Nick Robinson…Enemy of The People?

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Those crazy Russian hackers….”Vote for Mollie King”



The BBC faithfully serves the devious needs of a foreign master, the EU, as it disseminates information that favours the EU world-view, and misinformation when it comes to those who oppose the EU’s ever-growing power and influence over our lives.  The BBC betrays not only its funding principles but the country it supposedly represents.

Nick Robinson seems quite happy to put his name to that betrayal as he continually presents as fact, in both the Today show and the pro-EU Sunday Mail, that Brexit was won by Putin claiming that the People didn’t really want Brexit, their minds were manipulated..the silly, simple-minded fools….

If you can game the algorithms it is all too easy to manipulate the emotions of a large part of the population.

That’s why we all need to wise up to what is going on: a state-sponsored effort to hack into our national conversation. It’s why politicians, social media companies and we as citizens should do more to protect our democracy and freedoms.

So, was it ‘the Kremlin wot won it’? So far, there is no firm evidence the Kremlin tried to, let alone succeeded, in bringing about Brexit. However, we do need to ask why so many tweets and posts about the things which divide people in the UK seem to come from Russia.

I am not arguing that those who backed Brexit or Scottish independence fell for a foreign plot. But we need to understand why the Kremlin might want to set up its own TV news network in London called RT, or Russia Today, and a news agency in Edinburgh called Sputnik. 

So having a news organisation in a country means you are plotting the downfall of that country?…..

New BBC Moscow Bureau opens

The BBC has opened a new Bureau in Moscow.

With new, state of the art technology, the bureau is the largest international broadcast operation in Russia and brings together for the first time journalists and production staff from each of the BBC’s different news operations.

The bureau, which began operating this week, is the BBC’s largest news operation in the world, outside of the UK.

The new bureau has additional broadcasting facilities, with seven radio studios and a television studio as well as indoor and outdoor live broadcast points.


Then what of this?

‘….why so many tweets and posts about the things which divide people in the UK seem to come from Russia.’

So all those news broadcasts, not just Tweets and other social media publications, from the BBC trashing Trump are not equally an attempt to subvert American democracy?  How about the outrageously dangerous claims from the BBC that white police officers in America are ‘executing’ unarmed Black men when that is totally untrue…such stories led to the death of many police officers then targeted by Black killers.  The BBC plays a very dangerous game.

Robinson has placed himself front and centre of the campaign to undermine Brexit, this is blatantly part of the highly political and partisan pro-EU Project Fear, a project whch failed miserably despite having the might of the combined forces of the world’s finest and most powerful cheerleading for it…Obama, the Clintons, Merkel, Cameron, the BBC, vast arrays of businessmen and banks, ‘respected’ international institutes such as the IMF and…Putin?

What’s missing from Robinson’s puff piece is any mention that Putin also shilled for the Remainders….his aim is to divide and rule, to sow as much confusion, doubt and instability as possible…thus it is logical that he would back both teams if any at all…as he quite possibly did in the American election….why is it that the BBC claims Putin supported Trump and yet can also report that serving Russian intelligence officers fed our very own 003.5 a pack of lies that damned Trump and still claim Putin only tried to help Trump and not Clinton…also ignoring the millions of $ of Russian money that flooded into Clinton accounts?  The BBC ignores all that preferring to say Trump won because Putin won it for him and thus it wasn’t a legitimate election….and they do the same with Brexit…happily ignoring any possibility that the dread Russian tweeters also helped Remain and never mind that massive ‘Establishment’ push for Remain…against which we had essentially Boris and Nigel Farage and a red double-decker bus [which the BBC normally tells us is ‘wot won it for Leave’.…maybe Putin paid for the bus?  or was it a vast programme of data mining and targeted canvassing as the BBC also claimed?  or was it the young were robbed of a chance to vote on their future?…as in 1975 then?].  Why doesn’t the BBC just come clean and admit it hates Brexit and is going to ignore it completely and pretend it never happened instead of inventing ever more preposterous excuses for the failure, not just of Project Fear, but of the Grand Project of the EU itself?

