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The BBC has a little trick it likes to pull….invite in one of its luvvy friends from the Arts to discuss their work, but it’s all an excuse, a ruse, concocted to fill the airwaves with their views on whatever issue of the day the BBC wants an ‘independent’ and erudite celebrity voice to rubbish.  George Bush during the Iraq War was a long term victim of this as a steady stream of writers, artists and musicians were invited onto the BBC to talk about their work but for some reason were always asked what they think of George Bush and the war.  Naturally to man these lefties railed against him and denounced him for all they were worth much to the delight no doubt of whomever was pulling their strings at the BBC.

You may have noticed a similar ploy with Brexit….a steady flow of distraught Remainder luvvies mouthing their despair at the unwashed masses having had their say….the deplorable idiots!

Today it was the turn of Martin Amis [08:25] who hates Trump and Brexit equally.  Apparently Brexit is suicidal people wishing for some utopian golden age, a rural idyll of warm beer, village greens and church bells or somesuch nostalgic nonsense…except that Brexit is the complete opposite of this as it seeks to go global and not be confined by the EU straitjacket rather swashing Britain’s buckle as it once again sets out for riches, adventure and a glorious heyday around the globe.  This of course is Martin Amis who lives in New York [not in the EU then?], who admits he has never used social media and doesn’t want to live in the modern age…hypocrite?

Amis thinks Brexit is a foolish attempt to keep Britain vibrant and relevant in the world [again….showing how his put down about ‘nostaligic’ Brexiteers is rubbish and contradictory] and that we should just accept we are a nation in decline and fade away gracefully…presumably to become some sort of museum of historical interest for foreigners to come and visit..again the hypocrisy of that as he wants us to remain forever stuck in the past and not seek to improve and better our world whilst complaining that is exactly what Brexit is.

Who the hell cares what Amis and his kind think about Brexit?…it’s a BBC deceit and indulgence that is intended to manipulate the listener and sway their views…the thinking being that they will be influenced by the likes of Amis because he is famous.   I’d like to think all listeners are quite able to make up their own minds without the help of Amis and Co…but the BBC obviously thinks less of you and you’re intelligence.



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  1. Wild says:

    With Lefties never give them the courtesy of trying to make sense of their arguments (they are invariably incoherent) just identify the emotion. In the case of Martin Amis I have no idea about his talents of a writer (the same goes for Will Self) but as a personality he is little more than a sneer. Best avoided except by fame junkies impressed by the fact that his father had talent.


  2. GRIM REAPER says:

    Appalling arrogant and arch misrerabilist excuse of a man, rather like that ex-junkie Will Self, taking Heroin to make himself ‘feel’ no doubt….now a professor…would you want this sneering jerk lecturing your off-spring? Amis writes for lefties, he is a foppish, dreary waste of space….the BBC love these opinionated fools…


  3. Guest Who says:

    One degree of seperation advocacy, BBC style.

    Views their own, of course.


  4. Number 88 says:

    ‘Today it was the turn of Martin Amis…’

    And last week it was the turn of national treasure, Judi Dench. On the Today programme to talk of her work, she soon began ‘thessping’ – in the way only Dame Judi can – wringing her hands at the prospect of Brexit. It was a lovely performance.


  5. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    Next week the BBC will be voicing the views of Mr Juncker from Luxembourg on how Brexit will lead to catastrophic damage to Britain. And the week after that the BBC will be voicing the views of Mr Juncker from Luxembourg on how Brexit will lead to catastrophic damage to Britain. And the week after that the BBC will be voicing the views of Mr Juncker from Luxembourg on how …


  6. Fedup2 says:

    Amis and his tedious books. Son of someone with talent. Think he lives in America now? Surprised any one listens –

    Continues to amuse me how these people love democracy as long as the vote is in accordance with their views. I enjoy being described as “ thick “ or “misguided” because I want out country to leave that corrupt nest of career non elected politicians .


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fedup, unless I misheard, Martin Amis is so horrified by Brexit that he is moving to Britain. Bit peculiar.

      If he is so clever and dislikes President Trump AND Brexit, why isn’t he moving to Berlin or Paris or Prague or Tuscany or Provence?

      Provence is full of writers. He’d love it there.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Righto Up,
        I’ve tried to read his stuff but as I recall it was so turgid I quickly gave up.

        I won’t more words on him but he is entitled to express his opinion as any other citizen – as long as he pays UK taxes and isn’t off shore of course.


  7. DownBoy says:

    Amis follows Dench and let’s not forget remoaning John Le Carre who recently told us that his spy character George Smiley considered himself loyal to Europe. I’m still waiting for the interview with Freddie Forsythe. I suppose I’ll be waiting until hell freezes over.


  8. Deborahanother says:

    The thing is for all these luvvies and artistes this is their golden age .The obsession with celebrity has never been higher and they can pop up spouting their views everywhere especially on the Bbc and get extremely well paid for it .No wonder they don’t want it to end and despise the rest of us ordinary mortals.
    All we want is a return to a less crowded country and ,and a bit of civility to return .I don’t see anything wrong with that.

    I really wish people could see these people for what they are and don’t hang on their every word .Reality TV has as lot to answer for.


  9. Alicia Sinclair says:

    I`m guessing that the likes of Amis live the Greenwich Village lifestyle, but live in Manhattan.
    All manner of Dylan paraphernalia, Village Voice and bagels-so will see things here so much better than we poor saps who have to live here.
    Imagine these louche losers in black rollnecks are drug addled prep school nannys boys, but not quite self loathing enough to go the whole Brendan Behan-so act as Bonnie Greers, Caryl Churchill East coast culture carrion who actually have said or done nothing but a book or two. Then gone into Media Show and Creative Writing vehicles as created for them by their admirers from Oxbridge.
    Martin Amis is what Auberon Waugh might have ended up as, had he had humour, talent and an eye for irony.
    Have a look at Will Selfs appointment and professorship gig at Brunel. Outrageous that such a slimeball gets a special high chair to spit his food from. Worth a look, his like seem keen to attack jobs for the boys unless they`re the boys who get them.
    I`d take it to court.


