What hope is there for Tommy Robinson under this ‘right wing’ party’?

I have for a long while now had the power to head a post, but I have resisted as I prefer to be just ‘one of the gang’ so to speak, but the arrest of Tommy Robinson has tipped me over edge.

Here is someone who speaks his mind in a country that purports to have freedom of speech, yet contradicts its implementation with legalised criminality under  the term ‘hate speech’. Thus we do not have free speech and it is a downright lie to say that we do.

Who is responsible? Is it the Conservative Party who under the direction of Theresa May, or maybe the media under the direction of yes you’ve guessed it, the Conservative Party. The very party who is doing all they can to resisit right wing Fox News acquiring the Sky franchise. The very party who do nothing to stop the appalling level of left wing bias espoused from the BBC 1 ,BBC2,3 and 4, Redio 4, BBC World,ITV,Channel 4 and Channel 5. All of  this with no right wing media to counter the balance in favour of the snowflakes.

Is the Conservative Party a right wing party? Or are they just Bliarites trying to shore up the so called middle ground? Are they frightened of doing something for fear of public dissent?

If we had a truly right wing Party in office I doubt if Tommy Robinson would be in jail for 13 months for ‘contempt of court’. If we had a Prime Minister, a leader with a bit of ‘intestinal fortitude’ guts we might have a proud people in Britain not a disillusioned one, we’d be telling the EU to go and do one unless they demonstrate a more acquiescent and fair minded stance, why is she not telling the EU that they, the EU, will have to put up an Irish border because were not going to. In the Mansion House speech she said she would not do this. Why not for God’s sake. Why is she not telling the Muslim community to either integrate or ship out. Why is she soft on the stabbings in London and ‘stop and search’, why is she so frightened of criticising minority groups when they fully deserve to be criticised?

One thing is for certain the Tories don’t speak for me very often, come to think of it very rarely. Labour-forget it.  May lacks judgment, what do you expect from a vicars daughter with no experience of life behind her. There is no political party for me in this country just as there appears to be no political party for Tommy Robinson. Tommy, with the exception of the British people on the real Right,  you’re on yer own mate. Don’t expect justice in this country as it is in very short supply.

Rant over, now I’m going back to join the gang. Although I’ll still be chatting to the odd  troll on the quiet usually after Taffman has had his fun with them.


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  1. Old Goat says:

    You need a white knight, and you need him (or her) NOW.

    The last one was unceremoniously dismissed, because he didn’t win the seat he should have. There’s nothing, and no-one on the horizon that I can see – some misguided folk thought that JRM was the saviour, but it should have been fairly clear from the outset that, nice as he is, he’s all mouth and trousers, and has neither the ambition, nor the strength to lead. You need to keep looking.

    Some names have come into the frame lately, including Katie Hopkins, and others, all of whom have no fear of speaking out, but who are repressed and discouraged.

    Where is the booming voice of the British population? Why aren’t they shouting, loudly? Where is the civil disobedience?

    There is none. They don’t care, they’re not bothered. The future is unimportant

    Not today, thank you.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Old Goat I regret that you are right the Brits but I think that they have been tricked into believing the likes of the BBC about all manner of stuff eg immigration is a good thing, no reason to fear Islam, the EU is a good thing and Democratic, President Trump is a dangerous racist fool, Jeremy Corbyn is not an anti democratic Marxist, Global warming is real and present danger , the list goes on and on. If you believe the BBC why would you fear for the future? They simply don’t realise that in a few decades time they will be living as a minority group in an Islamic hell hole. It will come as a hell of a shock when they finally understand what the likes of Tommy has been trying to tell them was the truth.


      • Robert Rashbrooke says:

        The Moslems invaded Spain and it took that country some 400 years to overcome the invasion. I wonder how many of UK’s residents and especially our MPs are aware of that fact.


    • Rick Bradford says:

      Robinson loves his country, an unforgivable crime to the “progressive” mindset.

      I think he understands that the more he is publicly harassed and discriminated against, the more people wake up to what is happening in the UK.

      His sacrifice (of a normal life, if nothing else) is not going unnoticed among the populace.


  2. Idiotboy says:

    I see that the official Ministry of Truth news provider is still not reporting the arrest and summary conviction of Robinson, nor the following protest outside Downing Street. Those that are reporting it use the usual derogatory language, labelling both Robinson and his supporters as “far right”.
    The truth of Robinson’s predicament, and the reasons for it, will not remain suppressed for ever, however intensely a powerful State media machine and its accomplices wish that were so. He will rise again stronger than before, unless the State manages to engineer his demise, as the Blair government did with David Kelly.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      The BBC is not allowed to report the conviction, so can’t really be blamed for that. Reporting the protest about it could prove problematic, but not insurmountable. Just state that reporting restrictions prevent them explaining the reasons for the protest. They’ve done similar with the IRA and Government restrictions if memory serves. But only for causes they support.


      • Jagman84 says:

        It would not surprise me one bit if the BBC had suggested the news embargo before the event actually happened.


    • Bill Bobbs says:

      The truth is that Tommy Robinson is the greatest anti-Nazi in Britain fighting both the Islamo-fascists and the Antifa fascists of the Left.

