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Sex and the city, politics, showbiz….office romances and unwanted advances, wanted advances…..have we just woken up in the 16th century Puritan England or something?  Why all the shock and amazement?  Did nobody really know all of this went on?  Boris Becker shagging in a restaurant broom cupboard and Prezza doing it just about anywhere with his secretary…..

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In 2014 we had this from the Telegraph…

Sex, booze and power plays: 9 things nobody tells you before you get a job at Westminster

Once again the culture at Westminster is under the spotlight after Nigel Evans’s court case and young researchers reveal all about the ‘palace of sexminster’. But is it that bad? Political correspondent Sophy Ridge shares her insight and tips.

Three years of drinking, late nights and infidelity are the perfect preparation for a job in the historic seat of government.

And this…

Senior Tory steps down as rumours of lewd behaviour sweep ‘palace of sexminster’

A survey for Channel Four News claimed that a third of the young men and women working in Parliament — nicknamed “the palace of sexminster” — had suffered sexual harassment. One worker, who did not want to be identified, said he was “asked to go to the gents by a certain MP who had always been a nice guy”.

And of course there was Lord Rennard in 2013…

Lord Ashdown: Sex pest rumours surrounding Lord Rennard ‘all over Westminster’


Undoubtedly if  you dig further you will find case after case going on back into the mists of time…but now its new news?

A lot of it seems to be born again virgins shocked, yes shocked, at men making advances to them…such as the BBC woman whose colleague, over dinner, told her she was sexy, or the woman who showed a photo to her boss who told her she looked good….apparently both are sexual harassment.  I don’t know any women, or for that matter girls, who would not put a bloke in his place in no uncertain terms if if he said a word or put a hand out of place.



Have to say women are just as prone to exactly the same behaviour as men, admittedly they are not so often in positions of authority which may be used to ‘persuade’ someone to comply but if they were…watch out.


Some women need to grow up and realise men and women are by nature inclined to try it on as are all animals, for others it may be more serious but they should have said something at the time especially if it was a case of being told ‘do this if you want to keep your job’…that has to be near rape if not actual rape.

The only pleasure here is that the BBC is in a bind…it would love to hit the Tories hard but of course it has its own problems, Savile aside, with sex abuse in its own ranks and discrimination on many levels such as pay and older women being sidelined.  It gave Corbyn lots of airtime to strut about pronouncing his determination to ‘do something’…can only imagine both he and the BBC thought this would be limited to the Tories on the WhatsApp hit list, a rather foolish hope I’d have thought, or that he knew Labour would get dragged in and he was pre-empting that with a bit of help from his friends.

I see the BBC reporting this….

Speaker Bercow calls for zero tolerance of harassment

Commons Speaker John Bercow has said there must be “zero tolerance” of sexual harassment in Parliament as ministers vowed action “within days” to improve the way complaints are handled.

Claims about inappropriate behaviour by MPs were “disturbing”, Mr Bercow said.

All parties, he said, must have “credible” staff grievance procedures.

Wasn’t long ago that he didn’t want to know…

Since the Whips Office is hopelessly conflicted when it comes to investigating serious complaints against MPs – and since one of the complaints was about its original handling of the allegation – I made appointments for both men to see the Speaker, John Bercow. After the first meeting, he took legal advice, then sent a member of his staff to tell me that he could not become involved. The messenger repeatedly told me that his job was to protect the Speaker. So the only avenue open to the complainants was to go to the police.

Strictly  legally he may not have been able to become involved in disciplinary matters relating to this but in his capacity he could of course have driven an agenda for change….did he?  No.

Let’s have some more perspective and context from the BBC on this matter.







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22 Responses to Withnail and #MeToo

  1. bil says:

    is this the end of the human race as we know it when every chat-up is to be considered harassment – no relationships, no children.

    thought not – the modern puritanical snowflakes for you ignoring a couple of million years of human evolution.


  2. johnnythefish says:

    Contrast and compare the amount of airtime and newsprint dedicated to this/Winestain, not to mention the stratospheric levels of outrage, especially from our virtue-signalling politicians – and the violent, racist Muslim gangs peddling vulnerable, under-age white girls up and down the country to be drugged and raped by hundreds if not thousands of their fellow RoPers.

    The lunatics truly have taken over the asylum.


    • john in cheshire says:

      I firmly believe this has been cynically arranged to distract the populace from those serious matters that the government is engaging in, such as selling out our fishermen and goodness knows what else, to the EU. They do this to us time and again and time and again we fall for it. With the connivance of the MSM, not least the far-left bbc.


  3. Fedup2 says:

    Body cameras all round with constant monitoring . No eating red meat. No pictures of women. Eustrogen in the water supply to suppress the male sex drive. Men not allowed to be alone with women. Separate chambers in parliament , separate pubs, buses, trains , shops . Presumption that any male will harass. Curfew on men.
    Porn will be the only outlet.


    • Far Horizons says:

      The ladies of the night maybe in for a tax free windfall around the Westminster area, the MPs will be voting for Madam Sin to set up shop again somewhere nearby. Safer to spend a few quid in this way than tapping up the nearest staff member. I best mention rent boys and lady boys plus male escorts just to cover all requirements by our well paid members!


