Project Fear Watch

The far left BBC loves “remain”. Friends here recite the bias daily but I thought I’d try to apply the Project Fear grid technique here so we can list the lies via a kind of daily grid.

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  1. AsISeeIt says:

    “Power cuts after Brexit in Northern Ireland”
    “Energy bills up 30%”
    That’s the random headlines from BBC Breakfast this morning – the same broadcaster which also brings us a morality tale from darkest Africa warning us not to trust “Governments who use the term fake news”. And that’s the possibly scripted concluding statement of one Charlie Statist our sofa puppet this morning. And there was me up until now hanging on every word out of Cameroon as being gospel. This snide comment from our BBC presenter was clearly a politically motivated anti-Trump dog whistle. Very poor stuff, BBC. How about you fact check some of your own stuff and nonsense?


    • Fedup2 says:


      The Northern Ireland power cut story was the item which triggered this thread – I thought it light entertainment for us – even to guess what the next frightener would be –

      Yesterday was the NFU saying agricultural exports will be disrupted . The Soros grid seems quite rigid in its daily publication of lies and speculation.


      • AsISeeIt says:

        Frankly this power cuts threat washed over me as nothing more than the usual daily BBC Remainer crap. It was only when the BBC saddled up and mounted the fake news high horse that I summoned the energy to call foul !


        • Rich says:

          They’re closing Kilroot Power Station, one of the main power stations in Northern Ireland, in Carrickfergus, just outside Belfast.

          AES, the American company who own the plant, failed to win a contract being awarded as part of an all-island Single Electricity Market. This has been in place since 2007 and is nothing at all to do with the EU.

          Kilroot is a now considered to be outdated oil and coal powered plant which cannot be updated in a cost effective manner and so was due to close around 2024 anyway. Nothing really to do with the EU and f-all to do with Brexit. AES still own Ballylumford, the biggest power station on mainland Ireland and mainly powered by natural gas, a few miles from Kilroot.

          I think we all know that any power supply problems that are likely to arise anywhere in the UK in the future will be down to the lack of investment in our energy infrastructures by our recent governments, complacent, indecisive and in fear of the green lobby, not Brexit.

          More bs from the bBbc.


      • Deborah says:

        I find it slightly reassuring that the BBC no longer reaches the numbers it used to. However if anyone mentions the Beeb’s dire warnings to me, I remind them of the millennium bug and the Beeb’s ability to predict.


      • taffman says:

        “Yesterday was the NFU saying agricultural exports will be disrupted”
        Last week project fear was a food shortages’?
        UK becomes self sufficient by selling food to ourselves.


  2. Navets says:

    The security of our computer systems will be seriously compromised after Brexit because them Russians will feel free to pick the UK off and unleash its state sponsored Mafia to raid all of our bank accounts with impunity. Bloody Christians!

    Of course, it won’t be the BBC reporting this as its own opinion but merely be quoting Obama, whom Sopel will have just bumped into, who will have been informed of this by an inside source. Mutti Merkel and Manic Macron will then be reported as agreeing with everything Obama has said, no doubt adding their own little snippets.


  3. gb123 says:

    90% of migrating birds will no longer visit the UK after Brexit due to the increased border regulations.


  4. NCBBC says:

    The battle for the soul and the survival of the West as a Western entity is coming to a head today in Washington DC. The issue is whether Justice Kavanaugh can be appointed to SCOTUS against the smear campaign from the Democrats.

    If Pres Trump and the Republicans can get Kavanaugh on SCOTUS, the Supreme Court , will have a conservative majority.

    How does this affect America, and the rest of the world? Consider Hillary had won the presidency. Then all the 50 million+ illegal immigrants in the USA would be legalised. This would ensure the Democrats as the party of government, and the Republicans as a minor opposition party. Over a decade or so, America would no longer be a Western country. T Blair tried something similar. The EU has been doing this for ages. Therefore Brexit is essential for the survival of the UK.

    If Hillary had won, the EU would be emboldened, and with the Democrats in power forever, Visigrad nations would be brought to heel. Europe too would fall to Islam and Africa. Socialism would have achieved its first step in global governance – No Borders , and Climate Change legislation all over the West.

    If Kavanaugh is appointed, Pres Trump will be able to implement immigration laws on merit points based system, rather then the “anchor baby” system. He has already shown hostility to islam. If SCOTUS is conservative, then immigraton laws will become even more restrictive.

