It’s interesting to consider how the BBC chooses to report on an issue, because you KNOW it will never be from a pro-British perspective. Take this story on the tiresome EU “negotiations” – note how it leads with the view as seen by the EU! The BBC is a loathsome and persistent opponent of a soveriegn United Kingdom and it’s entire coverage of Brexit is a joke. I wouldn’t mind except it forces me to pay for it.


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  1. Fedup says:

    why do you still pay the licence tax. It is immoral. don’t pay it.

    The EU knows the editorial line al beeb takes in relation to Brexit. Al beeb sees Brexit as a right wing anti immigrant movement. For some that may be . For others ( me ) it is a matter that we do not want an”ever closer union” bossed by the frogs and krauts. With voting systems designed to neutralise unbelievers like us.

    I remember the lies we were told when we voted to go in. The first time we have had a chance to address those lies we voted “leave”. Jacob RM has famously explained there is no soft or hard Brexit. He is right. I studied EU law for two long years. There is no soft Brexit. We cannot be in one market ( goods) and not another (labour) so now Labour is lying even more than before.

    There is now going to be a forceful labour led remain coalition aimed at bringing down the government before the 2 year A50 timing runs out. Al beeb will be supporting this campaign even more than normal. Get ready for the poison.


    • theisland says:

      How to fight it? A new political movement?
      I’m not ready to give up yet.


      • Fedup says:


        I’ve been trying figure out the approach al beeb will use to support the labour remain coalition .

        Encouraging soubry and other travellers to join the coalition but not the Labour Party?

        Feeding material to get remain MPs of any colour deselected for the bi elections in the next year

        Try to get the whip withdrawn for some unfortunate comment

        Break the DUP support for the conservative government .

        I’m sure the EU would be amenable to lengthening the 2 year A50 process in order to have a labour coalition keep us in – and probably join the euro at parity too.

        Every day that passes is one nearer to Brexit .,


        • theisland says:

          Good question. Because al Beeb is essentially just the propaganda arm of the EU, it will do what the Bliarites instruct it to do (promises of perks, position and pensions all round). We don’t know what else ‘they’ have planned but attempting to scupper the Repeal Bill is high on the list. Gunning for leaver MPs will be a priority.

          In the short term at least I guess it will be drip, drip more of the same – demonisation of leavers (and ‘wrong thinking’ people like AMW), lots of soft interviews with remainers, fake economics, sad tales about poor EU citizens living here, fake news, withholding news, cuddy immigrants-r-us etc. Not to mention more diversity. Hurrah.

          The one thing we can be sure about is that it will continue to be anti-British. Beeboids are amoral.


        • Amounderness Lad says:

          Causing a rift between the DUP and the Tories is one of their definite intentions. They are intent on using Project Fear over the issue of the Border and how it will operate after Brexit.

          Their obvious intent is to assist the EU, via Dublin, to create the fear of a return to the rampant terrorism of the past by insisting a closed (I won’t use their term of hard with all it’s connotations of extremism) border will force the return of that terrorism.

          They know full well that the only real alternative, which is what they would love to happen, is a completely open customs border with free passage of EU good and people from Eire to Ulster. That would almost certainly mean creating a customs border between Ulster and the UK, in effect splitting them from the rest of the UK and linking Ulster and Eire as, a least a form of Federal Ireland.

          They are fully aware that the DUP, and many people in Ulster, are hardly likely to accept that idea and would almost certainly mean the DUP would immediately split from the Tories should they ever look like discussing that option.

          The Remainers, and the Eurocracy in Brussels, have the obvious intention on magnifying even the smallest difficulty from a mole hill into a mountain range of Himalayan proportions in their efforts to create the pretence that Brexit is an impossibility without totally destructive problems.

          That is already the line the bBBC takes at every opportunity by trying to present even the slightest bump in the Brexit process as a insurmountable blockage which can never be overcome, and they obviously have no intention of deviating from that singular line of propaganda.


      • Wild Bill says:

        I am never giving up.


      • Up2snuff says:

        theisland, UKIP have just been handed a chance to come back from the dead by the Labour Party.

