Resistance to the BBC and all other far-left ideologues

The ideologues of the far left in the US have misappropriated the term ‘resistance’ to define their frantic attempts to undermine the Trump administration. Perhaps they really see themselves as noble fighters akin to those of the French Resistance and the Warsaw Ghetto and Trump as a Nazi as they scream obscenities at him and insist on his impeachment.

Well, it’s these frantic ones themselves who should be resisted and US voters have made an excellent start in electing Donald Trump. He has in effect become the leader of the Western world in resisting those who would drag us back into the darkness of ideological oppression. And that would naturally include media giants such as the BBC – whose compulsion is to indoctrinate the masses in failed far-left ideology.

So it is unsurprising that many exceptional members of this genuine resistance have emerged from the ranks of the US masses – among them two strong black-American women calling themselves Diamond and Silk. Here they are on Newsnight forcefully resisting Evan Davis to the extent that he eventually has no idea how to handle them and appears to end up actually liking them, can you believe it:

Davis no match for D&S

Evan Davis will have to be cautious. Sharing good vibes with staunch conservatives is a poor career move at the BBC.

And here they are resisting vitriolic attacks from black-American members of the House Judiciary Committee – who are trying to catch them in a lie re Farcebook’s discrimination against conservatives and then get them for perjury under oath.

I doubt US Congressmen and women have ever seen witnesses like Diamond and Silk. Witnesses are generally awed by the power vested in Congress and refrain from talking back aggressively to those who wield the power. Let’s hope the example of the forceful, no-nonsense attacks by Diamond and Silk on the political correctness of the political elite will encourage many others to take a similar stance in Western Europe and beyond.

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  1. johnnythefish says:

    Good post TT.

    ‘Black people don’t vote for the racist Trump’ has been the BBC’s insinuation since he was elected.

    As usual peddling their own fake news to set the agenda, virtually unchallengeable thanks to a Byzantine complaints process controlled by a politburo-style structure with commissars carefully selected for their Pravdaesque mindset.

    Somebody shut ’em down and start again, and be quick about it.


    • DamonJ says:

      ‘Black people don’t vote for the racist Trump’ has been the BBC’s insinuation since he was elected.

      Too true. This Newsnight feature seeking out and interviewing two black women who voted for Trump is proof that the BBC is out to prove that black people don’t vote for the racist Trump.

      Well said johnnythefish. Well deserved to be the top comment here.


      • TrueToo says:

        Sarcasm is a poor substitute for genuine analysis of the motivation of the BBC in interviewing Diamond and Silk.

        Still, you have a debatable point. Perhaps the BBC regarded these two black Trump supporters as a curiosity, an aberration to be made fun of on Newsnight so that devotees of BBC propaganda could be reinforced in their belief that it’s absurd for Black people to vote for Trump.

        Anyone who knows the BBC as people on this site know it (i.e. inside out) will affirm that the following is what definitely did not happen: the BBC did not interview Diamond and Silk in order to bolster black support for Donald Trump.


  2. ToobiWan says:

    I thought tinsel tits seemed to be laughing at them, not with them, TT.


  3. john in cheshire says:

    Our swamp is just as wide and deep as that in the USA; in fact, our lot have been at it for much longer do is probably even worse.

    Our swamp is long overdue a draining, let’s hope the march and speeches tomorrow at the Freedom event in London are a catalyst to begin the process. I shan’t be watching the far-left bbc’s coverage of the event but I’m sure they’ll live up to my expectations. Maybe they’ll Tell Mama, the organisation that is a paragon of even-handedness when it comes to telling the truth.


  4. Annunaki says:

    Timefor action ! from youtube :

    “Thank you to everyone supporting this project! This is bigger than me or any of us as individuals so we have to stand up together to defend our freedom of speech. We have decided, after meeting with the police and seeing the response to plans for the event to hold it on Whitehall, near the cabinet office and the Houses of Parliament and 10 Downing street. We decided to focus our efforts on making sure we pull off a large scale, credible event. So we won’t be marching – instead we have an incredible lineup of speakers, performers, videos and content to offer on the day. We want to make May 6th the biggest Free Speech demonstration the UK has seen so please, help us make it happen! Visit and tweet #dayforfreedom to support us. Thank you,”


    • Oaknash says:

      Excellent Annunaki – Will see you there!