    This is the issue. The Democrats are fighting to brcome the party forever and to change Americva in the vision of Obama – a socialist nation. The Democrats have made it clear that they will ban ICE, the immigration enforcement arm of government. Obama is fighting for Climate Change regulations right now in Norway

    Pres Trump is fighting for the survival of America as we know it, and the West.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Just in case Project Fear works – or more likely we are sold out by red or blue red swamp dwellers

      Perhaps we should vote at brexit for the best project fear story


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Very revealing this case.
      The left know that Kavanaugh will set their rolling wave of evil back for years, and so the swamp has dredged up a load of `gaters and crocs from the primordial slime of 1973 to smear him.
      We lost Roy Moore-we can`t afford to lose Brett.
      How come noone cares to follow the timelines of money and notifications…this saga smells of deepest sulphur, pre oxygen even.
      Words fail me re the Left-they really are beyond evil these days.


      • Dave S says:

        This case will polarise the USA for a generation. The truth does not matter. The Progressives will do anything to stop Kavanaugh and the Conservatives will do anything to protect him.
        It is one of those black swan events that start by looking to be about one thing and end up with consequences nobody could have foreseen.
        It could even lead to the break up of the US .
        LIkewise Brexit here. A second vote will force us all to take sides.
        Again consequences nobody probably wants or foresees.
        This is how civil wars begin.


      • tarien says:

        Agree Alicia, I smell bad stuff here, my wife does not for starters understand why so long before this claiment made such statement against Kavanaugh, she claims she would have either smacked his face hard, kicked him where it would hurt most or scratched his eyes out-I can subscribe to that! although a long time ago she recalls many a young college lad in her day getting a little drunk and making passes in perhaps not the most appropriate way. This is a political dredging up ‘crap operation’ to undermine the Republican party who just might be able to save America from Islam and gang barons that present such power in that nation.


        • Holly Selassie says:

          Agreed Tarien.
          Theres not one of us alive in our forties and above who ever fussed or feared this lot of screaming liberals back then.
          The women were resilient, as we had to be-just a matter of not being an idiot or drunk really. The blokes only were doing what the 60s had said was OK-silly boys, just a bit of bleach and some anatomical knowledge , and knowing who to avoid, who was harmless.
          I don`t believe half the stuff that Clintons creeps are putting up, you can`t take the knife out of someones back, after knifing them falsely, and be allowed to get away with it.
          All of this simply uses people to shaft Trump, and if families are torn apart, then they`re glad. Truly evil.


  5. john in cheshire says:

    Does this article’s subject matter count as part of project fear? It’s certainly typical of how the far-left bbc tries to adjust our opinions on the weather:


    • africamike says:

      @ JiC Interesting that this website claims that 64% of the British public does not believe that global warming is caused by human activity, and yet our glorious albeeb says otherwise. It must be a huge frustration for them!


  6. pugnazious says:

    WATO was essentially a glossy advert for the Paris financial district as it tries to poach business away from London. The BBC seemed to be promoting Paris and even suggested it might rival London which might seem odd as the even those bankers opposed to Brexit have come out and said London would still be top. Definitely seemed quite cheerful about stories of financial workers being moved to Paris.

    Off the thread but interested to hear Tory MP Bob Seely suggest ‘watch this space’ as action may be taken against person or persons so far unidentified openly within Parliament/House of Lords in relation to Russian subversion. Goodbye Jeremy? One can hope.

    Surprisingly not any reaction at all to this startling news so far [assuming I heard it right]…..Sarah Montague didn’t seem overly interested….might have thought scoop of the day. Then again she was playing down the Russian attack and tried to suggest this might be a rogue operation without Putin’s knowledge…why then would Putin put them on show under assumed names on TV? Surely he’d just say this was a rogue operation and take the heat off of himself?


  7. MarkyMark says:

    Luton … WHERE ARE THE MODERATE MUSLIMS …. do they exist? Have they ever existed?

    “Because Allah says in the Koran Q33v1 ‘Fear Allah, and do not obey the disbelievers and the hypocrites. Is David Cameron a Muslim of a disbeliever? Guys?” – Anjem Choudary

    “Disbeliever!” – mumbles crowd of 5 other Muslims

    “So you (a Muslim) can’t obey him (Cameron/UK Law). So he (David Cameron/UK law) can go to hell.” – Anjem Choudary


    • vlad says:

      Ah the religion of peace and war: full of hatred for our country, our institutions, our police, our traditions, our religion, our womenfolk, our freedoms, our way of life…

      Beloved of our ruling classes and the beeb.

