Weekend Open Thread 24 August 2018

Comrade  Corbyn has declared his support for the rapidly failing BBC but suggested that there be a ‘British digital corporation’ to rival Netflix or Amazon. Meanwhile , back on Planet Earth , the BBC has not commented about the thoughts of a potentially future Prime Minister .

He also seems to want  beeboids to declare their Social Class. Now there’s a giggle . Maybe users of this site should assign a five star system to those appearing on BBC output and have a special category for no class at all…

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  1. AsISeeIt says:

    I try the 30 second tune in test on BBC Breakfast this morning.

    Oh dear. The over-manned, or should that be over-womaned, serried sofa ranks of Steph, Naga and some additional sports woman are babbling and cooing about how wonderful is Serena Williams. Then we have to linger lovingly over pictures of Serena in her shiny black cat suit.

    I ponder for a moment the notion of how much constipation a hundred weight of licorice might cure.

    Thoroughly turned off, I turn off. These people have little to no interest in sport as such – it’s simply agenda agenda agenda, identity-group hero-worship and of course gender!


  2. Guest Who says:

    Boy, once reality sets in..


    • thirdoption says:

      Blimey, “Big Asian Stand Up” seems quite appropriate in her case.


      • Ian Rushlow says:

        Well, she’s a big girl and she’s standing up. Doesn’t look particularly Asian, though, more Indian subcontinent (Punjab, perhaps). Come to think of it: we don’t see many Chinese, Japanese, Koreans etc at all on the BBC.
        Just as an aside, here are the definitions of ‘Asian’ people in different countries as given on Wikipedia. Note how they don’t bother to give definitions from any actual Asian countries: it’s still 18th Century-style Orientalism mentality wrapped up in 21st Century Liberal Racism.



    • Holly Selassie says:

      True enough honey!
      Asian, fat.
      Lesbian for the Joker?
      Yes, she`s not got a “proper job” but certainly.
      She`s got a job for life.
      Exhibit A-Sir Lenworth Henry, Eleventh Earl of Dudley and the Wrekin.
      Comes third in New Faces 1973 or so, Granadaland.
      And now look-a 60th BBC Love-In all to himself the other day.
      Not a laugh-in, he`s never funny.
      But he and his mates are laughing alright. All the way to the foodbank.
      Katanga Comrades-and you`re paying.


      • vesnadog says:

        “Not a laugh-in, he`s never funny”

        Couldn’t stand his shouting! Apparently, some UK audiences (BBC n Black) think its funnier still?


  3. Fedup2 says:

    Toady watch
    Al beeb has started replacing presenters with robots . Today’s one is called Kamal .anyway – I made 35 minutes before the off switch — agenda – slag the Catholic Church – give Corbyn a free pass on Zionist / Jewish irony ( he ll be more careful with his words ) sobbing about the Burmese kicking Muslims out of the country ( ex beeboid Nobel peace price winner gets free pass ) and some nonsense about a Muslim radio station in Iraq .
    Enough – so I’ll miss the “ President Trump kicking spot”and ‘we re all going to die because of brexit spot”

    At least Martha is away counting her bees ..

    It’s strange that comrade Corbyn’sback catalogue of words are coming out the way they are – there is so much going back to the 1970s … suppose McDonnell is getting ready for the kill…


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      Robots, replace them all with robots.
      No salaries, no expenses, no pensions.
      In fact there are some old Daleks in the BBC props department.
      Give them a new CPU and some more RAM.
      They will be able to say “Exterminate white people” all day without becoming tired or hoarse.


  4. thirdoption says:

    At last the tennis authorities have acted against Serena Williams wearing her black catsuit.


    Serena, who previously threatened to have a line judge killed, had described feeling like a black panther when playing in the all black outfit, clearly a reference to the murderous black terrorist group, even though cuddly Serena pretended it referred to the superhero film and then played the caring mother card by saying it helped her with post-natal issues.

    Needless to say, it hasn’t harmed her career one jot. I wonder how a white player would have been received if they had turned up wearing a Klu Klux Klan outfit?


    • Guest Who says:

      Or a club hosting a Big White Male Stand Up?


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      to “I wonder how a white player would have been received if they had turned up wearing a Klu Klux Klan outfit?”

      Robin White, female, white and from the USA, wore a one piece white outfit at a tennis tournament in the UK c1985. Either Wimbledon or a qualifier.
      For one round only, this was when the tournament directors enforced the dress codes.
      Google “Robin White tennis outfit row” images and you will find it.