Amusing how Robinson recruits May’s last statement about the threat of Russian  interference in the West to his cause….when she first made that statement the BBC ridiculed her and mocked her and defended Russia….even as Robinson first made his conspiracy theory public….

Putin’s new bestest friend…the BBC

Has Lord Hall Hall been handed a large brown envelope of roubles, has he been on the vodka, has he been seduced by a Russian temptress and rudely compromised?  Who knows but the BBC is suddenly very Putin friendly as it mocks May for her warning to Russia to stop interfering in British democracy.  What a turn around by the BBC.

It was only a week ago that the brilliant Nick Robinson was giving us alarming news that both the Brexit referendum and the general election had been hacked by the Russians….indeed the BBC and MPs have been hot on the trail…

‘British MPs have asked Facebook if it has evidence of paid-for activity by accounts linked to Russia at the time of the Brexit referendum.’

Interesting when Robinson does a roll-call of elections he claims the Russians have tried to influence he doesn’t mention the German one….because it is known they didn’t.  He asks no  questions…such as why they wouldn’t interfere in an election that was pretty much a sure-fire win for Merkel?  Maybe they really, really like Merkel….who was working as an eager young communist in East Germany when Putin was a KGB officer in the same town.   Germany and Merkel run the EU….if Merkel is the Russians’ most successful plant then the Russians ‘run’ the EU.

Far more plausible than a few tweeters in a Moscow flat deciding the fate of Brexit you might think….certainly worth  a mention……and I suppose 4 million voted for UKIP due to the Russians?  If the might of the BBC can’t persuade people not to vote for the nazifacistracistlittleenglanders of UKIP I’m not sure a few tweets or facebook posts will have much effect.

The BBC is the biggest troll factory out there pumping out endless fake news and alternative facts.

and Nick Robinson is a waste of space.

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34 Responses to Nick Robinson…Enemy of The People?

  1. Guest Who says:

    Seems pretty vital to find out what dem Beebycee Pidgen dun try in’ to stiff.

    The next Robinson flounce on Twitter will be a treat.

    “Respect ma integreetay!”


    • Stu says:

      Difficult to respect something he doesn’t possess.


    • Guest Who says:

      And….. he’s off!

      (Just reported myself too)


      • Guest Who says:

        He’s off… Again.

        Admirable loyalty to the principle of ‘tell it often enough’, if perhaps no longer as compelling as once it was.


    • Up2snuff says:

      GW, you tempt me!


  2. Beeb Brother says:

    I like how the Russia story went from being top level collusion to just a few actions on social media. So they just ran with a totally fake story and are now continuing to dig, destroying any remnants of credibility they are clinging on to.


  3. Owen Morgan says:

    As ever, Robinson’s logic is all over the place. We are forever being told that the Yoof get their “facts” from Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. We are told the Yoof wanted to Remoan. Ergo, those elusive Russki tweets and Facebook posts don’t seem to have made much difference. I barely touch Facebook and never use Twitter at all and there was no canvassing whatever discernible in my neighbourhood. I managed to make up my own mind to vote Leave. It was not a hard decision.

    In her excruciating defeat lap, now in its second year, Hillary Clinton’s blame-blunderbuss must have needed several barrel replacements by now. The it-was-Vladi-wot-won-it line has always lacked substance. The endless mission creep of Robert Mueller’s open-ended investigation shows that he failed to find anything to justify the original claims; the investigation has more leaks than a flat roof in Aberystwyth, so we would definitely have heard long ago, if that were not the case.

    So, all of a sudden, Facebook helpfully discovered that it had accepted $100,000 for assorted advertising from Russian sources, which was so subtle that Facebook hadn’t noticed it before. Presumably, it was like one of those heavy metal tracks which supposedly spelt out satanic messages when played backwards. There must have been some subliminal message, saying, “Drink Stolichnaya – but not until you’ve voted for DONALD TRUMP.”

