Brexit means terrorism on our streets

The BBC’s latest anti-Brexit scaremongering headline:

MI5 warnings on Brexit, terror and Russia

MI5 has had to reassure its European partners about co-operation since the Brexit referendum, the head of the security service says, but the twin fears of terrorism and Russia has meant that European countries still want the UK’s help.

With a marked increase in the number of attacks in Europe, the committee said the government should be more forthcoming on any potential risks associated with Britain leaving the EU.

The annual report of the Intelligence and Security Committee provides the most detailed overview of the work of Britain’s spy agencies.

The committee, chaired by Dominic Grieve MP, said that the last two years had seen a rise in attacks in Europe leading to questions over the capability of some countries to deal with the threat.

So the BBC’s headline and opening narrative is that MI5 has said Brexit is a threat to security.   Hmmm…except this is a report from a Parliamentary committee [and of its 9 members 7 look to be Remain voters] not MI5 and its press release makes absolutely no mention of Brexit….what it does make a big deal of is the major threat of islamic terrorism and cyber terrorism from Russia, China and Iran.  Why does the BBC lead on Brexit then?

What does the full report say on Brexit?

MI5 has assured us that the UK’s decision to leave the European Union will not adversely impact on its membership of, and participation in, the CTG [ Counter-Terrorism Group ].

MI5 told us that there are currently “unprecedented levels of cooperation with 5 EYES, CTG and a [tri-Agency] approach”.

The BBC and Remainers like to suggest any hint of a border will mean terrorism will begin again in Northern Ireland…and yet we know that the terrorist threat has been severe for years and has never gone away…as MI5 admits in this report:

MI5 told the Committee that Northern Ireland represents the “most concentrated area of terrorist activity probably anywhere in Europe”, with terrorist activity disrupted on a weekly basis.
The threat level in Northern Ireland remains SEVERE, meaning an attack is highly likely. The threat to Great Britain from Northern Ireland-related terrorism, which is assessed separately to the threat in Northern Ireland, was raised to SUBSTANTIAL in May 2016. This means an attack in Great Britain is a strong possibility.

We commend the efforts of MI5 and the Police Service of Northern Ireland in limiting the number of Northern Ireland-related terrorism attacks……it is important that they are able to maintain the current pressure on the ‘new IRA’, in particular.

You might think that merited the headline not Brexit fantasies.  The IRA are still out there, Corbyn’s mates, a severe and substantial threat to the UK.

There is no real concern about Brexit at all in the intelligence services…most dealings are between countries not with the EU….and it is in fact lack of cooperation between EU countries that is the real concern…

We have asked the Agencies how Brexit could affect their relationships with European partners. GCHQ reiterated the importance of these relationships, but was relaxed about the direct implications: I think all our partnerships have been bilateral over the years. So we have never done anything through the European institutions, except some cyber security advice.

The threat from international terrorism transcends national borders, and the recent attacks on the European mainland have clear ramifications for the UK. The attacks have led some European countries to question the capabilities of their security services, particularly regarding their ability to work collaboratively.

The only concern is that data sharing is continued…but that is merely a legal process to be properly carried through…not a major problem…after all we share data successfully with many countries such as the US and Australia and Canada.

GCHQ did have concerns as to how European data sharing would work after Brexit: The only area where I think there will be some implications, yet to be decided, is on data legislation and how that develops. I imagine, once we are not part of the EU, there will need to be some provision, as the US have with their privacy shield, or whatever it was called, Safe Harbour, because… companies, the big companies, will need to be able to share data in a way that is legally compliant on… both sides, the UK and the EU.

It should be remembered that the chair of the committee, Dominic Grieve, is a hardcore Remainer….and this perhaps shows in his political point….which the BBC takes as a neutral piece of concerned advice from the committee….

