Whispers in the wind

Did I really hear Alistair Campbell on Chiles tell us that the IRA were actually really nice chaps and that the real problem is that we have created a misleading characterisation of them, we have invented the stories about them that label them as terrorists?  Might have just been the drains burbling away venting off gaseous vapours.

Chiles was on form today as he chopsed on about May and her interview which she did with a 13 year old…entirely uneventful and not a thing controversial or newsworthy and yet Chiles went off the deep end claiming it all went downhill after a while.  May answering a question about whether she liked Bake Off or Strictly was her sitting on the fence avoiding the answer…apparently not wanting to offend Bake Off or Strictly fans in case they might vote for her.  Yes Adrian, we’re all agog about that question…never mind the economy or Brexit.  Another question asking if she had a pet supposedly received a macabre reply….May had a dog, it got run over and lost a leg.  Dreadful, shocking, traumatizing….and of course macabre.  Chiles was clearly on dinner party mode and thought he was back home with his BBC chums all chortling about the simple pastoral Maybot when not being witty about Trump.

Chiles for all his right-on, dyed-in-the-wool BBC credentials does let some things slip occasionally that are totally at odds with the orthodoxy.  A week or so ago he admitted that when he was back in the homeland, Brum, and he spoke to a lot of Black and Asian people, they said they had voted for Brexit in order to limit the number of East Europeans coming here…so two things there….as we know the lie about Brexit voters all being white, old and racist is just that, a lie, and two if the Whites are racist in the BBC’s eyes then why is the BBC not saying the same about the BAME Brexit voters?

Chiles also admitted that his London friends thought Leave voters were too stupid to be allowed to vote.  Chiles said he didn’t like that sort of attitude from Remainers…however his two guests, Remainers, just ploughed on slagging off Leave voters and he said nothing.

Maybe Chiles is a bit disgruntled as he is shunted to the Friday spot and is rebelling by letting the inconvenient truths out bit by bit. If the BBC eventually relegates him to the dead zone at 3 AM what will he say?  Maybe brilliant and hard hitting but will anyone be listening?  Perhaps that is the idea…when a presenter gets a bit too old and starts turning right politically, as people do apparently, shunt them out of the way where there’s no one to listen to their heresy….or no one that matters…it’s all thick lorry drivers and working class shift workers…uneducated, bigoted, racist peasants.



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7 Responses to Whispers in the wind

  1. Guest Who says:

    Wait… what… Ade has friends?


  2. Jerry Owen says:

    Both Sky and BBC led their top news on Wednesday with anti Brexit and anti Trump news .. and of course the struggling NHS !
    After the Chinese anti Brexit angle was aired narcissistic Burley asked us to listen to her interview later in ‘Burley’s news Views ‘ with traitor Campbell. In a few second excerpt I caught…’ he makes my skin crawl ‘ (Trump ) so I switched over to BBC… cue the struggling NHS. I switched off.
    Campbell is one of the nastiest politicians ( sic ) out there and certainly he is a creature that would agree with the late odious Hobsbawm that killing your enemy is ok, hence his support for the IRA.
    As for racism of Brexit voters that argument is now totally redundant as clearly after the revelation of Cheddar man we is all black innit. So white is the new black.. or is it vice versa ?
    I thought evolution took millions of years not several thousand years for a complete reversal of a standard feature. How odd that we were all black, now we are all white with different coloured hair and eyes , yet black people only have black hair and brown eyes only ! Where is this evolutionary change at work in the world right now that proves this evolution happens , as we have black people and we have white people all moving around the globe ? Lots of awkward anomalies with this story.. but why should that stop the media re write history making a fraudulent exception the rule? If indeed it was an exception as it was only %70 likely he had dark brown / black skin. Some of my builder mates have dark brown skin due to said outdoors occupation.
    I don’t suppose Cheddar man was a sun avoiding indoorsy type of guy.
    This story is fraudulent.


    • Alan says:

      Yep, lot of holes in the pat BBC ‘science’. Amazed the BBC hasn’t said he was a slave of the horrible whitey types. Maybe everyone was black…and then they evolved…they adapted, overcame and improved. Africans are the ‘left-behind’ who didn’t….Some Africans came out of Africa and they suddenly turned white and developed culture, philosophy, science, engineering, medicine and shopping…..others did not…and they got ‘shithole’ countries as a result.

      That’s the logic to the BBC ‘science’…always to be trusted….but if that’s how they want it!

      Did enjoy Nicky Campbell telling us this 10,000 year old, allegedly black, person was the first ‘modern Britain’.

      If as the BBC et al suggest on the basis of this latest piece of science [until someone else comes along and overturns it] that everyone was black, or even a vast number were, the sudden massive predominance of white people across so much of Europe would suggest that they wiped out the black people and didn’t just out breed them or breed them out. Which may suggest there weren’t actually very many of them and that they weren’t very successful in thriving and surviving.

      More seriously it is in fact surprising that the BBC makes so much fuss about this [well not really surprising] as it is not new science at all and almost exactly the same story came out in 2015 [including the bit about milk] less Cheddar Man…How Europeans evolved white skin
      And again in 2009 with lack of vitamin D, sexual preference for pale skinned women [seen as more healthy and fertile], and survival of the fittest being explanations for the evolving dominance of lighter skinned people.

      We always knew people came out of Africa….so the BBC’s reaction is clearly one based upon some sort of prejudice and antipathy towards white people.



    • miker22 says:

      Campbell more than anyone probably dragged politics into the gutter. Michael Howard berated him to his face on Newsnight once. It really says all you need to know about the BBC that they treat him as if he were a decent human being worth listening to.


      • Guest Who says:

        The pool from which the bbc fishes its gobs on sticks seems to be contracting, and remains as fetid as it is skewed.


    • Guest Who says:

      Given what my understanding of what is meant by the process of evolution, it seems an odd stance for some to be bragging about features of folk now and folk a while ago if making comparisons.


  3. Jerry Owen says:

    Yes.. the first ‘modern Briton’ except of course he wasn’t as recent a species as homo sapien sapien … which is .. err modern man !
    Perhaps Campbell was looking in the mirror or counting his brain cells.