      • Annunaki says:

        We will see what happens when British people gather to protest and see who objects with violence ! not surprised if a certain sector attnd to attack with their faces hidden, just ask our Jewish population or our gay population or Christian preachers at Hyde Park…


  5. TrueToo says:

    Thanks, esteemed colleagues, for those responses!

    I’ve given up on the BBC ‘Complaints’ site and on the (rare) occasion that I complain go directly to the offender:

    That sometimes shames them into a response.

    I half agree that Davis was laughing at D&S but I think he was also bemused by them and by the end of the clip was laughing with them. I imagine it would be an unforgivable crime for someone who works for the BBC to laugh at black women, their politics aside.

    Let’s hope the alligators won’t get too agitated by the swamp draining. Maybe it’s best done gradually so that they don’t really notice until it’s too late.

    I hope the freedom day goes well.


    • Oaknash says:

      TT – I think just like trying to get brexit achieved the alligators will be there snapping away whether we drain the swamp an inch or a yard.
      In fact the lesson from brexit is that we just need to get on with it. The longer we delay the longer they have to organise.
      I see democracy now in the last chance saloon with things now at a pivotal point, if we give any more ground to the globalist elite we are lost. It will be either surrender or civil war.

      I wish I was wrong but fear I am not.


      • Annunaki says:

        Well there is one place to be tomorrow, the usual suspects may well be there but it is the “seething silent masses” that so often vent their frustration with words on here that finally have a chance to just BE THERE no need for flags or chanting or open demonstration just BE THERE or I fear we are lost as a nation our certain minority hit the streets at a moments notice against any and all perceived injustice and we have the opportunity to do the same, they and are already getting mobbed up en mass to demontrate against a Trump visit for some strange reason that shows their alliegance to the middle east and have overtaken speakers corner to shout down and stop Christian preachers an invasion by stealth and sneakiness and about time we just stood and registered our disapproval….


      • TrueToo says:

        Agreed. Alligators tend to be sluggish until there’s a threat of their food being removed.


        • Annunaki says:

          F@ck alligators who wander about Florida gardens feeding on chickens, we are salty crocs….a different species altogether,they watch and wait for ages and spring out of the water with amazing strength that can bring down a buffalo or whatever else


          • TrueToo says:

            True, but anyone who has seen a giant croc sunbathing on a rock for what seems like forever can be forgiven for also regarding them as sluggish.


    • Annunaki says:

      one way it will go well: if you are there
      I have stage two complaint rejected by BBC for objecting to muslim rape gangs raping English schoolgirls not being reported as muslims by the BBC yet also racially abusing 12 year olds requires that the religon of the rapists gets reported as they use racially abusive words : Kafir slut ” yet the BBC can find a “muslim rape victim in f+cking India 6000 miles away and report the race of the victim and perpetrator quite happily


      • kingkp says:

        I sent a letter to my MP about this. I’m not currently in the country so I haven’t read it yet. I’m half expecting the police to turn up at my door and start interrogating me. That’s how bad it has become. But the sad fact is , there is a muslim problem in Europe and it is now a serious problem. The muslim population is doubling every ten years in the UK, only 44 percent of the population of London is native English. The writing is on the wall and seemingly most whites are oblivious to the rapid onset of the last days of their culture. To me it’s self-evident. I spend a lot of my time on public transport travel in Europe. A couple of weekends ago I got stranded in Viersen in NRW over a weekend flying over from the UK. I kid you not, it was like a scene out of Black Hawk down.


