Weekend Open Thread 24 August 2018

Comrade  Corbyn has declared his support for the rapidly failing BBC but suggested that there be a ‘British digital corporation’ to rival Netflix or Amazon. Meanwhile , back on Planet Earth , the BBC has not commented about the thoughts of a potentially future Prime Minister .

He also seems to want  beeboids to declare their Social Class. Now there’s a giggle . Maybe users of this site should assign a five star system to those appearing on BBC output and have a special category for no class at all…

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572 Responses to Weekend Open Thread 24 August 2018

  1. Roland Deschain says:

    Can’t see the women joining in this one.


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      I’m not going to walk about dressed in a nightie.


    • chrisH says:

      Only the BBC would DARE to assume that this is how white men in western culture dress.
      How insulting do these liberal scum get to make some kind of aisnine, subliminal point.

      It`s the liberal hacks and snappers who crap themselves in the face of Islam-hence their hatred of braver souls like the Jews.
      Fuck the fuck off BBC scum.
      Bet the Muslims wouldn`t have worn a tie for the BBC, let alone a poncy linen suit-that also shows liberal follow through when a Muslim looks at them funny.


    • Non Snowflake says:

      If the one on the right wears that shirt for too long then he’s in danger of being thrown off the top of a very tall building…….


    • StewGreen says:

      A lot of work and has gone into that slick BBC video
      I have no objection to any religion/cult/beliefsystem promoting themselves with THEIR OWN MONEY
      but when the BBC use licence payers money to make PR for Muslims in Holland surely this is wrong ?


  2. G.W.F. says:

    This photo of advanced 7th century meat preparation in the UK is doing the rounds on social media.
    Not to be found in BBC food programmes.
    Wanna die in jail?
    Throw a bacon sarnie over the fence.



    • Oaknash says:

      At times like this I really do feel the need to say “God really is great”


    • G.W.F. says:

      I wonder if this is Allan’s Snack Bar


    • Non Snowflake says:

      I was going to do a gag along the lines of “Muslims scrape up the remains of a gay man they’ve thrown off a tall building” but I decided that would be in bad taste.


    • Banania says:

      Isn’t that Nadia preparing something scrumptious?


  3. john in cheshire says:

    In case no one has yet mentioned it, here’s a short report on that bloody carnival:


    But who’s paying for 7000, I believe is the number, police to attend this muggers festival? And how come the lefty whiners come out when the US President visits our country, to object to the costs of protecting him from them, yet there’s silence about this annual policing cost of protecting normal people from their Invader mates?

    And how many more crimes occur in the rest of London during this two day event because there are no police to prevent or investigate them?


    • G.W.F. says:

      Cops usually get a bonus – male or female – when rubbing their genitals against an effnik



    • NISA says:

      And my local news, “Look North” always makes a big issue over costs of policing a few dozen EDL demonstrators (not marchers in my town, as they are actually corralled in an edge of town car park)


    • Holly Selassie says:

      When Trump came to Britain, he was only in danger because of the Left and their licensed thugs, now getting the run of our streets.
      That the Left then gloated about how fearful Trump had to be, but simultaneously moaning at how costly the Left were being to the rest of us, by being such dangerous basket cases was quite revealing.
      Like Somali pirates laughing at Lloyds shipping insurance premiums having to rise, like burglars mocking home protection prices or car jacking blokes sneering at women needing to pay more to Sheilas Wheels etc.
      An own goal if ever I saw one.


  4. pugnazious says:

    Who to believe? A Swede with what seems a balanced, straightforward view of what is happening in his country or the BBC’s very confused and deliberately muddled presentation designed to make sure you come away with no views whatsoever.

    The BBC Newsnight programme did dig out some uncomfortable truths about immigration, integration [lack of] and crime in Sweden and yet its conclusion was to ignore these and warn us instead about listening to the likes of Farage or Trump….we must ‘beware the simple message’. Or maybe beware the simple truth if the bbc doesn’t like it?

    Curious thing how the BBC always uses certain people in any conversation as a sort of voodoo spell to cast out demons and ward off evil even when they have little to do with the narrative or there are far better examples. Evan Davis brought us a programme on ‘experts’ and the goto examples of ‘experts’ getting it wrong were all the usual suspects you’d expect a BBC liberal progressive to namecheck because such people are always at the forefront of BBC minds as they seek to demonise and discredit them and their messages.

