That…er…’Muslim Ban’


Remember that Muslim ban that Trump was supposed to have introduced despite most Muslim countries being free to send their citizens to the US and that the countries chosen for the ban were picked out as countries of concern by the Obama administration….now just a ‘travel ban’….

Big win for Trump and his travel ban

Although the Supreme Court left parts of the lower-court-ordered suspension of his travel ban intact, and agreed to consider the merits of the case in October, a considerable portion of it can now go into effect.

The path to entry into the US for immigrants and refugees from the affected nations, if they don’t have existing ties to the US – either through family, schools or employment – just became considerably harder.

Unlike the lower court judges, the Supreme Court justices set aside concerns that the travel ban amounted to unconstitutional religious discrimination by focusing exclusively on countries with majority Muslim population.

They paid no heed to Mr Trump’s sometimes controversial statements and tweets or comments by his surrogates and staffers as to the motivation behind the immigration measures.

Instead it was all about the justices’ interpretations of current law and an affirmation of presidential authority.

Like the BBC’s elusive choice of wording…the court ‘set aside concerns’ that the travel ban was religiously based…that suggests they just ignored the issue…but that’s not likely is it?  The reality is that the ban was not a ban on Muslims because they were ‘Muslim’ and the court recognised this.  The Left’s big lie has been caught out and the politicisation of the lower courts revealed.

You get the impression Zurcher is choking on his words as he typed his report.   Months of BBC reporting shown to be bollocks.  Can we have a refund?



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18 Responses to That…er…’Muslim Ban’

  1. Fedup says:

    Not much of a comment on al beebs little cousin channel 4 news . Instead an awful film about ‘migrants ‘ trying to get to Europe from North Africa.

    Misguided charities and others helping them out so that even more will be encouraged.

    You wonder why there is no military response to the bases from where these boats are launched ? A clear threat to the West and all c4 shouts is ‘humanitarian crisis’ . stop em and send em back.
    As per Trump


    • Payne by name says:

      Paul Joseph Watson’s video about the refugees from Africa is an eye opener. He NGO’s and charities are literally collecting these economic migrants and ferrying them to Italy where the majority just evaporate into the country.

      No ‘rescuing’ from sinking ships or taking them to the nearest safe port in Tunisia. No just a nice trip direct to Italy with their own lovely bright life vest.


      • Flexdream says:

        Even NATO is pitching in by ‘rescuing’ migrants and then taxiing them on to Italy.


        • Al Shubtill says:

          That new aircraft carrier for the Royal Navy, which is currently undergoing sea trials, will be able to bring them across in even greater numbers once operational; the “vibrancy” level in Europe will then soon be truly remarkable.


  2. soyelcaminodelfuturo says:

    It is blatant and obvious population replacement and cultural suicide by the west. It is clear to anyone capable of exercising objectivity. The establishment is explicitly pushing this agenda – the white, Christian west must be eliminated to facilitate the NWO. Frankfurt Institute? Kalergi-Couldenhove? 1924 and 1940s – exactly what we see manifesting itself in reality today in Europe was set out in detail nearly a century ago. When I say this I can hear the words “conspiracy theorist” but Google it and take the time to draw the parallels. It’s all there in black and white.


  3. Deborahanother says:

    I think many have had their eyes opened, its pretty hard to ignore now.It can only end very badly even if we do manage to extricate ourselves from the EU. Blairs Human Rights Act is an abomination to any patriotic Briton. And remains a criminals charter.

    Jeremy Corbyn is promising all sorts of free stuff and to abolish the benefits cap so expect much more if he ever gets into power. However I’m starting to think a few years of Jeremy and true chaos is what is needed to shake people out of their stupor.


    • Oaknash says:

      I said that a while back Deborah – Unfortunately the MSM/Government agencies have for decades been demoralising both the general population of this country and agencies such as the police to a point where there is very little thinking outside of the PC box.

