The BBC attempts to unseat a President

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Islamofascism and appeasement are the biggest dangers facing the West

Europe desperately needs a strong leader, a man like Churchill, who from the outset understood that evil must never be appeased.

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The BBC has conducted a long, vicious campaign against Trump, trying to stop him becoming President and it has now taken upon itself the task of building up a poisonous and false narrative of a Fascist and racist President in order to unseat him.  The BBC takes to itself the job of political assassination, interfering in US democracy, spreading an avalanche of lies, slanders and disinformation that Putin would be proud of as it attempts regime change in the US.  Its use of lies, innuendo, half-truths, smears, fake news, cleverly built, insidious but false associations of everything Trump does with the ‘Far-Right’ has to be one of the most astonishing misuses, abuses and corruption of the BBC ethos, and its power and influence, in its history as it, a foreign, national broadcaster, clearly tries to pressurise, interfere in and manipulate American politics.

The latest tract from the BBC peddling the big lie is this from James Cook in the US…Embracing the far right, Trump stains a history of democratic ideals.  It’s a long piece with many references, many deliberate omissions and many pointed conclusions based more on prejudice, bigotry and a deliberate attempt to mislead the reader on the part of Cook than on real facts.

There’s no time now to tear this apart in the way it truly deserves at present but this quote from it will give you a taste of the venom, twisted logic and sheer nastiness that Cook employs to justify his attack:

A question comes to mind: did American soldiers fight and die on the beaches of Normandy so their president could promote fascism?

It is an astonishing question, absurd even. To many it may seem offensive even to ask.

But it falls to reporters to describe in plain language what we see, and promotion of fascism and racism is all too easy to observe in the United States of 2017.

Trouble is that isn’t what Cook sees, it’s what he wants to see. It’s purely his interpretation, his invention, his falsification of the news that is what he presents to us.

Who is right?  Trump who wants to prevent the Western world from succumbing to the very real threat of Islamist fascism or the likes of the BBC’s James Cook who appease Islamic terrorists, if not actually cheerlead for them and excuse their murderous actions and seek to hold open the borders to let in millions more who follow the same creed?

I doubt many of the soldiers who landed on the Normandy beaches would vote for Cook’s world view…..Cook the sort of man who sneers at those very soldiers as white, old, racist and bigoted because they may have voted for Brexit…and now he wants to recruit them to his cause…of appeasing Islamo-Fascism.  Cook who has nothing to say about lefty Remainers who wish such old troopers would be killed off by a bitter winter and then dream of children spitting on their graves.

Cook’s malign character assassination of Trump deserves a detailed critique that explores his carefully crafted wilful fabrication and expodes it with a few true facts.  Watch this space.


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42 Responses to The BBC attempts to unseat a President

  1. Doublethinker says:

    Both the liberal left elite’s resistance to Brexit and their attempts to overturn it and the attempts by the same global elite to have a President Trump removed from office , are linked. These people are only willing to abide by the outcomes of the democratic process if they agree with those outcomes. They think that they have the right to overturn democratic decisions if they wish to do so. Indeed some of them are arrogantly so certain of their own virtue that they feel that they have a duty to ‘ correct’ democratic decisions of the people if they feel the people have made the wrong choice. Of course they try to present their anti democratic activities under a cloak of faux democracy , perhapsthey will have Trump impeached by a rigged senate or they will pretend that the referendum was only advisory , but everyone knows this is just flimsy political cover for their attempted coup.
    What never seems to bother them in their shell of arrogant self esteem is the impact on the ordinary citizen’s faith in democracy if they succeed. Why would anyone who voted Leave and indeed some who voted Remain , have any faith in our politicians and governing elite if the referendum result is ignored and overturned because the elite didn’t like it ? It will send out a message loud and clear that an ordinary person’s vote counts for nothing. The long term impact on the way people regard all of our institutions will be profound because the elite will have clearly demonstrated to the whole country that they run the country and its institutions for themselves and don’t give a toss about what the people think. The same is exactly true of the situation in the USA.
    But both these antidemocratic campaigns by the elites on both sides of the Atlantic have had one enormous benefit to ordinary people. They have forced the elite out into the open . Everyone can now see how this global elite , typified by the BBC, seek to run the world via manipulation of democracy. They have been rumbled big time. The impact of this may in the end sweep them away and good riddance.