    Naturally they went straight to the American ‘expert’ on terrorism who claimed there were Muslim run no-go areas in Britain[as if], then there was Lord Lawson on climate change [er…I thought the point of criticism of him is that he wasn’t an expert on climate science], then there was Greenspan and his ‘light touch’ regulation of finance…why go to the US when we have our very own home-grown expert, Gordon Brown, whose own light-touch regulations did so much to destroy our economy, and of course they didn’t forget Gove and his comments. However, despite all that the programme actually came down on the side of Gove and the right to criticise experts and not to glorify or turn them into untouchable divine figures. But why does the BBC have to frame everything in such an obviously partisan and prejudiced manner? There are many other examples of experts getting it wrong, more relevant and significant to events and issues, that the BBC could have chosen in a more balanced manner…but chose not to going for a pantheon of right-wing villains instead.

    Here’s a Swede’s view of Sweden…..

    And here’s the BBC’s muddy maze of views, ‘facts’ and thoughts…

    And calling second or third generation immigrant children ‘swedish’ does not negate the fact that it is still immigration that brought them there…no immigration and they wouldn’t be an issue would they?

    The Swedish government tries hard to deny the truth and wants you to believe crime is dropping and any crime committed is not done by immigrants and yet they admit to this contradictory problem….guarantee most of these areas are ones with high immigrant numbers…..

    ‘In a report published in June 2017, the Swedish Police Authority identified 61 areas around the country that have become increasingly marred by crime, social unrest and insecurity. Of these 61 areas, 23 are considered to be particularly vulnerable.

    These areas are sometimes carelessly called ‘no-go zones’. While the Police Authority has stated that working in these vulnerable areas is often difficult, it is not the case that police do not go to them or that Swedish law does not apply there.

    The causes of the problems in these areas are complex and multifaceted. To reverse the trend, more action is required from all of society, at all levels.’


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think a democratic vote might be more of an indication as long as it’s not fixed of course .

      Hard to listen to any of that stuff now because one knows there will be a gratuitous swipe at Politics al beeb doesn’t like . It’s a joke now .


    • john in cheshire says:

      If these invaders have no Swedish blood running through they their veins, then no matter how many generations or how long they’ve lived there, they are not Swedish. The same goes for our invaders here in England.


      • David R says:

        And if the young ones start school unable to speak Swedish as fluently as any other child at that age? I haven’t seen the figures, but it cetainly happens that born in England but unable to speak or understand any English at 5 years old certainly does


  5. Non Snowflake says:

    Not bBBC-related (although it could easily be one of their programmes).

    Sky Arts last night. A documentary about the moon landings and the effect they had on pop music. Great idea I thought, we can get some insight into “Space Oddity” and “Rocket Man” among other classic songs from that era.

    Well, yes and no. Those specific songs were mentioned, along with “Life on Mars” actually, but the programme also decided to feature various black “singers” and their various songs based around space travel, moon landings etc.

    And what did we get, as soon as we left the fabulous songs by the white singers and moved onto the black ones? Well, firstly we had the completely pointless “poet” Gil Scott-Heron with “Whitey on the moon” (you can already see where this was heading). Then we had mid-70s black funk group Parliament which included interviews about “segregation”. No really. In a space/music documentary. Who’d have thought?

    Add to this some still shots and video of various slogans showing that blacks are victimised etc etc etc.

    In other words, as soon as the programme turned to the black music:-

    1) The standard of music itself went downhill *very* rapidly.
    2) The programme degenerated into yet another agenda-fuelled excuse to feature whinging attention-seeking blacks (most of whom are probably millionaires anyway)

    Can we not have one single documentary which just does what it says on the tin? No agendas, no bias, just a straight programme.

    Oh and Billy Bragg was in it as well.


    • Holly Selassie says:

      What if May offered to make Mars, plastic free, gay run and killed tobacco smokers -but loved criminals, Muslim migrants and druggies.
      AND offered it as the replacing member of the EU from April 1st next year?
      That would surely solve a few problems, the moaners might swallow that.


  6. G.W.F. says:

    The BBC are sending Diversity May to Africa for a few days.
    Christmas will come early for African dictators when Treezer hands them aid from British taxpayers.



    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      The Africans can keep the treasonous bitch.
      I will send them a recipe for tasty jerked May.
      They can boil her in a big pot.


      • Holly Selassie says:

        Maybe George Osborne has a recipe with her in it.
        Scrawny, stringy, possibility of mad cow/CJD.
        Probably would need some sugar lobbed in too, being diabetic.
        Sorry, but her daily betrayal has created some real anger. Who gives a damn WHAT they do with her, so long as she pisses off and lets a leader take over.


    • Guest Who says:

      Maybe she will mention the murders and mutilations?

      Or maybe they will point out they are not white and how’s about a nice few thousand acres of prime farmland for when she retires if she could swing a few Jag F-Paces? She will of course always have a massive security detail on hols so no worries about the acceptably racist locals, unlike the unfortunate previous occupants.



