Will the real Jeremy Corbyn stand up….

…. and if so, will the BBC help him to his feet?

He didn’t sing the national anthem because he doesn’t know the words Er, or perhaps he does know the words but he was thinking of something else.

(Well, at least he stood for it.)

He will participate fully in future commemorations but cannot or will not say whether that will extend to exercising his vocal chords.

He first rejected the EU but then was sort of rising off his chair for Remain.

He is either a supporter of the IRA or an impartial peacemaker with utmost respect for both sides of the conflict.

He befriends Islamic Jihad in the form of Hamas and Hezbollah….

….and then unbefriends them, so to speak, with mealy-mouthed words after being put under pressure.

He stands by idly as Labour Momentum activist Marc Wadsworth takes the microphone and humiliates Jewish Labour MP Ruth Smeeth who leaves the meeting in disgust. (I cannot find the clip I originally saw of Corbyn smiling warmly at Wadsworth soon after Ruth Smeeth’s humiliation; perhaps it went down a memory hole.)

He is utterly committed to rooting out the anti-Semites within Labour except when it comes to doing something about it: looks like he simply cannot bring himself to expel anti-Semite Livingstone.

(In fairness I should add that I’ve just learned that Marc Wadsworth was expelled last month from the party: took years though, for some inexplicable reason.)

Could be that Corbyn was finally forced to act after Ruth Smeeth and Luciana Berger read out in parliament the vile anti-Semitic abuse they had received from Corbyn devotees.

This is the same Corbyn who joined four or five racist, anti-Semitic hate sites on Farcebook (not a typo) but apparently didn’t know what they were about or what he was doing there. (4:50 minutes in)

While grimly scouting the Web to find the real Jeremy Corbyn I’ve been adding ‘BBC’ to every Google search. Judging from the results, this most trusted broadcaster appears not to associate much with the extreme manifestations of Corbyn’s deceit and duplicity.

It seems, though, that David Dimbleby bears some ill will towards the Labour leader, judging by the number of probing questions he has accepted re the latter on Question Time, many throwing doubt on his suitability as leader and challenging Labour anti-Semitism.

Still I doubt that the BBC will be much use in helping to find the real Jeremy Corbyn. I suspect they would prefer him to quietly vanish and for someone more acceptable to replace him so that Labour will have a better chance in future elections, thus enabling the strewing of BBC corridors with empty champagne bottles.

If he ever does stand up, will we see a committed social justice warrior with a genuine desire for the betterment of society but who blunders badly in working towards that betterment?

Or will we see a rigid, cunning, anti-Semitic, far-left ideologue who has calculated that his alliance with radical Islam will eventually draw enough public support to enable Labour to win an election, and is only pretending to be less of an extremist because he senses that the time is not right?

Perhaps my esteemed colleagues here can help find the real Jeremy Corbyn.

Update: June 5th is a bit late to update a post from May 20th, but I wanted to plonk a couple of things above the line:

Jagman84 contributed a link to a video clip showing Corbyn’s warm interaction with Marc Wadsworth after the Momentum ‘activist’ had just singled out Jewish Labour MP Ruth Smeeth for a sly, anti-Semitic slur, causing her to storm out of the meeting.

Ruth Smeeth and others at the meeting were outraged at the anti-Semitism, shouting, “How dare you,” at Wadsworth, so there is no way Corbyn could have been unaware of the incident. Yet he did nothing and his warm relationship with Wadsworth was apparently unaffected.

A day after I speculated here about Corbyn’s extreme reluctance to expel Ken Livingstone, the loathsome anti-Semite resigned. I had a look at a couple of interviews of him justifying his resignation on YouTube. In this one he claims that several Jewish people have come up to him agreeing with his take on Hitler and questioning whether MPs read their history. This simply demonstrates the implacable nature of his anti-Semitism. In this one with the BBC he claims that no Jewish people have come up to him expressing their outrage.

Livingstone cannot acknowledge his own anti-Semitism, at least not publicly. Worse, he takes this opportunity to perpetuate it yet again. And that’s all I have to add about the creep.

