4000 people vanish in front of the BBC….

The scene. Whitehall. Just a few yards from the doors of Downing Street. A crowd of 4000 people gather to demand Free Speech. The ‘world class” journalists of the BBC somehow can’t find the event to report on it. Thus vindicating the event. Good old BBC – out to suppress speech it doesn’t like.

For those interested, I have written an article on it here.

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  1. petebogtrott says:

    I”m first. The BBC is not fit to report any news , If they can’t spin it to suit their remit,then it doesn’t exist.


  2. GCooper says:

    I’ve checked the BBC’s ‘news’ website several times today, with growing incredulity.

    They may think they are being very clever by controlling the news to suit their far Left agenda but they are actually showing how dense they are. People have noticed what the BBC is up to, one of the factors in the size of the crowd, and people are starting to speak about it.
    I sincerely hope this is the beginning of the end for the BBC because it is the single biggest force preventing the renaissance this country so urgently needs.


    • taffman says:

      “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

      They have become a joke of a broadcasting organisation.


  3. Fedup2 says:

    According to the left / al beeb Free speech only applies if it complies with their version of the world .
    Hard to believe it’s happening in Blighty but it is .

    Books will be banned . Then burnt then we know what the next stages are- all in the name of public safety .


    • taffman says:

      Some books have already been taken off the shelves.


    • Amounderness Lad says:

      The current version is what is being attempted with the web when it comes to versions of the news and ideas they disagree with which, if they get their way, will be subjected to the web’s equivalent of being burned.

      If they et their way only the authorised version of news and ideas will be available for public consumption, all else will be deemed Thought Crime and must be expunged from existence.

      This must not be allowed to happen for that road is the one to the death of free speech and the first steps to Totalitarianism and the enslavement of the people.


  4. TrueToo says:

    Hmmm, I tried to Google the event yesterday and this morning without much luck. Could be that like-minded lefty shmucks at Google, Twitter and Farcebook turned their collective nose up at the event since it was clear that it wouldn’t allow them to scratch their ‘progressive’ ideological itch.

    (Strangely enough, the Guardian had a fairly balanced article on it. But then the Guardian, though a disgusting propaganda rag, is often way more accommodating than the BBC in reporting news it doesn’t like.)

    As the US congress learned, these social media giants lean mostly left. And that is a serious threat indeed to freedom of speech worldwide.

    Perhaps my esteemed colleagues here can point me in the direction of some worthwhile coverage of the event.

    Edit: (Apart, of course, from the fine contribution by David Vance – which I’ve just read, making me reassess my remarks about the Guardian article.)


  5. Jeff says:

    The really telling thing is it’s not just the BBC who aren’t reporting yesterday’s mass demo.
    There’s nothing in the Mail and nowt in the Express.
    With the beeb, I’m now so disgusted by their obvious perpetual bias and dishonesty, I’m not really surprised.
    The two newspapers I’ve mentioned are something different. They talk a good game. They’re perfectly willing to prod middle England when the Tories need a few votes, but this is different. When push comes to shove they’re as bad, if not worse, than the BBC. We all know where the Beeb stand, these two rags are pretending to be on our side. Yesterday we had thousands of mainly working class people demonstrating to have a voice. All decent folk should back this.
    Now we really know these editors are a gutless blow hard wimps. We have to accept the clear conclusion, if we hadn’t already, that the media are part of the problem. They are the enemy.
    Gutless, spineless and shameless.
    A plague on their houses.


  6. MarkyMark says:

    So Nick Robinson doesn’t think liberty means hearing what you don’t like?


  7. Sluff says:

    BBC bigging up the gun and knife crime in London.
    They interview several family members of those affected plus community representatives and other ‘experts’.
    They all seem to be of Afro Caribbean heritage.
    But somehow the brains in the BzbC newsroom just can’t seem to spot this andvthat it just might….possibly…suggest a connection to all the killings and stabbings……


    • Dave S says:

      Looks as if the fear factor is driving the BBC. London based apart from a soon to be equally dangerous Manchester even the stupidest can do the sums.
      The violence will spread as violence does . The ” nice” areas for which read mostly middleclass white won’t stay quite so quiet. Tourist trade anyone? This is how a city slowly dies. and I think at last they know it .
      MY family -large- and their friends will not go now. Necessity only no other reason.
      Decision time looms and for the caring progressive it is going to be tough. So the narrative now will be to deflect and to blame cuts and the government/police. That has already started.
      The only decision that has to made is do we restore law to the streets whatever it takes to do it and whoever’s fine feelings are trampled upon.
      In the end this is reality .


