Dodgy Facts Haven…The BBC

The BBC’s pension fund has shares in BP and Facebook….both companies deal with the Russians….Russia owns Facebook shares.  Does that ‘relationship’ mean the BBC is in hock to the Kremlin?  Has the BBC been funding Russian sponsored ‘fake news’ via Facebook?….LOL…and of course Apple, another BBC investment, is probably the world’s biggest tax avoider….not to mention the appalling tax dodging [according to the BBC] Amazon.  I imagine we could just go on and on and on…the BBC no doubt won’t say a word about its own dodgy investments as it castigates others for their ‘immoral’ choices….and supposed links to Russia.


There’s been several occasions when Corbyn has been on PMQs and his questions have been based on a BBC programme yet to be broadcast.  I’m absolutely sure there is no collusion and no coordination.  None at all.

Corbyn raised tax avoidance and the BBC has been going hammer and tongs at it all day today…most of it complete rubbish….they mention the Queen and ‘her’ investments and tell us that of course nothing illegal has been done nor is there any suggestion that she has evaded tax…however, they ask, is it right what she does?

Since when has the BBC been appointed the moral arbiter of what is right or wrong in the world?  Not sure that is in its charter and yet it seems to have taken the task of overseeing our morality to itself.

The language the BBC uses shows that this is not just straight reporting  but an attempt to whip up as much anger, fury, indignation and hostility towards ‘the Rich’ as possible….in line with Corbyn and McDonnell’s aim.

We hear of ‘highly secret documents’, that the ‘Rich and powerful’ have ‘secret investments’, that there is a ‘secret British empire’ out there…and of course…nothing illegal…but is it right?  The news kept quoting some activist who told us that ‘those of us who are left behind are paying the taxes that keep this country running for these people to use and they are not paying taxes’.   Hmmmmm…that’s just not true….the Rich have been soaked for money since the crash….it is well known outside the BBC that they pay massive amounts of tax…and the less well off have benefitted from vastly increased tax allowances taking many out of tax altogether.

The richest 1 per cent of income taxpayers pay over a quarter of all income tax; the top 10 per cent pay 60 per cent of the total.

And the Institute for Fiscal Studies shows that about 90% of income tax is paid by the 50% of taxpayers with the highest incomes.  So that leaves just 10% of income tax being paid by the lower earners completely demolishing John McDonnell’s lie at the election…

“The burden in terms of the tax take is falling on middle and low earners”


What’s missing from the BBC’s reporting?  No menton of who ‘leaked’ these documents.  It could well have been Russia and yet nothing from the BBC….Corbyn is closely linked to Russia and has a great interest in having such documents published…and yet nothing from the BBC.  Why would Russia do such a thing?  By releasing these documents it sets the cat amongst the pigeons and increases the hostility towards the Establishment and the rich and powerful in the country thus giving Corbyn a means to attack them and present himself as the champion of the ‘left behind’.  Russia trying to influence our Democracy?  Russia trying to put Corbyn into No10?

The BBC in contrast is quick to attack an American Trump official who it claimed is linked to ‘The Kremlin’ via his business connections.  Unfortunately that turned out to be complete hokum…the man disclosed his business dealings before hsi appointment and his business dealings turn out to be that he holds some shares in a company with Russian owners.  The BBC’s Kemal Ahmed interviewed him and suggested that there was ‘something improper’ in the Commerce Secretary ‘gaining’ from a relationship with Russia.  But of course there was nothing improper…it was just business, not illegal, there were no sanctions against the company….half of europe gets their gas from Russia….from the state controlled Gazprom…and BP has signed a deal with Rosneft to bring more gas to Europe.  Who owns London’s Evening Standard?  A Russian whose ‘oligarch’ father was in the KGB and  lives alongside Putin in Moscow.

Today Lebedev divides his time between Russia and the UK. His main residence is in the Moscow suburb of Rublyovka where most of Russia’s power elites have their dachas. “It’s where Putin lives, too”, he remarked.  Nobody really knows whether he is pro or anti-Putin.