    • Demon says:

      Excellent post Double. The “B”BC are also totally hypocritical in their attempts to claim that it is wicked that Putin tried to interfere with the American election as he is foreign, when the foreign “B”BC is trying to interfere with the American democratic process just as they also tried in the USA election.

      If I do catch any “B”BC “news” I always try to run it through my mind trying to guess what really happened and what is the true story as 90% of Beeboid reporting is either lies or half-truths told in a way to give you a different impression of the facts.


      • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

        That’s exactly the same reaction I have these days, Demon. ‘What are the bastards covering up?’ I wonder. Or ‘why have the weasels shown me this?’. It is hard to believe that they get away with it time after time.
        This latest example is so outrageous that one would think that heads would roll. But we know this is nothing
        to them.
        They are probably fawning over the bloke who wrote it and the editor who allowed it.
        BBC, not for me!

        In an earlier post you mentioned your recent illness and hospitalization Demon. It sounds horrendous. But I’m glad you are back with us. I find your posts well written and good common sense. If I were PM and you in the cabinet I would give you your choice of portfolios. (except for electoral reform)

        Get well and keep posting Demon.


        • Demon says:

          Thanks very much for that Yasser. I also find your posts very thought provoking, and you have the best name on this site, the first few posts I saw of yours always gave me a chuckle when reading your name.

          I assume you would like full PR. We would end up with a permanent left-wing alliance (Labour, “Liberal” “Democrats”, the Soylent Greens and the Scottish and Welsh National Socialists) and back in the EU with no rebate, we’d lose our UN Security Council seat etc. As unfair as FPTP is we at least have a change of government every now and then. Although Austria, e.g., has almost managed to change theirs for the first time since the war, it won’t last. Italy and Belgium are just basked cases when it comes to their PR systems.


      • john in cheshire says:

        The far-left bbc have been interfering in the politics of countries for decades, especially ours and it’s so ingrained I don’t think they are aware they are doing it. A case in point is their woman in the Iranian jail; what has the far-left bbc been doing if not training her to interfere in Iranian politics?

        It looks as though we will have to rely on President Trump to free us from the tyranny of the commies and muslims because I can’t see a home grown leader who will help us do it for ourselves.


        • NCBBC says:

          Brexit and Pres Trump are freaking out the Leftys and their Antifa gangsters. It wont surprise me that the life expectancy of the above two goes down every time Pres Trump tweets.


    • vesnadog says:

      “Both the liberal left elite’s resistance to Brexit and their attempts to overturn it and the attempts by the same global elite to have a President Trump removed from office , are linked.”

      And the obvious anti-democratic slip of the hand use of the threats of strikes by the Union usual suspects clearly instigated by the rabble known as the Momentum yobs! Scum of the earth traitors!


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I’ve said it before, but I think it bears saying again. Just suppose they are successful in unseating Trump. Do they think those who voted for him, such as “flyover” Americans are simply going to lie back and accept that? That there will be no repercussions? I think we would be entering very dangerous territory indeed.


      • RJ says:

        RD, I’ve seen an interesting picture that shows the geographic voting pattern in America. The isolated blue area that voted for Clinton (mainly the coastal strips and the cities) and the great swathes of red that voted for Trump. The caption was: “The people in the blue areas want a revolution; the people in the red areas own 97% of the guns”.

        The key question in America and European countries is going to be: “Will the army fire on the people when ordered to do so?”.


        • RJ says:

          I shouldn’t reply to my own posts but……

          I’m now catching up on the Midweek Open Thread. Three quarters of the way down page 2, at 1.49am this morning, Do Beeboids Dream Of Electric Goats has posted a picture of the red/blue map that I mentioned.


    • Beeb Brother says:

      I remember a smug liberal saying that if they lost they would be sad but not angry, whereas Trump’s supporters would get nasty if he lost.