      This ‘far-right’ slur is a disgusting slander from a national broadcaster that promotes fascism in Britain: https://bit.ly/2GTcuCS


      • Amounderness Lad says:

        Now now, Bill Bobbs, have you not accepted yet that you must slavishly follow the authorised indoctrination?

        The only version of anything which is acceptable is that which conforms to the version favoured by the Neo-Marxists(masquerading as being liberal) and any version to the left of that.

        Any other version of events is to be attacked as being Neo-Nazi, Fascist, Far Right or any similar abuse currently in vogue by the Leftist Elite and their street thugs.

        Of course, the BBBC and indeed much of the MSM follow that ideological version to the letter because most not only find it easier to comply and many of them have been, like so many politicians, through the very same educational indoctrination process.


  3. Lobster says:

    I can’t really add anything to what you have written – you summed up my feelings perfectly. I have voted for the Conservatives since 1971, but never again – they are dead as far as I am concerned.
    At one time, I believed that the judiciary were above politics and would protect the people of this country from the excesses of the politicians, but judging by the events of the last couple of days I couldn’t have been further from the truth. I sadly think that this country has had it unless something miraculous happens.


    • G says:

      No ‘Separation of Powers’ anymore as you correctly state. It’s downhill territory now, without a doubt. I have voted Con virtually all my life. I did deviate for incoming Blair once because I noted the increasing megalomania from Thatcher, but no longer. Where to go? That’s the big problem that Europe in general doesn’t share where the plethora of alternatives appears to grow daily.


      • Oaknash says:

        G – Where to vote? Gerald Batten and Lord Pearson of UKIP are about the only mainstream politicians to have spoken out about Tommie’s incarceration. Everyone else as far as I know – nothing!



        • G says:

          Oak, UKIP? Infiltrated by those practicing Zersetzung – https://en.wikipedia.orgwikiZersetzung#Against_groups_and_social_relations – if my direct observations are correct. And I’ve told Gerard Batten so. Unfortunately UKIP has torn itself apart internally.


          • Oaknash says:

            You may be right G and seeing the damage the likes of the petulant and destructive Carswell caused (and possibly others) there is obviously cause for concern –
            However as I said in an earlier post deeds speak for themselves and he has shown himself unafraid to poke his head above the parapet both on this issue and in fully grasping the Islamic nettle (something which Farage always felt uncomfortable with.)
            At the danger of accusations of hypocrisy by others on this blogg (due to what I have previously posted about UKIP) to support Batten I have now joined UKIP as I believe in the light of what is happening UKIP are probably the last peaceful hope we have between civil war/ total surrender.
            Anyway who else have we got?


  4. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Great post wronged.
    I agree with every word.


  5. Thoughtful says:

    “Is the Conservative Party a right wing party? Or are they just Bliarites trying to shore up the so called middle ground? ”

    Neither, May is in reality a Communist. Not a screaming Marxist of the kind of Ralph Miliband, but one who does everything in her power to carry out Communist doctrine to the letter.

    A rigid doctrinal approach to ‘equality’ an enormous public sector with hardly any private sector, being squeezed out of existence. A ‘Nomenclature’ of rich privileged insiders at the top, nationalised everything she can get away with. Crushing of dissent and freedom of speech.

    No wonder one Russian tourist visiting London remarked that the UK was worse than at any time under Soviet rule. Not a light observation, it happens to be true.


    • john in cheshire says:

      The Conservative party is the enemy.
      The islamic Labour party is the enemy.
      The far-left bbc is the mouthpiece of the enemy.
      Free Tommy Robinson. You’ll never hear that on the far-left bbc.


      • Moodswing6 says:

        I switched on the BBC before 9 last night to watch the second episode of an aptly named ‘A Very English Scandal’. If only it were a change to the scheduled programming with an announcement going something like “We apologise for a last minute change to tonight’s scheduled drama. Tommy Robinson has been jailed for 13 months after yet again trying to highlight the serious and despicable abuse to our children that’s being going on for years. Although there is a government ban on reporting this we at the British Broadcasting Corporation believe it is our duty to present this breaking news. While the drama serial has been pulled, our 9pm screening keeps the same title as listed in your TV guides, for we do indeed have A VERY ENGLISH SCANDAL”.

        What I initially viewed was The Biggest weekend. An outdoor concert hosted by the vacuous duo Alex Jones and Nick Grimshaw. So John I concur. We will never hear the truth from our enemies.


  6. Oaknash says:

    All I can do is echo the thoughts of everyone above.
    I think we all now realise that the Conserative Party under Cameron and May has sold its soul for twenty liberal/Labour votes, a shit stained blue and yellow starred flag a vacuous emoting hashtag, a signed photo of George Soros and a rain soaked 50p Teddy.
    Because of the Brexit vote the elite have realised that much of the electorate are now catching on to what is happening and I think that this is the start of things getting much dirtier and Tommies jailing is now the gauntlet that has been thrown down,
    I guess it all now comes down to belief. Does the belief of the elite in their own superiority and right to rule trump our belief in our culture, society and values?
    I dont know – but lets at least give these bastards a fight!!!!


    • Fedup2 says:

      I have read a report on twitter saying that mr Tommy xxxxxxx has been attacked by Muslim prisoners and has been moved to the prison hospital .