But Kemal didn’t stop there even when the man had convincingly proved his case and his innocence.  Ahmed wanted to know if he agreed or understood that people would be uncomfortable that he has a relationship with Russia….except of course he has no ‘relationship’ with Russia…just some shares in a company.  Ahmed then wanted to know if he would consider getting rid of his shares due to the way this [controversy] has been covered [by the Media] and had damaged his reputation.  So the Media has run a smear campaign against this guy and tried to suggest he is some sort of Russian agent and Ahmed thinks it is his fault and that he should sell his shares to prove his innocence?  Bizarre but shows how the BBC thinks…..they just want to link Trump to Russia anyway possible regardless of facts.

Odd how the BBC completely ignores the fact that Obama let the Russians buy 20% of America’s Uranium business and that Clinton was paid over $100 million dollars by the Russians [never mind all that loot from the Saudis…possiby more dangerous than the Russians]…..but a Trump official with some shares in a Russian company is hung out to dry by the BBC and fellow travellers?  Talk about preposterous and a lack, deliberate, of proportion and priority.

London is awash with Russian money, often from highly dubious sources….does the BBC attack anyone who has shares in Chelsea FC or a season ticket…are they part of Putin’s secret army?   I imagine if you traced where that money went in Britain half the country would be having a ‘relationship with the Kremlin’ by the BBC’s logic.

British companies do business with Russian companies all the time, investments are made with Russian companies, we have military adventures in the Middle East alongside the Russians…..I’d bet there are many links between the BBC and Russia should we look hard enough.

The desire to make and shout loudly about very tenuous connections between certain individuals and the Russians is of course a highly political choice by the BBC…intended to keep up the narrative that Trump is only President because the Russians put him there…thus he is not a legitimate President…thus he should go.  It is the same narrative with Brexit….we see the BBC and the Remain Media are starting to create a whole story about Brexit being the result of Russian propaganda and thus the referendum was not legitimate and needs to be rerun. Pure propaganda.



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25 Responses to Dodgy Facts Haven…The BBC

  1. Guest Who says:

    There is also the no so insignificant matter of what most of the BBC knows but does not dare ask of their PR client when enjoying their hospitality:

    Seems guaranteeing the BBC’s droit du segnieur to blow cash like a Keith Vaz washing machine with zero accountability ensured on top, does buy a unique degree of support.


  2. Fedup2 says:

    Al Beeb 6pm news is after Apple for paying tax. It cannot understand that it is the duty of directors of companies to pay the tax due. Now if the international tax system enables individuals and corporations to avoid – minimise tax paid it is not the responsibility of individuals of corporations to change. Al Beeb doesn’t get this.

    It would be ideal for al Beeb to lead on clarity to declare the pay to all individuals or companies working for it since these people are getting tax money which people have to pay.

    Declaration . I am not an Apple shareholder but this was written on an iPad.


    • Alan says:

      The BBC pension fund is an Apple shareholder….Apple being one of, if not the, biggest tax avoiders in the world.


      • Up2snuff says:

        And the BBC being one of Apple’s best customers and promoters.

        Where’s Dave Lee?


  3. quisquose says:

    I was amused at the BBC’s attempts to pin VAT fraud on Lewis Hamilton.

    1. Look Lewis Hamilton is avoiding VAT on a jet plane through some elaborate leasing scheme.
    2. But that scheme is only valid on business use only.
    3. Look here’s the original Customs form where he actually declares 15% private usage. Ah ha, a slam dunk!

    Err, yes, that’s the original form where he declares 15% private usage so he has to pay 15% of the VAT. You’re fooling nobody except yourselves and those that want to be fooled.


    • Up2snuff says:

      The BBC have looked the other way while Hamilton was avoiding UK tax while living in Switzerland.

      Why pick on him now?

      BBC very late to the news on Lewis Hamilton.

      I wonder why?


