Reality Check

A regular news feature we are badgered with is “Reality Check“. Most news sites now have a blog like this, though usually it’s called fact checking rather than reality checking.

Reality suggests that the BBC news team somehow have access to reality itself, presumably a Godlike and omnipotent understanding that mere mortals such as us could never comprehend. They are never wrong. Never mind any philosophical objections you may have to this, the BBC will reveal the Ding-an-sich and expose the liars!

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7 Responses to Reality Check

  1. countryblues says:

    I’ve noticed but, never taken seriously, the BBC Reality Check…I always thought that it was their idea of satire 🙁


  2. Fedup2 says:

    I like to know if/what the enemy is thinking so if you want a laugh- read the comments of The Guardian on Sunday about the bbc and journalism. Snow flakes saying they won’t pay their tv tax because the output is biased to the right. There are a few brave souls pointing out the truth but lefties aren’t good at that or reality.


    • Amounderness Lad says:

      What the Guardian Snowflakes mean by claiming the bBBC is biased towards the Fight is that they want to push the bBBC to move it’s bias further towards the Loony Left of Momentum and the Corbynistas. They consider anybody who is not to the far left of Lenin and Stalin to be committed Right Wing Fascists.

      That is why the Marxist Momentum, which is just Militant Tendency hiding under a different label, have succeeding in infiltrating the Labour Party to use it to grasp power knowing full well they would never succeed under their real identity of Communists.

      Of course the bBBC will never expose Momentum for what they are because the reality is that the Nationalised bBBC would love having them in power grabbing and Nationalising everything is sight and controlling every detail of everybody’s lives from the cradle to the grave and beyond.


  3. MarkyMark says:

    The reality of Gavin Hewitt’s BBC report on migrants 2015 verses ‘reality’?


  4. ObiWan says:

    I’m not sure when ‘fact checkers’ emerged into the msm, but their presence soon irritated me. We all know what the left wing press means by ‘fact checkers’ – they mean their truth, their facts. I personally find it insulting; it’s the liberal sneer, masquerading as ‘truth’ to serve a narrative. These are the kind of ‘fact checkers’ who’ll call out Trump for a poor choice of words in a private conversation in the back of bus but somehow can’t muster the enthusiasm to condemn the actual sexual predations, sexism and misogyny of $multimillionaire Democrat donor Harvey Weinstein.

    The only ‘facts’ that matter to the malignant left are the ‘facts’ they approve of. What was it Pontius Pilate said about truth? Something like: ‘We all have truths – are mine the same as yours?’


  5. Alicia Sinclair says:

    I know nobody who listens to anything that the BBC says.
    They gave up on Parliament with Keith Vaz and john Bercow in 2009, Jacqui Smith etal.
    They gave up on the BBC after Savile and Andrew Sachs.
    And after the pay and gender B/S a few months back-they can even predict now that Weinstein will ALSO be widened to take the heat off as they did with Savile and their pay gap.
    Make it general-avoid pinning Clintons-just blame fat white blokes and wait for the tide to turn. But it doesn`t-we`ve all walked away and we`ll get revenge sometime.
    But nobody listens, believes or watches-we just tolerate the eye candy and how they fluff up their news and choices to please their chums.
    My youngest is at uni-nobody in his area has a license-and the likes of Jo Whiley threatening them into paying is just one big laugh.
    It`s a patriotic duty now NOT to pay the license.
    It should be an option, just like “the truth” or “reality” are to the BBC.
    No way back for them now. If we don`t deal with them, what chance have we against Islam?


  6. Edward says:

    A BBC ‘s “Reality Check” first broadcast a few weeks before the general election in 2015. It also coincided with the start of the Victoria Derbyshire programme on both BBC News and BBC Two.

    The bullshit was so blatant that the BBC shot itself in the foot and the Conservatives won a landslide victory. Therefore, when the BBC exercised true impartiality in the run up to the EU Referendum thinking that it would result in a double negative, and achieve a stay result, it resorted back to its biased view of the world and simply doesn’t give a crap anymore.