        I wonder if they will manage to take it without messing up or dissolving into new bouts of infighting. It is probably the last chance they will get.


        • Scroblene says:

          I really do wish they’d sort themselves out.

          They now look so much like a Saturday night rabble, when their ideals, under Nigel Farage’s leadership were vote-winners!

          We all laugh at idiots like Abbott and Corbyn, but where are the real opposition?

          Mrs O’Blene and I realised today that we hadn’t turned on our television for nearly a month.

          So that’s a few more quid wasted…


        • chrisH says:

          If Anne Marie Waters doesn`t win, they`re stuffed.
          And something much nastier will be coming…blazers and florid faces win nuffink.


          • GCooper says:

            I think they are stuffed whatever happens, ChrisH.

            My money has been on ‘something wicked this way comes’ comes for several years. Invest in jackboot polish now.


      • chrisH says:

        Today in 1980, Solidarity were formed in Poland.
        Lech and Co had it FAR harder than we keyboard warriors and blowhards.
        At the same time Havel had already set up Charter 77…and ten years later Viktor Orbak set up his Fidetz Party in Hungary.
        Imagine what THEY had to contend with…and our Lefties were utter scum and spent their roubles to mock, belittle and insult these enemies of the Soviet.
        Roger Scruton did more to see off Communism in these countries that any Lefty ever did…and he is still thanked and revered for it.
        As are Mrs Thatcher, President Reagan and John Paul 2.

        This is easy stuff-Five Star have done it, Aaron Banks would fund it if it was a runner.
        Just need to study how the Soviet Union fell, and why the EU needs to fall more demonstably…a Hard Fred Dibnah sapper type of operation as Bannon and Gorka have already shown us.


    • john in cheshire says:

      There’s no moderate or radical islam and there’s no soft or hard Brexit.


    • Dadad says:

      I hate albeeb as much as anyone else on here. But remember, leaving the EU is a process, not a one day event in 2009 and will likely take up to 10 years to get rid of 44 years of integration.

      It is perfectly possible to leave the political EU while remaining in the SM and CU while we negotiate the FTA which May offered within 2 years. Which is impossible. More fool her for offering it.

      Try reading eureferendum.com every day for the facts.


      • honestus says:

        I have frequently deferred to Richard North when seeking clarity on EU matters. As clearly knowledgeable as he is, he comes across as somewhat condescending when commenting on the quality of the UK negotiating team in particular David Davies. He also seems to show far too much respect for the opposition and does what the BBC does best, annoyingly, to set the EU position first and how we are failing to meet their ‘detailed’ points.
        He may be correct in some of his criticisms, but he needs to get past the fact that he is not personally involved and unlikely to be so and to offer up what is completely lacking from all other media reporters, some bloody constructive encouragement. If this is all he has to say, then I might as well switch on the Bias Beeb. At least I am fully aware of their (dis)loyalties and the constant stream of negative invective toward anything Brexit.
        Our position, as far as I can see:-

        a) how much money are you looking for to settle our account too date. Bearing in mind the huge investment we have already made in infrastructure and the fact we will need to buy into access to some markets. This is the only sticking point issue with the EU, Money, as it has always been.
        b) We want tariff free as far as possible for both our sakes and the continuation of mutually beneficial movement of goods particularly into the UK.
        c) there will be no automatic free movement of peoples. That is not to say many skilled employees will no longer be welcome in the UK. They will, as they always have been. But we will ascertain if we are in need of their skills before they are accepted.
        d) The ECJ will no longer have any role within a Sovereign UK. One of the most important factors which drove the Leave vote (in my opinion). We make our own laws, rules regulations which doubtless will match and better those on offer through the EU.

        Much else should really be subject to a huge dose of common sense (remember that?) and should not be used as bargaining chips (status of relocated nationals and hard borders spring to mind).
        Over simplified I know, but sometimes Davies has a point. It is not rocket science and we need to stand behind our team if we are to win any concessions rather than carping from the back seat.


        • Banania says:

          Richard North is Mr Grumpy; only he knows what to do and everybody else is an idiot. A great pity, because he is very knowledgeable and would be able to help a lot, if he were willing.