  7. lojolondon says:

    Trump bravely reported that South African farmers are being murdered and having their farms stolen.
    I struggled to find any news about the situation on the Biased BBC, but eventually found this sleazy ‘rebuttal’ – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-45285827
    … the dishonesty of which is accurately reflected in this article showing how the MSM is ignoring and lying about the situation :


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      Guardian today
      “Ignore Donald Trump’s actual words. What matters is who they are aimed at” Nesrine Malik
      A perpetual lefty white men hater of the first order, writing, ostensibly, about the theft of White Farms in South Africa.

      It’s hate Trump throughout the article. No surprise.
      It’s hate Trump in the comments too. No surprise.
      But if anyone at the guardian cares at all about the fate of white farmers, they are not writing about.


      • Holly Selassie says:

        “Ignore what is said-just look at who is being spoken about”.
        The beauty of the idiot left is that they sum up their madness, so that we no longer need to.
        Basically, this clown is saying that some topics are not to be discussed.
        No matter the words, no matter who says them.


    • Up2snuff says:

      I loved this comment from ‘Critical Mass’:

      “Lefties are so consumed by leftist ideology that even in the act of reading their line of sight is directed towards the left i.e. they read from right to left.

      Hence the fudging of 27% and 72%. “


    • Guest Who says:

      Yet to come across the BBC’s ‘take’, but on Globby Views I have learned that Jez Hunt is off to Myanmar to ‘investigate’ war crimes against the Rohingya as part of the UN’s selective response team.

      Now if people are being beastly to others anywhere they should be held to account, and punished.

      I am less clear on how a British Foreign Sec is going to find out anything in country to assist with this.

      Or why this seems to have got our senior government excited when stuff like has happened and still happens across the ME is quietly ignored, and of course the situation in South Africa has been clearly stamped by all in the state establishment as ‘there be dragons’.


      • Guest Who says:

        This is Sky’s effort.



  8. Beeb Brother says:

    ‘German Far Right Street Mob . . .’

    This is absolute classic of Beebspeak, where you have to work backwards to work out what has happened which is that an immigrant has murdered a German after he tried to protect his woman. The BBC states there was some sudden outbreak of ‘Far Right’ activity for no reason whatsoever.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      This is why the BBC must die.
      They can pretend these cuddly immigrants are lovely as often as they like.
      We know the truth, time to ship them all back to 5000BC.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Sorry, B B. Posted before checking earlier posts as I’m supposed to be working!


    • Holly Selassie says:

      Thanks to sites like this BB, we`re all well versed now in always checking anything with that BBC rubric smothering any truth in any news story they throw out to us.
      I think of their tales as being layers of a leek…how many layers of leaves do I need to peel away, before I find there`s no centre to be found.
      Just air.
      General rule-the bigger the story, the less peeling needed before the lies reveal themselves.
      Usually third order leekage, nearly all their “news”


  9. Roland Deschain says:

    Complete the following sentence: Comments could….

    It appears the BBC may have been a little economical with the truth and gets called out on it.

    Note how it isn’t the immigrants with knives that alarm police. It’s those who protest about it.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      BBC “Martina Renner, an MP for the radical Left party, accused the far right of seeking to exploit the murder for political ends.”

      I bet they accused somebody, but could not care less about the murder.
      I accuse the left, everywhere, of ensuring as many white people as possible are murdered, and then gloating about it.

      This of course, is due to the existence of the EU, the Nobel Peace Prize winning EU.
      Thank you lefties for fucking up Europe, part of it for the second time.
      Well when police, and in some parts of Europe, the Armed Forces, will not help the European people, the European people will have to defend themselves.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      In fairness, I should point out that someone in the comments purporting to be from the town says there was no girl. Who to believe? I don’t know, not having seen the original source of the story.

      All I can say is that the BBC et al have forfeited any right to be believed since their wilful covering up of Cologne.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        They’ve tried again, I see.

        To much the same result.

        Now I should point out that in the story linked to, it states, “Police have denied rumours on social media that the fight was linked to the sexual harassment of a woman”.

        But (and correct me if I’m wrong) did the police not also deny the Cologne assaults took place, until forced by the weight of evidence to backtrack?

        We also have this: “Police have reported Hitler salutes being thrown among the right-wing crowd”.

        That just seems terribly convenient, doesn’t it? Are we talking a lone nutter? Several? It doesn’t say. Maybe it did happen, but it seems an incredibly stupid thing to do unless you’re deliberately trying to alienate those who might support you; and a very easy way of discrediting inconvenient protestors whilst giving an excuse to say “far right” again.

