Project Fear continues courtesy of the BBC



So who is James Chapman?  You have to ask because the BBC doesn’t tell us in its bulletins as it turns his anti-May, anti-Brexit spin into ‘news’.  All day we have been informed of his opinion that May’s ‘redline’ on the ECJ is untenable and making David Davis’ job impossible…..

Theresa May has ‘hamstrung’ David Davis in Brexit talks

Theresa May has made David Davis’s job more difficult by setting “red lines” for him in Brexit talks, his ex-chief of staff has told the BBC.

James Chapman said the Brexit secretary had been “hamstrung” by the prime minister’s stance on the European Court of Justice (ECJ), among other things.

He said Mrs May would not get a Brexit deal through Parliament unless she showed more “flexibility”.

BBC news didn’t think it necessary to inform us of his provenance but the web article slips in a brief mention of his past life…

A former Daily Mail journalist, Mr Chapman was George Osborne’s director of communications before becoming Mr Davis’s chief of staff at the new department for exiting the EU.

James Chapman was Osborne’s PR spinner and what the BBC fails to mention, the ‘man who ran Project Fear’ for Remain…

From the Independent:

The man who helped run Project Fear is now a key figure in Brexit negotiations

Exclusive: Bizarre twist sees former Osborne aide take top job with Brexit Secretary David Davis

A bizarre twist indeed….which is probably why he has been booted out of the job now….and why we get this Remain operation to further undermine Brexit.


Let’s think….what is going on?  ‘Explosive stuff from James Chappers’!!!!???  Why would the BBC be peddling that ‘explosive stuff’ all day as headline news?   The BBC organised the pro-Remain Times to interview a very pro-Remain Chapman who is feeding the Media Remain misinformation, the BBC blasts his views out on the news as if it is gospel and we have him on The Week In Westminster   on the same day.  Chapman has all the usual suspects cheerleading him on Twitter….he does his own cheerleading for Remoaner Tories to be in cabinet…

This is quite obviously an orchestrated attack on Brexit and May in an attempt to pressure her to change course on Brexit and essentially stay in the EU.

It is all pure opinion from Chapman, Remoaner opinion at that….the ECJ is ony a problem for those who want the ECJ to still have oversight over UK affairs…ie Remoaners.  Not as if the EU doesn’t have its own redlines….not least its absolutist redline of freedom of movement…indeed all the four conditions it imposes imperially upon those who want to trade with it inside the Single Market.  Freedom of movement is a political and ideological policy that is intended to break the nation states and undermine national loyalties…it is ‘ethnic cleansing’ of a kind…it is completely unnecessary economically….and it is the biggest single factor that sets a large portion of the people of Europe against the EU.

The BBC has joined forces with the Remain camp in a glaringly obvious piece of news manipulation in an effort to change government policy and pressurise politicians.  The BBC once again seriously interfering in the democratic process and acting in a highly politicised manner.

Perhaps May should replace the leadership of the BBC with an independent commission until it gets its ship in order….clearly unfit for purpose right now.

Lord Hall, photographed in his office at Broadcasting House, London, June 2017

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8 Responses to Project Fear continues courtesy of the BBC

  1. Oaknash says:

    There seems to be a definite “Remain fightback” at the moment taking advantage of the pro Corbyn vote by our self obsessed yoof. There are also lots of hubris-tic stories from the EU suggesting that we deserve our fate but they are also holding discussions for when we request to return to the the saggy breasts of the EU and Ma Merkel. Thats kind of them. Sounds a bit to me like “good cop bad cop” The question is will our snowflakes fall for it and the answer probably is yes !

    The Telegraph today led with a story that “The City must come first” but was fairly non specific about details. I wonder whether this includes “free trade” and by implication keeping open borders and therefore a “soft” brexit or should that be NO BREXIT.

    As far as I am concerned putting “the city first” is part of the reason why we got in a financial mess in the first place.

    I suppose most of these wankers are more than willing to sacrifice our democracy, fishing industry and coastal ports so they can continue to sit on their fat unproductive arses and make shed loads of money just by pressing buttons. They may well all be “clever bastards” but they are the main reason why the UK has a economy that is dependent on “financial services” and not real industries such as fishing – Which potentially would employ tens of thousands more people had it not all been given away by Heath and co in the seventies.

    God forbid that any of these indolent twats may well one day have to get off their fat arses and break into a sweat to earn a crust. Fortunately the likes of Jeremy will be hanging around to tell them that this work thing is really a bit overrated when you can have free stuff. What was that song? “Money for nuffin”


    • taffman says:

      “The people have spoken”
      Not only in the 2016 EU referendum but in the last GE.
      The only political party calling for another EU referendum was the Limpdems, and how many parliamentary seats did they get? Someone remind me ………….

      Al Beeb the MSM and the politicians are not listening to the silent majority – the people of Great Britain.
      Dangerous, very dangerous.


  2. Demon says:

    Anyone notice on the news that Kohl’s coffin was draped in the EU flag? Although later it was shown with the German one, most of the time it was shown on the bulletin with the EU one. It proves a lot of what e say about the direction the EU is hurtling towards. I do hope we are able to get out with our full sovereignty restored.