          • GCooper says:

            Sadly, this is true. I was once a great supporter of Dr North’s but while his knowledge is unsurpassed, his attitude is terrible.


  2. Aether63 says:

    The BBC lies left right and centre.They did so for the 1975 for the remain or leave before EU referendum they were fed lies and propaganda by Norman Reddaway of the IRD a department of the Foreign Office.Norman Reddaway was the worlds biggest liar and propagandist and was supported by the CIA and MI6 with false information.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Fool me once etc.
      But the current generation of politicians on the left have no shame and the current generation of youth have no sense of country or patriotism, because of the communists in our education system.


      • Fedup says:

        I discussed here a couple of weeks ago that Blighty might deserve an extreme left govt just to be reminded of what they are and do.

        A more learned colleague came back at me saying once in power Corbin McDonald would fix the vote by dropping the age to 16 . How true.


        • chrisH says:

          All those Labour Sleepovers with BBC mates?
          The Paedophile Antifada Sexchange will surely have its new generations of Harmans, Dromeys, Hodges and Hewitts to cover the nub of youthful frolics…what else is Newsbeat or cBBC for then?
          How very Savilised….


      • vesnadog says:

        “because of the communists in our education system”

        And in every system where children/dopy teens with attitude problems are gathered!


  3. MarkyMark says:

    65% = “Leave the EU” + “Happy Either Way, Had chance to Vote but didn’t”
    35% = “Remain in the EU (when using happy either way)”

    “..but I don’t want to be part of a Country called Europe. I want to be part of a Country called Great Britain. {youtube – D.Cameron sided with Remain in EU (2016). Why was this not repeated on a loop during the referendum?}”
    – David Cameron on the David Letterman Show, USA, 06.05.2014

    “Because when immigration is too high (no figure given), when the pace of change is too fast (what is acceptable pace?), it’s impossible to build a cohesive society. It’s difficult for schools and hospitals and core infrastructure like housing and transport to cope. {independent oct2015 – not that long ago, nothing has changed as of aug2017}”
    – Theresa May as Home Secretary // Speech to the Conservative Party Conference / 06.10.2015

    For the Many, Not the Few” – who are the few you’re excluding in this statement – is this inclusive talk or divisive?

    Enough is Enough” – what is enough and if it happens again will it be “More than Enough”? Has there been enough freedom of expression on internet.

    .. always end with the enemy of the BBC are worse than the EU ….

    UKIP MEP Nigel Farage, whose own expenses claims have come under scrutiny in the past (BBC investigate this? What did they find?), said Mr Juncker’s use of a private plane over a commercial option was “outrageous”. {bbc.co.uk aug2017}

    Transparent EU?
    “Campaigners have spent several (2 years) years trying to obtain detailed information about officials’ expenses, with the
    commission arguing that collating it poses a big administrative burden (so keeping accounts and being transparent are burdens!).”

    – ‘expenses claims have come under scrutiny in the past’ so were they reviewed as OK, but we are using the past to contradict the future? Did BBC investigate Farage’s expenses and do a complete investigation? And the BBC found out what? Journalism via twitter …


  4. taffman says:

    “Brexit: UK and EU negotiators call for more progress”
    It looks as if its coming down to Al Beeb, the MSM and our treacherous MPs of ‘all colours’ – Vs- The Majority of the People of this country.
    The present government’s indecision is damaging the nations economy.
    What happened to “Brexit means Brexit”?
    We voted out and want out now.


    • chrisH says:

      I`m relaxed taffman.
      We`ve had riots in 1981, 1991, 2001 and 2011.
      I or my family were close to the action-Moss Side, Tyneside, Blackburn and my kids in Acton.
      None of them were justified, but one hell of a buzz -rather as we felt on June 24th last year as well as November 9th 2016. 2021?….well that riot WILL be worth the fun and there`s many years of …er…”hurt”…to express. If we don`t get the Brexit we voted for?…well, it`ll be a joy to dish out a bit of grief after the deceits, the lies and the sheer affront to what remains of a democratic process that acts as a valve.
      No…history shows what we can do…and we`ll have reason to write ourselves into our kids history book in 2021.