      This may be false news but I know many are concerned about what is going on so feel duty bound to pass it onto you.


      • Lucy Pevensey says:

        OH NO! Fedup, I do hope this is just rumour! We know the MM won’t report it if it’s true.


        • G.W.F. says:

          Fedup2, Lucy,

          I have just looked at the free tommy page on Twitter, nothing there., But doing the rounds on FB are photographs of when he was beaten up on his previous sentence. This could be the source of the rumour.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        Unless this is a new report, it’s untrue. With the authorities clamping down on information, there is a risk that unsubstantiated rumours set off a chain of unpleasant events.


    • G.W.F. says:

      Yes the fight is on and I have been aware of many contacts with US citizens, deplorables, who are spreading word across the US and directly writing to the White House, calling for a response. Ideally, the issue of sanctions against this government could be raised.


      • Oaknash says:

        Lets hope so GWF. However Theresas virtue signalling and anti Trump style will mean that little notice will be taken by any current UK government. What sanctions would do however, is send a very strong international signal that it was this particular ghastly woman and her anti democratic “liberal” acolytes that were the ones in the UK to take the first really big step in binning democracy and ushering in the era of oppressive Government and the destruction of our culture.
        All help will be welcome but I think we will have to do the majority of the work ourselves. From the day this woman was foisted onto us as PM I knew she would be trouble regarding Brexit – but little did I realise the depth of the contempt that Theresa and the Conservatives also hold for our culture and democracy.


  7. Flak says:

    Solid post that sums up my own thoughts, thank you.


  8. Nibor says:

    Start the fightback by not buying the telly tax . Tell everyone the good news that they don’t have to . Starve the monster of its funds .
    Then prepare for more bigger action .


  9. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Wronged, thank you for the thread. I am beginning to wonder if the internet will soon become unsafe. It’s a sad thought indeed but how far we have fallen in just 20 years! How long before typing an unauthorised opinion on twitter is enough to earn a person a one way ticket to a holiday camp in Poland?


  10. G.W.F. says:


    Great post.

    I note this remark.

    ‘what do you expect from a vicars daughter with no experience of life behind her.’

    There are many rumours about the vicar and why his daughter has been covering up details of his past
    This link cannot be treated as the ultimate set of facts but there are suggestions for more research which might indicate why May is soft on child sexual abuse and has not been supportive of inquiries in that area.
    Also a dad whose career improved after six years working alongside a serial killer is worth consideration.
    Here is a link . I would say, more research needed, but a good start.



  11. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Here’s a new word (for most of us)
    It means being ruled by the corrupt, useless, greedy and incompetent.
    It fits very well with our Houses of Parliament.
    What a contemptible lot.

    We give power to the worst of us.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Yes, being ruled over by the shit in our midst and their rules being enforced by the shit of the shit.


    • NameNotNumber says:

      Our Kakistocracy, BBC included, are proponents of Democide.

      The objectives of democide include the disintegration of the political and social institutions of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups; the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity; and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups. (wikipedia)

      Support Tommy Robinson.


    • Robert Rashbrooke says:

      There are many investigations by learned people which conclude that all politicians are either sociopaths or psychopaths, that being the reason they became involved in politics in the first place. I never used to believe in the findings, putting them down to non scientific gobbledygook, but in light of my experiences I m now a believer. Can anyone name any politician who genuinely acts in the best interests of their electorate rather than in their own self interest? Since when did it become de rigueur for politicians to make decisions based on their own personal belief and not that of the majority of their electorate.


  12. imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

    An excellent post by Wronged. You just have to ask yourself what kind of supposedly right-of-centre party would allow people like Soubry in their ranks? It’s been quite obvious since the days of John Major that mainstream Conservatives scarcely differ from their Lib/Lab colleagues.

    Excepting that their focus is on money, siphoning off as much as possible from the public purse. They are fully on board with socially progressive policies and especially despise the white working classes as much as Labour do. Of course now they’re cheering that lots of Irish foetuses will be aborted.

    Certainly they make no efforts to undo leftist laws, are happy to let the BBC carry on proselytising, happy to keep stuffing the International Health Service full of borrowed money. There’s always dosh aplenty for overseas aid – and most of them will jump at the chance of rejoining the EU.

    As an aside on Lucy’s point about unauthorised opinions – I’m very dubious about all this petition signing. It only takes an SJW hacker to get hold of all the names and details of the signatories splashed all over the news. Employers will be browbeaten into sacking supporters of ‘far-right’ opinions, and the Government (the way it’s going) will instantly have thousands of people to add to its terrorism watch list. Maybe I’m getting a bit paranoid but something to consider.


    • ID says:

      You make some very salient points.
      In Britain we essentially have a centrist coalition of the type that existed in Germany before the last election. 20% of the people have their views represented by 80% of parliamentary representatives. The AfD was a welcome evening up of reoresentation for ordinary people who are not interested in “progressive” crap. As small “c” conservatives in Britain have now returned to the zombie party they voted for before switching to UKIP, there is no vehicle for right-wing opinion in Britain. With UKIP gone, there is no political movement that could bring about any change in current policies on, say, immigration. Brexit is also doomed as there is an anti-democratic majority for remain in the House of Quislings and an even bigger one in the House of Zombies.
      Signing petitions is the bare minimum of what one can do to effect political exchange. It is important that people who support Robinson in isolation realise that they are not as alone as the BBC would have them believe.
      Working for the state is not an ideal choice if you do not hold “progressive” views. This is why the increase in numbers of the self employed and the reduction in the influence of unions is a good thing making it more difficult to threaten the livelihoods of who hold the same views as Robinson.