      Large swathes of our population now carry a pc guilt trip about our “waycist/colonial” past and therefore consider our culture is not worth fighting for. In addition agencies such as the police have been trained to such a point of “Pavlovian” sensitivity that as soon as “hate crime” or the ” waycist” accusation is made all these time serving jobsworths with scrambled eggs around their hats suddenly appear out of the woodwork tutting and saying “we must do better” I am afraid the police too are lost and our armed forces are next.

      I am afraid free thinking is dying the death of a thousand cuts in a pc divide and rule campaign as is common sense. I think on the whole our will to resist has been damaged – perhaps not yet fatally , but I fear much more of our blood will have to be spilled before people wake up and actually to decide to resist.

      The “yoof” currently appear enchanted by the “hearts, flowers and free stuff for all” approach by the bearded one, not caring how much further down the road to oblivion we will advance when Corbyn gets in.

      Some have already surrendered (such as the parents of murdered Freiburg student who asked for funeral donations to be given to a refugee charity) and the Scotts and Maxicommies of this world. I would also argue that Theresa May (who I believe was aware of the possible attempted murder and harassing of Tommy Robinson) has also shown a distinctly worrying “lack of interest” in what is happening to our democracy and willingness to co-operate with those who would do us harm.

      The rest of us will have to wait and hope that when the time comes there is still enough regard for British culture, standards and freedom to make people want to fight for what was our birthright.


      • Deborahanother says:

        Yes the long march of leftists through the institutions is nearly over. The tide must turn sooner or later ,but our spoon fed youth are not up to the task.Only if their lifestyle of I phones and designer coffee is threatened will they stir.And then it will be everyone’s fault but their own.

        My children are brought up to know the value of things and of the ravages socialism brings.I keep having to remind them how things were before the Internet and Apple. They didnt go to Uni thank God so didnt get the indoctrination and are debt free.


      • Kaiser says:

        A reckoning must and will come sooner or later, whether we will win is debatable the chances recede day by day


        • MarkyMark says:

          Afraid one simple act will not resolve the problem as it stands. i.e. chanting on mass at a football stadium. Also this ensures the victimhood card can be played.
          On the Sharia side I had a work colleague say “You know, most of Sharia law is the same as UK law?” to which I had no answer at the time. Now I think back it’s not what is the same, it’s about what the differences are – people want to find common ground, even if it means ignoring the disgusting parts totally – like having a title ‘3 Girls’ rather than a program title of ‘The Rochdale Rapes of 1400 Innocent Girls 2006 – 2013’.

          I would like to make this suggestion ….

          To stop the radicalisation of host Country Muslims may I suggest that the Muslim community with the help of its Koran knowledgeable Imams help by stating the laws of its host country that bind it’s people together-thus helping fellow Muslims quickly integrate and understand what is required of them.

          * Read after each Mosque sermon (x5 a day) and prior to all Sharia Councils the laws of the land.
          * Everyone is equal before the law.
          * Marriage age is 18 and monogamous.
          * Domestic abuse is not tolerated, physical or mental – see Police if in doubt.
          * Child genital mutilation (male or female) is illegal – see Police if in doubt.
          * You are free to practice your religion of choice with the other 4000 religions in the world.
          * Wear what you like – with some restrictions on proving identity and entering buildings and note that your daily dose of sunlight does wonders for your health!
          * Women have an equal place in society – same rule of law.
          * Everyone is free to leave their religion, with no reprisals or threats, police will back you up if required
          * You can talk about ideas that may offend yourself and your friend’s beliefs – it is the clash of ideas that generates new ones

          Using this approach we can then question people leaving the Mosque or Sharia Council to see if they were told the law of the land and if they understood them. So we can gauge if this process is working or not by spreading the knowledge needed. Also, Imams could video record and live stream all Mosque and Sharia Court sessions similar to what we do in UK Parliament with translated transcripts. – Brexit and Foreign Affairs


  4. NCBBC says:

    The fact that we are discussing such a topic is proof enough that the West is dead.

    Now we need to think of a Resurrection, if possible.

    One way is to implement full Sharia right now, while we still have the chance to reverse it, and remove this existential threat. Much later, and it will be well nigh impossible short of a Bosnia type civil war.