  5. Thoughtful says:

    Well here’s a turn up! After yesterdays revelation (no doubt Corbyn inspired) That Channel 4 is the broadcaster with the poshest staff there was a response by its head, ex BBC Ian Katz. I decided I’d look up Mr Katz, under the impression he had some kind of Communist history, but couldn’t find anything, however what I did find was perhaps even more interesting.

    Katz who is yet another product of the Jewish Hampstead dwelling elites, is married to Justine Roberts CEO and founder of internet blogging site ‘Mumsnet’.

    No wonder the BBC appear to make reference to this web site in ever issue surrounding mothers, and that connection was one I hadn’t previously known about.


    • Guest Who says:

      It was noted when Newsnight was asking what ‘working Mums’ felt about Brexit, and invited in a curiously unrepresentative panel to tell the rest of Britain’s future nurturers how to vote.

      Also Danny Cohen (sorely missed) is married to Noreena Hertz, also often invited on for impartial expertise.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Love to be a fly on the wall at one of the Hampstead suppers where the Cohens and Katz are sitting around the table.


    • StewGreen says:

      That “TV is run by posh white people” comes from the Royal Television Society speech by Michaela Coel
      and the C4 exec comment the Q&A after based on the execs Guardian article about C4 and BBC having hardly any staff self declaring as working class.
      At the Edinburgh TV Festival this week, BBC confirmed plans to produce a new show written by Michaela Coel. Titled Jan 22nd, the series will explore sexual consent in the 21st century
      (in her speech she told how she had been sexually assaulted , but TV execs seemed unsympathetic as they urged her to deliver her script on time)


      • StewGreen says:

        The C4 exec said
        “The truth is that if you come from a background like Michaela Coel you have to be an extraordinary person to get success and yet we have an industry full of mediocre, posh white people

        IMHO the problem with media industry is that
        It’s full of
        #1 mediocre, posh white people who are GUILT RIDDEN hence all the virtue signalling.
        and #2 BME people who have a huge sense of ENTITLEMENT


        • Holly Selassie says:

          Surely a big gesture is needed.
          Get rid of that prancing bed blocker privately educated vicars fop of a toff-Jon Snow, a dead mans shoes job for lifer if ever we knew one.
          A ceremonial hanging would be nice, but just kicking him out of media life would be good.
          Might get my tampons back if they did.


  6. Ian Rushlow says:

    Elephants storming into room: BBC rollout lightweight clone to issue Establishment response.
    There has been a massive increase in Mumps within Europe during the past three years – a disease almost eradicated a couple of decades ago. Apparently more than 30 people have died this year. So what’s going on? BBC to the rescue, with this item offering the explanation (sic). It is delivered by a standard issue BBC clone, who talks fast and confidently and with open eyes and in that annoying and patronising manner that the BBC considers to indicate authority and truth (sic). It seems that vaccination is not so popular these days, mainly as a consequence of a suspect link between the MMR vaccination and autism some 20 years ago. But – needless to say – opposition to vaccination is also being promoted by ‘populist political parties’ and people ‘pursuing an anti-establishment agenda’. There are references to failing medical infrastructures in some countries (which means Romania and Ukraine) and cryptic references to pockets of ‘some communities’ not having full access to medical services or ‘cultural reasons’ for opposition to vaccination. A similar message is being pushed in the United States, where Mumps is also on the rise, where the Amish (a statistically insignificant minority) are being referenced.

    It is extremely difficult to obtain reliable information about this development, as the Establishment has closed ranks on it. But reading between the lines, various snippets can be picked up. For instance, there has been a large increase in cases of Mumps in the border region between Hungary and Romania, and Roma have been cited as an example of a ‘marginalised community’ with limited access to medical services.

    Now, it is true than vaccination rates have been falling in Western countries. There is probably an element of indifference from some people, who see some diseases as having been eradicated and therefore don’t need worrying about any more. And increased travel means that more people visit countries where Mumps is still common (many infections take place abroad). But here’s another possible explanation: in recent years there has been an explosion of orchestrated hyper-immigration into Europe. Most of this is from Africa, the Middle East and parts of the Indian sub-continent – areas of the world where many people are not routinely vaccinated and where Mumps is endemic. Few of these people are checked for their medical history after arriving in Europe, indeed, many of them are here illegally and undocumented. Now… is it just possible that there is some sort of correlation between this and the re-emergence of diseases such as Mumps in the West? Surely not. If people knew that, they might develop some sort of immunisation to the constant calls from the Globalist Establishment and their lackies in the media for ever more migration….


    • Fedup2 says:

      It’s certainly encouraging for the survivalists who are planning for the next global virus or bacteria to kill half the population before we know how to deal with it .
      Uncontrolled borders means uncontrolled infection .


  7. Guest Who says:

    Views are mixed.