Whilst we accept that the Brexit negotiating strategy is not a matter for this Committee, the decision to leave the EU clearly has direct and indirect implications for the work of the Agencies – and these are well within this Committee’s remit. We therefore disagree that this is purely a political matter.
European mechanisms play an essential role in the UK’s national security, particularly at a time when the Agencies have all emphasised the importance of enhancing their cooperation with European counterparts. We urge the Government to be more forthcoming with its assessment of the associated risks of the UK’s impending departure from the European Union, and the mitigations it is putting in place to protect this vital capability.

Yet another example of the BBC choosing to emphasise and concentrate on issues that it wants to sensationalise when the truth is there is no real story there at all…This is BBC scaremongering and the continuation of the anti-Brexit Project Fear.

The BBC is utterly corrupt, dishonest and untrustworthy as a ‘news’ agency.



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13 Responses to Brexit means terrorism on our streets

  1. Oaknash says:

    Yes – Republican terrorists are still out there and we dealt with them last time and without the shackles of the ECJ I expect we could deal even more effectively with them them this time around.

    However are we missing something?
    Currently there are far more severe threats to this countries security than the Irish Republican Movement. And politically naive though I am – I still labour under the misapprehension that if we take control of our borders then we can monitor who does and does not have access to our country rather than the current EU free for all.
    Just another piece of disingenuous “journalism” by the BBC where it puts 2 plus 2 together and comes out with 5.
    What bollox!


  2. TruthSeeker says:

    2015-03-15 The Times.
    “Labour imported 3.6 million”
    Enrichers? No, voters.
    The greatest act of treason ever carried out in these islands.

    Merkel struggling to maintain a majority.
    Let’s import a million “refugees”.

    US Democratic party struggling to get a majority.
    Plan an amnesty to keep the millions of illegals already in the USA.
    Make a fuss about a wall to keep out more aliens.
    Encourage illegals in the USA to vote – Obama.

    The danger to European people and the treason comes from the left.
    Who believe they have the high moral ground.
    A pestilence which needs to be addressed with all weapons in our armoury.


    • Dystopian says:

      “Yes – Republican terrorists are still out there and we dealt with them last time and without the shackles of the ECJ I expect we could deal even more effectively with them them this time around.”

      Unless of course if Corbyn gets into No 10.
      The two main threats then, Islamic terrorists and Irish Republican terrorists? What do these have in common? Corbyn supports both!


  3. tarien says:

    Oaknash and Truth seeker both absolutely correc t in what you say-let me just quote something Nigel Farage said just recently-‘Mr Farage told MEPs that the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier hadn’t needed to make any concessions to Mrs May because the UK’s Prime Minister was “all for making as many concessions as she possibly could”.
    He cited what he referred to as a “ludicrous bill” of up to £40bn for the right to leave, a continued role for the European court of justice and family reunion rights that he said would mean that “frankly open-door immigration” would continue.’ My wife and voted to Leave the EU and one of the main reasons as a mjor factor in our decision was IMMIGRATION. Not immigration from those indig people’s of European countries such as Poland, but from those entering Europe en-masefrom Africa/Misdle East and Indian Sub continent-where the West could see many millions more arriving particularly from African countries. Europe is already swamped by such mass immigration of people’s whose ideology is so far removed from ours (Christian Values) and the repercussions of which we are now experiencing. These people will never fully integrate into our western society only to a degree wherby they are able to take positions of power to help implement their destruction of our Society-we already have a full Muslim London Mayor, alongside many Councillors of Islamic faith becomming heavily involved in our society-The BBC are almost explosive in their encouragement of pushing Muslims into every crevice of news propaganda throughout. Britain and its successive Governments of all colours has greatly let down its people over the past 50 yrs in particular and the people born since then have been eagerly integrated into the EU mouldby by the politicans.