  13. JimS says:

    I have never been a member of a political party or a trades union. I have never joined a protest march. I would consider myself to be tolerant in the old sense, i.e. I suffer quietly behaviour that I don’t approve off rather than the new sense of actively supporting.

    At school I was a passionate debater, a celebration of the freedoms that we British were rightly proud of. Now our universities are stuffed with students that can’t debate only shout down using personal abuse and name calling.

    Over the years I have obeyed the law, studied, past exams and hopefully made a useful contribution to society at the same time being true to myself. In times past someone like me would, I think, have been considered perfectly ‘normal’, ‘Mr Average’ (self-pride would say a bit better!). Now, apparently, I am ‘extreme right-wing’, no better than the Muslims that bomb, rape and behead us or who run off to fight for ISIS.

    I have to accept that we now have a blasphemy law, that we have two legal systems. I have to accept that mass immigration is inevitable, that to be British is to have a National Insurance number and nothing else. To claim anything more is a cry to preserve my ‘privilege’, I have no right to inherit from my ancestors.

    No-one that I know voted to be in the state that we are in now, where most of our problems have been caused by post-war politicians. But our democracy has all but gone; a Conservative party that willing destroys the best of the past, a Labour party that despises ‘the workers’ and worst of them all, the LibDems that are neither liberal nor democratic.

    At the moment I am close to despair at the state of our country. What can be done? Well I will give democracy a chance. I will write to my MP, (and I urge everyone to do that – don’t email, make the buggers work). I will put my MP on notice. I will tell them that I assume that they have only allowed us to get to this state as a result of ignorance, not complicity with a grand plan. I will tell them that people that make changes must plan for the outcome and I will ask seriously what is the planned outcome of never-ending appeasment of Islam? Do they really believe that in future our new Britons will only bomb, rape and behead in ‘moderation’? Do they really think that they can hold down 50 million angry ‘European’ British with their politicised police force, especially when the jails are full of ‘the chosen ones’.

    As the BBC says, “We are living in dark times”, because the plebs voted for Brexit and Trump. BBC you have seen nothing yet.


    • wronged says:


      ‘the LibDems that are neither liberal nor democratic. ‘

      My wife likes to call them the Illiberal Undemocrats


    • DongleDong says:

      An absolutely fantastic post which needs more exposure than it will receive here.


  14. The Highland Rebel says:

    George Orwell got it wrong
    It’s far, far worse


  15. john in cheshire says:

    Drain our swamp.
    Drain our swamp.
    Drain our swamp.
    And it’s wide and deep, isn’t it Mrs May, Mr Javid, Mr Corbyn et al.


    • Moodswing6 says:

      Lucy watching this it’s easy for people to use the incorrect and derogatory ‘Far Right’ label. I noticed two women filming with their phone. They looked like they just happened to be there and wondering what was going on. Most people remain ignorant, unconcerned. At dinner with a friend I began to chat about Brexit. She was stunned I voted to leave. I was stunned that she described us as part of the European ‘Family’ . Suddenly she then said “Don’t tell me you like Trump” .


  16. Guest Who says:

    As threads go, this one is quite special.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Ouch. Unless I’m very much mistaken, Guido has committed contempt of court by tweeting about TR’s sentence.

      [slow handclap]


      • Guest Who says:

        Guido once served a purpose, and in the spirit of free speech and actually being told what others do not wish heard, I saw his site as having value enough to follow.

        However, having clashed with him once I realised he is a very nasty bit of work, which makes him throwing his hat in the ring with various pompous defenders of the nanny state deciding what the public has a right to know, whilst making claims that are not supported in reality, and hiding behind each other, all the more remarkable.

        Hope he enjoys his new gig.


        • Rob in Cheshire says:

          I think it is instructive that he has disabled all comments on his site. This can only be because all his readers disagree with his views on Tommy Robinson. He has this morning even posted a cartoon mocking Tommy as being an illiterate!

          Mr Staines might wish to consider that when he is in conflict with his readership, he can only lose. I doubt that by pandering to the liberal left wing establishment he will gain any readers from that quarter. Unless he sees the error of his ways, the only way is down. A shame, but who needs a fair weather friend?


          • Guest Who says:

            Staines mocking TR on illiteracy is… ‘brave’, given the number of posts, tweets, etc he issues with massive typos.


      • Guest Who says:

        I also recall Guido getting a taste of the bbc when the bbc decided he needed dealing with.


        Comments also of interest, with a few familiar names there.

        Peter Barron is of course no longer editor of Newsnight, having gone off to trough it in a senior role at another bastion of censored free speech, Google.

        It’s not what you know, it’s who they know to make sure you don’t find out.


        • Guest Who says:

          Well, he is sticking to the script he’s been told to use.


          Addendum: On the actual page he controls, unless it is my iPad, no comment thread, ironically.


          • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

            No comments on mine either.


          • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

            One simply hopes that next they come for Staines.

            I shall say nothing, for I am not him.


            • StewGreen says:

              I suspect liberalEstablishment hve some dirt on Staines or someone close to him.
              He’s always seemed to be a tool of the Tory party , by the way he mocks UKIP etc.


              • StewGreen says:

                Maybe Staines has a Hatey No Hoper girlfriend or something


          • petebogtrott says:

            Been banned from guido I’m pleased that many others have realised that the site isn’t as free as it once was. Guido can Fawk off. As for TR the establishment are shitting bricks as more people see that ROP are a protected species and they will do anything to stop people telling the truth about them. When it kicks off the powers at be wont know whats hit them. serves them right.


            • Guest Who says:

              I do believe the term is ‘doubling down’.

              Certainly winning friends and influencing people with each post.


    • DongleDong says:

      Secret courts, secret prosecutions, no reporting under peril of arrest, is this really the England we take for granted to be fair, just and honest, surely not. Tommy Robinson may or may not be an idiot but for the law to respected it must be seen to be open and fair and not hidden away like the actions of a totalitarian regime that is afraid of being challenged.


      • Marion says:

        “Tommy Robinson may or may not be an idiot”

        Well at least he puts his money where his mouth is.

        Let’s be honest, how many people here can honestly claim to do that?


    • Guest Who says:

      To paraphrase slightly, for Guido things could be going better on this…



  17. Dover Sentry says:

    The elite may have dome themselves more harm than good with his arrest.

    We’ll see.


  18. Rich says:

    298,745 have signed the petition so far.

    That’s really quite incredible when you consider the lack of media coverage It has received.

    Surely even the bBbc will have to at least acknowledge it.


  19. Payne by name says:

    Yep, I have to agree with Wronged’s post and others in the thread.

    I went on the Day of Freedom march, my first ever protest, because I consider myself ordinary (though with my right leaning politics am clearly a dangerous extremist) and thought that normal folk needed to go on these marches.

    I couldn’t just leave it to others and assume that someone else could do something but this is an outrage.

    It’s amazing that the British legal system could move so quickly and efficiently. When you aren’t liked by the state, your ‘crime’ can be jumped on in minutes and hours. Yet when it is being committed against British children that you don’t really care about, it can be delayed and stalled for months and years.

    I just logged onto Twitter so I could follow Katie Hopkins after seeing her post about how when the Beeb tried to justify filming the police raid on Sir Cliff’s home – it was in the public interest yet when Tommy reports on grooming gangs, that’s contempt of court.

    So I set up a new account as I’ve never had one and start reading some of the responses to her tweets. I made no attempt to retweet or write a post, was just reading.

    After scrolling down like 20 or 30 responses, a message comes on my screen saying that “Your account has been locked – your account appears to have exhibited automated behavior that violates the Twitter Rules”.

    Seemingly I can unlock my account if I do a CAPTCHA challenge and verify my phone number – which I didn’t enter when setting up the account.

    Now maybe I’m being a little paranoid but it does seem amazing than an automated trigger wouldn’t allow a new user to have a good look around the platform before locking the account. It’s almost like the content I was looking at triggered the lock…


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Quite possibly. Last I looked there was no sign of #FreeTommy on Twitter’s trending lists, which I find hard to believe bearing in mind the amount of comment on the subject.


      • Guest Who says:

        @BBCTrending too.

        Twitter, Google, Peter Barron, the BBC….

        Maybe Nick Robinson could pin an inspirational quote about how one gets to be Nick-named ‘Toenails’?


    • chrisH says:

      Good points Payne.
      The law moves like greased lightning when it comes to Brexit for example.
      Anybody else able to get a day with the Supreme Court , whenever you feel like it and Soros has signed off on the funding?
      As with Tommy.
      It`s no longer a free country when you dare not chant out the name of Tommy Robinson in a public square. Maybe we can do a civil rights then where we all gather to do it, at the same time all over the country.
      I sense we`re now post discussion in terms of politics. Direct street action, Parliament will no longer be any forum for debate.
      The media and the law are the new battle grounds, and they`re piling up the kindling nicely.
      Trouble with looking through the wrong end of the telescope is that it`s going to magnify the sunlight. And we`re not so “hot” in dealing with forest fires these days.


  20. JamesG says:

    The Conservative Party only really cares about one thing: remaining in office. They don’t particularly care about policies or beliefs. Peter Hitchens is right: that is what he has always said about the party. They like to be in charge for its own sake. Most of the people in the Conservative Party are incredibly complacent and naive. They tend to live in parts of the country where they’re not affected by most of the problems that are affecting everyone else. Places like Oxfordshire and Hampshire where you can still live a 1950s lifestyle. A lot of other people would quite like to live like that but they don’t have the choice to do so.


  21. Moodswing6 says:

    Putting a Muslim in charge of our borders tells you a lot about what the government thinks of our concerns


  22. Nibor says:

    The BBC might ignore thousands of people protesting at Whitehall , would they ignore us if we protested outside their own premises ?


  23. Guest Who says:

    Another view. Comments so far, however, could be going better.

    Especially around the bits he left out that actually matter.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      That went well.