      They have shown a complete lack of decency in defeat and continue to throw a tantrum. It has been glorious to behold!

      Smart phones are the game changer. Instead of everyone watching one cleverly manipulated news show on tv we now get endless sources of information sent straight to our pocket. And with so much other entertainment available most choose not waste time watching the garbage on ‘news’ programmes.


      • Lobster says:

        The other game changer is, of course, the fact that Trump is by-passing the media altogether by using Twitter.


        • Beeb Brother says:

          It is tactical brilliance using Twitter. As well as bypassing the media his exact words are there for all to see – they can’t edit sneakily or ask leading questions to control the narrative. He tweets in the morning and sets the agenda for the day.

          What I also like is whereas most would hate having to face a hostile media he clearly really enjoys it, in part because he always wins. It is so great to see them having a taste of their own medicine. How they hate being called fake news! Yet they have called anyone who dare deviate from their alt left lunacy the most terrible names for decades.


    • cockneyboy says:

      Doublethinker, absolutely agree with your analogy. Once you accept the notion that powerful forces manipulate and control the world everything starts to make sense. The puppet May and her goverment gradually being destroyed by desperate charges of impropriety of one sort or another, in order to sabotage Brexit, is one example.
      However I doubt that they will be swept away only temporararily contained at best.


    • MiserableNow says:

      I find the anger and frustration unbearable when i listen to and read comments by aggressive virtue signalling politicians and celebrities that would be happy to overturn Brexit in a second, have they learnt nothing? it is exactly how Farage predicted. May and Hammond are remainers that think they can play both sides ( appeasing remainers while stating ‘Brexit means Brexit’ ) We all now know that May and Hammond intend to keep us in the E.U past March 2019 with the the so called ‘ transition period’ which is what we are now in ( Article 50). The BBC are trying to force the nation into a totalitarian state, their behaviour is frightening and very obvious, aggressively chasing people who do not pay the license fee yet choosing to keep most of their output anti-white pro feminist/female agenda flowing, meanwhile they employ peadophiles, degenerates and minorities that are happy to demonise and mock white people unchecked constantly moaning about oppression , slavery, brexit and the so called ‘patriarchy’.


      • NCBBC says:

        You forgot to mention the RoPs in the BBC. All of them earning hundreds of thousands. What we forget is that a certain percentage their donations to the mosque goes to the Jihad.


  2. Lucy Pevensey says:


    Should the leader of the free world hide Islamic violence?

    Should The British Prime Minister hide Islamic violence?

    Should The Archbishop of Canterbury hide Islamic violence?

    Should The BBC hide Islamic violence?

    Is my £147 licence tax being used to hide Islamic violence?


    • john in cheshire says:

      I think we all know the answers to those questions; it’s NO to the first four and YES to the last one.


  3. G.W.F. says:

    When it came to the crunch, Farage and Melanie Philips chickened out and swung with the liberal elite. Forget them
    There are other voices, Katie Hopkins is standing firm, but this piece by Dellingpole says what the other so called critics of the liberal elite failed to recognise.
    Here i Delingpole on the tweets.

    ‘First, let’s just establish what he was NOT doing:

    Winning the hearts and minds of radical Muslims; making liberals love and respect him more; getting nice coverage in the Guardian and the New York Times; persuading Never Trumpers that they might have misjudged him; winning over Theresa May and the rest of the faux-Conservative political class.

    No. Trump doesn’t give a damn for any of these people. (And who can blame him?)

    Instead he was sending a message to the people he cares about: all those ordinary people out there, not just in the U.S. but in Europe and beyond, who are shocked, appalled, scared by the way their countries are slowly (or quite quickly in the case of some countries, Sweden, for example) surrendering to Islam; who feel betrayed by the pusillanimity of their political leaders and let down by the failure of most of their media to report on the rapes and the sexual grooming and the violence being committed disproportionately by Muslims, both immigrants and home-grown radicals; who feel unable to speak – except in embarrassed whispers – about their fears about being stabbed or machine-gunned or blown up or mown down by yet another jihadist simply for the crime of going about their daily, Western life; who bitterly resent being tarred as Islamophobic or xenophobic or uncaring when all they want is to be allowed to live their life in peace in a country whose traditions, laws and cultural values remain the ones they grew up with and which make their homeland worth living in.

