McCarthyism….some sort of fork-tongued, two-faced affliction?

Brexit ‘McCarthyism’ is unacceptable to universities. Free speech must flourish

Unless you are a Tory MP holding university lecturers to account….then you must STFU.

Where are all these brave defenders of freedom of speech when right-wing speakers are silenced and no-platformed on campuses…where is the Guardian and the BBC then?  What does the Guardian think we should do with people who merely think and write about what they call ‘Fascism’ and ‘Neo-Nazism’…..labels that the Guardian chooses to put on them…..

To tackle neo-Nazis, we must treat its ‘thinkers’ like thugs

An ageless concern was that far-right intellectual heft matters: violent outbursts rely on the build-up of argument. Thugs look as though they have gone past the point of debate because their rage is physically iterated, but in fact they have gone through debate first to get there. Furthermore, the tie Nazis lend a respectability that draws in a new crowd. 

Claim the argument and intellectual thinking leads to violence and then use that as an excuse to stamp on the intellectual and their freedom of speech….just a way of silencing your opponents by demonising them….treat them like ‘thugs’.

LOL……the Remainers have launched a incredible assault with the aid of their media friends at the Guardian and BBC on a Tory MP who had the temerity to ask what universities were teaching about Brexit….

Tory MP’s Brexit demand to universities ‘offensive’ – Lord Patten

A Eurosceptic Tory MP has been accused of compiling a “hit list” of university professors who teach Brexit courses.

Chris Heaton-Harris has written to universities asking for names of such professors and the content of their lectures.

A lecturers’ union said the letter had the “acrid whiff of McCarthyism” – and Tory peer Lord Patten called it “idiotic and offensive”.

Mr Heaton-Harris said he believed in “open” debate on Brexit.

Mr Heaton-Harris is a member of the pro-Brexit European Research Group of Conservative MPs.

Note how the BBC is quick to label him eurosceptic and mention what pro-Brexit group he belongs to.  No such information about the pro-EU fanatic Patten [BBC stooge of course] until well down the article and no such information about other ‘outraged’ personages such as Professor David Green at all…..

Professor David Green, vice-chancellor at the University of Worcester, said: “When I read this extraordinary letter on Parliamentary paper from a serving MP, I felt a chill down my spine. Was this the beginnings of a very British McCarthyism?”

He said he feared he would be denounced in Parliament by Mr Heaton-Harris as an “enemy of the people” if he did not supply the list – something he said he had no intention of doing.

He added: “I realised that his letter just asking for information appears so innocent but is really so, so dangerous.

“Here is the first step to the thought police, the political censor and Newspeak, naturally justified as ‘the will of the British people'”.

Extraordinary scaremongering  and alarmist language about a simple request asking if ‘Brexit’ was being taught in a balanced and impartial manner.

The BBC also quotes Sally Hunt…

Sally Hunt, chairwoman of lecturers’ union the University and College Union, said: “Our society will suffer if politicians seek to police what universities can and cannot teach.

“This attempt by Chris Heaton-Harris to compile a hit list of professors has the acrid whiff of McCarthyism about it and (universities minister) Jo Johnson must disown it in the strongest terms.”

You’ll note that in neither of these cases do we get told their position on Brexit.  Let me enlighten you….

THE University of Worcester’s vice-chancellor has signed an open letter warning higher education investment faces a hit under Brexit.

Professor David Green has joined 103 other university heads in adding his name to a note expressing deep concern about the crunch referendum vote.

Professor Green, a strong backer of the EU, says he felt compelled to sign it because the risks to universities are too great.

So not only is he a strong backer of the EU but he has signed a letter demanding his view predominates….and yet he complains about someone asking not for one-sided teaching but for balanced and impartial teaching…Professor Green is a hypocrite and somewhat of a McCarthyist himself using such intemperate, alarmist language in a deliberate attempt to demonise and make toxic Chris Heaton-Harris in the same way the BBC tried to make Farage a pariah in ‘decent’ society and how they labelled Leave voters as racists and bigots.