  6. Dave S says:

    You will notice how the progressive media cannot handle the President’s latest comments on London.
    Very difficult to dismiss it as fake news but they are trying to make various comparisons that are designed to downplay it. The rate vis a vis New York is being extended to the whole of the US where the murder/manslaughter rate is obviously higher .
    I am not surprised he has said this. Here they seem to imagine that continually insulting the President does not have consequences. Just read the Guardian any day for bile on an industrial scale .
    His visit to London will be an excuse for a riot and the usual suspects will be involved.
    The US liberal media will cover it extensively and getting it wrong as usual will probably revel in the insults.
    Not so the voters and those who really matter.
    His comment on knife crime is designed to provoke and to make the idiots here understand that you do not insult the US President and get no blowback.
    How many tourists will not come now? How many business deals wil falter?
    From long before his election our MSM has indulged itself in an orgy of vileness unprecedented towards the leader of our most important ally,
    Macron got the message and has taken advantage of our weakness.
    I doubt that the situation can now be retrieved mainly because there is no upside for the President in doing so.
    We are going to have to crawl .


    • kingkp says:

      Since Trump became President I have come around to the notion of owning a gun as being not only sensible but entirely reasonable. I can fully understand just why it is conservatives in the US feel safer with one. There is nothing deranged about it. In fact it is a statement of freedom and individuality. The fact we have foreigners (claiming to be British) running around our capital massacring one another only confirms my belief in the fact that you cannot rely on the British Police nor the State to protect you.


  7. Richard Pinder says:

    I have never signed the Official Secrets Act, but they always assume that I have. This could be covered by a D-Notice.

    Pablo Miller OBE works part-time for the Foreign Office on a contract basis from Salisbury. He also works for Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd, Directors Christopher Steele and Christopher Burrows.
    Sergey Skripal lives at 47 Christie Miller Road, Salisbury, SP2 7EN. He is currently in intensive care at Salisbury District Hospital under supervision of experts from Public Health England Centre for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards. Fentanyl was mentioned as a possibility, it was reported, by certain paramedics at the scene, but organophosphate poisoning due to Novicoks being a fake or dud nerve agent is another possibility, with a bit of BZ added later by Porton Down so that nerve agents could be blamed by doctors. The Skripals were treated at Radnor Ward, Salisbury District Hospital, Intensive Care/High Dependency Unit, a ward with eight beds in the main unit, with 4 one-bedded side rooms. To enter the ward, a bell must be rung. The entrance is guarded by a contingent of policemen. The nurse in charge is Helen Aldridge, and the clinical lead is Chartered Occupational Psychologist Phil Donnison P.D.

    But Sergey Skripal is not in the care of the regular staff of the hospital, but attended to by staff from Public Health England, based at Porton Down, near the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down. So the taking of blood samples was under the control of Porton Down. No person not signatory to the Official Secrets Act and cleared for Top Secret, has had sight of the Skripals after 4th March.


    • maxincony says:

      Richard Pinder,

      I have never signed the Official Secrets Act, but they always assume that I have. This could be covered by a D-Notice.

      Big dramatic opening there, Richard. “They” mistakenly supplying you with top-secret “D-Notice” information. Wow.

      Except that most of what you’ve recounted here isn’t “top-secret ‘D-Notice’ information”.

      It’s copied almost word for word from the personal website of John Delacour. A piano restorer from Milborne St.Andrew in Dorset who, in-between polishing his ivories, is also a dedicated keyboard conspiracy theorist.

      Nonsense recirculated enough to times to become rumour and then some more to become “The Truth…”.

      You’ve even provided a nifty little example of how it works:

      John Delacour writes;

      I would go further, and assert that no person not signatory to the Official Secrets Act and cleared for Top Secret, will have had sight of the Skripals after 4th March

      You write;

      No person not signatory to the Official Secrets Act and cleared for Top Secret, has had sight of the Skripals after 4th March.

      Speculation transformed into Fact transformed into “Could be covered by a D-Notice“.