    Meanwhile the bbc is playing things low key by ignoring the murders and mutilations but going after South Africa being testy that Pres. Trump has mentioned them.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Genuinely surprised that the BBC pension fund isn’t ethical – it invests in tax dodgers like Amazon and competitors like Netflix . Or should I be surprised…


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      GW: ‘ South Africa being testy’- This is not surprising. If there is truth in Lauren’s film (and she got only the tip of the iceberg) someone would have to admit that these brutal farm murders, often accompanied by torture, are explicitly RACIST murders, in the main. And that would undermine the great socialist/’liberal’ myth that racism is ‘white on black’, and reveal that, not only does the reverse apply, but that -when it does- it is often far more vicious and hate-filled than anything whites have done.
      Just as there was ‘petty Apartheid’ and ‘grand Apartheid’, there are ‘petty’ racist murders of whites in each individual farm attack, and there is the ‘Grand Plan’: to cause sufficient terror to drive whites off the land, and ultimately out of the country. That is why the SA government is testy: lest the whole truth emerge.
      We can’t have that happening, can we, o Bbc, Guardian etc?


      • Lefty Wright says:

        fakenews watcher
        It sure is a strange old world . To loud applause from Western liberals/communists, we have Africa frantically dismantling diversity and Europe frantically installing it. Conspiracy? I think we should be told – before the war starts.


    • vesnadog says:

      I just love Lauren Southern.

      Check the yank guy SHAPIRO out too! The trans/gay/liberals/safe spacers think he’s the devil in disguise. Superb speaker! Very very funny and razor-sharp mind!


  8. StewGreen says:

    Times front page “Far right comes out for Jeremy Corbyn
    as ex-BNP and Ku Klux Klan chiefs show support”

    Doh There are a lot of intelligent ways to question Corbyn, Labour and their slick PR machine.. but
    #1 Don’t use the “Guilt by association fallacy” *
    #2 Don’t use the smear boo-word “far right”, cos that make it look like you are using the “label and dismiss” trick, instead of proper analysis.
    Anyone using the blanket term “it’s the far-right” is basically doing the same as shouting “it’s the Jews”

    *…Guilt by association, is a logical fallacy that occurs when a person/belief is supported or attacked because of its relation to some other person/belief.
    It is, to an extent, a version of a non sequitur.
    And is also a form of Ad Hominen fallacy.


    • StewGreen says:

      Something strange over at the Times I posted a version of the above as a comment and they deleted it after 5 hours.


  9. john in cheshire says:

    I think this is another nail in the whining Remainers’ coffin:


    A Brexit no deal won’t bring on Armageddon but there will be some turbulence.


    • theisland says:

      Well thank goodness. I was getting concerned about a Radio Kent discussion, which remainers including Esler are crowing about.

      Some know-it-all called Jason Hunter appeared to be telling Jonathan Isaby (Brexit Central Editor) that we cannot negotiate independent free trade deals with e.g. Japan or Canada without them agreeing it with, or consulting, the EU in advance.

      In short, it’s all too difficult and we must have another vote.


  10. StewGreen says:

    “Alan Partridge returns as face of Brexit” on BBC
    … only people in the metro-lib bubbleworld wouldn’t see that as vastly insulting to the 52% ..and a low class use of the “label and dismiss” trick
    Beeb gets a kicking in the comments


  11. StewGreen says:

    \\ It’s time parliament had a second look at this big constitutional change and revoked it
    … the public were misled and din’t understand the harm it would bring

    …. I talking about the bill that gave women the vote. //


  12. vesnadog says:

    “That’s the end of David Attenborough, then.”

    Best news ever!


  13. NISA says:

    A panel member on “Dateline London” put in a lengthy speech in which he identified with the Democratic Party & Anti-Trump movement. As he finished chairperson Jayne Hill disassociated the BBC from all that “we”.
    Then the credits rolled, how all the cast laughed as the lights dimmed.


  14. StewGreen says:

    \\ Swansea head teacher admits making indecent images of children (external child ..not at the school)//
    Perp named as Rhian Eleri Desouza 43
    (I wonder if there was external pressure from a male, husband etc. ?)


  15. StewGreen says:

    Richard Dawkins Says ‘Atheism for Children’ Book Will Help Arm Kids Against Religious ‘Indoctrination’
    RD said “People talk about a ‘Catholic’ or ‘Muslim’ child when they are too young to really know
    . . . I’ve long wanted to break that cycle and help children to think for themselves.”


    • john in cheshire says:

      Evidence that Mr Dawkins is if not stupid he’s inconsistent. He refuses to believe in God or that God created the earth and everything in and on it. He refuses to believe that but in the same breath believes there could be a world of aliens somewhere who produced we humans. But he doesn’t know who created the aliens. Nah, I think he’s just another over educated idiot.