  4. maxincony says:


    …however, they ask, is it right what she does? Since when has the BBC been appointed the moral arbiter of what is right or wrong in the world?

    They didn’t say whether it was right or wrong; they just asked the question.

    The news kept quoting some activist who told us that ‘those of us who are left behind are paying the taxes that keep this country running for these people to use and they are not paying taxes’. Hmmmmm…that’s just not true….the Rich have been soaked for money since the crash….

    Spot the “bait and switch”. The ‘activist’ you quote didn’t mention “the Rich”; he mentioned the people who didn’t pay taxes.

    How much “the Rich” pay in taxes has nothing to do with those few who have found a way of not paying any at all.

    You, Alan, and Vance (who recently boasted on twitter about his brand new Bentley) might think elaborate tax avoidance schemes are perfectly fine. Yet for some reason you are foaming at the mouth when such schemes are are made public.

    I wonder why…


    • Alan says:

      I admit it…I’m a Russian oligarch.


    • Jerry Owen says:

      I have asked you several times ( and you then conveniently disappear for a few weeks ) and will ask you yet again. Will you withdraw your false quoting of Alan that was pointed out a month or so ago? False made up quoting makes you a fraud, why should we listen to you when your arguments are based upon a clear figment of your imagination ? Are you happy being a fraud or do you wish to come clean about your errors?


      • Rob in Cheshire says:


        Max is a drive by shooter. He will never engage in an actual debate. It’s really a waste of time even trying.


        • Jerry Owen says:

          You are right Rob!
          He has run away yet again.
          Peter Hitchen’s makes it clear on his blog that anyone who misquotes him or alleges something to him that isn’t true will be excluded from the site unless they correct their errors.
          I know neither Alan or David enter into debate here but I do believe there is a case for excluding the wearisome and tedious maxincony from this site. He won’t enter into debate here so what is the point of allowing this baggage to clog an otherwise informative site?
          He should stick to ‘Socialist Wa.. Worker’!

          If David has a brand new Bentley … all I can say is well done!


          • Rob in Cheshire says:

            “If David has a brand new Bentley … all I can say is well done!”

            I agree, wonderful cars made by British workers in Cheshire!


      • taffman says:

        Jerry Owen
        Maxincony doesn’t answer questions . Like Scott, he wont tell us why he posts here . He must like advertising this link to newcomers ……………………….
        or perhaps he wants to promote this man as our next PM ?………………….


    • Up2snuff says:

      maxi, while you are here, may I remind you about an apology you owe Alan over the killing of an surgeon/Iman in Cheshire? You haven’t yet apologised despite frequent reminders.

      I wonder why?

      The BBC told us that there was a vast amount of documentation to go through in the Paradise Papers. How come that Her Majesty’s paperwork was on top?

      I wonder why?

      The BBC clearly highlight our Monarch’s deposit of funds abroad and did (and would to any reasonable person) appear to be trying to use it as a form of attack.

      I wonder why?

      Any ideas or answers, maxi? Do, please, get back to me on those.


  5. Nibor says:

    Foreign haulage firms buy lower taxed diesel in other countries then run around the UK powered by that lower taxed fuel . ( not forgetting they don’t pay British VED – another tax- which we have to pay ) .
    They also don’t pay speeding fines , parking charges and are given Fresnel lens when entering the UK .

    But who can blame them . I certainly wouldn’t when I re registered my trucks and company outside the UK . Then had sheer bliss if I was driving in the UK . It was nice not to be treated as a second class citizen – British – in my own country .
    Perhaps the BBC would like to do a documentary on that but I fear that it would show the biggest problems we face in this country are not some rich people and organisations avoiding tax , but the governance of our country , the mendacious senior civil servants , the unaccountable public sector and the BBC itself .


    • Up2snuff says:

      Nibor, I think they (foreign trucks) do now pay an access fee (sort of in lieu of VED) introduced, IIRC, by George Osborne sometime in 2010-2015. I may have that wrong, too much jammed in an overloaded memory. Eeek!