I believe now that there is more than enough evidence that Corbyn is also deeply anti-Semitic. He’s just a bit more careful in demonstrating it.

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49 Responses to Will the real Jeremy Corbyn stand up….

  1. Deborah says:

    Could be first (I hope). Saw Alicia’s comment at end of other thread. Didn’t hear WATO on Sunday but I can assure people that antiSemitism is growing and the Left use hate of Israel as proxy. When I hear people with fantastic retirement pensions from the Civil Service telling me they would still vote Labour, a little voice goes off in my head and I know I am talking to an antisemite.


    • TrueToo says:

      Deborah, thanks for being first. I’m wondering if there is any evidence that there will be a total split in the Labour Party.


  2. Doublethinker says:

    What was once my country is now a place that i find increasingly incomprehensible. How can the British people have been manipulated into a position where this unreconstructed Marxist and antisemite may be the next PM? I feel an alien in my own land. Of course i understand the Gramscian march through the institutions , the Lefist capture decades ago of the education system from infant school to university and the capture of most of the media. But why on earth wasnt there any resistance to this take over? Even Mrs Thatcher , so successful in clearing out private industry of the pernicious affect of leftists, seemed unable to tackle the same diseases in the public sector. The only answer that the pathetic Post Thatcher Tory party has come up with is try and seek votes by capitulating and moving leftwards itself when what was needed was to take on the left everywhere it appeared.
    Thirty years of Blairism and leftist Toryism have resulted in a country that i dont understand, dont much like and dont feel any allegiance to. Perhaps that was the plan all along , piss off the patriots , make them realise that they are not wanted so that they end up not giving a toss about the country and let the leftists get on with creating a Marxist third world hell hole. My only consolation is that im 67 but i do feel pangs on conscience about how younger folks will fare in the country they seem hell bent on creating for themselves and their migrant buddies.


    • Deborah says:

      Doublethinker – you are not alone. Mr D’s grandfather died at Passchendale and sometimes he asks himself what his grandfather died for? Yesterday was the most recent time he asked himself that question. He felt totally alienated from a royal wedding celebrated for the celebrities that attended and its connections with the black community (rather than all the population of the UK).


      • Doublethinker says:

        Totally agree. But the royals have always been ready to change , they know which way the wind is blowing. As you point out they can see that adding some diversity to the family may keep them around if a Marxist Corbyn government is in charge. In summary they probably calculate that there is good chance that white Brits will be outnumbered by POCs in a few decades and that we may have a Republican leaning government quite soon , so getting a black lady into the family will be helpful. Particularly as she seems to support all the ‘right sort ‘ of liberal causes and knows lots of liberal celebs. Pity she seems a bit old to be starting a diverse family.
        God i hope that Trump drains that damned swamp . He is battling heroically but he is up against a well entrenched devious and powerful global enemy who is fighting very dirty.


    • TrueToo says:


      Where’s a Churchill when you need him/her? Cometh the moment and the man/woman cometh not. I still don’t understand how May could have been allowed to take over the reins of the Tory Party. Surely her poor record as Home Secretary should have been sufficient warning against impending disaster. Is there nobody who can correct the suicidal slide of the Tories to the left?


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        I don’t understand it either TT. Her poor record was clear to all. So there will be a story behind that, which has yet to emerge.
        But Britain is changing. The 5.35 bbctv1 news started with a long piece about THE dress. And the wearer’s own website. And much other hype. That tells us a lot about the new Britain…
        In the new Britain, May is a disappointment, but not a surprise. If there was a surprise, it was a Home Secretary who wanted to lock up people who viewed websites she didn’t approve of. Much food for thought there. I had to go back to reread my H Arendt on ‘The origins of Totalitarianism’ for help.
        I see the Chelsea Gardens programme contains something on the Windrush generation.
        That’s also interesting…
        Who knows, there may soon be a move to use the term ‘New Britain’ in the MSM. Nothing would be a surprise anymore.


        • TrueToo says:


          Wasn’t Boris Johnson being primed for the leadership position and then Michael Gove intervened?