    • taffman says:

      Evidently propaganda, pure EU propaganda .


    • Oaknash says:

      Demon – I think the” race is on”led by the BBC to force the brexit referendum decision genie back into a bottle labelled “mistake” and they see Theresa Mays current electoral weakness as the best opportunity for doing it.

      This disgusting broadcaster has spent the last couple of years working against and now undermining the democratically expressed will of the people. It has been allowed to spend time money and energy not only on undermining peoples confidence in their decision but in in undermining our relationship with those who wanted to do business with us such as Trump.

      We are are a tipping point for both for the EU and our society.
      1 The EU know that their finances (due to years of economic mismanagement and the current self created migrant crisis) are so parlous that in all likelihood our departure from this rotten organisation is likely to cause its collapse – and hence their full on assault, to turn the clock back and retain us as the cash cow we have so loyally been. Hence the current bellicose aggressive rhetoric and at the same time seemingly contradictory statements promising understanding and compromise.
      This is designed to increase the “fear” factor and pretend that maybe – just maybe the EU may actually want to change for the better. All so the frightened snowflakes can feel better about themselves when it comes to the point that they can vote against claiming back our freedom and brexit is binned once and for all.

      2 We are at a tipping for our society because when the Red Santa finally gets in, the immigration floodgates will open and we will have lots of new enthusiastic labour supporters all keen to get their hands on all this free stuff and and complete the destruction of our culture and society.

      How will it end – I dont know but one thing is for sure it is going to be messy.
      And all of this cheerled by our wonderful BBC who provides a lubrication of lies for those who do not have our best interests at heart.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Demon-re Kohl.
      Suppose they have to be dead before they`d let anybody put an EU flag on them.
      Very EU-fat, useless, betrayed his country ceaselessly, bit off more than his country could chew…and left under endless scandals and financial shenanigans.
      The European Union personified…and his gold-dgging wife probably got a few quid for allowing this circus. Bet his son wasn`t allowed to derail the EUs necrophilia.


  3. sanitycheck2 says:

    MSM, and the out of touch liberal elitists and Nottinghill/Islington set, often portray the message that the UK had no human rights prior to the Blair Government. It was his government that ratified the Convention, and enacted it into UK law when The Humans Right Act 1998 was passed.

    Most people do not understand the history of the European Convention on Human Rights (and the European Court of Justice that oversees it). This Convention came into being shortly after WW2, and was sponsored/promoted by the allies; the UK and the USA. It was to give the people of Europe (and at this stage The UK stood outside Europe) a minimum basic level of Human rights. The Convention was largely based upon English Law. I emphasize that the Convention adopted the position that was though to reflect the rights that UK citizens enjoyed as a matter of English Law. I use the expression thought to reflect since the UK does not have a written constitution, and thus the position is somewhat uncertain, and is to be found in Common Law.

    The UK did not ratify the Convention since there was absolutely no point since the Convention was based on and reflected the position in the UK. The Convention was simply giving the rest of Europe the protection that UK citizens had enjoyed for hundreds of years.

    Thus it is not the position that the UK had no human rights prior to the Blair Government, or would have no human rights should the UK Government repeal The Human Rights Act 1998. If the Human Rights Act 1998 were to be repealed, UK citizens (and/or those persons subject to the Jurisdiction of the English Courts and the Rule of Law) would enjoy all the usual level of human rights. It would just be that the UK would free itself from the perverse interpretation of the Convention that has taken place these past 30 or so years by the European Court of justice, eg., the silly interpretation now being given to the right to a family life such that if one has a cat, one cannot be sent to jail etc. The Convention is now out of step with the former position in English Law, not because of what the Convention actually says in its many articles/provisions, but simply because of the relatively recent perverse interpretation given to its provisions made by rulings of the European Court of Justice.

    Upon Brexit, it should be made a priority that the UK pulls out from the Convention, repeals The Human Rights Act 1998, and once again establishes the supremacy of the UK Courts to rule on human rights. If I was the government, when repealing the Human Rights Act 1998, I would insert a provision making it clear that decisions of the European Court of Justice are not binding and should be given no or all but no consideration. The UK needs to restore balance, and needs to make it clear that the rights of the victim (or potential victims) always take preference to the rights of perpetrators.


  4. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Reading Yanis Varoufakis book on how the EU treated him and the Greeks.
    Great read-but has selective Stockholm Syndrome in that he STILL thinks that we all belong in that festering failure of a political suicide pact with the German banks. The one he spends the whole book in trashing.
    I only say this because Brexit Central reviewed the book and Austin Mitchell etc gave us all the pattern of what will happen.
    We`re not even at Stage One of the Four Stages yet-but rest assured that we know what`s going to happen and we`ll be ready.
    In other words-don`t bother your arses getting annoyed at the BBC. They`re only doing what Soros and their paypuppets at the EU require of them.
    WE in turn do NOT have to care. If we stick to SOVEREIGNTY, we`ll win.
    Walk away after two years, let it go loopy for a few days, and say sorry to Trump before March 2019.