      Tiny minority my arse.


      • Tothepoint says:

        ..”full of hatred for our country, our institutions, our police, our traditions, our religion, our womenfolk, our freedoms, our way of life…” You have just described the complete checklist for the Far-Left!

        The totalitarian cultists that have taken over Al ShaBeeBC, the UK Communist Party (otherwise known as Labour) the anti-democrates Party in the US, Hollywood….are ALL full of hatred for our countries, our institutions, our police, our traditions, our religion, our womenfolk, our freedoms, our way of life!! No wonder these traitors have such affection and love for the Cult of Muhammad!!


  8. pugnazious says:

    We’ve had all the scare stories about Honda ….

    ‘Like other carmakers in Britian, Honda only stores about an hour’s worth of components at its Swindon plant to keep costs down.

    Instead it relies on about 350 truckloads of parts that are delivered from the continent each day. ‘

    According to Honda it actually stores at least 36 hours worth of parts and receives ‘more than 200 truckloads’ at Swindon…so two BBC ‘facts’ that slightly alter the picture already. Of course not all lorries come from the EU, many parts are manufcatured in the UK. Also Honda imports a fair amount of its parts from Japan…I just don’t know how they get through Customs! Not just parts but whole cars as well. When Japan was hit by the earthquake in 2011 production halved in Swindon due to the shortage of parts. 50% of Swindon’s production goes to markets outside the EU and Honda has plants all around the world that work with each other and import cars into the EU…and yet the BBC tells us Swindon will have to close [almost]…in actual fact it is looking to increase exports, including to japan, and to ramp up production by 18%.

    Can’t really see a big, respected and trusted business like Honda that has predictable, regular transport routines to the UK being at all bothered by customs…it will be all pre-agreed and almost automated and the lorries will flow as usual. The scare stories about ‘just in time’ failing don’t add up as it only takes a bit of pre-planning to reschedule the first orders so that no days are lost.

    BBC seem a little bit too eager to just accept the alarmist hype that protrays Brexit as an economic disaster without giving us a more rounded story with all the context.


    • john in cheshire says:

      I think the self styled far-left bbc reporters are in equal measure just plain ignorant of how the world works and so committed to their marxist propaganda they don’t care about the truth.


    • Luckyharry69 says:

      The BBC are SCARED of their own jobs/security/existence…..its quite simple..Many companies like LIDL have expansion plans in the next few years as do many other foreign businesses.The BBC know they will be broken up eventually.ALL huge failing hierarchys fail eventually……the sooner the better.Let us all SUBSCRIBE to whatever we want to watch.Personally the science/history programmes generally are ok at the BBC.Its the news/sport/drama/soaps etc and other areas I wouldnt bother with.


      • Dave S says:

        This can never be said enough. The BBC is a failed business model and has been for years. These always end up either bankrupt or otherwise terminated.
        Most of their bias is dictated by this knowledge that the good days will soon be over. Minimum wage for presenters ?


      • tarien says:

        I subscribe to that Luckyharry69, the BBC should be very afraid as they will be re-arranged into something else but this time hopefully into a non politically affiliated broadcaster-less opinionated, fewer self serving journalists, lower pay structures, no more people on one million pound salaries, lower expenses, cut out taxi’s costs for the news readers, yes I could go on-sickening really.


    • Dave S says:

      AS Honda is Japanese one can be certain that the executives have made their plans and production will not be affected.
      The shame of failure will ensure that.


    • tarien says:

      BBC one massive traiterous mess-the British Broadcasting Corporation is no longer fit for purpose.


  9. smoogie7 says:

    Funny how they don’t try and scare people over Corbyn’s Brexit!


  10. Fedup2 says:

    Some ReichEU nobody called Timmermans now says that brexiteers are too thick to understand they are coming out of the Single Market .

    Isn’t it amazing how many remainers and members of the ReichEU can read minds . ?

    Beeboids seem to read our minds too and definitely know what’s best for us .

    Declaration – I had another What are you doing on the 7th October ?” Jobs from TV licensing – soft and really absorbant paper for tender skin…

    If I ever met A tv licensing inspector they’d have such a bad day.


  11. Stevie m says:

    If the European union was so wonderful, then why does half the country want to leave it ?


  12. Fedup2 says:

    UK Nationals will suffer because of a skills based immigration policy – says Reich EU. Headline on the albeeb printed version -the failing Guardian .