    Swinging an American presidential election for just $100,000 has to be a bargain. After all, Jeb Bush spent $60,000,000, without getting off the starting-line, while Clinton burned her way through $1,000,000,000 and still lost. Clever of the Russians to aim their insidious propaganda at voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, although it’s odd that Facebook users in some districts of Detroit, Michigan, were so immune to the Muscovite guile that they cast at least 100% of their votes for Clinton.

    It does look as though Robinson is consciously attempting to pave the way for another legal challenge to Brexit, or for a Royal Commission, to kick Brexit into the long grass until the end of time, or he is trying to present Parliament with a pretext for overturning the referendum result – because, yunno, Twitter.


    • Nibor says:

      I think you give some good points there ., OM .

      I thought the progressives , liberal/left and the BBC hated businesses and loved governments . So why are they so quiet about the gazillions Hilary took from big business but het up about some small change from Moscow ?

      Oh I forgot , it’s small businessmen and entrepreneurs they hate , but big corporations who can influence institutions like the EU they love . Because then the big corporations can wipe out their smaller competitors with the excess regulations that come with big government . This leads to their ideal world where everyone is either in a big corporation , big government ( or client of ) or a big Union . Then you get three opinions , which are business say they want .. ( more regulation and more EU , unlimited immigration ) , the EU , which gives them that , then the unions which ask the EU for protection from big business and low wages .


  4. Nibor says:

    ” If the referendum result goes wrong … ”

    That’s what Nick Robinson asked during the campaign .


  5. Oaknash says:

    Nick Robinson on Toady this morning on about the economy might “tank” because of brexit – I cant even be bothered these days to listen to what this smart arse – elitist stooge has to say for himself- Unlike Peston, Robinson has no redeeming features or self awareness that just occasionally he might be wrong on some things. I just mentally switch off and just about manage to register his usual buzzwords – blah blah blah brexit , blah blah blah economic damage etc.

    He is like a cuckoo that has been placed in nest of democracy and llike a parasitical cuckoo chick he has the loudest voice, the biggest mouth and in truth gives nothing back except demands for even more attention.


  6. Roland Deschain says:

    ‘….why so many tweets and posts about the things which divide people in the UK seem to come from Russia.’

    I wouldn’t know how to do it, but I believe it’s pretty straightforward to disguise where you are on the internet. You can be sure the Russians know how to do it. So it was damned sporting of them not to bother hiding who they were and make things easier for us.


    • Owen Morgan says:

      Are the Beebaratchiks, including the oleaginous Nick Robinson, so lacking in self-awareness that they don’t realise the “Ministry of Truth” in “1984” was based on Orwell’s wartime experience of the Beebyanka?


  7. Doublethinker says:

    Robinson and everyone else employed by the BBC are just doing what the liberal left elite expect of them. This elite gained power with Blair and have since consolidated their position and now run all our institutions , the judiciary, the police , the media , the entire educational system , the civil service and most politicians. One of the spin off benefits of Brexit is that it has forced this elite and the extent of their control out into the open. Everyone can now see the extent to which the liberal left hold power. We can also understand how difficult it will be to overthrow this elite. They are successfully resisting the democratic will of the people over Brexit and we can be certain that they will be just as unyielding to democracy should the people go against their wishes in other policy areas.
    Perhaps the biggest benefit that Brexit can bring to the UK is to show the people how much the democratic process has been undermined by this elite and therefore how necessary it is to get rid of them if we value our democracy and want it back. We may be defeated over Brexit but that should spur us on to overthrow the elite who have denied us our democratic birthright., no matter how long it takes.


    • David R says:

      Sadly with FPTP we won’t get the elite overthrown until the inertia is replaced by open rebellion. And if we had PR we would have a permanent coalition of the left-leaning and far left as in most of Europe.


      • GRIM REAPER says:

        And that ‘elite’ must not survive…they must all be gone…for good…no mercy…


      • GRIM REAPER says:

        And that ‘elite’ must not survive…they must all be gone…for good…no mercy…what’s up moderator/s ?…problem?….let’s hear it…


  8. Scroblene says:

    I really don’t think Nick Robinson is interesting enough to make any difference. There’s always far too much importance falsely attributed to journos, and he only has a few minutes to gabble his opinions before the scene cuts for a fat git on bennies, moaning about the NHS.

