Brussels’ Touts


When have you heard the BBC pushing the positives of Brexit and the real reasons for the vote to leave such as sovereignty and immigration being mentioned as positives?  When have you heard the negatives of staying inside the EU being discussed?  All we get from the BBC is an entirely negative view of Brexit, an emphasis on an economy doomed by Brexit using apocalyptic predictions from the architects of Project Fear as their starting point.  A couple of days ago Emma Barnett was asking if the Russians had influenced the Brexit vote, a narrative backed by absolutely no evidence, just a desire to delegitimise Brexit and make it appear as if the result was due to corruption and a cunning plot by Putin to undermine democracy…the irony of course that it is the BBC’s own black propaganda that is undermining democracy as they act as the mouthpiece for the elitist cabal moving to stop Brexit.  Kamal Ahmed’s first question to Remainder Phillip Hammond today was ‘What damage has Brexit done to the British economy?’  Talk about a leading question…not that the sly Hammond would complain.  And note Hammond was given a completely free ride by the BBC after he tried to hijack Brexit and force a soft Brexit upon May[yet again].  Boris on the other hand is absolutely thrashed by the BBC for daring to mention any thoughts on how Brexit should look.

Civitas has done the maths and checked up on the BBC….and found it biased in the extreme against Brexit….

The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation?

How pro-Brexit views have been marginalised in the BBC’s news coverage

The Mail runs through it….

How BBC kept Leavers off the air for a decade: Analysis finds that just 3.2% of guests talking about the EU on the Today Programme over ten-year period were pro-Brexit

Pro-Brexit voices are being drowned out on the BBC’s news programming, an analysis has claimed.

Only a very small proportion of speakers on Radio 4’s Today programme are long-term supporters of leaving the EU, the Civitas think-tank said in a report.

The authors claimed the BBC has been unable to supply an example of a single programme since the June 2016 referendum which has examined the opportunities of Brexit.

Last night the BBC described the analysis as flawed and insisted it was ‘covering the process towards Brexit in a responsible and impartial way’.

The Civitas report, entitled The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation?, said that for the past 20 years the BBC has consistently viewed the issue of withdrawing from the EU through the prism of splits in the Conservative Party.

The authors, David Keighley and Andrew Jubb, wrote: ‘When opinion in favour of leaving the EU has featured, the editorial approach has – at the expense of exploring withdrawal itself – tended heavily towards discrediting and denigrating opposition to the EU as xenophobic.

The BBC, as ususal, are completely dismissive of the findings and are totally unprepared to consider them seriously….

The BBC said: ‘There have been a number of flawed “analyses” trying to depict the BBC as favouring one side or other. The reality is we’re no longer covering the binary choice of a referendum held 18 months ago, we’re covering the process towards Brexit in a responsible and impartial way independent of political pressure.’

The BBC is a danger to democracy and British society and culture.



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7 Responses to Brussels’ Touts

  1. Richard Pinder says:

    I was told that in the European elections in 1999, no Labour Eurosceptic MP was interviewed by the BBC, and even Lord Peter Shore had never been interviewed by the BBC at that point.

    Graham Stringer and Frank Field are recognised as highly intelligent Labour MP’s by Mensa members. But like Atmospheric Physicists and Solar Astronomers, its extremely rare for high IQ people to get a phone call from the BBC. But then I don’t think any of the useful idiots employed as Journalist for the BBC has the necessary knowledge about European Union Governance or Atmospheric Physics, to be able to ask any intelligent or interesting questions. So instead they prefer to invite ignorant useful idiots, frightened by their own ignorance, into answering a question with their fears for the future of Britain and the Planet.


  2. Nibor says:

    Remember the BBC mans question to Lord Tebbit on the Today show ;

    If the referendum result goes wrong …

    That was and still is their thinking .


  3. RJ says:

    “Analysis finds that just 3.2% of guests talking about the EU on the Today Programme over ten-year period were pro-Brexit.”

    At last a story where the BBC can honestly report that “97% are in favour”. I won’t hold my breath waiting for it to be broadcast.


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      97% remain to 3% leave.
      As the bbbc would say, “we’re getting it about right”


  4. MarkyMark says:

    On BBC’sThis Week a Labour MP said stay in single market and no one raised that Corbyn has said we would leave it (manifesto) and raised that £350m bus … which the BBC confirmed (before rebate) … but no one challenged it. Fake comments left of all to hear on the BBC.


  5. montmorency says:

    I remember listening to Any Answers directly after the referendum, a(nother) vehemently pro-remain edition. One very agitated remainer claimed that the overwhelming number of very agitated pro-remain callers to the programme was clear evidence that the country had got it wrong. Anita Arnand vaguely spluttered something about the BBC not being able to control who rings in… but of course they can control entirely who they decide to put on air (she forgot to point that out).