      • taffman says:

        Why do you post here on bank holiday weekend?
        What motivates you to support an organisation that robs from the poor to give to the rich?
        Are you on night shift to cover the holiday period? Do you enjoy being a maxi troll?
        We all notice that you do not answer questions or debate. Hence we have all nominated you our “Resident Troll” and the best advert for the abolition of the Telly Tax .
        Have you voted here yet ?………………………..


        • Nibor says:

          Taffman ,

          You’ve asked the question about taxing the poor to give to the rich ( ad nauseum for BBC ) to Maxi and never got a reply .

          I also ask why they lie about the fact you can have a TV and not pay their telly tax .

          Would you care to bet which one one of our queries Macicony answers first ?

          I’ll lay evens on either one , but on no answer ever I’ll give you £100 to your £1 .

          If he does ever ever reply can I partake of the champagne you’ll buy . If he doesn’t I’ll buy champagne anyway .


      • Richard Pinder says:

        I’ve never signed the Official Secrets Act, but they always assume that I have. Refers to my time talking about Space Technology many years ago, before retirement. Technology which as far as I know is still a secret only available to the RAF and could have put Britain at the head of the Space Race, but is not available commercially, not even for British Companies.

        I don’t think the emails from Salisbury come from John Delacour. But if you Google “47 Christie Miller Road” Delacour is the only one of two sites that are not about house prices. The other is the Financial Times and its blocked by a subscription demand. This seems to make the amateur Journalist, John Delacour, much superior to all professional Journalists working for the BBC. Thanks maxincony for finding information that proves that all BBC journalists must be incompetent.


        • maxincony says:

          Richard Pinder,

          I don’t think the emails from Salisbury come from John Delacour”.

          Of course not, it’s purely coincidental that what you wrote is copied word for word from Delacour’s web page.

          But if you Google “47 Christie Miller Road” Delacour is the only one of two sites that are not about house prices. The other is the Financial Times and its blocked by a subscription demand. This seems to make the amateur Journalist, John Delacour, much superior to all professional Journalists working for the BBC

          Richard, “professional Journalists”, or anyone else with just an ounce of sense wouldn’t be so STUPID as to publish the home address of an attempted murder victim whose life might still be in danger – or supposed details of the hospital ward where the attempted murder victim is being cared for – or the full names of his doctor and head nurse.


          • Rob in Cheshire says:


            If the Russians smeared a liquid novichok on Mr Skripal’s front door handle, I think we can assume they knew where he lived. Similarly, the fact that Mr Skripal is in hospital in Salisbury is not a secret, and I am sure the might of the FSB could find out where the high dependency ward is, and the name of the head nurses.

            Apart from that, your point is….


            • taffman says:

              Rob in Cheshire
              Maxi’s point?
              Defending the faith – Robbing the poor to give to the rich at Al Beeb


          • Richard Pinder says:

            Maxincony says “most of what you’ve recounted here isn’t “top-secret ‘D-Notice’ information””. So Maxincony knows what is and what is not in the D-notice. So can you tell me which one of four addresses is Pablo Miller at, has he moved house? Is he at one of two houses in Christie Miller Road. Is he at the address in Salisbury under the name Paul Miller. Is his wife American or Polish or an American with a Polish name? Is she blond and twenty years younger than Pablo?

            The other question is how did John Delacour get hold of D-notice information. It seems he obtained it exclusively from main stream media information now under D-notice censorship. I presume the information I have but Delacour does not have is information in the D-notice which has always been secret. Also, If the Russians didn’t know that Sergey Skripal lives at 47 Christie Miller Road due to the D-notice. Who created the fake story about the door knob, was it the BBC?


      • David R says:

        Just this once you are right maxiconey. I have signed the OSA and the “enhancement” of John Delacour’s article is classic BBCspeak. I just wonder why, for the first time I have ever noticed, you are on OUR side?


  8. Annunaki says:

    What are we going to do ? a few insipid protests and let it lie that is what has happened so why bother ? Russia has been carved up and sold to gangsters maybe boycot Chelsea football club ? well that will hurt him LOL


  9. Nibor says:

    At last some people are awakening to the Gramscis that infest the swamp . It’s not just them though , it’s also the People Of Entitlement who are troughing it and the snobs who consider themselves intellectual , and can only prove it by being against anything and everything that the ordinary Joe wants .