          I recall that May bowed to Islam by denying Wilders entry into Britain. Dunno who reversed that decision in the end.


          • fakenewswatcher says:

            TT- You are right, Gove did it — hard to remember now, it all seems so long ago. May was in the right place at the right time…
            The Conservative party going to the left seems to follow the pattern set by the Christian democrats (CDU) in Germany. I’ve been saying on this site for a long time that May has been learning (consciously or subconsciously) from Merkel.
            Merkel ‘hijacked’ the CDU to outflank the socialist SPD on the Left. (The ‘coalition’ with the small NI party makes the UK different, but the broad direction will be the similar).
            She has been in a ‘Grand Coalition’ with them for a long time. For her it is all about power, regardless.
            Britain is different, in part because of Brexit. But note how that is being watered down. And note how Merkel’s thinking is starting to dominate here. I won’t spell it out, but I don’t think I need to…
            Germany even has an Amber Rudd of its own, in the form of Heiko Maas, now Foreign Minister, but previously Justice Minister. He too, wanted to muzzle free speech, and guess who the big ‘enemy’ was for this man..?
            (Maas is a socialist, but it’s often hard to spot the difference between him and people in the CDU; the CDU, in turn, is being kept afloat by the Bavarian CSU sister party- shades of the NI situation?)


      • taffman says:

        “Cometh the moment and the man”
        I am not a Tory voter but I do think that the only way that the Torys can win more votes is to change the remainer PM we have now and swap her for Jacob Rees-Mogg. He will get us out of the claws of the EU, its deluded liberal supporters and quislings. Labour UKippers would vote for him .
        Why are we still there, it has been nearly two years since we voted for freedom ?
        We have been betrayed.


        • johnnythefish says:

          Sadly, taffman, I think the Left (including the BBC) have successfully undermined Rees-Mogg to the extent that most of the electorate now see him as nothing more than an eccentric Tory toff from a bygone age.


    • johnnythefish says:

      My feelings in a nutshell dt.

      I fear for my children and grandchildren yet have this morbid curiosity about which of the four suicidal policies pursued by successive governments will sink the country first:

      An energy policy predicated on CO2 reductions
      Mass immigration
      Appeasement of Islam
      Submission to the EU.

      I have a feeling we may not have that long to wait.


      • Doublethinker says:

        The middle two policies will sink us and are the biggest issues of our time by a long way. By comparison wasting money on climate change issues and staying or leaving the EU are second order. The BBC et al have succeeded in getting the British to accept mass immigration to a greater or lesser extent. So most people simply don’t realise that a white Brit born after 2000 will almost certainly end their life as a member of a minority group! That is a prediction that is almost a certainty and it should chill everyone to the bone. How do they think white non Muslims will be treated when they are in a minority? History and what is happening right now to non Muslims in Egypt , Pakistan etc should give them the answer. Convert or be persecuted!


        • johnnythefish says:

          It’s certainly an interesting one TT, and it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the Islamists at some point could get their hands on a nuke and hold the country to ransom – or even worse (eminent possibility if Iran develops The Bomb or Pakistan falls into the hands of an Islamic theocracy).

          The reason I put the UK’s energy policy top of the list is because of it’s potential in the short term to bring the country to its knees. Once our brainless, ignorant, virtue-signalling politicians have forced the closure of our last coal-fired power station and existing nuclear comes to the end of its life, it is not difficult to imagine a ‘perfect storm’ of France (as one example) being unable to satisfy its own energy needs and therefore unable to export to us (e.g. through a nuclear power crisis) and Russia deciding to switch off supplies and we will very rapidly be facing economic and social meltdown.

          The only upside would be that finally the majority of people would wake up to the climate/renewables lies and propaganda fed to them for years by the BBC.


