OK. This is what has kept me so busy in recent times – I am pleased to announce that ALTNEWSMEDIA is now live on Twitter, Facebook, Gab and Youtube and you can watch our launch trailer below. The web portal goes live in early 2018. I hope you will subscribe.

We have around 40 contributors from around the world, from Canada to Australia, from Singapore to the UK, from the US to Belgium.  We aim to produce written, video, audio and graphic content. The ethos of the site is that it is NOT about “right vs left” but “right vs wrong”

We live at at time when the legacy media is dying, that new media is emerging but it is also being shapened by vested interested (Check out the great Twitter purge). I am determined to provide a serious on-demand alternative. The channel launches in early January.

If you are sick of the biased BBC and its endless fake narratives, please support our new channel! Just subscribe to the channel here.


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16 Responses to ANNOUNCING….

  1. Demon says:

    That brief video makes it unclear whether Altnewsmedia is really just going to tell the whole truth, including the bits that the MSM deliberately leave out to distort news reports.

    Or is it going to be yet another left-wing site re-inforcing the already fake news that the MSM put out? After all, it was the left-wing MSM who coined the phrase “Fake News” which to them meant any facts amd truths that the right pointed out.

    I hope it will be positive but I’m not holding my breath on it.


  2. ObiWan says:

    On the video: The music is mixed too loud against the narrator. Level one error.

    On the channel: Yeah, I’m all for it, but I don’t want a ‘right wing news’ channel. What I’d really like is a news channel that just reports the news in a truly balanced, unbiased way. Yeah, it’s a mind-blowing concept, but I think –
    perhaps 50 years ago – maybe the news worked like that. Maybe. The antidote to the fakestream media isn’t a right-wing take on current affairs (that’s just another hermetically-sealed mutual backslap): it’s a genuinely non partisan approach. The lack of true freedom of opinion and comment is the sickness in our current msm, politics, culture and academia. There is no genuine balance.


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      ObiWan did you overlook this bit? “The ethos of the site is that it is NOT about “right vs left” but “right vs wrong” “


  3. Peter Grimes says:

    Hopefully the use of ‘our’ will tell you that this new news channel is going in the right direction!


  4. Guest Who says:

    ‘The web portal goes live in early 2017. I hope you will subscribe.

    Already have, eleven months ago.

    I love the new time travel feature. Kamal Ahmed and Diane Abbott running it?


  5. Lucy Pevensey says:

    “The web portal goes live in early 2017.” 2017?

    Is it a TIME portal? Or am I missing something?


  6. StewGreen says:

    Also someone has “forthcoming book about BBC, Brainwashing Britain” to be published in early 2018


  7. Nibor says:

    Well I don’t know .

    This site is about the bias of the BBC , in which contributors can show clippings from other sites that they are not connected with . They can also show links to other sites and even their own sites , but it is still at more than arms length and can be criticised by anyone .

    If this news site is seen as sponsored or fully endorsed by Biased BBC it could be seen that Biased BBC is not impartial
    Eg ; it would be like a consumer association about wigs , but produces its own wigs in response to criticism about another wig manufacturer . Then it has a vested interest and the ” they would say that wouldn’t they ” .

    I like the idea of this new newsite in respect that it can give an alternative view , but other websites do the same and who will declare what is correct and what is wrong ? I think it would be better to say that the alternative view is from people who are not experts from The Powers That Be .


  8. Roland Deschain says:

    If it tells the truth, it’ll not be on Twitter for long.


  9. StewGreen says:

    There’s an obvious problem with the name.
    “The ethos of the site is that it is NOT about “right vs left” but “right vs wrong”
    Great but a lib/left are going to look at the word “Alt” and immediately think “Alt”=”Alt right”

    The ethos of “NOT about right vs left” is admirable cos these days non-libs will talk to anyone, being just concerned with the facts & logic
    whereas it seems the lib mob first look to see what colour political skin the commenter has
    ie if he’s a in ‘our gang’ he’s OK ,
    but if he’s a “purple/blue skin” then he’s “one of them” and “we’re not going to talk”.
    Every week we hear of a Corbynista who says they ‘can never be friends with a Tory’,


  10. Lucy Pevensey says:

    We have to get past giving a toss what Libmob think. They are going to chew up & spit out anything that contradicts their narrow worldview.


  11. David Vance says:

    Thanks for the kind comments and the brickbats.


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      Hi David Vance, good luck with this. The biggest hurdle is to get it going and once it has got going, in keeping it going. Start small then grow. Make sure you pass all the potential legal hurdles and pitfalls – so to some extent it has to be careful in what it says / political correct. Personally I was impressed with the trailer. The efforts from creating nothing into something should not be under-estimated.

      Also I guess you have to have a very thick skin with a clear vision and determination – because as soon as something goes public you will have to contend with the armchair critics, the psychologically questionable and worse (much worse I presume).


  12. Edward says:

    Sorry David, but it’s a poor production. The sound levels are seriously wrong in the second half of the video and the choice of terminology is embarrassing – “left vs right” – right vs wrong”.

    It’s never easy to produce a polished visual experience without experts in required fields, so that’s why it’s probably advisable to just speak your mind to the camera without all the bullshit graphics. In fact, the bullshit graphics turn people like me away.

    Don’t know about you. I’m going to watch Pat Condell.


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      Hi Edward, you can watch both. Pat Condell does not provide any alternative news service – he just provides fact based opinions and critiques on Britain, Europe, Middle East …