      • Holly Selassie says:

        Both Dawkins and Hawking believe(d) in aliens coming here to impregnate and populate our planet, some time back.
        Nobody laughs or howls them out of the building though do they? Instead we get their crap about believing in spaghetti monsters if we believe in Christianity etc.
        Dawkins gave us the “meme” concept-that thoughts effectively are psychic replicating companions to “genes”.
        But again-nobody laughs.
        And don`t start me on Camilla Batmangheghlis worrying about the wiring and emotional thermostats of her old darlings in youth offending.
        THIS is science at the BBC and in evolutionary biology.
        Thankfully for them Martha Kearney is their science bod, think she teaches Harrabin and little Attenboroughs doubtless clunking into sperm specimen jars as we speak.


      • G.W.F. says:

        john in cheshire

        Not a theory I subscribe to but Directed Panspermia – the thesis that life on Earth was spread by intelligent aliens – has captured the imagination of several scientists. Here is a paper by Crick of DNA Watson and Crick fame. As for Dawkins, he is very much a copycat who does not follow his arguments through.



        • Holly Selassie says:

          No matter how fancy the title, the cod greek?
          It`s still aliens shafting human material if that`s what we choose it to mean.
          Dawkins was a slave trader way back as well. Unlike Cliff Richard eh?


        • john in cheshire says:

          I think Mr Dawkins is a prime example of what, I think, G. K. Chesterton said:
          “When you stop believing in God, you don’t believe in nothing, you believe in anything”.


      • Iain Muir says:

        There is no evidence that God exists any more than there is evidence that Santa Clause exists (but you might disagree with that).

        There is, however, evidence that a planet can sustain life – we’re actually living on one. There is always the possibility, therefore, that similar conditions could have developed elsewhere.

        Not being able to say where the aliens might have come from is hardly evidence of a sky fairy.

        With arguments like yours, I would be wary of using words like “idiot”.


        • Square-Eyed says:

          How do you know that there is no evidence God exists, Iain? What is your evidence for this?

          What sort of evidence do you require to prove that God exists?

          If you were provided with that evidence would you then accept the fact of His existence and seek to serve and follow Him?


          • Jagman84 says:

            Regardless of the existence of a divine entity, we certainly do not need self-appointed intermediaries, in the form of religious leaders, to tell us how to conduct our lives. It’s hardly been a roaring success in the past! Most contributors to this site will not accept such influence from the EU and BBC but a man in a dress must be obeyed without question? F**k that for a game of soldiers!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Stew – I don’t think the mussies will take too kindly to all their little Mohammed s being told there is no Alan in the snack bar . He d be no loss and will be able to explain himself to God .


  16. Nibor says:

    BBC radio4 this morning on the Today show having a little dig at the WTO . Apparently it needs reform and is mostly America’ s tool .
    Now would they be saying this because some Brexiteers are calling for a clean Brexit and moving onto WTO rules ?
    I think so .


  17. Cassandra says:

    The Now show is on Radio 4…

    “My name is Sarah Keyworth and I am a lesbian…”
    (Hysterical laughter from the audience)



    • G.W.F. says:


      OK but what colour is she? Like most viewers I have to know what is the colour of her skin. It’s so bloody important


  18. Guest Who says:

    Not quite ‘could be going better’, but some are interesting, not least on bbc narrative enhancing activities.


  19. Tom_Kenny says:

    Just listened to R4’s “Economics With Subtitles”.

    It’s a programme that can’t decide whether it’s informative or entertaining, and ends up being neither.

    An excruciating listen: I’m embarrassed for everyone involved in it.

    Offensive to be legally obliged to fund such rubbish.


    • JamesArthur says:

      Everything the BBC R4 produces that in theory sounds good turns out to be written and delivered by morons – I try to listen when driving but normally have to turn it off….


    • JimS says:

      It has nothing to do with economics. Its purpose is to demonstrate that:

      1. ‘Ethnics’ are the New British and their dialect is the new RP.
      2. Women are smart and men are idiots.
      3. There are more theories of economics than economists.


  20. scribblingscribe says:

    Sky news had a piece about the upcoming boxing match between KSI and Logan Paul.

    Obviously, as it is sport, it required a female reporter, a lady called Kumba Kpakima. I know this is going to sound cruel, but the poor lass is wholly inarticulate, and her speech is difficult to make out. This must have been known by the producers as she delivers her commentary in a very slow, deliberate style.

    Diversity trumping absolutely everything required of a tv journalist: clarity, vision, knowledge, something to say and be articulate about it.

    What the hell can anyone do about this crazy new development of diversity?