    How best to show your worth than to get into a position of power and do the opposite of democracy and say it’s because you’ve ” seen all sides, weighed everything up , made a decision not based on populism , have other factors to consider etc etc

    It’s funny that we get to know about D&S and Thomas Sowell from here but not from the BBC until they are forced to .


  10. Guest Who says:

    …and they’re off. Again.

    ‘By call’.


    • StewGreen says:

      Ah he said “twat”
      We’ve had this before
      Some people down south or somewhere think it ONLY means vagina
      but around here it’s generally a version of “twit” and not considered offensive.
      “twatted” means drunk or been hit, so you are dizzy like a “twit”

      (BTW isn’t this a topic thread , not an open thread ?)


    • thirstypak says:

      Offensive Word? ….. Twat? but it was ok when beeb did comedy …….n’est pas ?


  11. scribblingscribe says:

    The BBC became so excited when explaining “What is Marx’s Das Kapital?” that it forgot to mention the consequences: over 100 million dead in just one century.

    Of course, the level of human misery Marxism created can never be calculated.

    But I guess the BBC has little time to add the truth when it has to spend so much of its output warning about ‘fake news’ from other broadcasters and newspapers that aren’t the Guardian.


    • Guest Who says:

      The Guardian is today promoting the political genesis of Lily Allen. Comments, however….


      • Guest Who says:

        …comments, etc.

        She has a new album coming out. Apparently.

        The bbc is primed.


        • thirdoption says:

          The article states that two of her fans are David Lammy and Jeremy Corbyn.

          Ha ha ha


        • StewGreen says:

          If only there was a rule against people like Lilly Allen spreading #FAKENEWS & false rumours,.

          She makes up a law that Special Victimhood groups have to have special privilege.


  12. Nibor says:

    The left , the progressives , the corporatives , the Anywheres are the establishment . That includes the BBC .

    To be really revolutionary , anti establishment , Bolshie , against the grain is to have the mores and attitude of a different era .

    Let’s take the monarchy as an example . This institution is no longer the bulwark of Lords , hanging , flogging birch ‘ em judges , top hatted capitalists , and , the BBC .
    The Lords are LibDem stuffed troughers , the judges are judge- mental , the capitalists are corporatives like Richard Bransongob . The above suffer the monarchy , sometimes loving it as a distraction . For the BBC ,there is the feigned loyalty about Royal weddings etc , mass coverage and Arent We Doing Well Broadcasting This .
    Then when it’s over , the lampooning , the snide remarks , the clever editorial coverage etc . The only good monarchy is an EU monarchy put there by the Establishment to further the cause .
    Take any establishment from say the fifties , and it’s been inversed . The best example is the police force . This is now a police service . The best of it and the worst of it are reversed . The best of it was commitment , to law and order , duty , the peace of the realm , no nonsense from outliers , being citizens above even the wealthiest for common sense and impartiality .
    The worst was a perhaps servile attitude to the middle class and rougher handling of lower orders .
    Before you worried that a constable might think you were contemplating a criminal act . Now you’re worried he might think you aren’t diverse enough with your inner thoughts .
    Now the middle class ( and to the BBC , the WHITE ? Working class ) are regarded by the police as a potential insurrection element that need to be bullied and chivvied into paying taxes and have no protection from them as a right . No wonder the BBC which is funded by the TVtax has moved from hostility to the police in the 70s and 80s to their champion .especially as they share the same ethos as diversity etc .

    If we want a real revolution with empowerment for the ordinary Joe , we have to overturn the establishment of the 2020s , not of the 1950s .


  13. Annunaki says:

    If we want a real revolution,,,,6 May otherwise Twat..