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        I wonder why anyone would want to go to London now anyway.

        There’s the congestion charge if you want to drive there.
        High parking charges.

        Then, there’s the higher chance of being caught up in the terrorism bombings, beheadings, van attacks and the other joys of diversity being forced upon us.

        Next, there’s the higher chance of being caught up in some gang shooting or whatever they blame the sixty odd deaths on.

        I went to London with my parents as a child and saw Windsor Castle and other sights, I will never go again because that London doesn’t exist any more. It’s in the past, a different Country. (I know)

        Soon to be followed by the other ‘stans such as Liecester and Birmingham and many other no go areas.

        In Sunderland, the contamination is not as bad yet but it will also happen here.

        When will we react?


        • Dystopian says:

          Better off going to Benidorm nowadays. More English there than in London!


      • G.Shuttleworth says:

        I can completely concur with this. I live in Ireland but have spent a lot of time on London the last few years and had great work opportunities there. However I have decided not to visit again unless critical. Between the intimidation of the population through hate speech laws, the Court mandated death of that Evans child and the ever present risk of terrorism or being falsely accused of some candy floss “crime” it’s just not somewhere deserving of my time or my money. And don’t worry about freedom of speech, ruthless silent action is what will win this.


  8. MarkyMark says:

    But dreamers? Undocumented?

    BBC.co.uk …..

    Canadian immigration officials are working with US counterparts in Nigeria to stem the number of migrants crossing illegally into Canada.


    • johnnythefish says:

      The ‘wrong’ type of Immigrant? Perhaps their national dress is not exotic or colourful enough to tempt Trudeau to dive into his dressing up box.


  9. Deborah says:

    I remember the Countryside march during Tony Blair’s time. Nearly one million marched but the BBC downplayed the figures. I think that was the start of the wool being pulled from my eyes and I saw the BBC for what they are.


    • taffman says:

      What amazes me is that our MPs are not aware of this. Or are they daft enough to think the British public are so naïve?


      • ToobiWan says:

        Tommy said that this would happen in the video he made the day before the march.
        He is relying on people to download and pass on videos of the day, or send links, to as many people as possible. This will be the only way that word will get out about event. That’s if they are allowed to stay up on youtube that is.


    • maxincony says:


      I remember the Countryside march during Tony Blair’s time. Nearly one million marched but the BBC downplayed the figures.

      Then you don’t remember it very well.

      Estimates about the size of the march were all around 400,000 and the BBC didn’t “downplay the figures”:

      Huge turnout for countryside march

      “Crowds were so big it took people queuing at the start of the official route more than six hours to filter through, according to police.”


  10. taffman says:

    We are still waiting for maxincony to report something about this march, “Day for Freedom”.


    • Eddy Booth says:

      I wonder how many more would have appeared if the main stream media had reported that it was going to happen..
      Guess thats the whole idea of them no platforming,


      • Beeb Brother says:

        I could not find anything about it on Google or Facebook either which is really sinister. The net is closing on thought criminals like us.


      • Guest Who says:

        Same with petitions.

        The HoL one seems to have been also all but ignored by Lord Hall’s subordinates


    • taffman says:

      maxincony we are waiting for your report on the “Day for Freedom”.
      You are conspicuous by your absence.


      • maxincony says:


        maxincony we are waiting for your report on the “Day for Freedom.

        There is one obvious simple reason why this demo has received much press coverage and that’s because so few people turned up.

        There were, at most, two thousand people there.

        For such a supposedly big event, that’s pitiful.


        • Guest Who says:


          Remember that young person’s ‘march’ they got excited about a few years ago, when about a dozen waifs and a dog blazed a trail from North to South?

          Many here will, because the BBC really got behind it, if struggling a bit in the camera angle department.

