The Treatment of Tommy Robinson by the media

Thursday the 27th of September 2018 sees the retrial of Tommy Robinson. The State needs to be aware that many in the UK and as importantly – in the few free countries around the world- will be watching .

politicised judges such as the one who gave him 13 months imprisonment knowing full well what the potential lethal consequences could be – must know their own wrongdoing .

Reasoned comments here please for such an important issue to our freedom

Midweek Open Thread 26 September 2018

The staff of the Far Left BBC will be preparing to sing the internationale at the end of their party conference today . BBC 2 is to be rebranded – presumably to a picture of the Test Card .

A black American comedian has gone off to tell jokes in prison for 10 years ……

and talking of prison — the Tommy Robinson show trial is about to start …enjoy?

Start the Week Thread 24 September 2018

The Far Left BBC has a busy week ahead to promote its biased anti British view of the world.

The Far Left Labour Party Conference, the Tommy Robinson political retrial , the evidence of a woman attempting to prevent President Trumps’ Supreme Court nominee by alleging indecent assault from 36 years ago. And I haven’t even mentioned the BBC Remainer propaganda .

So an easy week for us to evidence BBC Bias .

Weekend Open Thread 22 September 2018

The Far Left BBC has , like the rest of us, become a spectator to the Brexit negotiating- unable to give any true account because of its continuing bias.

With less than 190 days to go the BBC Project Fear ratchets up even further making the ‘off’ switch even more attractive .

On a different tack – The rival bids for Sky have gone to auction on Saturday to be  resolved. Both bids guaranteed the editorial independence of The poisonous Sky news for 10 and 15 years respectively . Hopefully that won’t mean anything and the awful liberal BBC lite commercial version will change for the better .