  14. StewGreen says:

    BBC World Service trailers : ‘A future for the left in Latin America’
    ” Ritula Shah and her guests discuss why left-wing politics lost ground in Latin America, and what the future holds for leftist politics in the region.”
    Note the tone of concern, whereas if it was the right was declining they’d be celebrating it.

    Now they seem to be making excuses ‘Chavez ah he wasn’t a REAL socialist ‘


  15. StewGreen says:

    Pathetic MSM and its narrative in the local election results.
    ‘Oh it was a draw’
    Crap told us before that the PUBLIC want to stop Brexit and that first step would be to vote LEFT, cos of Labour’s scupper Brexit murmurs’
    But No it’s clear Remain didn’t WIN the election, Brexit did
    ..and public trust pathetic Tories more than delusional hatey Labour.


    • StewGreen says:

      Labour is a great Labour leader
      .. well as far as anyone who doesn’t want a Labour government is concerned.
      He does a bloody good job at keeping them out of office.

      The MSM are surreal
      … since when does Labour not getting thrashed, count as a great victory ?


  16. Annunaki says:

    If you are not there today 6 May Whitehall 3 pm you are tilting at windmills and inviting the snidy invasion of our country that will make your children 2nd class citizens of their own country, an 8 % minority that invades the media regularly with their demands, despite thousands of chinese, sikhs hindus etc that happily live here with no complaints, attacks on Jews that no one dare say the muslims are doing it rape gangs attacks on homosexuals etc etc and no one is allowed to say anything about it until today…


  17. Oaknash says:

    Agreed Annunaki – I Am getting ready to jump into the “Oakmobile” for the trip down to the smoke from the West Country sticks. I have sandpapered around the edge of the hole in the floorpan so that my legs dont get chaffed or splintered as I will have to run faster on the M4/M5 than I do on the motorway. And will be wearing extra thick cloggs so the tarmac doesnt wear them away too much.
    But seriously I found this on Guido and I would recommend you read it – It says a lot about how the London elite beeboid types view the rest of the population.

    One other point if anyone else here is thinking of attending the protest at Whitehall at 3pm . Apparently a massive police presence for the gathering has been promised so it sounds as if it is about as safe as it could possibly be. Hopefully I will see some of you there. All of us unrecognised but all believing in the same cause.
    Thanks to the media my kids see me as some sort of low grade racist but the are totally oblivious to what is heading our way, if we dont stop it soon.

    Now is my chance to make my voice heard and to put up or shut up!


  18. StewGreen says:

    The poor left/libs they need quotas
    .. For government & BBC 35-40% of jobs should be set side for them

    .. That would help everyone else as well since that would be a FALL from the 90-95% the numbers are at today.


  19. Rick Bradford says:

    A rather well-reasoned defence of traditional Polish values (patriotism and conservatism) from an unlikely source. A good watch.


    • theisland says:

      Good lad.
      ” … slogans such as Poland for Poles … those aren’t aimed at me because I see myself as Polish.”


  20. Guest Who says:

    Prepared to bet that where John sits on the plane and which balconies he gazes from and who he mixes with and the size of his wallet (and ego) have a bearing on the feedback he gets too.

    Licence fee payers must feel blessed.


    • Guest Who says:


  21. Guest Who says:

    Girl power.


    • Fubard says:

      Thank you GW for that link…I watched the whole thing and it was absolutely fascinating. Specially Melanie’s forensic analysis of the BBC ‘intelligentsia’ (strangely interchangeable with her comments on The Guardian…wonder why?). They don’t think they’re right. They KNOW they are, and if you aren’t on their side then you’re absolutely wrong. Arrogant, elitist products of lefty education at University. They will never look in the mirror and see themselves as they really are.


  22. fakenewswatcher says:

    Listening to R4 to a discussion on the violence and deaths in London resulting from gun and knife crime shortly before 8.00am. As before in these discussions, everything is mentioned, but one key factor is not. No prizes.
    It will be difficult, therefore to address this issue. You can’t, for instance, suggest a targeted ‘stop and search’, as that would be…well you know what.
    So best to go on pretending.