          At one stage they were running in circles around the camera at ankle level to boost number impressions. Apparently.

          No, that can’t be true can it? The bbc fiddle numbers just like they cherry pick what they report vs. deep six? The very idea.


          • maxincony says:

            Guest Who,


            Oh well, that’s settled then.

            Remember that young person’s ‘march’ they got excited about a few years ago…

            Erm no, I don’t. Perhaps you could provide a few more details.

            Doesn’t change the simple reality that if you hold a national demo and only two thousand people turn up no one in the MSM is going to take any notice. Cry into your milk and Farley’s all you want…


            • taffman says:

              How did you count “only two thousand people”?
              Have you counted the amount of signitures on this ?………………………..
              Suck on that dummy all you can …..


            • Guest Who says:

              Settled? I think… not.

              “why this demo has received much press coverage”.

              As to the rest,


            • G.W.F. says:


              Young persons march. You don’t remember. Covering your tracks, as you and your grooming gang friends would have been slavering over it.
              We know why you want to downplay the size of the march for free speech. Hoping not many will be aware that those marching dislike what your lot do to little girls.

              By the way Stand up to racism say that there were 4000 on the march. I am sure they would not want to inflate the size of the enemy.
              Here you are chuck. The link



            • Dystopian says:

              Maxincony, your obvious negativity regarding the free speech “demo” would suggest that you do not support free speech.
              Why is that so?


            • johnnythefish says:

              So it’s a numbers game then, maxi?

              In which case, why do the BBC report on just about every anti-fracking demo where typically less than a hundred turn up?


        • taffman says:

          Where did you get “two thousand from”, Evan Davis ?
          Why are you anti Day of Freedom ?
          Why do you support an organisation that supports robbing the poor to give to the Rich, are you one of the ‘Rich’? ………….


          • maxincony says:


            Where did you get “two thousand from”, Evan Davis ?

            I was there, taffman.


            • taffman says:

              How did you manage to count them all ?
              Why did you attend, do you support freedom of speech ?
              Why do you you support an organisation that robs from the poor to give to the Rich, is it because you are one of them?
              Have you signed this yet?………..


              • taffman says:

                Maxicon…………..Its time for my tea break 😀


              • Roland Deschain says:

                She probably couldn’t see past her balaclava.


              • johnnythefish says:

                At a guess he probably attended in his capacity as Community Thought Police Officer, ready to report back to The Ministry of Truth on any utterance that was not in praise of Islam, multiculturalism, mass immigration, LGBGTA2Z or Jeremy Corbyn.


            • Guest Who says:

              “I was there, taffman.”

              This like the 60s or, as Di would say, the 600s?


            • G.W.F. says:

              Maxicony aka zero

              Stand up to racism were there and counted 4000, according to their press statement.


              Tommy Robinson’s ‘Day of freedom’ attracted around 4,000 today, including an assortment of fascist and alt-right groups. Around 2,000 of these had joined the ‘Democratic Football Lads Alliance’ (DFLA) march from Hyde Park with UKIP leader Gerard Batten.
              Some 400 anti-racists and anti-fascists came out onto the streets to oppose them.


        • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

          maxincony: “There were, at most, two thousand people there … I was there“.

          There is more than two thousand people in the above image. It looks more like four thousand – which is the number given by David Vance.

          Where were you in relation to that crowd – first row, second row, somewhere in the middle, at the back – or maybe you were in one of the adjacent buildings overlooking the scene?

          Or maybe you were one of the organisers, or a speaker, or perhaps you were one of those reporters or reporters’ assistants covering the story?


  11. Beeb Brother says:

    Another one for the Ministry of Truth’s massive memory hole.

    “If the Party could thrust its hand into the past, and say of this or that event it never happened – that, surely, was worse than mere torture or death.”
    1984, George Orwell.


  12. Scroblene says:

    But isn’t the success of President Trump’s Twitter offering the best way to get up the snotty noses of the bbbc and the groanier?

    I always come to this site for the news, it’s much better that hearing sneering Nick Robinson and all the other bitches paid huge sums to – apparently – provide ‘news’ or their opinions!