      • Robert Rashbrooke says:

        All four of your stated problem areas individually will be sufficient to end English/British culture and society.
        Back on the 1930’s the USA was avidly investigating nuclear fusion using uranium, concentrating on that element because of its military application in producing the atom bomb.
        At the same time they also investigated the use of Thorium to use its fission power to produce electricity and actually had a reactor up and running. Thorium had advantages that uranium did not; it could be run at high temperature but if it suffered thermal runaway would automatically shut itself down; did not need a pressure containment building; did not produce radioactive end products that would not decay for thousands of years; could not produce fuel for bombs and so was rejected by the Americans..
        So why today, with all the accumulated expertise England has shown in so many fields, are we buying uranium powered reactors from foreign entities and not working on producing a Thorium reactor of our own? The Chinese and the Indians re very busy working on such systems, why not us, instead of buying from the French who do not really like the UK, using Chinese sponsorship. Just Google ‘Sorenson and Thorium reactors’ if you are not familiar with the subject.
        All my 77 years, especially whilst living overseas for 48 years, I have been proud to be English, but now I am slightly embarrassed by the fact, Britain has become such a second rate country.


  3. barry69 says:

    Good to see Emma Barnet turn the Andrew Marr show into a watchable hour. Andrew get well soon but please let Emma take over from you.


    • EnglandExpects says:

      Barry Gardener interview hilarious . The ‘exact same benefits’ garbage treated with the contempt it deserves. Can Marr be retired?


  4. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Congratulations Deborah.
    Brissels went before us, and you`re the next to head up the blog.
    Girl power!
    And with no women-only list, no affirmative action either.

    My point was to simply point out that I lost count of the number of fatuous millionaires playing in the sunshine yesterday afternoon.
    From Harry and Meghan down and across to Elton, Amal and Oprah, Becks and Mourinho and all the players, hangers on like Lineker etc.
    Wonder how many we saw per hour? It`ll be a record.

    But tomorrow we`ll be back to austerity and those poor folk at Grenfell, NHS foodbanks and the like.
    We`ll also hear about climate change and our wasting plastic, as Oprah and George take their own private jets across the Atlantic-and their waste and toxic emissions will, as ever, be off-limits to the BBC.
    I`m guessing that its Gore rules, Madonna standards back in play.
    Maybe it`s the fact we`re paying millionaire salaries to actors, players, royal leeches and media commentators that makes those of us who empty commodes and staunch old mens shaving cuts, just that little bit poorer.
    Personally, I think we may not be far off some revolution-and the BBCs flaunting of young trivial pointlessness as the rest of us fume might be a spark to the tinder.
    Busy building their own funeral pyres, but endlessly playing and paying themselves to stay stupid and silly, let`s hope we bite back soon whist we`ve still got our own teeth.


  5. EnglandExpects says:

    BBC gardening now full on political. Big feature on Windrush garden at Chelsea. Ok this garden might have been long in the planning but much BBC gloating.


  6. ScottishCalvin says:

    Because Corbyn’s just really really thick. Two A-Levels, both of them Es. He’s one of those types that probably means well but he simply isn’t intelligent enough to understand that there are repercussions to his ideas. The suggestion that putting up taxes to pay for ‘helping struggling people’ might have a downside doesn’t compute He doubts that people cheat the system (either folk claiming welfare or millionaire company directors) because he’s not smart enough to do it himself. He probably genuinely thinks that if a peaceful two-state solution were to happen then Hammas would disband.

    He’d be a slightly thick but perfectly nice enough person if he were running a stall at a village fete or but putting him in charge of the government or complex things like the economy or foreign affairs is like asking someone off the street to take off and land a fighter plane.


    • TrueToo says:

      Thanks for the chuckle ScottishCalvin. Besides being thick Corbyn is also petty, narrow-minded and mired in his ideology. He allegedly wants to see the Israeli-Arab conflict resolved but will only seek out the terrorists’ side of the story. His counterparts in Israel – the Workers’ Party – invited him to visit. I doubt he’ll go as he has no interest in the Israeli side of the conflict.


    • Guest Who says:

      Maybe we may yet see him strolling across Gaza no woman’s land towards the grateful hordes, Thermos of tea and two cups in hand?

      Only to discover, too late, that in their righteous anger, the only thing the rock and Molotov throwers recall from the World Service is that sacrifices must be made.