  13. Payne by name says:

    I see the Beeb are reporting on the Kavanaugh case and in their article about Ford’s testimony talked about how she was terrified and how this incident had ‘drastically affected’ her life.

    I don’t understand if she had to have the memory recalled six years ago because it had been buried so deeply (and I might add when it was recalled she didn’t know who had committed the act), how could it have affected her life?

    Oh yes, sorry, she couldn’t fly and hence had to drive to the hearing because she feared the tight confines of a plane as it reminded her of the tight confines of the room she was trapped in. But what’s that, she worked in Hawaii for a couple of years and clearly would have flown there – oh, okay.

    And why is she terrified? The screaming baying lynch mob outside the senate aren’t wanting to hang her from the nearest lamp post. She’s protected because she’s a woman. He’ll always have this mud against his name where even if she is wrong (which can never be proved) she’ll always be the poor feeble victim crushed once again under the boot of the evil patriarchy.


    • Guest Who says:

      Uni here, now, is so much different, but the trauma is still real.

      According to the NUS President, and aspiring French rappers studying Chemistry that the bbc found at a paintballing weekend, it is pretty grim.


    • Beltane says:

      Another little twist since, as you say, she had the traumatic memory recalled for her in 2012, Kavenaugh’s appointment by Dubbya as an Appeal Court judge in 2006 seems to have passed her by. Odd, that. You’d have thought making the perfidious predator a judge at any level would have prompted her to raise her badly bruised issues far earlier. Still, maybe now that Trump’s involved….


    • madandbad101 says:

      What about our own MPs,Mr Vaz comes to mind,heard of him Al Beeb?


  14. Nibor says:

    Brexit , President Trump , ex Home Secretary Theresa May and Michael Gove .

    All managed to be sneered at in the programme at 11.30 am on Radio 4 called Its A Fair Cop .

    For balance there was a mention of Gordon Brown , out of office for over eight years .

    The biggest sly dig was against Brexit . What rash action have you committed that had bad repucussions was the question asked as our laughing policeman , actually not really laughing but doing that sniggering while talking , in the fashion of the two unfunny presenters of the Now Show and LibDim and Labour politicians , was met by the usual sycophantic whoops and cheers from the BBC audience .

    Well that’s two shows I’ve listened to and two shows having a dig at Brexit so well done BBC , Two out of two is 100% and that is your bias .


  15. Campaign To Abolish The BBC says:


    Has everybody here signed the petition?


  16. Loobyloo says:

    I have ????


  17. Peter Grimes says:

    The IEA are running a series of rebuttals of Project Fear BS and if they’ve not done this already I’m sure they will. Others have already written that the post-Brexit NI energy situation is governed by a bilateral treaty and won’t change.

    The IEA are doing some great stuff currently, especially since Shanker Singham joined from Legatum.


  18. Fedup2 says:

    Thanks- will give them a look – just getting really fed up with it day after day – do those soros fools really think it affects anything ?


  19. taffman says:

    REPEAT !
    Is there anyone out there that can point out any Pro-Brexit bias broadcast by the BBC ? …….


  20. Fedup2 says:

    I heard someone linking the death 3 years ago of a girl on a plane who ate a sandwich with sesame – with brexit when food regulations will be relaxed . Brilliant remainer link – so they are not all thick .


  21. Lucy Pevensey says:

    2 evenings last week I was “greeted” at the rail station on the way home from work by pro-EU canvassers. The machine never stops. They must be feeling desperate. More money wasted on leaflets. Lord Adonis is coming to give us an anti-Brexit talk. As if the constant media assault isn’t enough! Plummy upper-class canvassers. Needless to say, I told them I had no intention of changing my position. “I am anti-EU & VERY pro- Brexit. No one with a moral conscience could support that sinister political union” Shocked faces all around.


  22. Fedup2 says:

    Junkers 52 reports that a full brexit will lead to no uk registered aircraft being able to land in the ReichEU

    So sounds like we ll have to do parachute training on package hols…


  23. taffman says:

    Aldi , a German company are to open 130 more stoes in Great Britain and will source more British produce. Nowt on Al Beeb . I wonder why ?…………………


  24. taffman says:

    Aldi , a German company are to open 130 more stores in Great Britain and will source more British produce. Nowt on Al Beeb . I wonder why ?…………………


  25. Rich says:

    Brexit “could delay” NI Fire Service response.

    Headline on bBbc NI web page today.

    I kid you not. FFS , who do these morons think they’re kidding?