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In the last few weeks the Remainders have really stepped up their campaign to stop Brexit in its tracks with daily apocalyptic alarms warning us of the catastrophic consequences if we continue down the Brexit road to Hell….planes will fall out of the sky the day we leave, everyone will get cancer…and as the NHS collapses you’ll have nowhere to get treatment, criminals and terrorists will lay waste to Britain and you will be driving cars made by a ressurrected British Leyland and Red Robbo’s descendants….don’t buy one made on a Friday…or any day in fact.  Some days it’s a constant diet of small pro-EU stories, such as this morning when Ed Stourton was talking about Pope Francis…he levered in a question about what the Catholic Church thinks abut Brexit, as you would…apparently they are dead set against it…after all the EU was a Catholic project [hmmm…so the Islamic State isn’t Islamic but the EU is a Catholic State?  Just one more reason to leave] and then we get the big hitters, like Carney, or Brown, or the head of the NHS coming up at strategic times to paint a terrifying picture of post-Brexit armageddon.

There is clearly an orchestrated drive to fill the airwaves and Papers with this scaremongering and the BBC has been incredibly helpful with its almost entirely uncritical, and hugely dishonest coverage.  It has a particular trick up its sleeve.  When the Leave campaign hyped the idea of £350 million a week going to the EU [which it does, more in fact…with the obvious qualifications] the BBC attacked them relentlessly in an attempt to discredit that figure.  But over the last year you may have noticed a change of tack…the BBC has now embraces that figure and when a Leave voice comes into their studios they then present the £350 million as if it was the actual amount we do send to Brussels and which will be an actual £350 million extra to spend as we like…the BBC deliberately completely ignoring the qualifications [such as the rebate].  Why?  Because they want to make the Public think they were ‘promised’ £350 million a week by the Leave campaign and when that, as it clearly won’t, materialise in real life they will be able to say the Leave voter has been conned and betrayed by the Leave campaign…thus the referendum was illegitimate.  And yet this is in fact the BBC conning and fooling the voter.

This came to a head last week with the head of the NHS, Steven Simons, hitting the anti-Brexit campaign trail with demands for that ‘£350 million per week to be spent on the NHS’….We want our Brexit cash boost – NHS boss

The health service should get the cash boost it was promised during the EU referendum, NHS England’s boss says.

Simon Stevens used controversial claims used by Vote Leave – that the NHS could benefit by £350m a week – to put the case for more money in a major speech.

Note that word ‘promised’…and frequently ‘pledged’…..the Leave campaign made no such promise…they were in no position to do so…they were not the government…..just another little white lie from the Remainders and the BBC….note how Stevesn couches his argument in terms of a democracy betrayed if we don’t get that £350 million…..which confirms that the BBC’s new slant is shaped to portray that narrative as well.

‘Oddly’ the BBC didn’t immediately cut him off at the knees and say he was talking rubbish….that there is no £350 million per week as they did with the Leave campaign. Instead the BBC gave him massive publicity for what is a blatant lie….in fact two lies because the famous Battle Bus didn’t actually say we’d give £350 million a week to the NHS….it merely said money would be bettter spent on the NHS.

This demonstrates quite clearly how Stevens and the BBC, are being massively dishonest….before the referendum he told us…

Mr Stevens rejected the idea, suggested by Leave campaigners, that exiting the EU would free up money that currently goes to Brussels. At best, this would fund the NHS for 19 days a year, he argued.

So he said there would be no money from the a Brexit for the NHS…and at best, he told us, it would last 19 days a year…..he was lying then, as clearly leaving the EU would free up large amounts of money, and he’s lying now, first because he seems to have forgotten what he said in 2016 and because the Leave campaign didn’t ‘promise’ £350 million for the NHS.

What the BBC also didn’t tell us was that Stevens is a veteran anti-brexit campaigner who before the referendum told us on Marr that EU referendum: Brexit ‘could damage NHS’, health boss warns….

Leaving the EU could damage the health service, NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens has warned.

He said he took warnings of possible recession in the event of Brexit “very seriously”, adding that would be “very dangerous” for the service.

Here’s a blatant lie…

Mr Stevens also said the NHS had “benefited enormously” from having doctors, nurses and care workers from the EU working within the health service.

There would be an impact if any of those 130,000 staff chose to leave the NHS because of uncertainty over work visas if the UK left the EU, he added.

There are 60,000 EU staff in the NHS not 130,000.

Stevens had clearly coordinated his attack as part of ‘Project Fear’ with Cameron who appeared on ITV at the same time to praise Stevens….

The prime minister said it was right for “experts” such as Stevens to make their case in what was a critical referendum.

David Cameron told ITV’s Peston on Sunday that Stevens was careful about the way he had made his argument. Cameron said: “All the experts seem to be saying – the IMF, the ECB, the Bank of England, the Treasury, the Office of Budget Responsibility are all saying – the economy would suffer if we left the European Union and single market, and that is quite a consensus. And if that were to happen it would have a bad effect on the NHS.”


Project Fear is alive and well and coming to a BBC screen near you….daily, hourly, by the minute.




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7 Responses to Brexit Bingo

  1. charmbrights says:

    And these politicians and thier appointees have the cheek to complain that ROPers tell lies?


  2. CranbrookPhil says:

    I must be a bit naive, but it seems to me that if we don’t pay the EU the €20 billion (minimum) or the €60+ billion (on the dodgy tab) surely that huge sum (whatever the figure) would be terribly useful to keep here to mitigate the threatened hikes in tarif payments that remainers seem so scared of.


  3. Fedup2 says:

    Tricky one really – the government did not promise the nhs anything. The government wanted to stay in. The brexiters said that there would be money available which wouldn’t be going to Brussels any more and uk govt decides how to spend it. Some posters said 350 to the nhs but that , as I said , was not a govt promise so this gentleman can go swing for it. EU national being allowed to remain in UK after Brexit must pay for use unless paying taxes like anyone else does.

    As for paying the exit bribe – we promise to pay silly money like 40 billion and then they fuck us on the trade negotiations as they need to punish us.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Nowhere – not even on the Leave ‘battlebus’ – did it say explicitly that this money will be spent on the NHS.

      Why Leavers don’t defend their position on that basis is a mystery.


  4. Rich says:

    Didn’t Stevens say that the NHS should get the money supposedly promised to it on leaving the EU now?

    How ? We haven’t left yet.


    • Englands Dreaming says:

      You are making the generous assumption that Stevens doesn’t know he is lying.


  5. johnnythefish says:

    ..and then we get the big hitters, like Carney, or Brown, or the head of the NHS …

    I think there’s an ‘s’ missing somewhere.

    A blatant political intervention by Stevens, who should be sacked for it.