    So welcome Fedup, and also thanks to all for the real thing, and let’s keep stuffing the bbbc as a worthless bunch of thieves – don’t forget, the bbbc jails pensioners.


    • oldcrone says:

      Yes I agree Scob … Trump knows exactly how to do it .. you bypass them and therefore they have no control! That is why they are so hysterical against him. The right wing has never been as organised as the left on the internet .. it needs a big techy brain to do something about it and bypass the BBC big time!


  13. LassloLasslo says:

    Mrs Lasslo and myself were listening to a Sky news bulletin yesterday morning, where a senior police officer was making a press briefing re the ongoing deaths in London. We couldn’t believe our ears when he said, ” we will do everything we can to protect the white community”. Clearly it will never be aired again, but did anyone else hear it? The first public utterance of truth, it quite shocked me, and from the mouth of a police officer as well.


  14. smoogie7 says:

    Well the BBC have a lot of catching up to do!

    Remember last week when there where these Russian bots out during the 2017 GE helping Corbyn out? No I don’t remember that either as the BBC never reported on it!

    I am not a supporter of ‘far right’ movements myself but apart from the odd skinhead or two these crowds are not always bad people and a lot of the do have genuine concerns. I think that the only reason had we seen anything from the BBC on this if there had been a riot.

    Now had this been left wing supporters, some of them also made up of skinhead types then it would have been plastered over the news. The usual ‘Tories out’ types in support of something Corbyn said to make out that ‘Corbyn has a large following’ yet had the lefties started a riot then the BBC would have pulled coverage instantly!


    • oldcrone says:

      Oh yes it was documented in an online video on the last Football Lads march by a sympathetic reporter who interviewed a BBC camera crew. The bloke actually admitted that they would not report the march unless some sort of violence occurred.


  15. johnnythefish says:

    Meanwhile a gathering of half a dozen anti-fracking protesters, camera-crafted to look like a crowd of thousands, attracts emergency Cliff Richard-style reporting by the BBC wherever and whenever they appear.


  16. Nibor says:

    If only President Trump would mention freedom marches on his Twitter . Could the MSM ignore that ?


  17. NCBBC says:

    Please Pres Trump, walk out of the Iran deal that Obama gifted the Islamic regime. The reason – anything that the EU and the lefty progressive elite support needs skewering. And no one does it better then Pres Trump.


  18. Eddy Booth says:



  19. Eddy Booth says:

    BBC aka the Ministry of Truth view:


  20. taffman says:

    “Knife amnesty bins ‘making a difference’ to Hackney”……….

    Vanished ?


  21. StewGreen says:

    There’s a special NUJ page “on that march the DIDN’T report on”

    NUJ legal support: Far-right London protest 6 May 2018

    Bindmans is the emergency legal contact for any NUJ members who are arrested or detained by the police at the event today.

    The emergency number to contact: 02073055638

    The office number to contact: 02078334433

    Please also notify the NUJ legal department by emailing: legal@nuj.org.uk

    The NUJ/1945Nazi behaviour
    their trick they use is to smear-label something as Jewish/Far-Right as that gives them the licence to avoid reporting positively on them.
    The NUJ rules are clear label something Far-Right or racist and then you only cover it if something negative happens


    • ToobiWan says:

      The clue to their behavior is in the word Union in the organisation’s title, Stew.


  22. StewGreen says:

    There is an issue of “is any march news, or is it just a publicity stunt ?”
    Is any march NEWS ?

    eg Stop Brexit do really have the ability to run a march almost every weekend , but is it in the public interest to report everyone ?
    It’s not the media’s job to do PR for political causes

    The issue is the double standard : That Anti-Trump demos are given full coverage
    that a pro-Trump demo of equal size would not.


  23. StewGreen says:

    There 2 types of people “The red-pilled” and those not
    but you can’t be red-pilled if the NUJ prevents it


  24. theisland says:


    “One of London’s most popular cabaret bars, Her Upstairs, issued a statement criticizing her appearance at the rally. It stated it would no longer book her.”
    “At Her Upstairs we value everyone’s right to speak freely, but we do not endorse discrimination of any kind and or speech and values that threaten the safety and support of any and all members of our community or any community.”


    • Eddy Booth says:

      I switched off when that bent transvestite was announced.