    These are the people Trump was reaching out to with those tweets.


    • StewGreen says:

      Delingpole explains how Trump’s base responds

      Did they go
      a) “I heard some people on the BBC tell me that Britain First are far right
      and far right is, like, the worst thing ever.
      So by retweeting them Donald Trump was literally endorsing fascism!”
      b) “Trump gets it. Why don’t the other politicians get it?”
      I suspect it’s mainly the latter.

      Put it this way:
      if you ask yourself the question
      “Are these videos representative of behaviour currently being enacted across Europe,
      the Middle East and beyond by members of the Religion of Peace?”
      … you’d have to be pretty naive to answer anything but “yes!”

      When a messenger brings unpalatable news to libmob
      … libmob attack that messenger
      … rather than facing the truth.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Agree totally. President Trump is a prophet ( every possible pun intended ) and a leader who recognises the global danger the liberal left have led us into and who is seeking to mobilise the silent majority in the West to resist the Islamification of their respective countries. In doing so he is taking on the enormous vested interests of the liberal elite and as a consequence is being targeted from all sides. We must all hope that he succeeds and support him anyway we can.


    • theisland says:

      Thanks for the link. James Delingpole is spot on.
      I note he describes Britain First as a “nationalistic, anti-immigration political party highly critical of Islam”, which seems fair enough.

      You are correct that many of those we regard as the good guys “chickened out”.


  4. fakenewswatcher says:

    You can trust the BBC.
    You can trust it to continue its campaigns, all disguised as news, but ever more blatant use the BBC Poll Tax to further its own causes. It’s full of confidence now, being assured of this money on pain of prison, to leave the domain of news reporting (let alone impartial news reporting) and continue as an undisguised political pressure group. Over and above the money, the opportunity to virtue signal non-stop is irresistible.
    Campaign 1: To stop the Trump visit. Tick. To help impeach and unseat Trump. Work in progress. They HATE Trump. Presumably they think if you’re the BBC and you’re only reporting, you can’t be doing ‘hate’ speech?
    Campaign 2: To derail Brexit: We’ll still get some diverse reporting on this. They can’t afford to sound too obvious and too undemocratic; also, they want Labour IN and they have the Frank Fields of this world to consider.
    Campaign 3: After the election I remember Emily Thornberry saying LABOUR HAD WON it. Chronic denial? Chronic dishonesty? Self-delusion? No matter. It’s a narrative that persuaded the BBC to go for the Conservative jugular.
    So campaign 3 is to dig up dirt, minister by minister, until the cabinet falls, to be replaced by Thornberry’s winner.
    Fallon; they found harassment. Gone. Patel; they found being naughty in Israel. Gone. Green; they found pornography; work in progress. Boris; they found their lady in Iran, among many other things. Work in progress. Theresa; she invited Trump too early and we will endlessly be shown her holding hands with him by the BBC. Also, the BBC knows when strong and stable is not that. It will try Ireland, to see if a weak spot can be found to drive a wedge between CON and DUP.
    I trust the BBC.


    • Doublethinker says:

      You missed out their most damaging campaign, The Islamisation of the West. All of the above campaigns directly or indirectly contribute to it.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I suppose al beeb and the MSM have always manipulated events to call it news. But the 24 hour rolling news gives if far more power to shape events into its version of the world . We are long past the Truth.
        As long as people realise that they can treat the output of al beeb the way it deserves .
        Our problem is that too many people retain affection for “Auntie”and al beeb falls back on that whenever it is caught out,


  5. Beeb Brother says:

    They further heap up their own funeral pyre with garbage like this. One imagined they could not sink further after their disgraceful behaviour during the election but they have.

    What is so mind-boggling is that even when their alt-Left lunacy has been proven to be patently and tragically reckless they still plough on. What a terrible, terrible year for terror et cetera. How bad must it get before they concede an inch of ground, confess to the slightest compunction for what they have done to us? Even actual recordings cannot break through.