  21. Dover Sentry says:

    Television Advertisers are from the same mould as the BBC.

    Both are left wing bubble dwellers.

    I saw an advertisement on t.v. today for head lice lotion. Both children and the mother were white. Implication?

    Advertise any other product and at least half the cast are black.


    • thirdoption says:

      Good point Dover,

      It’s like the Compare the Market Meerkats with a Russian accent. Imagine the outrage if they spoke with a funny black voice?
      The fact that they come from Africa doesn’t matter when you’re dealing with the permanently outraged.


    • Lurkio says:

      Or, to utilise a term around when I was a lot younger: ‘and the other half of the cast are often half-caste’.


    • christoff says:

      Even the bloomin’ puppet on DFS’s latest advertisement is BAME. Including that horrible Jafaican accent !!!
      Just where must someone be born or brought up to end up speakin’ lak dat innit.


    • JimS says:

      What’s going on with the Dairy Milk advert? ‘Asian’ shopkeeper ‘grooms’ little girl by accepting tokens instead of insisting on money, cutting-edge ‘marketing’, (but of what?).


  22. Fedup2 says:

    A programme on radio 4 which made me think . Seldom happens – “thinking outside the Boxset”
    Saturday morning at 1030.

    Reflected on the way social media -blogs -.have enabled people -you – me – to express themselves and the consequences of that . How we have move from only being able to affect things in council and parliamentary votes whereas now if social media gets loud enough it can effect change .

    Admission -I only heard the second half but it seemed to have something missing ….. lefty bias .

    Correct me if I’m wrong though .


  23. Holly Selassie says:

    The BBC can`t even get their weather people right.
    The 6am news this morning said -“over to Ben Rich for todays forecast” and a very grumpy Thomas Schafenakker corrected the news monkey concerned.
    World Class. As ever.


  24. G.W.F. says:

    BBC send a coorrespondent to Venzuela. Why? When there are experts here on the country who have been campaigning for that regime. Ask Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbot, Ken Livingstone and many Trade Union leaders who have been there, and have held positions in the Venezuelan Solidarity Campaign.

    I admit surprise that Diversity May is not a supporter.



    • RobRoy says:

      I’ve heard four BBC reports on the situation in Venezuela over the last two days – yet to hear them mention the socialist government. They talk about economic woes of Madura’s government but not how a country with oil and a once stable economy can decline to the point 8% of the population have left – and many more are queuing at the borders.


  25. Guest Who says:

    Not the bbc ((though I would not be surprised if they did), but can’t resist.



    • Scroblene says:

      Quite right too!

      I wish we had a government which stopped paying despots and charlatans filling their pockets with our taxes.

      I suppose it’s rather like the bbc, we pay them to do sod all.


      • TrueToo says:

        There surely cannot be a more pampered population (and a less deserving one) in history than the Palestinians.

        They have managed to leech off the entire planet, via UNRWA, as ‘refugees’ for seventy years.

        The hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees who were forced from their homes in Arab countries with only the shirts on their backs around 1948 were not offered special status by the UN for their lifetimes and those of their descendants. Neither did they form terrorists groups to try to recover their homes, businesses and possessions. They settled in Israel and other countries and became productive citizens.

        It’s high time UNRWA, which helps only Palestinian refugees and no others, is consigned to the dustbin of history and the Palestinians learn to fend for themselves like any other people.

        Trump has made a good start in this regard.


      • Jagman84 says:

        “Despots and charlatans filling their pockets with our taxes”. Does that include the EU?


    • StewGreen says:

      That $200m withheld from the Palestinian gov
      As ever BBCWatch points out to missing context in the BBC story
      “the fact that in 2018 the US has donated well over $92 million to projects in PA and Hamas controlled areas.”


  26. Lock13 says:

    I was just thinking this Global Warming is brilliant stuff. For a couple of weeks every year the BBC wets itself over uncontrollable warming and tipping points for the Planet( the rest of us call it Summer) then by the end of August we all have our heating back on.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Climate change is ‘settled science’ and therefore we are not allowed to question it on pain of summary arrest.

      Gender Not being a social construct also settled science BUT failing to adhere to the liberal nonsense that it is could also see you summarily arrested !


  27. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Headline you are unlikely to see:

    “Climate Change. The Case For and Against”.

    To the BBC, Climate Change is “settled science”.

    “Settled Science” is a very disturbing phrase. Science is never “settled”.

    If it was, the earth would still be flat and the sun would still be rotating around the earth.

    And heretics would be burning.


    • Guest Who says:

      Sometimes I chip in with a few facts on posts like these.

