BBC promotes EU insider’s anti-Brexit message as news


Here’s the latest Brexit scaremongering from the BBC…

Warning over NHS Wales Brexit ‘catastrophe’

Pretty scary eh?  The BBC tells us…

Any Brexit which means leaving the single market could be catastrophic for the NHS and particularly devastating in Wales, a health academic has warned.

Nick Fahy, a health policy senior researcher at the University of Oxford said a hard or no deal Brexit could leave patients “at immediate risk”.

He also warned if EU staff left the UK, London could “suck in” Welsh NHS staff.

Way down the long article the BBC admits…

Mr Fahy is a specialist adviser to the Commons health committee and has worked for both the Department of Health and European Commission.

You’d hardly notice it would you…and of course you’re not meant to….and as for ‘worked for the European Commission’…that hides the real scale of things…..Fahy played a pretty central role in the EU’s health policy making  spending more than a decade at the EU commission and he has set up his own consultancy.….eager to connect all European health services…and to lobby for a ‘soft Brexit’….ie no Brexit….

Nick Fahy has nearly 20 years of experience at senior level in European health policy, the last ten years in the Health and Consumers Directorate-General of the European Commission.


Nick Fahy is a well embedded part of the EU establishment and his commercial, and no doubt political interests, lie in keeping very close ties to the EU.

Why does the BBC present him as an almost impartial commentator when he quite clearly is an EU insider?


Head of Unit for Health Information

Most recently as head of unit for health information, he has been responsible for providing European information on health enabling benchmarking and supporting diffusion of health innovations, including developing the innovative European health wikipedia ‘HEIDI’. This work has included representing the Commission in international forums, including the OECD Health Committee and the Steering Committee of the European Observatory on health systems and policies.
In this post Mr Fahy has also had responsibility for Commission policy on major and chronic conditions, in particular the European Partnership for Action Against Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, and rare diseases, as well as the specific topics of e-health and data protection in public health.

Cross-border patient healthcare

Previously being deputy head of unit for health strategy, he led the processes leading to the Commission proposal for a directive on patient’s rights in cross-border healthcare adopted in early 2011, as well as contributing to Treaty revisions leading to the Lisbon Treaty and co-chairing Pharmaceutical Forum working groups on relative effectiveness and information to patients.

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25 Responses to BBC promotes EU insider’s anti-Brexit message as news

  1. Guest Who says:

    BBC Editorial Integrity moves in myst… pretty predictable ways.

    It’s a DNA thing. Apparently.

    John Simpson on Newsnight ‘special reporting’ on Brexit tonight?


  2. Guest Who says:

    It seems that, like Brexit, the BBC operates on a dual climate track too.


  3. Fedup2 says:

    I don’t know if people really listen anymore . Those that still want to remain are there and those who want to leave are there .

    All the warning stuff is like the drivel that Osborne and Cameron came out with and no one believed .

    The real danger are fucking mp s of all parties who want to deny the outcome of the vote . If they do that it’s cavaliers and Roundheads again .

    As for wales – I recall a big brexit majority despite that poisonous bitch from the Welch nats who uses mouth more than brain .


    • taffman says:

      Despite the Welsh Assembly – Wales voted out, out, out.


      • Dadad says:

        We will, we will, leave the political EU on the due date.
        But there’s no reason at all to leave the single market as well.
        Just join EFTA


    • Beltane says:

      Odd isn’t it? If a general election resulted in 48% for Labour and 52% for the Conservatives – it being safely assumed that all other peripherals like the LibDems lost their deposits – would there be howls in the House and media for the election to be re-run?


      • Owen Morgan says:

        Well, there would be howls from the losing side in the House. After all, Labour won the last election by a landslide, according to some of its more fevered adherents.

        Otherwise, yes, the Beebyanka would go bananas. “It was the Russians… ermmm, no, the Democratic Unionists….no, hang on, the Kurds, or maybe the Hungarians?”


    • tony1234 says:

      True for the time being, but let’s live in hope! Brexit gives a good platform and was quite unexpected given the momentum, where it seemed to me Lefties were winning every trophy going… then they lost the “Big One”. I keep feeling in my water (sorry, too much information) that the key learning from that was that the best strategy would be to open up politics and for UKIP/genuine Tories to push for referenda and open democracy far more often. I really did feel that during Brexit it was the first time someone landed a punch or two from the “right” back on the hooters of the “left” and they were often floored. We need to open up more debates and more of the Left’s assumed wisdoms to scrutiny, with more such hooter-abuse. Under the spotlights, the Leftists can either hold to their sanctimonious and quite odious presences of moral superiority (which puts off millions when they are shown to be condescending authoritarians and self-interested hypocrites), or try and fight arguments on facts and logic, and lose that way. Let the lions of public opinion on to their stage. We need to change the battle ground. Enough mixed metaphors for now.