    Nonsense like this article is just what Trump wanted. He scores another heavy blow as the elite once again show themselves to be the most disgusting liars and hypocrites.


  6. G says:

    In summary, a precis of all contributions above viewed by an alien just visiting, would conclude the West and the US is a tinderbox which becomes more destined to volatility by the day. Strange that in Europe there is a belief that the EU has, and continues to, halt wars. More strange that the current and growing volatility in Europe which is heading for civil war, is being brought to a head by Germany’s immigration policy for ALL Europe. Perhaps Germany, deep down, never lost the desire to start wars.


  7. Up2snuff says:

    If this refers to the BF/Coulter re-tweet then this really is a load of bunkum.

    It’s not going to hurt President Trump any more than the other flak that the BBC have been firing at him from before he secured the Republican nomination. Nothing they have done so far has scarred him one iota. If anything it has helped to show up the BBC for what they have become, what they are now. In the White House, and as far as the Trump Administration is concerned they are ‘outside the circle’. Not really where you want to be as a premier news organisation.

    It has caused a very minor problem for the PM. It has caused a slightly greater problem for our Government and even more so for our Monarch. It is teetering on a the edge of being or becoming a diplomatic incident but no more serious than that. It may, however, cause a serious problem for our democracy in future. Troublemakers will remember it and use it. We are descending – incrementally – to where mob rule is starting to develop as much voice as democracy. This stupid Twittering is not helping but making things worse.

    It will probably add to social tensions here (I shouldn’t have to spell them out to grown-ups on here), not sufficiently to cause a problem now or in the near future but – heaven forbid – if there are more incidents with many casualties then it will have stoked the flames. It behoves everyone, whichever side of the Atlantic they are on, whether in White House, Downing Street, mansion or apartment, detached house or tiny terrace, to be careful about posting, tweeting, ‘bookering and blogging.

    We are just eight days from an incident – a very interesting non-incident – in central London in which 16 people were injured, one of whom required hospitalisation.

    Learn the lesson.

    Learn it well.


  8. Rob in Cheshire says:

    “A question comes to mind: did American soldiers fight and die on the beaches of Normandy so their president could promote fascism?”

    Quite a few of the American soldiers who fought in WWII are still with us. Instead of writing his left wing garbage, why doesn’t this prick actually behave like a journalist for once, and go out and talk to them? Find out what they think about fascism, islamic terrorism and President Trump?

    Of course, we know he won’t. It is perfectly safe to sit at his computer writing bullshit. If he had to go out and talk to real people, who don’t agree with his left wing hive views, he would probably pee his panties.


  9. Alicia Sinclair says:

    The past two years surely have taught us the “big things” that we needed to learn.
    1. We could not go on as we were.
    2. There is fifty years of toxic sludge, fat and slime to clear. Bannon knows this, but we fail to take the long view. The Chinese always do.
    3. The media are mere first responders, replying only to anything once it hits a nerve or is a reheat of their previous filed outrages. Trump did that beautifully on Wednesday to the British. Up to us if we`ll learn or behave as the BBC would like us to.
    4.Draining the swamp DOES entail nasty bouts of swamp gas.
    5. Brexit and Trump are one and the same slaps to their fat faces. If we`re not going to fight for them, then aren`t they right?
    6. My freedoms come from religion and not from the State or E.U. I`ve no intention of asking Tim Farron or Gavin Williamson to practice them.
    7. Brexit and Trump both involve a fight to the death-they`ve kept us quiet in return for our accepting the votes and majority decision. Now we know that they think all that`s a crock-it will never go back into the toothpaste tube again.
    8. The law, the mob and the media are the new ways of shutting down dissent, threats to their cartels and democratic practice of sovereignty that is our right of old. The law, media and mob are illegitimate-and we will fight one and all of them.
    9. The repetitive, Groundhog Day nature of their stories tells you that they`ve nothing to say, just want a quiet life and easy money. And to appear radical or virtuous.
    10. For people who thoughtlessly push for revolution. they fail to prepare for our backlash-once we know, we can hardly compromise. You`re either free or not, I`d have thought.


