Corbyn’s ‘useful stormtroopers’



The BBC tells us that Britain is a nastier, more anti-semitic, more misogynist, more violent, more sinister place since Corbyn became leader of Labour….his leadership giving licence to the thugs who roam British streets attacking those they want to silence and abuse.  The BBC gives us an alarming ‘warning from history’ about the rise of the Stalinist left across Europe with the echoes of the Thirties, the gulags, the secret police, the mass murder of millions as they built the Socialist dream State.  Or did I just dream that?  Aah…no…that’s how the BBC protrays Brexit…just replace Stalin with Hitler.

Dan Hodges clearly thinks the BBC and fellow travellers are turning a blind eye to the sinister rise of the Corbyn gangsters….

Imagine the following scenario. In the next few months an extreme party surges to the brink of power on mainland Europe. Its leader is an eccentric maverick with a penchant for spending his time buried deep in the darker recesses of the internet, where he engages with sites populated by posts about and links to conspiracy theorists, Holocaust deniers and the peddlers of neo-Nazi propaganda.

He openly embraces religious fanatics, personally donates money to virulently racist organisations, and entertains proscribed terrorist groups, describing them as ‘friends’. At his side is a loyal lieutenant, in whose office is proudly displayed a plaque praising the sacrifice of terrorists who murdered police officers and civilians. He frames violent attacks on the headquarters of his political opponents as representing ‘the best of our movement’. He echoes calls for female political opponents to be ‘lynched’. He tells his supporters that media organisations who fail to report in the way they deem appropriate should be forced to do so by direct action.

The rise of this party, understandably, causes consternation. Jewish leaders publicly state they would not even enter the room with its leaders unless the overt racism is addressed. A cross-party parliamentary investigation finds the party has become a ‘safe-space’ for racists. Moderate politicians speak out, but are confronted by an unprecedented campaign of abuse and intimidation. Homophobic and misogynistic slurs become commonplace. Bricks are thrown through windows. The party’s cultish followers, drunk on their own political momentum, chant their leaders’ names at massed rallies. 

Actually, don’t bother to imagine. Simply open your eyes. That party is Labour. That leader is Jeremy Corbyn. And that mainland European country is our own. We live in an era of unprecedented and dramatic political turmoil. But the most significant changes can still occur incrementally and unobtrusively. And that is what has just happened.

Of course the rise of the leftist Blackshirts wouldn’t be ‘unobtrusive’ if the BBC did its job properly…instead of which they actually promote this thuggish, terror supporting regime.

The BBC, as always, one of the biggest dangers to British democracy.



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25 Responses to Corbyn’s ‘useful stormtroopers’

  1. Guest Who says:

    Stormtroopers seems about right.

    Clones the lot of them, hiding their faces and can’t hit anything unless they are facing the other way.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Corbin and his type were always able to justify the use of violence for political ends – supporting IRAsinn Fein being the high point to treachery and the mass picketing at grunwick, the miners strike and many others .

      People forget very quickly though – stick a dark blue suit and tie on him – tidy him and Mcdonald up – let albeeb choose to forget as well and the fools will bit for the shit – especially is his party promises the world . As it always was with socialists .


    • StewGreen says:



  2. john in cheshire says:
    • Number 7 says:

      I read that earlier.
      To paraphrase Crocodile Dundee – “My knife’s bigger than yours’ you little shits”.
      I rescue dogs from abuse.
      If that is the attitude of ‘Cobyn’s Spawn’ – welcome to the real world. You might not like the backlash.
      Rant over!


  3. Eddy Booth says:

    Antifa were holding a rally ,
    ”Anti-Fascist Resistance 2018. Sat 11:00 UTC · Kurdish Community Centre,11 Portland Gardens, Harringay, London N4 1HU.”
    seems there is some alliance between the two.
    One of the guys who attacked Robinson and his camerawoman was wearing kurdish colours.
    Seems they want trouble

    ”Our left-wing friends have announced radical actions for many European countries and cities that they intend to strike on Monday evening on 12 March 2018.
    >As Kurdish youth we join these actions: Whether Turkish embassies, ACP associations such as UETD, Turkish fascists and their shops and cafes or state institutions (SPD/CDU offices, police, courts), anyone who supports and defends the war against our people will have to pay for it.
    >If no one wants to listen to us, we will wreck every city centre in Europe. No matter how and no matter what burns on this day, Europe must understand that we will not allow Efrîn to fall.
    >Let all your friends know this: On Monday, as a Kurdish youth, we will end the murderous silence and carry the war on Europe’s roads!”

    Looks like it already started…
    London stations closed amid pro-Kurdish demonstrations


    Pro-Kurdish demonstrators have caused delays and disruption at Kings Cross station in London.

    The train station was temporarily closed as police stopped protesters from accessing the tracks, British Transport Police said.