      • Lucy Pevensey says:

        I highlighted an Orwell quote yesterday which applies very well to our time & ties in with what you are saying.
        “We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.”


        • tony1234 says:

          That’s beautiful. I’m going to steal that! I was re-reading Orwell’s predictions recently, and of course they are archaic if taken to the letter, but his understanding of man’s propensity to corrupt and control power through information technology was hugely perceptive: constant surveillance, an end of privacy, destruction of evidence, “speakwrite”…. I think Google just took his ideas and decided they were rather good ones.


      • DWBuxton says:

        I do wish that our so called MPs would be accountable to the People who voted for them, at present they do just what they want. That is why parliament fails so badly at its job.


        • Lefty Wright says:

          If I remember correctly it was a Tory MP Lord Hailsham who stated that Britain was an “elective dictatorship.” Not too far out. Time for a change .


  4. taffman says:

    Why do people from Europe come to work here ? Because there is a shortage of work in the EU.
    Do the same as any other free nation – issue work visas. Simple.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Al beeb ran a story about a Polish brain drain of poles leaving Blighty to go home because of brexit . They saw this as a bad thing . I don’t blame anyone wanting to improve their situation but i do blame politicians who put such guest workers on the same level as brits who go back generations through thick and thin.


      • TruthSeeker says:

        I think you need another pseudonym, which cannot be abbreviated.

        And dead, and wounded, and orphaned, and widowed.


  5. Deborahanother says:

    I no longer take any notice of the BBCs anti Brexit stance ,or Sky’s for that matter.It has become background noise.
    Whenever David Davis makes a sensible statement ,the media rushes in to stirr up a split. Its like a stuck record same as the Trump bashing.

    Funnily enough ,the NHS story the BBC led with earlier was the really scary one about patients being discharged to private homes .What could possibly go wrong ? The idea is an accident waiting to happen. The BBC should instead be asking why we don’t have enough beds to cope with the ever increasing population .


    • DWBuxton says:

      ’cause hospitals keep closing beds and have been for some time. They also have this bad habit of sending patients out on a Friday afterernoon. I was in for a fortnight and had problems after an operation that did not work as it said and ended up in bed. On Thursday evening I wanted to go home but was told no chance until i had seen the Doctor. Friday AM no doctor but one stroppy nurse just before lunch came and threw me into the outgoing lounge and I was eventually was picked up by my wife. I was not amused.


    • miker22 says:

      I think it’s an idea worth pursuing. Unless you believe that only the state can care for people rather than families who’ve been doing it for generations. Obviously it needs safeguards but hospitals are bloody awful and dangerous places for anyone out of acute care.


  6. Fedup2 says:

    I’m trying to work out the thought process which led some fool to come up with the idea of putting recovering patients into privates houses. I reckon it was a few hours in a pub . Everyone was too drunk to say no. Otherwise it was a cynical idea to grab media attention with the intention of getting more cash for the expense accounts as usual.


  7. Guest Who says:

    The bbc has an interesting history with the Welsh NHS, under Labour…


  8. EnglandExpects says:

    Fahy is yet another Remainer who’s prepared to lie because he’s made money from the EU and his future prospects also depend on it. If it’s not direct payments it’s careerism. So Carney is in a similar bracket in that he’s an internationalist with no particular allegiance to the U.K. whose future job prospects say at the IMF would be damaged by being associated with Brexit. You can add Mandelson and a host of others to this list.
    The BBC love these people and give them far more airtime than pro-Brexit people . As JRM constantly reminds us.


  9. Edward says:

    “Any Brexit which means leaving the single market could be catastrophic for the NHS and particularly devastating in Wales, a health academic has warned.”

    Not sure how Nick Fahy comes to this conclusion, and it should be regarded as complete bollocks!

    The NHS is funded by taxpayers. The NHS is shielded from the effects of tariffs. As for staffing – most qualified migrant NHS staff are from outside the EU.


  10. theisland says:

    I note that Starmer has dusted off his thesaurus and has temporarily switched from “catastrophic” to “disastrous”.
    “No deal will be disastrous for our economy. No doubt Tory donors will be fine. Others will not” (his tweet yesterday).
    What next – “calamitous” perhaps?