    • chrisH says:

      Everyday is now Christmas to me.
      One fortnights holiday from BBC news. No point whatsover is listening to them at all. For anything.
      Has anybody even HEARD songs like Marys Boy Child, When a child is born, Mistletoe and Wine on the BBC this year-all i`m getting is bloody Shaky, Wham and Live Aid with Lennon.
      Jesus is as unmentionable as Brexit or Trump in polite society nowadays.
      Our job surely is to be as offensive and vicious to the elites now whilst there is still time.
      Brexit-Jesus and Trump is my new Holy Trinity.
      Remoaners who have trashed and insulted us should no longer feel safe to walk the streets-anymore thatOswald Mosleys quislings were allowed to ponce around areas that had been blitzed by their mates in Germany.
      I`d bring back the death penalty for traitors, those who hate this country and its people.
      Note-not its Royal Family or its Parliament-nor its courts.
      But those who hate its people and want to see them off to Islam or the EU Soviet.
      When are the “right” going to get as violent back to their enemy as they`re being to us.
      Deselection of Remainiax would at least tell us that the Tories still have some patriotic reason to exist. If they`ll not manage even that-well, they`re going to get full and violent rebellion when it becomes the only option open.


      • Rick Bradford says:

        Old Russian saying – “When patience is at an end, there will be great anger.


  4. StewGreen says:

    Orwell Corporation narrative
    ‘Don’t worry about Islamic Terrorism, cos it’s rightwing terrorism is an equivalent threat.’

    But Yorkshire Post front page
    “MI5 feels MPs of high risk suspects”
    Doesn’t mention right wing once
    “Annual report” “pace which they have not experienced before”
    “Monitoring individuals who have received terrorist training or are plotting attacks.. also serious concerns about extremists driven out of Iraq & Syria, arm of group said to be plotting terrorism in the west pretty much all day every day”
    Then on page 7 there are 3 articles
    – 4 Sheffield suspects
    – Muslim on trial for plot against Theresa May
    – Mo Awan jailed for 10 years.


    • Guest Who says:

      As with ‘divorces’ versus ‘departures’, etc, the BBC does like bolting on descriptive terms to detract and confuse from core basics.

      And their addiction to ‘wingism’ and (in certain cases only) degrees of same, such as ‘conservative’, get more of a stretch to task their perished narrative each day.

      What on earth have terrorist nut jobs of hue got to do with political wingists in terms that have any bearing on modern western understood definitions.

      OK, Baader Meinhof and Antifa embrace/d many policy battle cries of ‘the left’, but at the end of the day they were and are lazy, disaffected, psychos who like/d hurting or killing people and need/ed a handle to justify it all.

      Once you get into ISIS, Boko Haram territory, it is just tired of this world social reject nihilists who are simply even more lethal psychos and use a best-fit theological doctrine to justify it all to themselves and idiot groupies. They simply do it on an industrial scale, and get away with it more, on a very dodgy collateral/perp ratio on the Mishal scale.


    • StewGreen says:

      Typo there
      Yorkshire Post headline is : MI5 tells MPs of surge in high risk suspects
      Mail has similar


  5. StewGreen says:

    Amazing PR trick in BBC Trending
    A couple of weeks ago they reported on the Britain First tweets
    The build up basically said they are false BF are complete Nazis and they got as far as saying the “crutches tweet” showed a Dutch citizen and then they went off on to other topics without mentioning that the other 2 tweet were completely correct
    The topic they went onto was that sock horror, some black people had been banned from Twitter for requoting some pretty sexist/racist stuff from rap songs that is victimisation


  6. Chalkywhite says:

    Why aren’t other countries in the EU, except for the UK, part of the five eyes? Because they can’t be trusted, full stop. But of course the BBC conveniently sidesteps this fact at every opportunity!


  7. Arthurp says:


  8. evad666 says:

    I guess the BBC did not have a good reason for carrying this?:-
    Why no mention of:- Adrian Levy and Catherine Scott Clarks amazing book Deception ISBN 978-1-84354534-7 on BBC coverage of Trumps latest tweet?
    What are the BBC actually afraid of?
    Why no mention of the two Police Officers kicked by a gang of black French in a Paris suburb?