  5. TruthSeeker says:

    The solution is simple.
    Its implementation will be difficult.
    Its implementation will be more difficult if the people on this site continue to
    refer to aliens as immigrants.
    The Kaffir wars.
    The Zulu wars.
    The Auracanian wars.
    The Seminole wars.
    The Apache wars.
    The Sioux wars.
    The Cheyenne war.
    The Aztec war.
    The Inca wars.
    The Maori wars.
    Some recent examples, scores more could be adduced.
    Would-be colonisers were vigorously resisted everywhere.
    Hundreds of other examples from history, which I will not here relate.
    Would-be colonisers were also vigorously resisted everywhen.
    In virtually all these wars the resistance to the colonists was organised by the, then current, leaders.
    If the leaders were unwilling to resist the colonists or incompetent at so doing, they were just killed.
    Also killed were those who, far from defending their homeland, assisted the colonists.
    Caractacus, Wild Eadric, Hereward the Wake, down to the present day, plenty of heroic examples to follow.
    Let us follow them.


    • MarkyMark says:

      TruthSeeker, agree that when people talk they need to be more exact in what they are talking about or who they are including or excluding.

      It is becoming obvious that the public are not only involved in group thought, but also words that group a lot of conflicting terms or ideas.

      Here is where we are failing in using our language correctly. Let us take the word Muslim as an instance, you can apply this idea to different things as well, so don’t think the word “Muslim” is a special case.

      If you use the word “Muslim” which of these is it?
      A Muslim born in the UK?
      A Muslim born outside the UK, emigrated to the UK?
      A Muslim from Iran who has been raised as a child listening to Ayatollah Khomeini?
      (“…There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.”)
      A Muslim from Saudi Arabia who has seen beheadings in Deera Square as a child (unsure if there are age restrictions on viewing this sort of thing)?
      (After Friday prayers [Saudi Arabia,Deera Square], police and other officials clear the area to make way for the execution to take place. After the beheading of the condemned, the head is stitched to the body and the body is wrapped up for the final rites and taken away. a wiki ref)
      A Muslim fighting ISIS reading the Dabiq everyday?
      (ISIS Magazine. Dabiq is where Muslim and infidel forces will eventually face each other)
      A Kurdish Muslim female fighter shooting ISIS soldiers?
      A Muslim women being forced to stay hidden at home under a veil in a Western society?
      A Muslim women free to talk in UK Parliament?
      A Muslim imam preaching hate such as Anjem Choudary?
      (Anjem Choudary allowed to spread hate speech 1999-2016). “..we will dominate this country (UK)” )
      A Muslim from Bradford,UK who drives to Glasgow,UK to kill another Muslim (Asad Shah)?
      (Tanveer Ahmed who murdered Asad Shah … shouts in courtroom “Praise for the Prophet Muhammad, there is only one Prophet!”)
      A Muslim who visits Mecca,Saudi Arabia and has to leave his non-Muslim friend outside of Mecca?
      (Sign on road to Mecca “Muslims Only (for Mecca in green)” “For Non Muslims (in red, not sure where you end up – scary)).

      Which of these Muslims are you talking about? Just to be clear. {biasedbbc post}


  6. JimS says:

    The UN resolution 1514 of 1960 should be nailed to the front door of No. 10 and Broadcasting House:

    1. The subjection of peoples to alien subjugation, domination and exploitation constitutes a denial of fundamental human rights, is contrary to the Charter of the United Nations and is an impediment to the promotion of world peace and co-operation.

    2. All peoples have the right to self-determination; by virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

    3. Inadequacy of political, economic, social or educational preparedness should never serve as a pretext for delaying independence.

    One could read that as valid objections to rule by the EU and ‘enrichment’ by alien cultures!


    • TruthSeeker says:

      “should be nailed to the front door”
      It does not apply to us, we have no rights. Except one, MIR.


  7. Deborahanother says:

    I avoid most of the BBC but its maddening i still have to pay to have a TV .If enough people didnt pay the TV tax it would have to change .Problem is people are brainwashed to think there is nothing wrong and its a bargain.They just don’t realise the drip of poison in their ears in practically every programme.

