Remain Pain

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The Remainers’ hopes of staying in the EU indefinitely by the backdoor has been dealt a major blow as the EU puts a limit on the transition period…..

EU says Brexit transition to end by 31 December 2020

Although the BBC reports this significant blow to the Remain plot it fails to note that significance and the effect it has on the Remainer’s hopes of staying in the EU by stealth….extraordinarily Barnett and Pienaar made no mention of it as they ran through the issues of the day pre PMQs…and yet it is probably the most important story of the day.  Why would the BBC play this down when it  has trumpeted Remainer Philip Hammond’s constant comments, and insistence on, a long transition period?


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12 Responses to Remain Pain

  1. Fedup2 says:

    The public announcement on the brexit process seems to being run by the EU . They are setting the agenda and time limits .

    We look weak and unable to hold a position .
    A PM enthusiastic to leave would have walked away by now and the heads of the 27 would have sacked their negotiators and found some one less abrasive .

    But our politicians ‘ hearts are not in it .

    On al beeb – I listened to radio 5 pmq s and they cut away before it ended – never witnessed before and a worrying development


    • Rx Rixty says:

      Sadly, we look weak because we are weak. I agree with your comments. It’s not just the politician’s hearts who aren’t in it. I asked a friend of mine, who is a barrister based in London, what the mood is amongst the legal profession – to which I was told that the feeling is it is ‘too difficult/too much effort’ from a legal standpoint so it is far easier for civil servants to encourage politicians to sabotage the vote, rather than impliment it. I can neither prove/disprove that this is true, but would it be that surprising?

      We have a government that doesn’t want to govern. Historically unawesome.

      I don’t agree that there should be a transition period, so I’m actually somewhat glad that the EU has put a time limit on it.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I have got an app on my phone counting down the days – this day it’s 463. I’m starting to think the app isn’t worth anything as the 2 years from notification of a50 isn’t 2 years any more . We ll still be paying, we ll still be controlled by the EU – if indeed we really do leave at all.

        I don’t know how Blighty could deal with the pain of remaining. Im not sure how people would react to Another parliamentary trick or another referendum ( fixed to come up with a remain vote as per standard EU practice )

        I can understand why lawyers stay away from it – there’s no money in it yet. Personally I want Blighty to come out of the ECHR so we can bring back the death penalty and do all sorts of politically incorrect things like end the term ‘refugee ‘ pulling us out of international treaties. Can but dream .


        • nofanofpoliticians says:

          Actually, I thought this particular EU announcement made perfect sense. Perhaps the first one that has ever done so.

          Their deadline date ties in with the end of the current EU budgetary cycle and any transition period beyond that can be seen to make the financial contribution aspect of the discussion more complex.

          For me, it does provide clarity where clarity is needed.


  2. Dystopian says:

    Article 50 is all that is required in the way of ‘notice’.

    All the government had to do was trigger Article 50, then invite the EU to trade with us or not.

    May is a puppet and the EU are pulling her strings.

    I am not a religious person, but I am praying for a strong leader to emerge and make Britain Great again!


  3. Demon says:

    ” Philip Hammond’s constant comments, and insistence on, a long transition period?”

    Well, the b@*!^@$£ won didn’t he!!! We should have been coming out completely on the 24 June 2018. Cameron should have honoured his promise to issue Article 50 on day 1 (Cameron – honour? Bit of an oxymoron there). There should be no implemetation period, no ransom money to be paid – we, the British People, are worth more than that.

    I can imagine that the EU who claims that we need to pay them increasing tens of billions pounds to cover the pensions of British, ex-EU gravy trainers, will stop paying them our money in about five years time. They will then claim that it is now up to us to pay those pensions (their line will be that we chose to leave their mob so it is now our responsibilty), despite that being the reason for the ransom they are currently demanding. We should not pay a penny, as the more you pay blackmailers the more they demand.


    • feargal the cat says:

      I can see no logical argument for the UK to pay any EU-incurred pensions once we are out. It is a monetary problem for the unelected Eurocrats to deal with, which is why they are so desperate to keep us in and soak us for more financial ‘contributions’.

      Meanwhile PM May is in Poland to meet with their Govt as they face the wrath of the EU for having the temerity to refuse to take terrorist refugees from the Merkel oversubscription.

      There may not be 27 countries left voting in the EU re Brexit, as the Visegard Four may just cut their losses and beat us out of the exit door.


      • Demon says:

        There was talk of Austria joining that group. It would be great if they did.


      • RJ says:

        “There may not be 27 countries left voting in the EU re Brexit, as the Visegard Four may just cut their losses and beat us out of the exit door.”

        They receive money from the EU, so I assume Brussels will insist that they continue to accept millions of Euros for at least 5 years after the date of their departure.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Trying to see through the fog and emotion of brexit is a challenge and being fed with remain propaganda by al beeb doesn’t help .

          Let’s face it the big countries of the EU call the tune. The reich and cheese eaters. Forget poles and Belgian negotiators – or the hopeless Dutch . Talk to the Franco Reich partnership and sort it with them . The rest – apart from Eire – arnt worth wasting time on.

          We were never equal partners . 462 days to go


  4. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    If these 4 leave, will the EU carry on paying the commitments that these 4 were taking on just as we are being taken for fabulous sums because of future commitments.
    Basically, if we, as a Country which pays into the EU, have to pay for the future because that’s what has been arranged, then, those that get sums from the EU (Poland gets as much money from the EU as we pay in) should be paid by the EU until every single commitment was completed.
    So, Poland could leave AND be paid about 15 £billion for many years to come.
    Poland could be kicked out of the EU and still get 15 £billion each year

    Of course, that won’t be the case.
    You pay if you are a giver or a taker, the only winner is the EU.


  5. matahari says:

    The thing is that article 50 is invoked to start the transition period. Anything else is May’s yeah but no but yeah but no confabulation string along tripe