How to confuse Gerry Adams

How to confuse Gerry Adams…put two shovels against a wall and tell him to take his pick…or offer him two sums of money for the benefit of Northern Ireland and ask him which one is dirty money…the one Sinn Fein likes or the one the DUP likes.  See Adams and Co pick and choose what ‘bungs’ are acceptable….

McGuinness claimed that the Stormont House Agreement gained extra cash from the UK Treasury to cushion Northern Ireland against the effect of cuts to the region’s public sector.

“We need to be very clear about the alternative if the institutions had collapsed – instead of our locally elected and accountable assembly we would have had rule by British Tories and the imposition of Thatcherite policies that no one here voted for or wants,” he told party delegates.

Sinn Fein has come out in support of gay marriage but the old, bigoted, backward and unpleasant dinosaurs are still against abortion with a few exceptions….this from February this year…..

“Sinn Fein is not in favour of abortion and we opposed and voted against the extension of the 1967 (Abortion) Act to the North when it was proposed in the Assembly.

“The law should be amended to provide the option of termination in cases of rape, sexual crime, fatal foetal abnormalities and where the woman’s life is at risk,”

How is it then that the DUP are the ones that the BBC calls ‘backward and unpleasant’ because of their religious views…remember that was the Muslim Mishal Husain who uttered those immortal words…a Muslim whose Islam is institutionally creationist, homophobic, misogynist, against abortion, anti-Semitic etc etc etc.

Sinn Fein, the political and media wing of the IRA, are treated as respected statesmen despite Adams and the departed McGuinness, having been known terrorists…never mind their stance on abortion…and yet the BBC treats them with reverence it never bestows upon the DUP or any Loyalists in the same way.



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6 Responses to How to confuse Gerry Adams

  1. Fedup says:

    PIRA was always a socialist terrorist group and wanted a united socialist Irish republic . Up until 9/11 when the yanks discovered terrorism and told Adams and the thankfully dead mcguiness to end it . Take the Bribes and be let off your murders.

    That’s what I cannot accept with the support for Corbyn . The young either do not know of Corbyn s support for Ira sin fein or could care less through the filtering of life by lefty teachers and the socialist al beeb.
    As for the work experience girl – Michel hussein – what would she know about britains ‘ past apart from her employers ‘ perverse hatred of it and its own country


  2. Flexdream says:

    SF refuse to take their seats at Westminster and participate, so why does the BBC regularly roll them out as if they are a significant voice at Westminster with anything to add. It is hardly earth shattering to hear that SF do not consider the British Government as a ‘neutral’, at least not since they lost comrade Tony and until the day comrade Jeremy gets his foot in the door.

    SF should concentrate on getting Stormont back up after they pulled it down.


    • charmbrights says:

      Dream on, Flexdream. SF only refuse to take their seats at Westminster, they do not refuse to take the money and perks that go with those seats.

      If there were any justice in the UK they would not be given any of the money or the perks until they swore allegiance to the crown (and no crossed fingers behind their backs).

      Adams would be serving a life sentence with no parole date for complicity in each of several murders, since we have abolished the death sentence.

      Mcguiness would be dug up and his remains buried in an isolated beach somewhere and all trace of where would have been expunged from the records.


      • Flexdream says:

        I know SF take the money, what I object to is the BBC elevating them as a significant voice at Westminster when they are an irrelevance, and giving them a platform to threaten the peace in NI under the cover of it all being the fault of the nasty DUP and Conservatives for doing a deal that reflects the outcome of the General Election we just had.

        SF would never of course consider working with other parties.


  3. Justin Casey says:

    On 30th October 1993 my Uncle John Moyne was killed by loyalist gunmen in a retaliation attack for an IRA atrocity where a Fish and Chip shop was bombed killing innocent civilians going about thier daily lives… The Rising Sun Bar in Greysteel was one of those pubs where Sectarianism didn`t exist, it was a `soft` target, like the shop in Shankhill Road, and was attacked by cowards who should have been left to rot in jail… I count myself lucky for having been born and brought up in Lincolnshire, I haven`t had to live with the constant fear of violence like the rest of my family.. When the ceasefire initially came about, I was asked by nearly all of my relations why I didn`t want to move with my family back to Claudy, Co.Derry in N.Ireland. I had one main reason and it was quite simply this….. Current Storemont Politicians are either themselves directly responsible for the murder and misery of the troubles which blighted the lives of both sides on the good people of N.Ireland, and those who were not are influenced by those who murdered thier way to thier current positions of Political Influence.. Although both sides decommisioned arms, I am quite convinced that even now there are stockpiled arms hidden by all factions, ready and waiting for them to be used to once more murder and control the lives of all N.Irish people.. Gerry Adams is a disgusting excuse for a human being, and he represents a section of the Irish people who are willing to overlook the evils of terrorism mainly becouse they were never directly affected by the actions of a gang of murderers who used a political stance as a cover for what i see as criminal enterprise…. The fact is, you will never see a Sinn Fein politician who is struggling to make ends meet.. You will never see thier party struggle financially either… During the troubles they robbed, bullied and victimised thier own to fill thier coffers, as did the loyalists…. Gerry Adams knows where the bodies of many innocent housewifes and mothers were executed and then buried in unmarked graves… I can honestly say that if i ever met him I would spit in his face for the crimes he has never had to answer for… When he turned up after my Uncle was murdered he was told to f**k off and the door was slammed in his face… Until such time as people such as Adams are removed from Storemont there will never be a true peace in N.Ireland….