    Even the so called beloved Strictly is costing fans more money and is very contrived ,its obvious once you analyse it They want votes and the more they get the more they earn in phone calls. Thats why they have the comedy celebrity ,and the judges being nasty to someone etc,for the public to get behind .
    The XFactor is the same but then I’m not forced to pay for that and I don’t get constant EU propaganda from ITV.

    So long as the BBC gets free money with no accountability ,they will continue to stuff their programmes with remain propaganda.Its very difficult to counter .


    • DavidS says:

      But you do not have to pay.

      Irony or ironies: you are one of the ‘brainwashed’ people paying the licence fee – many feel the same way as you but just like you are too lazy to change their behaviour. And so the BBC continues its propaganda war funded by you.

      Me? Licence free for over a year now and only regret is that I didn’t ditch them years ago. More than enough content on my Roku stick (Catchup, Youtube etc.) And plenty of other options out there such as Netflix. Oh, and if I really do feel the need to watch the commies, then er…. well I pop around to my 100-yr old gran who obviously has a free licence, nudge, nudge..

      Too many licence fee moaners, who, at the end of the day would rather watch Mrs Brown’s Boys than defund the Cultural Marxists intent on screwing their country and their heritage. Grow a pair.


    • DavidS says:

      But you do not have to pay.

      Irony or ironies: you are one of the ‘brainwashed’ people paying the licence fee – many feel the same way as you but just like you are too lazy to change their behaviour. And so the BBC continues its propaganda war funded by you.

      Me? Licence free for over a year now and only regret is that I didn’t ditch them years ago. More than enough content on my Roku stick (Catchup, Youtube etc.) And plenty of other options out there such as Netflix. Oh, and if I really do feel the need to watch the commies, then er…. well I pop around to my 100-yr old gran who obviously has a free licence, nudge, nudge..

      Too many licence fee moaners, who, at the end of the day would rather watch Mrs Brown’s Boys than defund the Cultural Marxists intent on screwing their country and their heritage. Grow a pair.


    • DavidS says:

      But you do not have to pay.

      Irony or ironies: you are one of the ‘brainwashed’ people paying the licence fee – many feel the same way as you but just like you are too lazy to change their behaviour. And so the BBC continues its propaganda war funded by you.

      Me? Licence free for over a year now and only regret is that I didn’t ditch them years ago. More than enough content on my Roku stick (Catchup, Youtube etc.) And plenty of other options out there such as Netflix. Oh, and if I really do feel the need to watch the commies, then er…. well I pop around to my 100-yr old gran who obviously has a free licence, nudge, nudge..

      Too many licence fee moaners, who, at the end of the day would rather watch Mrs Brown’s Boys than defund the Cultural Marxists intent on screwing their country and their heritage. Grow a pair.


  8. Guest Who says:

    There’s a lot of it about…


    • MarkyMark says:

      For £145 per year per household, raising £3.5bn a year, paying presenters like Chris ‘£2.3m + CarFest + Free Advertising Platform’ Evans I would like (I cannot demand or stop paying due to threat of prison) that the BBC do some excellent reporting showing both sides of the argument and reflecting on previous history to give it context.

      As for Channel 4 I can simply not watch them, but the BBC carry on getting paid even if I don’t watch them.


      • Deborahanother says:

        Thats only the presenters we know about .Many others such as Dimbleby are paid via third parties to keep us from knowing.


    • chrisH says:

      As if Tim doesn`t know.
      Frankfurt 2020 and the EUs plans for its army, its taxation and the ned of any repeat of an Article 50 ever again for anybody but us.
      Locked in their burning building of a Euro as Islam comes calling.
      But Tim won`t be saying any of this…hence our need for Anne Marie Waters to get elected.


  9. MarkyMark says:

    BBC Article starts of with definite title … ‘Frankfurt is winning the battle for Brexit spoils’ {bbc.co.uk aug2017} but ends with no information to support it.

    Predictions (no link to a report) for the number of bankers set to descend on Frankfurt vary wildly, from tens of thousands (use words), up to 100,000 (then slip into numbers which people will skim read and remember,

    … skip to end of article and ….