      It would be great if the BBC would do a programme about how the tax burden has consistently pushed further down the earnings and wealth ladder in the UK over 40+ years but I guess it might show up how many of the Beeboids are benefitting from that.


      • Nibor says:

        Up2 ,

        You are right . They pay the ” Britdisc” which was brought in 2013 despite decades of the senior civil servants ( James Fells , Roger Sreanan , and Smith to name three ) saying Britain couldn’t charge them . The Daily charge is capped by the EU , so they are still far less taxed than British trucks . Naturally they don’t feel obliged to top up the tax to our levels .

        I don’t see how we can be a competitive economy if we tax ourselves silly then give it away to other often richer countries .


        • Up2snuff says:

          Wow! Thanks for the consolation, Nibor, that dementia may have been put back a week or two in my case. I was scraping around some very dusty brain cells there so am pleased I came up with that without any help from Wiki.

          I agree with you about our Civil Service. About thirty to forty years or so ago, I would have said that broadly they were all doing a pretty good job for less than stellar pay and were generally (if not always firmly or rigourously) apolitical. Yes, I know during WW2, Churchill had to fight the Civil Service and military Chiefs as well as the Germans but generally the CS were – before and after – on the side of UK Plc in peacetime.

          Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn probably picked up on their early decline in their Sitcom ‘Yes, Minister’. Bonus culture plus Unionisation (other than CSU) of the lower ranks has invariably wreaked havoc. The late 20th/21st century job mobility era has also meant that the CS probably often takes a long view that is now more personal career oriented than Service to the Nation oriented.

          Our politicians should have the guts to stand up for their Electorate. The CS should quake at the thought of a public magnifying glass being run over various Ministries, Transport being a prime candidate after Home, Education, Health and Treasury.

          There was a link – probably from on here – to a comment to a Tweet that had been picked up by Guido or was actually on the GF w/s. It was to the effect: ‘As a stakeholder in UK Plc, I would like the PM to tell me each week what three things have been accomplished on behalf of the nation and what three goals, HMG has for the week ahead.’

          I like that.


          • Nibor says:


            I think Yes Minister is a training video for the senior civil servants .

            My impoverished state has not been caused by oligarchs , tax avoiders , big oil , corporations , aristocracy , right wingers or Trump .
            It’s caused by civil servants who want to be as faceless as possible , who wield power without accountability , in secret that the KGB would envy .

            There is the government of the country , then there is the governance of the country . The BBC never takes a look at the latter .


  6. Nibor says:

    Congratulations to David Vance for the acquisition of his new Bentley . I can’t afford one myself but then I chose a way of life that wouldn’t include one . Choices . I hope he has many miles of pleasurable motoring as I’ve had many many miles of pleasurable driving .
    Maxicony , do you want a Bentley ?


    • Lobster says:

      Perhaps Maxicony would be happier if we all drove Ladas or Trabants. Or even an old Maxi.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        I think Max would prefer it if he had the Zil, and he could drive to his Politburo meeting past the rest of us serfs shivering at the bus stop.


        • Up2snuff says:

          RiC, the Zil’s were notably bad polluters, IIRC, so that would fit with the ‘one rule for the BBC, man-made global warming and taxes for everyone else’ in practise.

          On the other hand, I suspect our maxi might rely more on a pedal tricycle taxi but only one that has been properly licensed by the Mayor of London and issues a proper receipt for the fare.


          I cannot imagine him wanting to get sweaty pedalling his own bike. And perhaps so that he can claim it on BBC expenses?


      • Jerry Owen says:

        Lobster. Oooooh ouch! Don’t remind me, my old man had a DAF once, it did my schoolboy street cred unbelievable damage, it was garbage. he then bought a Triumph SE Sport…it was garbage too though! Still at least Red Robbo is no more eh!


  7. Guest Who says:

    As if certain political agitators and media coordinate.

    Still, from Mrs. Brown’s careless investors to Lewis to Madge, the collateral victims seem acceptable in Beebworld.