Sally Hunt is similarly minded as a Remainer and pro-EU advocate….

I voted Remain

We get a few words of support for Heaton-Harris from Andrea Leadsom but the vast bulk of the article is a poisonous hatchet job on a Brexit supporting Tory MP.

The BBC just doing what comes naturally….fake news, poisoning the well of democracy.


University suspends lecturer in racism row who praised BNP

Dr Ellis’s latest book argues that political correctness is strangling western society. In it he also expresses his admiration of the BNP. “The British National party is the only party in Britain that has consistently attacked the scandalously high levels of legal and illegal immigration.”

Naturally the lecturer didn’t praise or ‘admire’ the BNP, he merely stated a fact….however…he history.


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28 Responses to McCarthyism….some sort of fork-tongued, two-faced affliction?

  1. Synchronised says:

    The response to this perfectly reasonable request is to expected. The lib mob shout down any opposing view be it in debate or on the street and think shouting the loudest means they win. These Uni’s etc are not immune to scrutiny and no amount of rhetoric from the elite claiming they are open fools no one. They are incestuous idle institutions that produce generation after generation of the same old fools that end up leading us.


  2. john in cheshire says:

    Are universities subject to the freedom of information act? If so, this matter should be pursued by Mr Heaton-Harris under that legislation; surely it is unacceptable that a body of people, such as a university, that receives public money refuses to provide whatever information is demanded from them by our government representatives.


  3. Guest Who says:

    Interesting, not least because the BBC expects to ask anything but shuts up like a clam if questions are posed of it.


  4. Rich says:

    Not the bBbc but an employee nonetheless.

    I don’t listen to Emma Barnett on the radio and don’t think I’ll bother now. Don’t need to.

    Just seen her directing, not discussing, this topic on yet another poor ITV effort, After the News.

    She’s awful. Biased and opinionated, no debate just statements and the usual tactical talk-overs and interruptions.

    On this performance, and that’s really what it is, masquerading as political journalism, a piss poor presenter.


    • Alan says:

      Sounds like her. Highly opinionated, doesn’t listen…she comes with her fully formed preconceptions that the interviewees are there merely to confirm…and regardless of what they say she always manages to interpret it as proof of those preconceived notions as she makes a huge leap of incomprehension to declare The Truth….the louder and more confidently she says something the more true it is.


      • Rich says:

        I agree Alan.

        So many of her ilk see quantity and volume as a sign of intelligence rather than boorishness and arrogance, lack any real quality or diversity of thought or language, and are cockily aggressive as there is no physical risk or personal accountability. They don’t know the difference between having an opinion and being opinionated and so are unable to identify or accept this nuance in others.

        Their method for interview seems to be misconstrue, misrepresent, move on quickly.


  5. Fedup2 says:

    I have studied EU law at a reasonably decent university at the time of Mastrickt. It doesn’t reflect the current political circumstances . We have polarised into those who don’t acknowledge a British identity and those who want an ever closer federal system.
    In some ways it reflects the American Civil War where we ( brexiters ) are the Confederates against the might of the Union.
    If the likes of Clegg got there way and had a second referendum what would the outcome be? My read is coloured because I like inside the m25 bubble – which is about 18 million people on a uk population of 60 ish million ( more like 65 in illegals are included )

    I don’t think the attitude of the EU represenitives in this process has covered themselves with glory. We tend be a people who rebel against outsiders talking down to us. So even working on the assumption of remain winning a second referendum that would not be end of the matter.- subject to what is going within the EU and other world politics


  6. Nibor says:

    Most of these universities need closing down . Only 7% of schoolchildren should go to university . We should spend the money saved on better things that help the nation , not make snowflakes of our youth .

    Why should these people receive our money to make secret lectures ?