      I suspect they are laying the ground for saying TR’s actions have prejudiced an upcoming trial which cannot now go ahead. I’ve said elsewhere that it appears he’s been foolish, but any attempt to blame him needs to be robustly rebutted. Few would even have known about the report had the authorities not been so heavy-handed. And acres of publicity didn’t stop the Stephen Lawrence perpetrators being put on trial.

      To me, the story now is about abuse of process, rather than who broke what restriction.


      • Guest Who says:

        Vague laws made vague to be deliberately manipulated to suit on multiple track bases is about as ethical as the bbc being trusted with the editorial integrity to ‘report’ what the public needs to know. Or… not.

        And in the Internet age is working for the politico-media establishment about as well as can be expected.

        These clowns created optics, and demand folk live or die by them.

        Ironically they seem to have been played by a political ingenu like the fiddlers they are.


      • G.W.F. says:

        Ronald Deschain

        I have just picked this up from the net.True or false?

        The men accused of child rape on Friday were attending court to be handed down their sentence. The trial was already over. So how could R*****n’s live streaming prejudice the trial


        • Roland Deschain says:

          They may be up on further charges which involve a separate trial. I would add that I’m not a lawyer – I’m just trying to make sense of the little hard information that exists.


  24. king crimson says:

    For the first time in my 60+ years, I have signed a petition along with almost 320,000 others. If (as imaynotalwaysloveyou above) some SJW hacks into this list……not only will they find here books by Powell, Thatcher, Fallaci, Murray, and Robinson himself – they will also find that I have not had a TVL for over 20 years. Not sure which is the worse offence…having books (which surely should be banned!) or not having a TVL to fund the bile of the bbbc. Guilty M’lud.


  25. G.W.F. says:

    Once the BBC get around to discussing R********s arrest we can be sure that Andrew Neil will be there with his pile of notes ready to point out that R*****s real name is Yaxley Lennon and that long ago he had been a member of the NF,
    When it comes to the crunch, don’t expect anything from the BBC.


  26. JamesArthur says:

    I didn’t listen or watch the BBC for 4 whole days and my blood pressure dropped nicely..
    Then I made the mistake..my wife asked who was paying for all the BBC self promoted ‘concerts in parks’…I really didn’t know – assumed it was done on a commercial basis – like selling tickets..but NO.. we paid for it….
    So while private concert promoters go bust due to competition the BBC can fund their low life concerts and not give a T*ss whether they are commercially successful…

    Funniest BBC moment..NI abortion – one woman says “it’s a great victory over sexism…” Duhhhh, the rhetoric is so ingrained nobody notices when it just doesn’t make sense…


  27. G.W.F. says:

    I am hearing that many US citizens are writing to the White House expressing concern over the direction this Government is taking.
    I have not double checked this source but it seems that Donald Trump Jr. is on the ball



    • Roland Deschain says:

      I have to say Trump would be better keeping away right now. There’s an awful lot we don’t know and he’s maybe not the best person to mix with incomplete information.


      • Guest Who says:


        But in the spirit of two wrongs it may be worth pointing out that the UK PM seems ill-served by acting on what the state broadcaster tells her.


  28. Thatcherrevolutionary says:

    Watching the demonstrations there appears to be high passion but without the usual lefty/antifa violence and vandalism.
    I also get the feeling watching the clip above that maybe a good punch square in one of these copper’s faces would have got it all to kick off.


  29. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    In a FakeBook post, regarding Tommy, someone was asking why so few people come to the fore to protest the betrayal of our country, and here is what I commented, pasted back in, but before Tommy’s outrageous incarceration:
    “Fear is the reason Marian Walters. Fear of the entire system, political, legal, and social being against us. Look what happened to those who speak out.
    Nick Griffin, now there’s a name that has been blackened over the years. But Nick warned the whole nation about the moslem grooming gangs more than ten years ago on the bbc newsnight.
    What happened? He was subjected to character assassination by the enitre media industry, and people stupidly believed it. The authorities turned a blind eye, and now we know they already had information that confirmed what he was saying.
    Tommy and his EDL was next, the thought police raided his house under some cock and bull pretext, and after confiscating all his paperwork, managed to get him convicted on mortgage fraud.
    Yes, mortgage fraud, the thing that caused that bastard Mandelson to resign from Blairs crooked government, but of course he wasnt taken to court.
    Tommy was sent down, where the authorities arranged for him to be attacked. Have you seen the state of his face? They were of course hoping he would get murdered.
    Who next, why of course, Paul Golding. Him and jayda sent down for being nasty to pervert paki paedos who were convicted.
    Once again, Paul was allowed to be exposed to two tough guy muslims who once again were allowed to attack him. Deliberately
    Allowed. They hoped he’d get murdered too, but Paul was tougher than they thought.
    Just look at what happened to the woman who took the police to task over praying myzzies at speakers corner.
    She showed the police up for being the wankers that they truly are, and now she got arrested for nothing.
    You should look at the video if you havent seen it.

    So, theres your answer. Fear.
    While many would willingly take on the battle, they are reluctant to put their family and friends through all the trouble.”
    End of quote.

    So ther you have it.
    The bastards simply can not be allowed to win, and as I’ve seen written above, I left out the elimination of David Kelly.
    As I’m wont to say on many FakeBook posts:
    What the actual fuck!