    They then moved outside the station, blocking Euston Road briefly, and headed to Oxford Circus, where the Tube station was temporarily closed.

    Demonstrators are now on their way to Downing Street.


  4. Annunaki says:

    told you so, they will infiltrate this country and bring their own hate and intolerance with them (and forget the so called far right, once this lot get into any kind of power they will teach us all about hate crime) and turn it into the bombed out warn torn shithole that they came from, like every islamic dump in the world


  5. Kaiser says:

    “If no one wants to listen to us, we will wreck every city centre in Europe. No matter how and no matter what burns on this day, Europe must understand that we will not allow Efrîn to fall.”

    “No matter how and no matter what” appears to exclude only the possibilty of leaving the bosom of europes welfare state and going back home to fight the turks for EFRIN, they would rather send our sons to die for them instead.

    if we get involved in the kurdish turkish syrian what ever else they are spat , no matter which side we come down on the whole islamic world will blame us for killing muslims

    even the side we come down on will sooner rather than later turn upon us

    and if we dont get involved the whole islamic world will blame us for not saving muslims

    In reality they hate us either way so best just keep out and let them kill each other

    frankly im beyond caring, if the entire islamic world bombs itself back to the stone age so be it


  6. Thoughtful says:

    Last week the Sturmabteilung invaded a talk organised by King’s College London’s Libertarian Society with speakers Dr Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute, and Carl Benjamin, also known as You Tube blogger Sargon of Akkad.

    They let off smoke bombs, attacked delegates, security guards, smashed windows, and snatched the microphones leaving lengthy notes threatening the organisers.

    Several of their victims were hospitalised.

    Where was Blue Labour in all of this? Where was the condemnation? The calls to make no platforming or violent protest a criminal offence which renders the offender unable to work in the public sector?

    There was none. Theresa the Appeaser IS the problem behind all of this. Like a frightened rabbit in the headlights she is utterly terrified of confrontation and actual decision making. She makes Chamberlain look like a figure of consummate wisdom and courage.
    Unfortunately like Chamberlain she seeks to avoid action at any cost, ignoring the dangers until it is too late and good people lose their lives fighting in a conflict which never needs to happen if only she was able to actually do something.


  7. ObiWan says:

    Momentum are the real danger here. Corbyn and McDonnell both (like all communist leaders) play a desperate game of hide-and-seek with the electorate, always attempting to conceal their true political agenda and ideology. Momentum are a front organisation for communism. That’s the ultimate aim of these self-styled revolutionaries. In this, they are aided by universities up and down the UK, whose Marxist faculty and administration see it as their mission to train up the young political cadre for the coming struggle.

    We’ve been here before. In the early 20th century a steady stream of young, privileged elite made their way from far-flung colonial outposts to Europe to get an education. In the Sorbonne what they got was communism – an alluring flag to wrap around their vicious nationalism. Ho Chi Minh, Pol pot… Paris universities educated them and then sent them back to wreak havoc on their own people and the wider world for the next 20 years.

    But still, somehow, and despite the millions sacrificed to their ideals, they did not achieve utopia. Momentum thinks they just weren’t doing it right – next time will be different, comrades.


  8. Thoughtful says:

    I think I should revise my earlier piece having read another article, and again it comes back to our old friends the Saudis having control over our politicians.

    Last week our head of state Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman came to check up on his lackeys in the British government. Given the Kingdoms unrestrained hatred of the state of Israel its refusal to recognise its existence and stated aim to see it destroyed it is no surprise to see politicians in the UK toeing the Saudi line.

    The hatred the Arabs have for Israel can be seen in last weeks utterly amazing claim by Kuwaiti politicians that Bashar Al Assad is only fighting a war in Syria to protect “the Zionist entity (Israel)”.

    This is absolute laughable idiocy, Assad would not reach a peace with Israel and so they held onto the Golan heights. A more steadfast opponent of Israel there could not be, yet in the confused minds of Arab politicians they are somehow in league with the Israelis !

    It might appear to be crazed to any independent observer, but when there is that much oil money up for grabs no member of the elites is going to turn down their chance of getting their grubby hands on it.


  9. Eddy Booth says:

    Tommy Robinson heading to Speakers Corner 3pm sunday 18 March
    Should be fun, let’s see where we are on free speech….


  10. Holly Selassie says:

    My Lefty “friends” continue to send me all their crap-suits me.
    Today I find that Stephen Hawkings death must not be forgotten-apparently, he is the very embodiment of the NHS and we would be betraying his very memory if we did not ride the surf on his corpse. So this is exacly what the nastiest of the nasty Lefty sites are doing today.
    Have a look…classy.

