.