  10. Number 7 says:

    “we should just accept we are a nation in decline and fade away gracefully…”

    Being an ‘old git’ and therefore uneducated and thick, I remember the same mantra about ‘managed decline’ from both the Wilson/Callaghan governments and the civil service in the late seventies.

    We haven’t got Thatcher BUT we have got Brexit (in spite of May).


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Agree entirely No 7.
      I completely get the notion that we`re done and dusted-we`ve had lifetimes of it, ever since I came of political age in the early 70s.
      A whole political class have decided on managed decline as a way to keep the horses quite, whilsy currying favour with Brussels or whoever heads up the UN at the time.
      So it`s not new.
      But we nearly got Corbyn because two generations either failed to learned from the seventies, or deliberately decided that history would consist of Stevie Nicks and Joes Strummers tie width. Better to teach of the depths that we got to before Reagan and Thatcher.( and, as a Greenham Common girl, am I ashamed of THOSE days?).
      Therefore we now have got to tell them, teach them-my grandkids think I`m batty, but they`ll thank me if we hold our nerve.
      I was right about Heseltine though, as I screamed round Newbury.


  11. Jack M says:

    Alan, I think you and the commentators so far are being really unfair about Amis, the incredibly talented author of Lucky Jim and Booker Prize winning The Old Devils. You guys should really appreciate talent when it’s right in front of you. Oh, wait…

    Seriously though, OT if you will indulge me, if you’re feeling a little browned off or down, read Lucky Jim. It is guaranteed to but a big silly grin on your face and make you laugh out loud. The rest of Sir Kingsley’s books are very entertaining, but imagine, as is the case with Lucky Jim, one of the best novelists of the 20th century getting his first novel proof read by the best poet of the 20th century, Philip Larkin. I regret that that collaboration was the first and only time….


  12. Beeb Brother says:

    It’s such a cop out when they invite people on to plug their book/show and have a cliquey chat; no doubt Beeb staff get plenty of free tickets to their shows in return. They hate to report on what is actually happening in this country as it is diametrically opposed to how they pretend it is.


  13. miker22 says:

    Martin Amis always strikes me as the sort of ghastly lefty that Kingsley took such pleasure in guying in his books.


    • DownBoy says:

      Yes his dad was ten times the man. I don’t think al beeb would have had Kingsley on speed dial.


  14. Zelazek says:

    I once thought that Martin Amis was the hippest writer around. I felt sorry for him when it came out that his cousin Lucy Partington had been one of Fred West’s victims. He wrote a piece about that but I wasn’t very impressed by it. As I recall, he quoted at length from one of West’s ungrammatical and badly-spelled letters – as if his revelation that West was virtually illiterate could be a satisfying form of revenge. I was also underwhelmed by his book “The Second Plane” – his analysis of radical Islam – which seemed to boil down to a thesis that jihadis don’t get enough sex.


  15. Edward says:

    Invite celebs on to whatever BBC platform and invite them to make a flippant political comment – but the result is always the same: Pro-EU. “The British people didn’t know what they were voting for… Blah blah fucking blah!”

    Once again, BBC Radio Nottingham, (Mark Dennison show) fails to invite anyone who voted to leave the EU onto its airwaves. In all the times I have listened to this shit, I have NEVER heard the voice of a Brexit supporter, or a Conservative voter. Anyone would think no one in Nottinghamshire voted Conservative or voted for Brexit. I honestly don’t know how they get away with it.

    BBC Radio Nottingham
    [Fast forward to 17:00 mins]

    As Nick Robinson said, in a discussion with Charles Moore in The Spectator, “…most economists, business organisations, trade unions and FTSE 100 chief executives were Remainers. The BBC’s difficulty is that news tends to be about interviewing people in power: scrutinising them, asking tough questions.”

    Quite rightly, Charles Moore responded, “I dispute that — in most of these cases — these people are being asked tough questions.”

    And there it is in a nutshell – the first couple of paragraphs highlight the BBC’s inability to hold certain people to account. There are so many flaws in Robinson’s argument it makes you wonder just how clued up he is about anything beyond the confines of the EU, both politically and economically.

    Robinson says, “…it’s rational for public organisations and companies to be assessing risk and uncertainty.”

    Rick assessment is not a new phenomenon brought about by Brexit! If Theresa May had declared NO DEAL yesterday in her speech, that would be certainty. Businesses could begin on their 5-year/10-year business plans and the value of the Euro would plummet.

    But in politics, especially these days, common sense decisions are far too unpalatable for the “snowflake generation”.

    Tariffs? – If you can find anything in your home that is tariff free (apart from foodstuffs) then rejoice! Most of the things in your home will be produced outside the EU. Even children’s clothing, which is VAT-free, is subject to hefty duties, especially if that clothing was made in China. If you own a bicycle, the chances are you have paid anti-dumping duty in the cost because most bikes are made in Taiwan and/or China.

    “BRUSSELS, Belgium – In yesterday’s Official Journal of the European Union the prolonged anti-dumping duties for bikes imported from China have been published. Also the extension of the 48.5% dumping duties to Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Tunisia with the exemption of 7 companies, are now also official and enforced.”

    Anyone who believes being pro-EU is forward-thinking and progressive needs to spend a year or two OUTSIDE of the EU to get a good idea of how insular the EU really is!


    • miker22 says:

      Very true. Most of the people who are such admirers of the EU seem to have no idea of how it operates in practice.