    “We ask ‘how many are you bringing’ and [the banks] say ‘we can’t tell you that yet’,” says Mr Fochtman, betraying some frustration.
    “They are certainly coming – no question,” he adds.
    “But how many and how quickly, that remains elusive”.


  10. Nibor says:

    Never mind the official figures , there are over 5 million EU citizens living in Britain . This is why the EU side is worried and wants to sort this first .
    Imagine , if they were sent home , where would they go ? Back to Poland and Romania ? To add to their unemployment figures ? To Germany , France etc and add to their woes ?
    EUrocrats aren’t worried about their jobs , but ordinary people are . The BBC. Should be broadcasting the negative results of Junckers , Barnier’s , Merkel’s obstructive behaviour to the ordinary Joe on the continent . Less trade and more people per job . How’s that good for wages ?
    Stuff a stone in your stomach , British establishment and Beeb in particular . Get real get tough and get on our side for a change .


    • chrisH says:

      Dream on Nibor.
      If the news is in any way against the EUs petting zoo plans, then we won`t know it from the BBC.
      At least RT and Al Jaz sometimes point a camera in Greece and Italy to show us the disasters and disgrace that has been wrought on these two former titans of European culture and civilisation.
      A good series on the PIIGS by RT was heart-rending-this is what the Euro has led to, and the lies of the whole Euro elite are laid bare.
      Instead of blagging freebies to bitch against Trump, let us see what Paris is like…Greece and Italy, Ireland and Sweden eh?
      But no-no REAL Eurovision is offered-for obvious reasons.
      Thank the Lord for all the online stuff we can now get…it`s a Klondyke, but it won`t be for ever. So fill your boots before you`re wading in blood eh?


  11. MarkyMark says:

    I sent a copy of “The Strange Death of Europe: Douglas Murray {amazon affilate}” to 10 Downing Street, London a month ago, I see Mr. Murray is still going strong …

    Strange Death of Europe is number one #1 on this link! {thetimes.co.uk}

    I also sent “Seeing Things as They Are: Selected Journalism and Other Writings: George Orwell {amazon affilate}“ – wonder if the Prime Minister or Home Secretary have read much of M.r Orwell?

    “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”
    – George Orwell


    • vesnadog says:

      ““If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”
      – George Orwell”

      If gay means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear about the word gay. – Vesna.


  12. chrisH says:

    Ever since the Treaty of Rome was signed, the whole damned project to make us all a soft Soviet has been clear as day. Certainly with a little research and eyes to see what the EU predecessors were doing.
    Gramsci, Kalergi, Monnet. Schumann, Gasperi-via Delors and through to low bore pisspots like Juncker and creepy types like Verhofstad and Schultz…it`s not as if we don`t know what they`re doing is it?
    Hence our vote.
    We saw and heard the whole serried ranks of toadies, greasers, political nomarks and their bought-up, pawned out quangos and “academics”, “experts” and the like-and none of them have been removed or gelded by us have they?
    I mean-how the hell are Bercow, Vaz and Jacqui Smiff still getting their tabs and porn stashes paid for by us?
    We`re a bunch of tranny intersex political eunuchs to be so craven, our grandads had REAL enemies, not a poncing, pimping bunch of Pidcocks and Pipkins, Pidkins and Pisspox like Jons Snow or Sopel…

    So what a joy to hear exemplars like Gorka messing with Channel 4 tonight. Poor Krishnan comes across as a dry squit, and Gorka told him to keep spinning his lefty wet dreams instead of listening to his answers…and that Channel 4 ought not to call itself a news organisation if this is the level of political nous displayed by Guru Murthy.
    It`s two hours now since Gorka buried Channel 4 in a dead birds shoe box…maybe it`s sinking in now with KGM that him and his useless lefty caste of clots are now a worldwide byword for lefty wetness and inability to form a question or respond to any answers it might get.
    Gorka said the revolution is out here, not in the White House or in Jon Snows sweatpanties…hope we were all listening, because he is right.
    If we don`t match his expectations, then we`re shit and deserve the next generations of Straws, Kinnocks and Soubrys to waste us.
    Remember too that if Gorka and Bannon are removed-then they must be worth following closely…and we ought to encourage them as they have long done for us here.