Welfare? Well gud bruv innit

Do welfare states boost economic growth, or stunt it?

I’ll let you decide what the answer to that is, but I think we all know what the BBC comrades generally believe.

When you are trying to inform (i.e. brainwash) people on economic matters, there are two techniques you can use: One is to blind them with science and an overwhelming amount of statistical information that they can’t get their heads around to challenge your view. What this article uses is the other strategy – no data, no charts, no facts at all – just some mind-numbing metaphors and anecdotes.


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10 Responses to Welfare? Well gud bruv innit

  1. Fedup2 says:

    If you tell uninformed people the same thing for years and it’s in their personal interest they’ll believe it.
    The government will provide .,end of – no duty as a citizen – no need to pay in to take out .

    We all know what this leads too. II do muse every once in a while what people would do if the state tap was turned off.

    I find it easier to think of shortages of key products and empty shelves in the shops every one takes for granted ?

    Al beeb will blame and blame. They’ll get punter / normally with multiple kids playing the young Mum card and demand and demand .

    Same with their NHS and other state monopolies like education

    The chap who penned that article does “more or less” a programme which has once neutral but now carries albeeb messages through its own distortions


    • popeye says:

      Some years ago there was a Government website entitled “Rights and Responsibilities of UK Citizens” – There were no responsibilities on the site, but pages of rights


      • Fedup2 says:

        My read of Beveridge was that it you do not behave as a citizen you don’t get treatment .

        Now there is no judgement about those who deserve and those who don’t . They even find it distasteful trying to get money out of foreigners who milk the system.,shake that money tree.

        Funny humph didn’t ask that fool Brown what he thought about PFI now that it has turned into a disaster for Health Trusts .


    • charmbrights says:

      And “punter / normally with multiple kids playing the young Mum card” has the kids with expensive toys in front of a huge TV complaining about how hard it is to exist on the pittance the state gives her.


  2. scribblingscribe says:

    Love the sheer nonsense in the article.

    Of course, according to the BBC, it was a women who created the welfare state. The BBC then says:

    “Historians will tell you it wasn’t Frances Perkins who invented the welfare state. It was Otto von Bismarck, chancellor of the German Empire, half a century earlier. “

    Erm yes, historians to actually tell the truth. And historians will also say that Roosevelt pushed through congress the US version. Roosevelt was a non-female.

    The BBC cannot bring itself to say that the welfare state was created by right wing German economists, who of course must be lying scum. Ie not a woman in the US government.

    The article also says:
    “Bismarck’s welfare state reforms in the 1880s were designed to stop voters backing the rival socialist party”

    Erm, no. It was created to prevent the blood lust of Bolshevism spreading. Or as the BBC would put it, “Historians might tell you …”


  3. Eddy Booth says:

    ”But the same basic idea links every welfare state: that the ultimate responsibility for ensuring people don’t starve on the street should lie not with family, or charity, or private insurers, but with government.”

    And maybe it should, as it’s the very same governments that interferes with peoples lives in a negative way, like flooding the place with immigrants, making it illegal to even sleep rough, beg, busk etc
    At least in 3rd world countries people can set up a little stall and sell things on the streets.


  4. honestus says:

    My long held fear is that the ‘something for nothing’ brigade, of which there are many sub species, encouraged and abetted by our soft touch national broadcaster and the softer touch Labour socialists (until there’re in power any road) would eventually outnumber those who do have the civic responsibility gene and pay into the pot. I nearly said ‘what happens then’, but I know what happens – riot filled third world status here we come.


    • Third Duke says:

      Indeed aforementioned Brigade have been afforded a comfort level and ‘status’ that evades many dilligent, accountable and of course, tax paying members of our community.
      It makes my blood boil, funding these multi-offspringed, (typically multi-fathered) parasites being given financial parity with those who have devoted their full working lives to the care of said vermin.
      One such creature resides within (fortunately) distant family and has absorbed love, consideration, understanding, inclusion, and of course significant funds, yet cannot even find the time, morality or thought to summon even a simple ‘Thank you’.
      I’m assured she can at least find the time to vote Jezza.
      By state funded taxi, of course . . .


  5. Wild says:

    “riot filled third world status here we come”

    Leftists divide into two. Those who earnestly hope everything will crash, and those who are too focused on living off the taxpayer to care, but both come to the same thing in the end.