      But bbc ‘science’ and bbc ‘scientists’ and bbc ‘science’ audiences are a new level of thick it is beyond satire.


    • Jagman84 says:

      It’s a cross between the Emperor’s new clothes and the end of Rome. And enforced with menace and brutality by our captors.


  28. Thoughtful says:

    It really saddens me to hear about Pakistani Muslim paedophile rape gangs;

    Black drug gangs knifing each other on the streets.

    Roma gangs pickpocketing and mugging

    Pikeys camping on public land and fly tipping

    Illegal African migrants violently forcing their way onto lorries to enter Britain.

    Jeremy Corbyn re-enacting the policies of the Nazis

    So I tune into the BBC and then I don’t need to hear any of it !


  29. Thoughtful says:

    I’m proud to be Muslim said the Pakistani

    I’m proud to be Asian said the Indian

    I’m proud to be Black said the African

    I’m proud to be White said the ‘racist’…………


    • Doublethinker says:

      Excellent. Pithy and devastatingly accurate.


    • Demon says:

      Excellent Thoughtful.

      You could also add, although it would make it more clumsy,

      I’m proud to be a Christian said the bigot

      I’m proud to be a conservative said the islamaphobe

      I’m proud to be a Jew said the Israeli neo-nazi.


  30. Captain Panick says:

    Following the Catalan Dragons surprising win at Wembley today, I was celebrating in a public house near Luton, which had BBC News on the TV. Or was it, because it just seemed to have solid coverage of the Pope in Dublin. I had to check it was not some strange Irish news, but it really was the BBC. Their main news had Martin Bashir on the Papal plane as extra coverage. So, maybe it was a really strange thing having the Pope leave the Vatican, but it appears that he was last there only 4 years ago. Anyway, the sports news is still to come.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Would that be the open borders, climate alarmist, redistributionist, social justice Pope by any chance?


  31. Captain Panick says:

    Winner by the way of the Daily Idiot award went to the Wembley stadium announcer who greeted the crowd with the immortal line ‘ Welcome to Warrington Wolves versus Catalan Dragons, a historic Anglo – Welsh clash today here at Wembley.’ Presume that basic geography was missing in his education.


  32. Guest Who says:


    Tempted to send this to Katty, Anthony and Jon, just to make their weekend.


    • Guest Who says:

      Jon does seem busy though.


      • StewGreen says:

        – On the right we have wacky conspiracy theorist Alex Jones who the lib-establishment say is so dangerous he should be banned from social media.
        – And on the left we have *wacky conspiracy theorist* Job Sopel who enjoys the platform of being the BBC’s main US correspondent.


    • Doublethinker says:

      It would be much more accurate to say that the greatest scandal in US history took place under Obama but that a cover up by the Washington swamp and their lap dogs in the media has so far largely kept it from the public. But with luck the whole corrupt mess will become knowledge soon.


  33. Guest Who says:

    There is in addition the fact they feel this worth keeping going for several days.


  34. Guest Who says:

    So casual, yet… so damning.


    At this rate Fran and Tony will need to book the next Virgin Galactic flight off the planet.


  35. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”Why Nordic countries might not be as happy as you think””


    No mention of the ELEPHANT in the room.


  36. Guest Who says:


    Market rate: £170,000. A year.


  37. Guest Who says:

    Hint: “…and a gay icon”.


  38. Guest Who says:

    A ‘scandal’ that possibly involved 18 people?

    And something about Jamie Oliver’s rice cooker?

    Bbc… you are a joke.


  39. taffman says:

    The Tellygoons are really after me now and I don’t mean Eccles, Neddy Seagoon or Bluebottle. I have this day received a letter in the post telling me that they will start a “full investigation of my address” if I do not contact them. All because I do not have a licence.
    I am expecting the MI5 and James Bond at the door anytime now. What shall I do?
    Al Beeb are getting really desperate for their money. The must have large wage bills to pay?


    • Doublethinker says:

      Please keep us posted with developments and Romberg to have your phone on video when you get knock on the door.


    • Nibor says:

      Taffy ,

      They try the Investigation Will Commence letter . Next month it will be Investigation Will Be Finalised . After a few months of stupid repeat letters its We Know , You Know , then another few months and it’s Will You Be In On such and such date , then back to the Investigation Authorised with a window on the envelope showing this to the postman etc . Then one about they’ll be in your area then back again ad finitem .
      They’ve investigated my property for fourteen years so I know I don’t suffer from subsidence or dry rot .