  10. Deborahanother says:

    All of these attacks make Trump stronger. The BBCis only regurgitating the fake news from the Wasington swamp.
    I admire Trump for his total conviction to fight the fight for the ordinary people. He is hated by gravy train politicians and MSM because he cannot be got at and owes nobody.Compare Trump to the awful Obama .
    If only we had such a person to stand up for us.


    • vesnadog says:

      For President, America needs some one who has been in the military. If Trump was never in the military he sure behaves (rightly so) like he was.

      I see Trump as the Texas Ranger (says little but when he acts results always follow)

      As for Obama being in the Military I have no idea? (this I do Know – he was always seeking self-glorification and said too much, did nothing for American prosperity/Honour – but treat the Judeo-Christian faiths like the Muslims treat both in the east today! With contempt!)


  11. Idiotboy says:

    Both the BBC and Channel 4, another UK state funded media organisation with equally odious political aspirations, are naive in believing that their petulant campaign against the American President will bear any fruit. Having travelled widely in the USA I can say with some confidence that the average American may well have heard of the BBC but is unlikely to watch its news output, and will certainly not be aware of the existence of Channel 4.
    The BBC’s clumsy attempts to interfere in the American democratic process during the US election last November should have resulted in its immediate castration by the UK government.
    Its assertion that the President’s election victory was as a result of “interference” from the Russians is both facile and hypocritical, especially when one of it own ex-operatives is currently languishing in an Iranian prison for attempting to interfere in Iranian politics.
    This organisation should be neutered without delay.


    • vesnadog says:

      “Both the BBC and Channel 4”

      How would they cope if every employee became colour blind! Rainbow fascists!


  12. Nibor says:

    So if some unsavoury character ( as Britain First is portrayed) had video footage of a murder or robbery , would the Police dismiss this evidence out of hand and allow the perpetrators to go free , for action another day ?
    It seems the way according to the BBC and even Parliament .


  13. fakenewswatcher says:

    Laura Bicker from Washington this evening, telling us how, despite DT getting his tax legislation passed in Congress, it was a bad day for the President, what with this Flynn business. How many people do the BBC have in Washington, I wonder, breathlessly reporting on Trump’s expected downfall? (How eager their wait, how great their hate.) Besides Bicker there is Sopel, O’Shaunnesy, Bryant, Plett-Usher, I lose track. Those are only some of the on-screen! How jolly life is when you’re financed by the old jackboot method! Still no impeachment? Tsk tsk. Must be getting close now, they’ve worked HARD on it from day one of his election…
    Talking about jackboots: seems the mob was out in force today to disrupt the AfD congress in Hannover. Injured some policemen who had the audacity to use water cannon on them, and one delegate. All about being anti-hate, of course!
    It seems the old Antifa didn’t manage to smash up as many cars, shop windows etc as usual. Could things be changing in Germany? ‘Die Welt’ (A sort of Hamburg version of the Guardian) reports that CDU bigwigs may finally be heralding the end of the Merkel ice age. They are moaning that under her there has been a sort of ‘demobilisation’ of the voters, through the method of lulling them to sleep! Ditto members of the CDU. You betcha!
    A healthy dose of Gerexit may do them some good, wake people up, sort of. But that is probably wishful thinking on my part. Satan will be handing out bibles before Merkel tolerates a referendum.
    What we have to do here in the UK is to make sure the voters are not lulled to sleep as well. When your mind is stuffed full of what is on Damian Green’s computer for the fifth/sixth/seventh day running, you may be inclined to switch off and go to sleep. DON’T DO IT! Let us not be demobilised by the BBC and their other MSM buddies.


  14. Guest Who says:

    His missus was iirc, and may still be quite high up in the bbc.


  15. joeadamsmith says:

    Bearing in mind that the bBBC have been running with the Michael Flynn talked with the Russians story:

    I await their follow-up that ABC was suspended the reporter who stated that Flynn was going to do the dirty on Trump:

    But, as the saying goes, I’m not holding my breath……


  16. Lucy Pevensey says:

    DESPITE The BBC. Millions of decent PEOPLE (Newspeak “racists”) are happy with The Donald.