      • TrueToo says:

        Guest Who,

        Corbyn in Gaza? They’ll probably hoist him on their shoulders and carry him through the streets to shouts of Alahu Akbar.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Corbyn is pretty thick.

      He went to grammar school, but only managed two E’s at A Level. He then spent a year doing “Trade Union Studies” at a poly before dropping out and getting a job at NUPE.

      I expect most people think he must have been at Oxbridge, but in reality he has less education than the average person, and has never worked in any kind of private sector job. He has always surrounded himself with hard line leftism.

      This is where I feel we can forget the idea he is a nice person. All through the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s he never changed his mind once on anything. From the Winter of Discontent, Thatcherism and New Labour, Corbyn stayed true to his core belief of hard line socialism. Even when it cost him a marriage over whether his son could go to grammar school, he never wavered. That is not the sign of a man willing to reconsider his beliefs, talk things through, and compromise.

      Corbyn is the sort of doctrinaire socialist, who, in other circumstances, would be quite willing to sign the death warrants of his bourgois opponents. He probably would not enjoy doing so, but as a true socialist he would know that class enemies have to be destroyed.

      God help us if the weakness and stupidity of Mrs May and her BluLabour party should lead us to the calamity of a Corbyn government. Unlike Mrs May, who seems to have no coherent political thoughts, Corbyn has a deep and unswerving devotion to socialism. If he gets into No 10, we will have a government like that of Cuba or Venezuela. Will we survive that?

      A Corbyn government would be an existential threat to the future of Britain. There is no other way of putting it.


      • TrueToo says:

        Rob in Cheshire,

        An unswerving Corbyn in power? What a prospect. I tried to detail his inconsistencies and backtracking in my post above. I suppose once in power he wouldn’t need to do any of that anymore?


  7. EnglandExpects says:

    Devious people don’t stand up, they prefer the shadows. Corbyn has been forced into the spotlight. Pity his momentum fan-club will support him whatever. But why do 40 per cent of the electorate think him worth voting for?


    • TrueToo says:

      England Expects,

      Yes, I imagine he’ll try to keep to the shadows as much as he possibly can. Let’s hope sanity prevails in the next election. Anything would be better than having Corbyn as PM.


      • Demon says:

        “Anything would be better than having Corbyn as PM.”

        Replacing him with McDonnell prior to the election, or just after in a typical Labour-left coup as got Livingstone first into power in the GLC overthrowing a relative moderate would probably be worse.


    • Demon says:

      Wadsworth: “I’ve never been called anti-semitic in my life . I’ve fought against anti-semitism and racism. During the anti-apartheid struggle, I fought alongside the Jewish Board of Deputies. The Jewish people have an ally in me.”

      With allies like that their enemies can just put their feet up!


    • TrueToo says:

      Thanks for that, Jagman84. It’s even more explicit than the clip I was looking for, which showed him smiling at Wadsworth, the Momentum ‘activist.’ Here Corbyn seems to be acknowledging that he saw what Wadsworth did to Ruth Smeeth, whereas elsewhere he claimed he didn’t.

      Lies are soon exposed with the Internet.


  8. Englands Dreaming says:

    Corbyn is a nasty piece of work, but here is the but, he is more of a Brexiteer than May, despite his jojo statements on the issue. And May this week, with her “backstop” proved beyond all doubt that she will deliver only Brino: and there seems no Tory who will put his country ahead of his political career.

    Brexit is the only political thing for me at the moment, it is THE issue; and if we have to have scorched earth Corbyn economics to get it, then so be it. A “Conservative” party might even arise from the ashes as opposed to the Blair lite party we have at the moment.


    • Demon says:

      Englands Dreaming. I get your point, but there are so few brexiteers on the Labour benches that there’s no way Carbunkle would be able to get even as much Brexit through as May is just about managing.

      If they get a majority it will be straight to another referendum. Then many, possibly millions, of Brexiteers will give up and say “no point voting as they’ll only make us vote again no matter how many times we vote for freedom”.