    It’s much easier to just ignore what he spouts, and you have to be pretty thick to believe that the sort of stuff he churns out is proper news anyway. He took over from Andrew Marr, so had a good grounding in fake news.

    The ‘managers’ in the bbc have it so easy, letting little men like Robinson regurgitate the instructions they’re given each morning, rather like the sad old joke about Mandelson, giving everyone earphones chanting ‘breath in, breath out’, to all the motley crowd of porous lefties who bothered to listen.

    Now, Fox News has some great stuff to read and hear; it makes my day, especially as Slickwilly is getting a right caning, and therefore his ugly ‘wife’ (in name only nowadays) has to get around the crap ‘news’ stations plugging some sort of book about why she is the female version of an idiot.


  9. Flexdream says:

    Here’s a question for tricky Nicky.

    Does money buy influence?

    HR Clinton raised $1191M
    Trump raised $647M

    Any concerns about how that imbalance in funding might have influenced the outcome?

    But let’s talk Brexit.

    Which side got the support of a Government funded £9M leaflet campaign?

    Which side got a foreign political leader to come over here and openly support it?

    Which side is overwhelmingly better represented on the BBC?

    Yeah Nicky, let’s hear about ‘influence’.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Remain, because the EU is good

      Remain, or the UK will lose influence in the EU

      Remain, because all major political party leaders are backing the EU

      Remain, because the Government shows why in a £9m leaflet campaign

      Remain, because all the high paid actors believe it’s for the best

      Remain, because the high paid actors will take in refugees to help out

      Remain, or there will be an economic crash

      Remain, or else you will lose your job

      Remain, or you will see more terrorism

      Remain, or there will be war

      Remain, or you will see migrant children washed up on our shores

      Remain, or you’re a bigot

      Remain, or you’re Xenophobe

      Remain, or you’re a racist.

      Remain, or you’re an Islamophobic

      Remain, or you’re stupid

      Remain … won’t you think of the future children

      You really wanted to Remain because in the year 2016 the result 48% is now greater than 52%!

      old post


  10. Up2snuff says:

    Alan, “Nick Robinson seems quite happy to put his name to that betrayal as he continually presents as fact, in both the Today show and the pro-EU Sunday Mail, that Brexit was won by Putin claiming that the People didn’t really want Brexit, their minds were manipulated..the silly, simple-minded fools….”

    Yes, the BBC via NR are trying to claim that now. Unfortunately they spent most of the first twelve of the last sixteen months also telling us that only the old voted for Brexit. According to the BBC, all the young people under the age of 35 entitled to vote in the Referendum want to remain in the EU and voted accordingly.

    Even more unfortunately for the BBC, it is those young people under the age of 35 who were most likely to be influenced by so-called ‘Russian propaganda’ as users of Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

    That would mean that 1. either the young deliberately voted the opposite way IF the ‘propaganda from Russia’ was pro-Leave, or, 2. as is much more likely, the so-called ‘Russian propaganda’ was more directed at encouraging a Remain vote.

    The mature, the old, the older and the oldest people who voted Leave were 1. far less less likely to be on Facebook, Twitter and other social media, and, 2. were through accumulated wisdom of years or accumulated bias or accumulated experience of living in the EU, far less likely to be swayed in their views. The BBC, again for a year after the result, have been telling us all how stuck in the past, how racist, how biased, how stupid Leave voters are.

    The BBC cannot have it both ways.

    Either this so-called ‘Russian propaganda’ thing is a total canard from ‘Remainers’ merely trying desperately to overturn democracy and Brexit or if it really did exist, then its purpose was obviously to encourage a Remain vote among the young. There are good reasons why the Russians under Putin – if they have ‘designs on the West’ – would much prefer as many European countries under the EU banner, as possible, prior to any conflict or possible takeover.

    This cannot now be dismissed. The BBC will have to choose one or the other, they cannot have both.