      • G says:

        I ignored their exhortations and when eventually rang, I simply explained to the licence person in Cardiff that I no longer wanted to view live TV channels because, amongst other things, the broadcasts had become almost exclusively targeted to Blacks and Asians. Shortly after, I received a, “No Licence Needed Confirmation” by post which will, “….last until January 2020.” I was informed that I may receive a visit from a member of their staff to confirm my situation. I replied that, that was fine but if they chose to do that, that person would receive the same response ON THE DOORSTEP. I await, video camera at the ready, that visit.


        • taffman says:

          Thanks guys . Can I report them to the police for harassment ?


          • Nibor says:

            You can . Or take out an injunction using form N1 and N16a as a civil case , or a private prosecution by lodging a letter of intent at your magistrate court .

            I’m planning on both when I get a printer .


  40. AsISeeIt says:

    A parable of our cultural demise – a rambling thought for the day – sort of

    I was never very keen on Gavin Esler. I decided his soft, bland, somewhat deceptive presenting style on BBC News Channel was carefully designed to enable his lefty interviewees to state and to build their narratives and was done without Esler ever challenging on behalf of the conservative viewer. It was, for example, perfectly obvious he shared completely the internationalist metropolitan liberal mindset with the many foreign lefties who were often blatantly anti-British anti-American journos invited into BBC studios for the discussion show Dateline London. My epiphany of Esler watching was an edition of Dateline where the Falkland Islands were discussed with the shocking unanimous round table conclusion that Britain should jolly well clear out and pass sovereignty, and presumably the Islanders, over to Argentine rule. Esler scarcely demurred, instead he was apparently content. In frustration I nicknamed him Mr Nice Guy in part a spoof of the name Nice Guy Eddie a gangster character from Tarantino’s flick Reservoir Dogs. In part it was for his smug simpering semi-matinee idol presenting persona. Esler was, for me, the quiet insidious under-the-radar but all the more dangerous lefty at the BBC. His non-combatant style was exemplified by his relationship on the News Channel movie review thread with former Trotskyite left-wing reviewer and BBC favourite Mark Kermode. Whereas Kermode’s BBC radio appearances saw his opinions sometimes amusingly checked and his left-wingery often mocked or chided by Simon Mayo, on TV the polemicist in Kermode was met with a nodding dog-like Esler. Consequently, the News Channel film review segment was relentlessly dull; completely lacking critical debate between presenter and reviewer. Now Esler seems to have become officially detached from the BBC. Now he is free to spout about what a really bad idea he thinks and how much he abhors Brexit; which he does. Meanwhile Jane Hill takes up his slots on the News Channel both on Dateline London and on the Film Review. Given current trends I assume that when the BBC eventually retires Kermode, and his middle-aged pale male black jackets and trademark nifty fifties teddyboy duck’s arse hairstyle, he too will be replaced by another female – and likely as a progressive he will be perfectly happy about it. Hill is, I understand, a lesbian and I notice she tends to work a reference to her ‘spouse’ or ‘partner’ into the short spot with Kermode on a pretty regular basis – just saying. Could it be that the BBC is before our very eyes morphing into her long-time alter ego – Auntie. Are we now witnessing the Nice Guy BBC disappearing up her own vagina?


  41. Guest Who says:

    Meanwhile, from the home of Little Chief Dances Like Actual Indians…


    • theisland says:

      Time for indigenous Britons to set up patrols then – with the intention of re-establishing the rule of law and “celebrating the positive things that indigenous people do.”


  42. Guest Who says:

    Over at ITTB a poster has shared a link to a bbc ‘fact check’, replete with ‘verdict’, that perfectly illustrates how it is the Jeremy Corbyn of Broadcasting.



  43. G says:

    I can’t remember this one? I guess that’s the problem now: there are so many stabbings by foreigners.
    Yet another muslim suffering from ‘mental illness’.


  44. G says:

    Continuing on the theme of muslim butchery:
    “BACKYARD BUTCHERS Family filmed hacking up animal carcasses in their garden sparks hygiene probe by council Neighbours alerted environmental health officials after the raw meat was chopped up on a tarpaulin”
    Ever peer over your fence…………
    Question: was it an animal or a human being? I wouldn’t put anything past these savages.


  45. Synchronised says:

    Beeb website telling us the Irish are going to have problems getting horses to compete in the Grand National with a no deal Brexit. I seem to remember Arkle coming over to Blighty in the 60’s plundering a lot of big races without to much trouble and correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t recall us being a member of the 4th Reich then.


    • Guest Who says:

      Comments are enabled here, and so far ‘could’ is well in the lead…


      • Jagman84 says:

        “An agreement that eases movement across the Irish Sea”. They are called passports and racehorses can have an equine version. FFS, you can even get them for dogs!! In this case the Irish National and, indeed, any other race meeting in Ireland, will be devoid of GB-based horses.


