‘Little Finger’ gives us the finger


The Today show once again gave the prime-time slot to a Remainer, New Labour’s very own Little Finger, Peter Mandelson.  He came on and told the most blatant of lies, lies that have been exposed again and again…even on the BBC itself…and yet Justin Webb allowed him to make these totally false claims building a case for Parliament to take over the final decision on Brexit….the People were just too stupid and ignorant to make the decision for themselves the first time.  Odd that the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme and one of its top journos couldn’t see through Mandelson’s smoke and mirrors.

Lord Baelish is manipulative, untrustworthy, backstabbing, greedy, and possibly delusional.


Lord Mandelson on the other hand…..?

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Mandelson told us that people were only now learning the harsh truth, ‘new facts that nobody could have known’, about what Brexit really meant and that one, the voters did not understand that we would have to pay a ‘divorce bill’ and two, that they did not understand we would have to leave the Single Market…..which is curious as Mandelson himself before the referendum told us that we would have to leave the Single Market…

Peter Mandelson, the former EU trade commissioner and ex-business secretary, said Schäuble’s comments “finally knocks on the head the leave campaign’s claim that we can leave the EU and still enjoy the benefits of the single market”.

And as for paying more money……it was always known we would pay a ‘divorce bill’ and that if we wanted preferential access to the Single Market we would have to pay……



‘Call me Peter’……coincidence?

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5 Responses to ‘Little Finger’ gives us the finger

  1. Fedup2 says:

    I continue to be shocked that politicians don’t seem to understand what leaving the EU means. In fairness the main EU nations are clear we cannot be members of the single market and cannot be in the same position once we have left.
    I feel sorry for Andrew Neil having to interview silly stupid Welch nationalist politicians who obviously have no detailed knowledge of the issue – the Eu constitution / laws.

    I heard a bit of Mandy having a chat with our Justin. You could hear the baby oil squelching on the digital wireless. His sense of entitlement – even for a labourite – is pretty gut wrenching ( this could apply to Justin or Mandy). I understand that ids was interviewed later but my al Beeb ration had run out by then . I take it he was interviewed by the token ethnic lady.


  2. Up2snuff says:

    ‘Lord’ Mandelson claimed on the TODAY Programme that he wanted to hear the views of the British people on the UK leaving the EU. Let him have it!

    Anyone reading this, please write to him and let him know what you think about the EU, the leaving process and anything else that you consider EU relevant right now.

    I hope Mandelson was sincere in that request – he said it twice – so if he gets a sackload of mail from people in the UK that will be great.


    • Guest Who says:

      As I understand it, he also made claims in the interview that strayed, dark lordly, from the actualitay.

      And further, the highly paid, well informed BBC holder of powers to account, missed any opportunity to note this.

      In fact the entire BBC seems to have ‘moved on’ quickly with little follow up.

      So, BBC trustworthy SNAFU.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      “Lord” Mandelson needs to know that he heard the views on the British people on 23rd June 2016. We are leaving the EU, and if unelected Euroscum like Mandelson think they can stop it, then he had better think again. If you thwart the peaceful, democratic will of the people, then what course is left but direct action? Is he too stupid to realise this?


  3. Alicia Sinclair says:

    All Mandelson is doing is what he`s paid to say. At least he`s honest about it-not that he`d ever be asked to reveal how and why he says what he says and when he gets sent out to do so.
    Mandelson is one of the Von Hagens plasticised liberal corpses who at least reveals where the poison is, and how it gets circulated. He was the first bought-up taxi for hire way back as a TV producer before Kinnock got his fingers into the EUs pies.
    Very much a principled mentor to Osborne-and in comparison to Osborne and Clegg, he still is.

    I myself wonder how three Euromanics like Soubry,Benn Jnr and Fairbairn get to clog Brockenhurst College sewer pipes for “Any Questions”-funnily enough in the same week that Brexit deals were running in Europe. That won`t be a coincidence-needs investigating how the BBC are so brazenly aping North Korea by way of “public discussion” on their airwaves.