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      I think to be on the safe side, all women should have some sort of full body covering with maybe only a small slit for the eyes.
      This should dampen the men’s behaviour and we would have a much safer society for women.
      I can’t think why this hasn’t been tried out anywhere else.


  4. Soapbox says:

    Yes, perspective is what is needed. I blame social media for much of this behaviour pattern, especially Twitter of which I am not a member, nor on Facebook either. But I understand stuff is – or can be – anonymous on Twitter so folk can say whatever they want knowing they cannot be identified easily. They are cowards and bullies; no one should ever write anything they are not prepared to say to someone else’s face. And what has happened to the beliefs in what is right and what is wrong; what is the correct thing to do and what is not the right thing to do. As I understand it, MPs and probably many others high up officials in many spheres had numerous affairs, none of which ever generated all this OTT coverage.

    I have no answer to how it can be stopped; once the genie is out of the bottle, well, who knows where it will lead and this is the depressing part of all this.


  5. Fedup2 says:

    I think the problem is that the combination of people who live on social media ( I only write here and only monitor twitter ) combined with the entertainment/ Westminster bubble think that in the scheme of things this is important.

    I am not trying to minimise the effect of unwanted attention can have on people. They say power is an Aphrodisiac and being within the centre of government must turn a few heads – tax subsidised booze in parliament and the desire for fame power and money in the entertainment industry too.

    It’s convenient ground for al Beeb – except where it gets close to home ……


  6. RJ says:

    The more the BBC can push the message that sexual abuse is everywhere the more they can downplay the gang rape of children by muslims. The public will end up with the perception that muslims are no worse than anyone else.


  7. foxcote7822 says:

    You know what? That old phrase ” ask somebody who really gives a fuck” springs to mind unfortunately those arse wipes at the BBC and all the other independent news rooms actually believe folk do! No we don’t!!! Honestly!!


  8. Oaknash says:

    Help BBBC readers – I am in a bind and dont know what to do about it. Last night at dinner whilst I was cutting one of my peas in half – Mrs Oak looked across the table at me and smiled! At bedtime she poked me in the back and told me off for leaving my socks under the bed – but I think this “uncalled for touch” is something quite sinister and expect at any moment that she will demand I stop wearing a giant nappy in bed and stop sucking on my plastic dum dum!

    I have considered running away to the BBC in London and telling her that I think I am a “toilet trader” in the hopes of stopping these unwanted advances. But without a “Uncle Monty” figure how will I live?

    I look forward to any helpful suggestions

    Yours worriedly


    Maybe the BBC might have me – but if not – what then?


    • Jerry Owen says:

      The ‘uncalled for touch’ is of course related to you leaving your socks under the bed. I think any wife that physically assaults a man for leaving his socks under the bed is a bully and a sexist . I would write to ‘Dear Marjory’ but I don’t think her problem page exists anymore so perhaps a letter to Polly Toynbee at the Guardian may be worth a shot.
      Alternatively you could leave your socks under Mrs Oak’s pillow and I doubt she would remain conscious long enough to assault you!


      • Oaknash says:

        Thanks for the sage advice Jerry. I have just realised that whilst Marjorie Proops is no longer doing it, wordly and calm BBC chat show host Graham Norton is. This can be read in the Telegraph on Saturday.He may also be able to help me find an “Uncle Monty” of my very own (perhaps Kevin Spacey)
        Regarding my socks – yes I could leave them under Mrs Oaks pillow – but sometimes I have difficulty in catching them,!

        ps She also laughed at me when I complained that the butter she spread on my toast soldiers was too cold – thus leaving me feeling humiliated and worthless!


  9. TruthSeeker says:

    Is he still alive?
    If so, he is still a Grade A, still useless and the sooner he is replaced by a competent earthworm the better.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Not too long ago this nation ruled a quarter of the world. Now we have reached the level whereby a cuckold lectures the rest of us about “sexual harassment”, which may be anything from rape to telling a lady she looks nice.

      Has any nation ever fallen as far or as fast?


    • Lefty Wright says:

      How dare you infer that some earthworms might be incompetent. They work wonders on my soil.


  10. Waterside4 says:

    This was written about the movie world, but the similarities with the bbc and parliament are self explanatory.

    Something I don’t understand
    All the hype of movie land,
    Girls sitting on their asset
    How many moves were tacit?
    Many an aspiring starlet
    Has acted like a harlot
    Have a bite of my apple
    Adam could not quite grapple
    Ever since the world began
    It’s been ruled by the woe-man.

    Cleopatra was a phony
    Made an ass of poor old Tony
    He lost his kingdom to an asp
    When she caressed him in her grasp
    Feminists conceptualize

    All men to desexualize
    She cannot tango on her own
    She was just formed from your rib bone


  11. thehoiman says:

    Utterly barmy. The same folk who spent the last 5 decades deconstructing responsibility and sociability are now crying because everyone is irresponsible and unsociable! Go figure.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      Wot you mean they’ve growed up at last? Well welcome to your world darlings!