  46. Guest Who says:

    Really hope this page ports over exactly as I am reading it.

    Don’t dare read the comments.


  47. pugnazious says:

    ‘It is much more useful to look at the issue from the perspective of global power relations, especially “between people who colonised the global South and people who are economically and politically dispossessed and marginalised…reflect the history of cultural looting.

    “It’s easy to say let’s just get over the past,” says Cape Town artist and photographer, Thania Peterson, “but we can’t because the past, and how we feel. is so deeply ingrained in us… So when we see Damien Hirst, a British artist, using African art in his work, what he represents to us is a nation and an empire that has only taken”.

    Apparently we can’t use paper anymore. It’s a Chinese invention and we’ve appropriated it it for our benefit and profit. Same with gunpowder, or Arabic numerals [actually Indian but whose counting whose appropriating?], or all that Greek knowldege we’ve plundered, the Roman technology we’ve looted and of course Christianity must be sent back to the Middle East where it came from before we adopted it and shaped and adapted it to our purposes. Not forgetting Jerk Chicken.

    The BBC has caught onto Golden Dawn Butler’s outraged protests about Jamie Oliver’s Jerk rice and have shaped their response in the way you might expect…..all the outrage comes first, then were told it’s all to do with Labour MP, Golden Dawn Butler’s tweet…then the BBC kindly let’s us see those opposed to her racist outrage…the first one…a Tory MP. BBC trying to slip in the idea that any challenge to Golden Dawn Butler is purely political?…never mind the comments under her tweet from everyday folk completely destroyed her.

    Can’t imagine the BBC being so supportive if a Tory MP had claimed jamaicans couldn’t make and adapt classic ‘British’ dishes to suit their own taste or ideas….he’d be a racist.

    Just one look at Golden Dawn Butler’s cultural hero, Levi Roots’, own website will show what rubbish she is talking as he adds ‘Reggae Reggae’ sauce to just about anything to claim it is now Caribbean ‘Reggae’ style…pizza, burgers, pasta, prawn cocktails, nachos, burritos, fishcakes, coleslaw and even porridge.

    I’m outraged. BBC please note.

    Oh and by the way…everyone in Africa please be aware we’ll be having a collection of all mobile phones, computers and cars and medicines and aircraft and stuff like that so that your cultures remain prisitine, unadulterated and morally free of guilt by the theft of Western technology….not forgetting the umbrella, suit and tie and the hoodie…



  48. Chalkywhite says:

    The Beeb are getting truly desperate… Todays anti Brexit story is: ‘No-deal Brexit may hit Grand National’. Notice a pattern here? just in the last week or so:
    “Brexit could have ‘hugely damaging’ effect on football clubs, say chairmen” (16th August)
    ‘Brexit….What about my pension’ (25th August)
    ‘UK’s ‘no-deal’ Brexit plans warn of credit card fees’ (23rd August)
    ‘No-deal Brexit ‘worse than thought’ for science’ (25th August)
    ‘Brexit: NHS managers warn about impact of no deal’ (21st August). This one even warned of the ‘spread of diseases’ (Based on a ‘leaked memo’)
    A couple months back I even saw a local BBC news story that said that the WOMAD festival would be threatened by Brexit!

    Now pro or anti, you have to marvel/laugh at the one sided reporting demonstrated by the BBC. Anything they pick up that fuels their bias is reported, normally on the front page. It is also mainly reported as if it were fact, never mind that it’s all pure speculation.

    How an earth did we manage to survive pre 1973?


  49. Guest Who says:

    The scene: BBC News Editorial, Sunday. All grown ups are in Cornwall, Brighton or Tuscany for the bank and bbc hols.

    Intern 1: “There’s a press release in the fax tray”.

    Intern 2: “Is it based on substantiated fact?”

    Intern 1: “No, just spun hype, with a ‘could’ as an arse cover”.

    Intern 2: “Oh; remember what they told us at jouno school that afternoon course where we graduated quicker than a brain surgeon of colour?”.

    Intern 1: “Just read the subject line”.

    Intern 2: “Precisely. And what does it say?”.

    Intern 1: “It says: “More Brexit woe”, and is fr…”.

    Intern 2: “Don’t worry about that, just copy type and run as headline news. Promotion here we come!”.


  50. G.W.F. says:

    Senator McCain has died and the BBC use his death to continue the UK Government’s anti Trump propaganda.


    In July last year, just after his diagnosis, he took part in a late-night Senate session and gave the deciding vote – with a thumbs-down gesture – against partially repealing the contentious Obamacare healthcare law. The move reportedly infuriated Mr Trump.

    Mr McCain also criticised President Trump’s hard-line rhetoric on illegal immigration and his attacks on the media.