    • Cranmer says:

      Sadly I think a Bosnia type civil war is inevitable now, or at best, a Northern Ireland/Israel situation of daily living under siege. You cannot allow the importation of millions of foreigners to supplant the populations of entire cities without some sort of hostile reaction. Up until now the authorities have tried to keep a lid on it through criminalising anybody who objects, but there is only so many people they can arrest for ‘hate crime’. There is also only so much money in the pot for handouts and benefits to these people; a collapse is inevitable – Grenfell showed just how bad the problem is and how much money needs to be spent.


  5. Manxman says:

    You do what you gotta do, just get rid of them, you Brits are our last line of defence, and i have never been more serious, you go under, WE go under, i have investments in the future of my land in the form of 2 generations, and i fear most for my grandson, the key to alerting/mobilising an awakening Nation has been found.

    30,000 40,000 50,000 60,000 etc etc, televised football fans chanting muslims out muslims out, up and down the country every match would be un-ignorable, an army of like minded fit fighting men, the authorities would act then.

    Or deafening ”fuck you, i’m Millwall”, ….. or which ever team they support, will send the message loud and clear.
    And the orignal FYIM will end having a statue made of him, as history makes him the inspirator of the UK’s rejection a cleansing of the islamists.


  6. Kaiser says:

    Actions = opposite reactions

    if everyone of our politicians keep burying it under the carpet, and wont do anything about it

    it “WILL” lead to someone who will do something about it

    a lot of people are not going find the future solutions to this problem very palatable , but they wont have a choice, as the other option of just letting the current path take its course will be extremely distasteful


    • GCooper says:

      I agree and I’ve said it before here and elsewhere. If the wishy-washy milksops that run the BBC aren’t careful, they will precipitate exactly the thing they are most scared of – a serious totalitarian backlash. They like to pretend that would mean someone like Nigel Farage. They would do better thinking of a Mussolini or even that chap with the moustache.


      • Wild says:

        They want a person with a moustache (or is it a beard?) to take over. They were never in favour of a free a society in the first place. It is just a question of having the right sort of facial hair. The aim is to destroy society and replace it with a new society – run by themselves. They want destruction. Everything that impedes that destruction – tradition, the family, every sort of institutions independent of the State, is to be replaced and run by the Party.

        That is why they are in favour of a State broadcaster, and hate people who even formulate the thought that the the BBC is far too powerful, and what the BBC does should be delivered by a plurality of suppliers in a free market.

        The reason they hate British conservatism so much (just look at the faces BBC journalists pull when interviewing Conservatives on Newsnight) is because English conservatism is founded on a belief in objective standards independent of political judgements, that something is either true or false, better or worse, independently of what progressive Guardian readers inform us is politically correct, that there is such a thing as higher and lower, and that a free society dedicated to the pursuit of excellence gives people the freedom and independence to discover them.

        Crudely, it is a conservatism based on support for the settlement of 1688 – namely a constitutional monarchy, a parliamentary democracy, an independent legal system that protects private property, upholds freedom of speech, that supports strong but limited governments which impose low taxes, limit government spending and borrowing, create a sound currency, and seeks to encourage free markets and open trading with the rest of the world.

        Now you can argue about how conservative the Conservatives have been over the last 100 years, Macmillan and Heath for example, but you can see why the BBC Guardian readers who want to run everything (and destroy each and every source of opposition) hate English conservatism so much. It takes power away from them and gives it back to others, to individuals and independent institutions, instead of being centrally directed, by them.

        Have you ever met a tolerant Leftist? Do they not always with great moral indignation try to get you to conform to their views? On Question Time when somebody says something they do not agree with do they not try to talk over them, insult, and try to shut them down, as if the very idea of somebody having a different view from them offends them. That is why the (Marxist) producer of Question Time always stacks the panel with a majority of Leftists, because the possibility that people may hear non-progressive views is a dangerous prospect for them.


  7. Manxman says:

    Politicised = an Institution Field of excellence or person that has been fatally infected with Leftism, and has become relativist by nature.

    The German chap with half a moustache in the middle you mean.