    President Trump Proclaims Jesus is the Reason for the Season at National Christmas Tree Lighting

    President Trump lit the National Christmas Tree for the first time alongside Melania and thousands of revelers.
    “As president of the United States it’s my tremendous honor to finally wish America and the world a very merry Christmas,” he said.
    Trump counted down from 10 while Melania pushed a button that lit up the national tree with silver and gold stars.
    It’s a tradition that dates back nearly a century and started with President Calvin Coolidge in 1923.
    “From the earliest days of our nation Americans have known Christmas is a time for prayer and worship, for gratitude and good will, for peace and renewal,” President Trump said.
    Thursday’s celebration featured a number of musical performances, singing, and dancing. However, President Trump reminded the nation that Jesus is the real reason for the season.
    “For Christians, this is a holy season, a celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” he said.
    “The Christmas story began 2,000 years ago with a mother, a father, their baby son, and the most extraordinary gift of all – the gift of God’s love for all of humanity,” he continued. “Whatever our belief, we know that the birth of Jesus Christ and the story of this incredible life forever changed the course of human history. There is hardly an aspect of our life today that his life has not touched – art, music, culture, law, and our respect for the sacred dignity of every person everywhere in the world.”
    He explained that Christmas isn’t about presents, but celebrating our unique identity.
    “Each and every year at Christmas time we recognize that the real spirit of Christmas is not what we have, it’s about who we are. Each one of us is a child of God. That is the true source of joy this time of year,” President Trump said. “That is what we remember during today’s beautiful ceremony. That we are called to serve one another, to love one another, and to pursue peace in our hearts and all throughout the world.”

    President Trump ended by asking God for his blessings.
    “This Christmas we ask for God’s blessings for our family and for our nation.”


  17. bandit says:

    The huge tragedy is that our BBC and C4 are deliberately creating confrontation on behalf of the silent majorities in both the UK and the USA which will take decades to repair. In the same way as they gave praise and huge airtime over to Obama, dragged in by Cameron, to try and convince us all to stay in the EU, they now try and wreck our governments plans and efforts to achieve a smooth path out. We have no right to interfere in any other countries elections or referendums nor should any other country interfere in ours? Both are actively involved in trying to bring down Donald trump on behalf of the silent majority of the decent and honest Uk population here and in the USA who have never asked them to do such a thing. They openly allow the left wing airtime to promote riots on our streets if The USA President should come here? Surely thats inciting violence and hatred in its own right as they do not give any airtime in the same order to those who feel he should come ? The BBC and Channel 4 are determined to cause as much trouble and fear for the British Public as possible right to the very last day we leave the EU and once that day arrives they will have cost our country and every single man , woman and child in it huge financial burdens for years to come , caused by their all out attacks and efforts to sabotage the vote in the drawn out and planned ways they are doing.. That cost will be paid by us all whilst the BBC readies itself for its next phase after we leave, which will start immediately on day one after we have left. There is no way on this earth , all the while we idiots are paying their wages , the BBC is ever going to accept the will of the British people yesterday, now or tomorrow and if we are all totally sickened by their behaviour this side of leaving just wait for what they have planned for all of us after we have left!!
    It costs them not a penny does it ? They are the ones having their cake and eating it?
    One day i hope the decent men and women of our country will finally have enough of this out of control monster and take to demonstrating in their thousands outside their own HQ demanding fairness and unbiased reporting for the well being and good of the most wonderful country we all live in. Only then will they sit up and take notice as OFCOM is of no use whatsoever and never will be. Ever tried to complain online to the BBC? Try it just for fun when you have an hour to spare and then watch as all you have written disappears into Cyber space before your very eyes. If you want to buy a tatty BBC mug or signed pic of JC then expect to complete your purchase within a few mins and the money removed from your account instantly ! No long winded or brain sapping forms to fill out for that is there? Treble the figures that they spout for complaints they say they receive per year as two thirds of people never get to the finish line when they try. Try writing and it goes straight into the shredder!
    Lets hope somebody brave in our elected leadership one day has whats needed to chuck the lot of them out and sell it off to Russia or China or even Venezuela.