    Also a hell of a lot of Jew-baiting, openly vicious anti-israel stuff with their tactics quite openly on display.
    Would Hawking have been better used today to give the wheelchair curling team their inspiration, rather than spread dead lilies all over the crazy, nasty Far Left?
    Tony Benn died this day in 2014, but they seem now to have forgotten him-so do use his Brexit stance to shaft them! Truly thick and nasty, at least Benn had manners in comparison.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Much as I hate Corbyn and all his works, he is right about Russia. The clot went about saying it in his usual bone-headed way, but when there`s a “consensus” and complaints about “bad taste”-then he`s hit the button in a way that will unite Yvette Cooper and Nicky Morgan.
      And therefore mean that he`s right.
      And I`ll add one thing too-economic illiterate, anti-Semitic and wicked though he is?
      He is right about hospital parking fees, the con job done on students re their fees ahd housing prospects.
      And-again to be fair- he was a rare counter voice to Blair and Camerons consensual groomings of each others fleas.
      And his IRA/PLO evils mean nothing to the angry kid commuters who are sick of ebing screwed by the elite since Maggie left town in 1990.
      In any other time, walk of life he`d be a harmless diversion. But after the crash of 2008, the MPs expenses of 2009 and the disreputable Tories in regard to Brexit and lies re migration and the NHS etc-I fear he`ll walk it if May does not shape up and give us a cold clear and hard Brexit. Only then will we have deep blue water between the idiot left and the handwringing guilt frozen rabbits of the pink Tories.


      • kingkp says:

        He’s right about Russia alright. But what I find shocking is how this stuff about grooming has been going on for decades and it remains an open secret that dare not speak its name. Instead we have hysterical politicians and millions of gullible sheep baying for war with Russia. You couldn’t make this crp up. The real problems, affecting real peoples lives are swept under the carpet. The question should be….what do you want your country to be in 40 years time? A liberal democracy or an Islamic State? You have the choice but you must make a decision today. Few people are willing to ask the question, let alone answer it.


  11. Sluff says:

    Interesting comments Alicia.
    Reminds me of the phrase about ‘ for evil to triumph all it takes is for good people to do nothing’.
    The lack of pro- market economy arguments from the Tories is dreadful. The fact that more poverty has been alleviated by free enterprise than by wealth redistribution is never made. Maybe we should get JRM to extend his repertoire.
    The snowflakes and eternal students regard Jezza as a post 1970s Che Guevara figure and its all cool and revolutionary.
    The Tories even are warm about lowering the voting age to 16. A kind of suicide pact. Meanwhile Mcdonnell and Momentum dont want just to redistribute they want to destroy the economy and replace it with state control, over the economy but by definition over our lives. We will be told what we will have, what we will do, how we will do it, what to think, and how much money we are allowed to have to do it. The public sector will be protected and enhanced and treated to all the goodies ( think Zil limos) , the private sector will be emasculated and treated as pariahs.
    Its a very nasty unappealing prospect and the Tories seem unwilling to spell it out.


    • ObiWan says:

      Sluff, yep, spot-on. It’s a kind of mass-induced sleepwalk towards catastrophe – the sort of thing we saw a lot of back in the 20th century (not that actual history is a taught thing any more in our Marxist universities).

      It’s frightening how easy it is for entire populations to vote for catastrophe – something the Communists (most of whom were actually nationalists first and foremost) learned very quickly to prey upon.

      The next election here in the UK will be menaced by the threat coming from education – universities are now little more than Momentum activist training centres, churning out pre-programmed, heavily indoctrinated revolutionary cadre with no historical education to speak of and no clue about the inevitable outcomes of the very ideologies they’ve been inculcated with by their mendacious, malevolent professors.


  12. Sluff says:

    Incidentally I am grateful to a newspaper journalist who pointed out recently that in the Scandavian countries (often held as left of centre models) they nevertheless believe in balancing the books and run with very modest annual deficits.
    Compare and contrast with Momentum/Mcdonnell


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Your comments too are good ones Sluff.
      I`m now a Christian, respectable-looking granny working in a care home off and on. But had my moments, especially at Greenham and Poll Tax stuff.
      Best I can do is hop onto Lefty websites, Muslim ones and tak the temperature-getting very nasty on there.
      Had anybody told me way back that Russia, Salmond and Corbyn were correctly analysing a Reichstag fire as the sheeple fretted about the World Cup prospects ? I`d have been stunned.
      But there you are-and here we are.
      This site is full of good and clever people who select a la carte and don`t buy the whole IKEA bodgejobs of Socialism or Mays anaemic version of “conservatism”.
      Lots more options exist, I hate Corbyn…but in the absence of any backed and coherent argument in answer to his nasty little groups jackbooted thugs? Like Islam, I might have to get used to them. And it`s so unnecessary.
      Rees Mogg needs to sort his Catholicism obsequiousness and give us a Reformed National Model of what a post Christian Brexit will look like in 2018. Or it will be a Socialist Islam hybrid like Gadhaffis or Nassers-before it goes Khomeini or Erdogan.