      • callinson says:

        Well I am sorry you did that – I rather appreciated her balls (pun intended) in doing the gig and am sorry to hear she suffered any adverse consequences. There were too many speeches and Milo for one went on too long, but Count Dankula’s piece was pitch perfect and very well received by an audience which clearly knew he knew what he was talking about. Good luck to him with his crowd funded appeal against the conviction


        • StewGreen says:

          Yes Milo thought he was doing the Milo show
          – but he had flown all the way just to do the show
          – Kaseem deliberately & honourabley sliced his own segment to recover time.


        • Eddy Booth says:

          He seems correct with a lot of what he says,
          but I don’t really trust anyone who has to vitrue signal – he has gays friends etc, before getting to his point.

          I didn’t listen closely was any of the music were any protest songs?-
          or just there a filler-
          have we lost that abilty as a nation too..
          Now Pat Condell would have been worth a listen had they had him speaking.


          • oldcrone says:

            I have to agree with Eddy … not about the drag queen cos she lost out financially because of her principles and that takes some doing … and because I don’t have a big thing about sexual orientation as long as it isn’t continually pushed in my face.. (BBC on topic section) which is also what my 86 years old sister says so BBC crap must be getting through to a lot of people they don’t expect it to do! But the march was badly organised IMO .. the video and sound wasn’t as good as it should have been, there was no “go to” link to see either the numbers there or the speakers. They didn’t have the right speakers.. the Count was spot on .. but Milo is just an egotist. It should have been Watson, Condell, Raheem etc … As somebody else posted on another blog I visit … get a professional video outfit to sort it … include interviews of people on the march, include interviews of journalists covering the march and make it into a “whole” experience for the UTube public to appreciate. If you’re gonna fight the BBC “ommission” stuff then you have to play on their level!!


      • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

        Drag queens are not necessarily homosexual. Also “drag queens” have a long history in theatre, vaudeville theatre and pantomime. It probably evolved from the fact that in the past most theatre roles were only given to men. All those Greek plays in Athenian times – all the female roles were acted out by men in masks. Similarly in Shakespeare’s time – Romeo and Juliet were played by two men.


        • Eddy Booth says:

          Good point
          It’s sad that society is regressing to copy misogynistic Greek culture and elizabethan puritans.
          And I think the female roles in Shakespeare’s era were played by boys not men, certainly not odd looking males in need of a shave..


  25. StewGreen says:

    BBC’s best friend Buzzfeed via its editor covered the march on Twitter
    in their traditional disinformation way
    “far-right march in London today. ”
    ” a couple hundred people ”
    dozens of people criticise him below his tweet


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      Hi StewGreen – I would appreciate it if you and maybe others kept an eye on the BBC’s various twitter feeds (+ BBC journalists twitter feeds) – with Trump pulling out of the Iran deal – the BBC may get emotional and say something interesting. For the past few days on their website they have been going full propaganda in support of the Iran deal – going as far as advertising “death to America” emojis as well as headlining images of America the Great Satan …


  26. StewGreen says:


    • Scroblene says:

      Culture is for wimps Stew!

      We went through all this snowflake crap in the sixties, dealing with hippies, and The Haight mob etc, then they grew up, and skipped a generation it seems…

      So it’s taken two generations to revert to stupidity and feelings of entitlement. Free Ipads for all, no debt and a free house forever. And a nonjob in a council near you.

      Whatever happend in the seventies I wonder…

      Oh, and the bbbc still jail pensioners…


  27. StewGreen says:

    See if you are Special Victimhood group the MSM media are begging to cover you
    \\I have been invited to appear on television to discuss the dichotomy of a drag artist performing at what has been reported as an ‘alt-right rally.’ //
    Drag Artist : Vanity von Glow says in his long facebook post
    essentially saying ‘Free speech is universal not just for the left’


  28. StewGreen says:

    It’s interesting how people are trying to turn the 60 second Mo Hijab scuffle into The news about the Day
    ..that is wrong considering everything was peaceful for hours aming the say 10,000 people

    Now Tommy’s team have put out what seems to be a false Narrative video as exposed by Tim Pool


    • StewGreen says:

      Tim Pool, 2 important missing contexts make your video seem FalseNarrative too
      #1 The narrative that ‘Ali Dawah was disinvited at the last moment’ is contradicted
      How did he end up on the running order and then refused ?
      – A few days earlier in a 30 min event warmup video on his FB page Tommy had said something like “Here’s the list of speakers ..and we’ll have a surprise speaker as well … Ali Dawah …. no I’m only joking”
      Everyone knew he was making a joke, cos of Ali’s threats against Tommy there is no way they’d be sharing a stage
      – Then on the Saturday night @LucyFrown put out a tweet saying Ali Dawah Confirmed
      – Within an hour Tommy’s team put out 2 videos saying “The rumour about Ali Dawah attending is false, please retweet this”
      That makes sense cos there’d be serious security implications etc.
      – Then on the Sunday Ali turns up when the last part of the gig has already started and apparently can’t get through security cos his name is not on their list
      – But Lucy had put him on the printed running list so he ends up backstage
      – Then he next thing we see is @OpinionatedEuropean on her stream trying to sort out the situation as Ali has got through security…. after speaking to Ali, she seeks out Tommy and asks him to read Ali’s speech as requested and Tommy is like ‘since Ali has not phoned me before or anything, how can he turn up now and ask me to read his speech’ and turns away,
      So there is the conflict How did Lucy end up sending out that Saturday night tweet, was she tricked or being tricky ?
      Cos the event was largely funded by Tommy’s team how can she put Ali on the running order when Tommy’s team said emphatically Ali will not be coming ?

      #2 How long was that scuffle, and what was it’s magnitude ?
      It’s 45 to 90 seconds and everyone walks away unharmed
      Out of many hours and crowd which numbers the thousands say 10,000
      So by focussing on these 3-4 oiks that did seem to want to land punches on Mo are we wrongly saying this typifies the event /crowd

      We could go with the narrative that they are just “typical Tommy supporters”
      but another scenario could be they were “undercover Antifa or undercover police deliberately trying to make a story.

      Another thing is from the other camera angle A guy in a “I am Tommy T-shirt” holding a tripod really ends the situation by occupying the space and shouting “calm down calm”. Is he not a hero ?


  29. David R says:

    The numbers are interesting. The Grauniad said 3,000 were there, so I double that to get a better estimate.


  30. tarien says:

    Today we are all slaves; slaves to the powers of mafia banksters of finance; slaves to the western lie-propaganda more than supported, by the BBC; to the lobbies and their giant all dominating corporations-to the war-industry, because we it appears still happily believe what we are told about ever-increasing terrorism that needs to be fought with eternal wars; slaves to the environment-destructive hydrocarbon industry; to the pharma-industry; to the Monsanto’s of this world and its agro-industry; senseless consumerism-and foremost to the greed, dam endless greed that drives endless growth, nurturing endless competition fomenting adversity, destroying solidarity, instead of an harmonious cooperation for human cohabitation.
    We western nations are enslaved to an all-engulfing neoliberal fascism –to a predatory economy. Corporate lie propaganda drip-feeds our brains and haven’t even noticed it. Believing as we do all of whatever lie they vomit , because it appears more comfortable to believe a lie than to confront the truth-and that is self imposed slave-hood. That is how far we have gone, because we are clearly on an almost irreversible downward track into a darkness of chaos and bloody wars, endless wars against self-invented terrorism. Designed specifically to keep our western economy running –and perhaps our armchair politics alive with the help of the fascist supporter BBC. Sometimes I feel my life is grey-white like a foggy sky, no sun, its enchanting wonderful brightness eviscerated from our enslaved minds. The lack of any journalistic reporting on the Freedom of Speech gathering confirms how our socialistic policing of our national media is being controlled.


  31. StewGreen says:

    Tim Pool has added another video
    and seems to be becoming Red-pilled


  32. Annunaki says:

    5000 plus women, children. families I have photos yet we hear “right wing march with scuffles” well all I can say is my chinese wife used to be ashamed of the censorship in her country and now can laugh at the similar tactics of this country : yes media censorship we are living in a dictatorship no different from Iran or China where dissidents are completely ignored and in some cases jailed for “mortgage fraud” lol