    I wonder which they will choose?


    • Kaiser says:

      just show me one, just one of these devastating mind blowing tweets or posts that bent my tiny little mind

      just one


      • Up2snuff says:

        Kaiser, exactly!

        On the other hand:

        BBC stacked pro-EU Panels & audiences for Question Time and Any Questions

        Insults for anyone pro-Leave from Remainers on the BBC web-site Blogs & HYSs (John_from_Hendon & Donkzilla – I’m refering to you! as well as some others)

        The Government-led campaign of Project Fear, with Blair & Major threatening terrorism and others – Barak Obama – suggesting business & economic & military conflict

        Outright threats from George Osborne & David Cameron

        – – – all strengthened my resolve – – –


      • Doublethinker says:

        This misinformation campaign, or in plain English lying, is not aimed at people who can think for themselves . It is aimed at those who are more impressionable , gullible and naive. Also it is a key part of the softening up of public opinion by casting doubt on whether or not the referendum result was legitimate. This will make it all the easier to present the eventual overturning of the Brexit referendum as in fact truly democratic because the elite will claim that the vote for Brexit was heavily and illegally influenced by dark external forces. The elite will do whatever it takes to keep us as close to the EU as possible but they will try to pretend that their actions are legitimate and democratic. As almost all of the MSM are up to their necks in this anti democratic conspiracy against the people , who will call them out for it?


  11. s.trubble says:

    Poor Nick……..I think he’s got that Brexit fever…………..makes you see things that aren’t there…… Irish Borders…………..
    Hope Putin sends that entire political DJ crew at bBC a Christmas card………” Watching you closely” Merry Christmas.


  12. RJ says:

    My thanks to Alan and all those who have posted on this thread, as I now understand what happened 17 months ago.

    The BBC have proved that the Russians rigged our independence referendum because they have evidence that Putin was driving Boris’ big, red bus.


  13. chrisH says:

    In September 1978, Schmidt and his French oppo met in Aachen-then in West Germany.
    From this very meeting, the EMS was established, which led to the ERM, to Soros and now to the Euro.
    Georgi Markov was killed this month in London.

    The very next month, Bobby Ferrell-talentless, camp tone deaf fandancer for Boney M-was trying to sing “Rasputin” with his German(repeat to Nick-his GERMAN) women singers. It was a hit record, and then things went quiet.

    In 2010 however-Bobby Ferrell was found dead in a St Petersburg hotel.

    Need I join the dots for you all, or should I let Nick Robinson do a two hour special for Panorama with this yellow brick road straight back to the Tranny Siberians Wailweigh?

    I am Nick Robinsons tin foil helmet and I`m now in receiving mode.
    RIP Rasputin…lover of the Russian Queen.
    But we KNOW what happened to Bobby Ferrell…..


  14. Dave S says:

    The rebellion by the voters has been the biggest shock the progressives have ever had. They just cannot get over it and if Robinson is typical never will.
    For the future harmony and civil peace of this country they will just have to do so or risk a real rebellion. The whole lot of them are guilty from Mrs May to most deranged SJW.
    Finally we were given a real choice in a vote and made it. Every vote counted and the result was so unexpected to these people that even now they are trying to set it aside.
    WE must make it clear that we have our own red lines and if they do so then we are released from any obligation to abide by their wishes.


  15. Edward says:

    How can Brexit be down to Putin and his internet interference when most people (apparently) who voted to leave the EU were too old to understand Twitter or modern things like that?


  16. Jonathan McNabb says:

    I imagine Nick Robinson is far more of a useful idiot for Putin than anyone who contributes to RT -in that he helps feed a narrative where the west appear very foolish.


  17. Jonathan McNabb says:

    I have read/heard/seen in the mainstream media a great deal of Russian trolls and bots. I have yet to read/heard/seen in the mainstream of trolls and bots which are obviously American in origin. I found it interesting to follow the trail of some of those on Twitter and Facebook who are complaining of Russian interference, who are also trolling those who challenge the Russiagate narrative.