        Perhaps some videos may emerge to shed some light. And perhaps I’m being paranoid and should accept as true all the authorities tell me.

        (Reposted on the new thread)


  10. AsISeeIt says:


    ‘An Iowa college student killed during a jog this month died from “multiple sharp force injuries”, according to a post-mortem examination. The Iowa State Medical Examiner determined that Mollie Tibbetts’ death was a homicide, but did not specify what caused the fatal wounds. A farm worker has been charged in the 20-year-old’s death last month. The killing has recharged the US debate over illegal immigration after it emerged the suspect was Mexican.’

    No, no, no. Let us rephrase that last sentence for you BBC:

    The killing has recharged the US debate over illegal immigration after it emerged the suspect was an illegal immigrant.


  11. Skeldings says:

    I was quite looking forward to the start of Bodyguard last night: the trailers having informed me that it was from the makers of the excellent Line of Duty, including talented writer Jed Mercurio. And, as far as it went, it proved reasonably enjoyable. But like any other BBC drama it was still punctuated by more or less constant liberal agenda box-ticking.

    Bronze Commander at the train incident: female – tick.
    Lead firearms officer: female – tick.
    Hijab-wearing female with suicide vest attached to her in train WC – misunderstood entirely. The off-duty sergeant who confronted her must have spent ten minutes telling her that, really, she didn’t want to do this; she had been persuaded against her will; that in truth she was just a nice, ordinary Muslim girl – tick, tick, tick.

    Home Secretary to whom said Sergeant was assigned as Protection Officer: female (though played with the usual aplomb by the estimable Keeley Hawes) – half tick.

    Said Sergeant’s immediate superior who advised him he was being assigned to the Home Secretary as PPO: female – tick

    Very unpleasant, aggressive party Chief Whip: male – tick. Some dialogue then followed about monkey nuts, to which Sergeant Budd, who for most of the time looked and sounded like he was a robot, said: “I’m mixed race”. I said to the meme-sahib “he doesn’t look mixed-race”. The meme-sahib agreed. It then turned out he wasn’t in fact mixed-race; so I fear I got a bit lost over that scene. Must be old age I assume.

    Couldn’t quite work out whether the rude, aggressive and discourteous Home Secretary was based on Amber or Theresa. Since she on two occasions told someone to “F off” I assumed Amber as I couldn’t imagine Theresa, despite her many failings, really being quite so rude to anyone…..unless any contributors know differently…..I shall probably stick with it to its conclusion. It has the potential to be a good political thriller if only it could just leave some things alone. But then it is the BBC….


    • Guest Who says:

      Mixed responses to this, er, ‘news’, but erring on the ‘room for improvement’.


    • Halifax says:

      Excuse me but what about the female sniper….the female bomb disposal officer both of whom must have been “on” ….and please don’t forget he trusted his kids to a BME lady. And what about the hotel lobby five people in it all women.
      At that point I switched off ….I’d also like to point out they used redundant rolling stock so completely innacurate….can somebody please elabatare on the rolling stock. I know your out there.


  12. Guest Who says:

    I think it’s a spoof (hard to tell these days), but has garnered an impressive sample size to a simple question.

    Just…. doubtful Sky will be trumpeting it all week with the BBC bizarrely saying ‘check out Sky’ in complement.


    • Up2snuff says:

      re Gina Miller and others, Supreme Court, January 2017 … . .
      . . . . ….. you cannot get away from it, it is a Decision.


  13. Guest Who says:

    It’s nice when the bbc goes for the positives.

    Looking forward to their Fashion Editor’s review of the next Antifa catwalk show.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Well, the only tv shots l saw, were those of a few stragglers making their way to it ! – bit like the half million tickets available for Phoenix Park in Dublin yesterday, but only 200 thousand took up the offer. So, where I read ‘thousands of people party’ in Notting Hill, I take it to mean a hellluva lot less.


  14. Guest Who says:

    Bbc VMO staff twitter accounts are rife with ‘one degree of seperation’ speaking for the nation punts, but this effort from Toenails is… impressive.

    Reactions are ‘mixed’ at best.


  15. Guest Who says:

    Ok, it is Ch4, but….


  16. pugnazious says:

    The Campaign Against Antisemitism have put out a petition.

    You can add your name if you feel like it…



    • Fedup2 says:

      The other bit they left off was commissioning a white wash report by baroness shabby shabi of sold her soul.
      Perhaps other Jewish MPs will leave the Labour Party as Mr Gapes did a couple of days ago. This didn’t seem to get much coverage by al beeb but no surprise there…