    • taffman says:

      Too many kids going to ‘UNI’ to study for worthless and useless degrees.
      Great Britain and school leavers would benefit from moving the clock back to a time before Blair encouraged all of them to go to ‘UNI’ to lower the youth unemployment figures and dole costs.


  7. StewGreen says:

    Heaton’s colleague tweets pic of Remain propaganda leaflet handed out by ENGINEERING lecturer.
    Libmob are firing heavy flak at Heston cos he’s right over the target.

    There are 400 comments on that tweet


    • Simon Platt says:

      I was a university lecturer in engineering until shortly after the referendum, during which time I campaigned for Vote Leave. I should have considered it grossly unprofessional to promote my political views to my students in that way.


  8. StewGreen says:

    Example #2


  9. StewGreen says:

    New Remain propaganda campaign
    “Ring your granny about Brexit”


    • Fedup2 says:

      I studied law as a part timer whilst I did my full time job . I am not a lawyer . However – part of the training is to believe nothing and argue the case for who ever is paying you . An excellent example of this is Tony Blair – no morality – just the hunt for cash.

      I studied EU law by choice . It was tough but even then -20 years ago – I could see that uk is just not comparable with the EEC we joined .

      If we had joined at the beginning it would have been a very different story. We could have held Germany and France in check and prevented the inbred corruption.

      The conservative MP was naive in asking the universities to provide information because they are more politicised now than ever . Events such as this will keep happening over the next year .

      Brexit would only be smooth if we just said we are off and you can join us in agreeing afterwards. The krauts and not going to want to have BMW gobbust because they can’t import them

      I’m just so glad there is only a year to go.


      • JimS says:

        How could we have kept Germany and France in check?

        What part of the preamble to the Treaty of Rome would have been different? The bit right under the signatures of the heads of state that calls for ‘ever closer union’?

        At what point did we fail to ‘keep Germany and France in check’ when we gave up our veto and agreed to Qualified Majority Voting?

        At what point did we fail to ‘keep Germany and France in check’ when we gave up part of our rebate for (non) reform of the Common Agricultural Policy, (thanks Tony)?

        We have been led by Quislings all along. I was listening to that creep Campbell on LBC telling Julia Hartley Brewer that we had voted for all these things i.e. putting a cross against any of the Blue, Red, Yellow or Green EU party candidates. I think that used to be called ‘Hobson’s Choice’.


        • Fedup2 says:

          It’s an academic exercise now but if we had been there at the start ‘there may not have been an ever closer union’ in the preamble and the thing might not have morphed into a pet project for shysters who see themselves as statesmen – like degaule.

          Please do not identify me as having any sympathy with the EU as it is because I see the future for it as being limited and Europe becoming regions again instead of made up countries.


  10. honestus says:

    Schools and uni’s have been indoctrinating our youth for years and have ensured that political exposure has been slanted very much leftward. I am no conspiracy theorist but I am convinced that this was the first phase to win minds and souls to churn out a generation(s) of malleable pliant herd students designed to weigh future elections toward socialism. It is the same logic behind dropping the immigration barriers importing large numbers of mainly labour/socialist minded voters.
    The project has been long in existence and was beginning to bear fruit – until Brexit de-wheeled the cart, hence the escalation in propaganda now routinely handed out by tutors and lecturers. This should shock and disgust us all – but it doesn’t as we have become inured to this incessant and dangerous partisanship.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      Not quite all of us are inured. Some of us still have fully functioning radar.


  11. StewGreen says:

    Example of bias from lecturers
    (Remember universities set the charges and can make them low if they want
    the govt only sets an upper limit)


  12. StewGreen says:


    • Guest Who says:

      And Lo, the explanation for the bbc choice of ‘impartial’ experts is further revealed.

      He really is thick for a Perfesser.


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      He earns £250,000 – £299,999 as a BBC presenter. (Wiki)


  13. vesnadog says:

    Much less if he refuses to wear the AIDS RIBBON once a year!