      • Englands Dreaming says:

        I tend to concur with your analysis Demon, I probably couldnt vote for Catweasel. But May is clueless and surrounded by out of touch and incompetent advisers. She thinks her lurch leftwards is attracting voters rather than the reality which is alienating core voters.
        To create something new sometimes it is necessary to demolish the old and only then can it be rebuilt. This is the sad state of affairs we appear to be in.


        • Demon says:

          Englands Dreaming. You’re totally right, but I can’t see anything happening to improve this position in the near future. My natural pessimism has been in overdrive since Parliament attempted, and to a large extent succeeded, to thwart the clearly expressed views of the British people.


          • Robert Rashbrooke says:

            MPs certainly do not act on the principle that they are the REPRESENTATIVE of the majority of their electorate. Rather they act as if they are the lord and master of the electorate, ruling as determined by their personal feelings and experiences, much in the style of US representatives. The two party system must be responsible for this attitude they hold, but I cannot think of an alternate system, except to outlaw parties and make all representatives individually responsible to their electorate. That way, as individual members they would be forced to compromise with other individuals to get anything done in Parliament, rather than be entirely adversarial and voting on party lines.


  9. johnnythefish says:

    Excellent post, TT.

    It would be very easy to imagine the BBC’s treatment of a Tory leader whose party was stuffed with ‘Islamophobists’ (or whatever the term is).

    Their coverage, from ‘comedy’ through mainstream news programmes to afternoon plays would be relentless, leaving the Tory brand poisoned beyond recovery.


    • TrueToo says:

      Thanks johnnythefish,

      Their coverage, from ‘comedy’ through mainstream news programmes to afternoon plays would be relentless, leaving the Tory brand poisoned beyond recovery.

      I did discern a faint ray of hope, though, in Dimbleby’s hammering away at Corbyn on several recent QTs. Probably Dimbleby perceives him as fatal to Labour’s election chances.


  10. Rich says:

    Sorry folks, I’ve posted this on the wrong thread, but as Corbyn will no doubt feature heavily in the future bBbc coverage of the Grenfell Inquiry, despite Emma Dent Coad seemingly not so relevant, I can argue there is a link.

    It seems that the only time that I actually see anything on the bBbc channels now is when I pause for amusement/ bemusement while channel surfing. I usually quickly move on.

    This morning on the News Channel and bBbc 2 the start of the Grenfell Inquiry was shown. Emotive, posturing condescension from a liberal elite more interested in feelings than facts, obviously attempting from the start to placate victims they can never fully satisfy, placing the emotional welfare of a confected community that supposedly ‘lived, played and prayed together’ above the need for facts, pure and simple.

    The first victims, a husband and wife who tragically lost their son, had three solicitors and a key worker with them for support. To help them describe their relationship with their son? His character? Their love for him? A terrible loss, but this is of no relevance to or help in finding the cause of the fire, nor will it help find who or what was at fault rather that to who they can apportion blame.

    The bBbc are going to milk this for all it’s worth. It will dominate their news and programming which will be devoid of rationality or perspective, the government at fault for all. The thing is of course that the bBbc don’t really care about these people and I think that as this inquiry and the bBbc narrative continues and develops, despite their biased best efforts and contrivances, fewer and fewer of the public will either.


    • Fedup2 says:

      So mr livingstone has parted from the Labour Party after so long . To think he was once Labour Party leader in waiting after his time leading the comrades in the GLC . Maybe he gets a peerage now – if shabby Shabi can get one for the cost of a bucket of whitewash any one can get one .

      Al beeb and the msm have always liked him . They called him “ken” to humanise him and put him on panel shows to endear him to a gullible public .

      Maybe he ll sign up to his proper home in the Communist Party or run Momentum . Another expenses junket


      • 7Clubs says:

        Whatever else Livingston far more than most politicians answers questions and can also think quickly on his feet.
        What is disappointing is how few public figures are willing to argue that people should not be forced out of political parties because they make offensive comments.
        It shows just how totalitarian British politics has become


    • smoogie7 says:

      The BBC care as much as Corbyn cares. It is all political point scoring.