    • Marion says:

      “Tommy …… convicted on mortgage fraud.”

      Of which we are reminded on a regular basis.

      We hear less about this:

      “Expelled from two schools, he attempted suicide when he was 16, and after leaving Norfolk College of Arts and Technology went on a spending spree fuelled by credit cards stolen from a family friend.

      He used the stolen card to stay at a string of hotels, before the journey brought him to Wiltshire.

      “There was a grand looking hotel in Swindon, calling itself, I think, The Wiltshire… Four stars I counted on its marque: four stars was not more than I expected as my due from life.”
      He gave the porter a 50p tip after checking into his room, and then left to buy himself a pair of shoes, calling into a jeweller’s shop and running off with an Ingersoll watch before returning to his room.

      He spent the night in the cells at Swindon police station and appeared before local magistrates the next morning, when he was remanded in custody and taken in a van to Pucklechurch near Bristol, a remand prison for young offenders.

      He later returned to Swindon twice – once to plea and finally to stand trial, where he was put on probation, his time on remand having been deemed a sufficient custodial sentence.

      This was “National Treasure”, Stephen Fry. One of the main differences, of course, is that Fry speaks so nicely whereas Tommy sounds a bit, you know, common. Stealing from a family friend? Pure class, that.



  30. gb123 says:

    A long time ago I worked in China (I am not naming companies or cities as it may still be an issue for those still there) . One of our Chinese workers was caught smuggling cigarettes. He was arrested and taken to a night court, found guilty and executed in less than a day. Although the sentence is more extreme does it sound familiar in the process?
    “Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it”. William Pitt the Elder, Earl of Chatham and British Prime Minister from 1766 to 1778.


  31. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    Where’s Farridge?


  32. wronged says:

    I hope he’s having a private chat with his mate Donald

    If he openly says something in favour of TR, the establishment will completely destroy him. He will be banished from broadcasting. We live in quasi communist/fascist state of fear. A fear of reprisals if we step out of line with the BBC establishment left wing doctrine.


  33. StewGreen says:

    Don’t believe all you read in “Far-Wrong Press”

    ..with their dishonest boo-word labelling tradition.


  34. StewGreen says:

    The petition now stands at 341K signatures (I’m guessing many non UK signatures)
    The official government petition was put on hold by the gov
    “We need to check it meets the petition standards before we publish it.”
    .. well that’s convenient


  35. StewGreen says:

    Back to argument about whether this jury could be influenced.
    Ezra said that there was no jury that day and the trial had finished And that made sense that they’d planned to get the jury bit out of the way before the bank holiday
    However that does seem contradicted by the Causelist record , which is not an official govt site so may be incomplete.

    It shows the jury going to retire but not the jury yet delivering their verdict.

    May 24th Trial (Part Heard)
    – Summing Up – 10:31
    Trial (Part Heard) – Jury retire to consider verdict – 11:30

    A full day may or may not have been enough time for them to make a full verdict.

    I check the thelawpages.com for May 25 and you see 2 cases listed for Court 12 : TR’s is one.
    I clicked the down arrow on the other one

    May 25th Trial (Part Heard)
    – Resume – 10:59
    Trial (Part Heard) – Case adjourned until 11:30 – 11:25
    Trial (Part Heard) – Resume – 11:39
    Trial (Part Heard) – Case adjourned until 11:46 – 11:45
    (now Tommy was in the same court 12:20pm to 14:26,, but there is no mention of the original trial resuming)

    I’m wondering if the morning proceedings were the defence’s Human Rights lawyers saying.. ‘ooh our clients can’t get a fair trial cos there is a bloke outside broadcasting video of our clients walking out and then reading out what was written in last months newpapers’

    Yes the strong argument against saying jury’s get irrevocably influenced by outside info, is the way the Stephen Lawrence trials went ahead.


    • Payne by name says:

      This is what I don’t understand. I’ve seen hundreds of times on telly when someone has been bundled into court with a coat over their head and journos and paps shouting out questions.

      Likewise I used to see (when I actually watched the BBC news) Joshua Rosenberg standing outside a court commenting on what had been happening. How is this any different?

      And what about artists impression of the court scene that you see on the news. How is a series of illustrations showing the court room while a narrative explains what happens not in contempt of court. Cliff Richard and others can be publicly shamed but these grooming gang members need to be protected?

      Likewise, was there a D notice when those piece of shits who killed Lee Rigby were being prosecuted? They certainly seemed to get their 15 mins of fame.


    • StewGreen says:

      Now I wonder if those breaks in Friday’s proceedings
      could have been the jury was slowly working their way through the verdicts and so each defendant was leaving the court after their own verdict.
      It maybe possible that the 3 court cases are configured such that the same defendant is being tried for the assault on other complainants and that the judge has decided that all verdicts must be kept secret and that by pointing a camera at them TR might provoke them to reveal the verdict.
      However in other countries it doesn’t matter if the jury know you have a prior conviction and these days in UK its difficult to keep such info secret.