      Obviously it is easier to point the finger at the big bad Tories when everything goes wrong but how many tower blocks are there in this country? The number of fires in them are quite rare so once again it is not ‘social murder’ as some of the lefties like to call it.

      In fact the worse that I have ever seen is people comparing Grenfell to 9/11 being ‘terrorism against the poor’ or something.
      Forget about the Manchester attack last year and all over terror related incidents, the police and hospitals where well equipped to deal with such incidents and thus not as easy to score political points. Notice how Corbyn quickly shifted his blame on the Manchester attack from the Tories when the Greater Manchester Police and Manchester Children’s Hospital both seemed to be we resourced?

      Grenfell though has been treated with a lot of panic however which as I have already said is disrespectful to the victims. Had it happened two years ago it might have had less media impact but had it happened just after a GE (which lets face it, should have been a Tory landslide ha it not been for Corbyn’s student debt lie) it seemed to have been given a lot of media hype. I wonder if the GE results would have been different had it happened a couple of months earlier or during the campaign?

      Indeed today is the anniversary of Manchester and that should at least be the focus for now. The lack of support for it from the BBC is rather shocking however


    • Robert Rashbrooke says:

      By the way……
      Looking through the list of those killed in the Grenfell fire, I can only recall 5 white indigenous Brits in the list, even though some of the other coloured people may have been born British too. Most however, seem to have been born outside UK.
      I do not watch TV very much. so has the BBC shown any of the results of the trials of people accused, prosecuted and sentenced over defrauding the Grenfell trust of money and facilities allocated to helping the victims? None of whom to my knowledge have been indigenous Brits. Does this tell us anything?


  11. JamesArthur says:

    R4 (Hussain I think) talking to James Clapper (former US intelligence)….he came to conclusion Trump not involved in collusion with Russians but Hussain continues to pursue and paint Trump as a liar despite the Clapper saying the opposite to what the she is.. it’s a Cathy Newman ..so what you are saying is ( when it clearly isn’t)
    A top class interview, leading questions with the typical ‘BBC narrative’ and distortion of the actual interviewee’s replies


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Sounds like Hussain. She wasn’t going to pass by a chance to bash Trump, no matter what was said. This is the well-established pattern. Clapper did say that it all hinged on about 80,000 votes (inferring that those could easily have been swayed by the Russians?)
      They hate Trump, and they’re never going to stop twisting and start listening. The ‘interview’ is really not an interview at all, but a vehicle to keep the narrative rolling.
      I thought I heard her bringing the EU/Brexit dimension into the Russian subversion tale? That too would be part of narrative momentum. Or was I still too sleepy?


  12. JamesArthur says:

    No Fake, she did bring in Brexit etc..
    On a different subject (I am working at home so having my ration of BBC )
    What I have noticed about the response from those involved in the Manchester bombing is that those interviewed are all positive, not blaming and not whinging – many are very young but with real spirit.
    Flash to Grenfell – and it’s all weeping moaning, pity, victim statements.
    What is the main difference in those impacted? culture and ethnicity certainly – I am not making any links but it just seems odd


    • smoogie7 says:

      Interesting observation.

      A terror attack is usually likely to make people feel more angry but it shows good strength to withhold the blame for anyone.

      I think that what it has a lot to do with is the media attention that Grenfell got at the time and still receives. As I said myself it is just point scoring. You have Labour and Corbyn going on about it for months on end with their supporters demanding that we get rid of the Tories while you then have the BBC trying to whip it up thinking that it will help Labour out in the next election because ‘everyone is sick of da Torwees!’

      In fact after Corbyn’s very controversial response to the Salisbury poisoning which certainly aided his inevitable demise what was the first thing that Labour posted on their Facebook page the very next day? That’s right, ‘do not vote Tory because they kill people’ with a picture of Grenfell to remind everyone.


      • Englands Dreaming says:

        BBC interviews will be selective, they are not going to give air time to any angry Manchester voices.

        They will also relentless pursue their narrative of BAME as victims.


  13. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Headline You Are Unlikely To See:

    ‘Is Corbyn Divisive?’.