  36. fakenewswatcher says:

    What’s new on bbcTV1: The weather in B’ham. The Mali immigrant meeting Macron, who offered him French citizenship. Sturgeon meeting Barnier to ensure Scotland stays in the customs union. The Labour party wants the Law in NI changed, in favour of abortion. A boy who stabbed another in the chest, appears in Court. Then another one, ditto. The gender pay gap in the NHS.
    Nothing about what a German MP referred to as a ‘political prisoner’ in the UK. We shall have to wait for our own Alexander Solzhenitsin I suppose…


  37. G.W.F. says:

    Basic commonsense. We don’t know and we ought to be allowed to know.


  38. wronged says:

    ‘Ms Sturgeon told BBC Scotland: “The clock is ticking and the longer it takes for the UK to reach a sensible position, the greater the risk of a no deal outcome to this which is in absolutely nobody’s interest.”‘

    I don’ mind. Oh and by the way this is what we voted for in a democratic vote. No deal sounds ideal to me.
    Taking back control of our laws, fisheries,money,agriculture and borders.
    What’s not to like?


  39. montmorency says:

    New video on Youtube of Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux analysing where we are now. Chilling view of Southern rather confirms my fear, that the big media project she and TR were working on (he talks about it to Delingpole in the link posted earlier) has alarmed the authorities and the MSM in the UK. TR aimed to start a channel that would be a dissenting voice to the stranglehold the left have over the media. They were working on it and it was gaining shape and strength. She thinks this is the real reason that she was banned from the UK and that Tommy has now been disappeared. It does have an alarming ring of truth to it.


    • G.W.F. says:


      This was my fear. Tommy Robinson left Rebel Media as did Lauren Southern and others who have the technical skills and political knowledgr to actually replace the widely distrusted MSM. The BBC and its Government must have seen hat was on the cards and acted.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Yes we certainly live in a police state where the law is used as a weapon by the authorities to suppress. and intimidate those they don’t like. The law is not used against Muslims because the authorities are scared of them. There is a lesson to be learnt there.


    • Doublethinker says:

      They make a convincing case that Tommy was targeted and that the law was used illegally to silence him. We live in a police state .


  40. G.W.F. says:



    • Payne by name says:

      Yes and Weinstein was allowed to turn himself in once he had taken care of all his affairs.


  41. MartinW says:

    I note that Tyler Durden’s article now has pride-of-place, with a loud headline, on Drudge. So the news will at least get to significant numbers of folks over there (and over here). I imagine the WH Press Office will have seen it. The more I think about this Stasi-like action by our British State (Government, Legal, Press, BBC), the more I fear the future under a jackboot regime, albeit one that is sugar-coated to deceive.


    • ToobiWan says:

      The regime won’t be jackbooted, Martin, it will be khuff and sandal shod.


  42. fakenewswatcher says:

    Looking for more on the German MP who referred to a ‘political prisoner’ in the UK, I went to German media, who are still able to report on this matter.
    If you have a little German, Compact-Online carries an interesting lead article.
    Like Mr Bloom, I don’t know much about the person concerned, the alleged offence, or the circumstances. But, like him, what is available, makes me feel uneasy and seems not worthy of the UK.
    Sad that MPs who raise this issue have to be German.


  43. Guest Who says:

    “A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.” —Bob Dylan

    The times, they are a’changin…


  44. ToobiWan says:

    Gert Wilders statement of solidarity with Tommy Robinson in front of British Embassy in The Hague.

    Comments disabled (no surprise there)


  45. vlad says:

    The excellent Douglas Murray on cases like Tommy Robinson. It’s a bit old, but topical and relevant today for obvious reasons.

    “Take out the secondary problem”


    • Thoughtful says:

      Either Douglas Murray is Naïve or he’s part of the problem. There is one over riding constant in all of his examples, and that is Islam.

      The problem is not the elites being bad at dealing with Islamic criminality, nor them only attacking white British, as a secondary target. Why isn’t Murray asking himself why this is happening?

      All over Europe almost without exception European leaders aren’t just giving Muslims a free pass on crime and terrorism, they are also promoting Islamic interests in places like the UN.

      When the UK helps to get Saudi onto the womens human rights forum when it is the worst offender in the world, should be ringing alarm bells, the fact that Britain vetoed the UN investigation into Saudi war crimes in the Yemen should also be ringing alarm bells, yet Murray doesn’t even appear to have heard them.

      The Issue of the Belgian Prime Minister lied about his countries support for Saudi which resulted in a scandal when it was revealed not only did he sanction it, but that he asked his representatives to make sure Saudi knew which way his country voted.

      The prima facie evidence is overwhelming that our leaders are being bribed and completely corrupt. There simply is no other explanation which works.


  46. chrisH says:

    Thankfully, the likes of Paul Weston are fully aware of the implications of Tommys arrest. It`s all been done to him too.
    Good video-he`s saying that if we have no formal traditional means of expressing our rage at this systemic INSTITUTIONALISED injustice? Then it will be open revolution as the only option.


  47. Guest Who says:

    Beyond the arrogance and tin-eared ignoring of global reaction by suddenly law and order-adoring ‘professional’ media types from Guido to Piers and every Broadcast and Print gutter dweller who would sell their granny, I have noticed that if they deign to go near this case it is invariably dripping with potty-words, patronising dismissals, or both.

    And hence endearing themselves only to each other, the government, M’Lords, wig retailers, some UK official and unofficial thug outfits, and roughly no one else.

    It’s like they have no clue how bad PR gets worse.