Remainer March Thread 20 October 2018

The remainer BBC will go over board on their propaganda message today so here’s the space to record it . I hope not too many of us have switched off for the day….

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101 Responses to Remainer March Thread 20 October 2018

  1. tarien says:

    Just seen certain headlines in certain newspapers : That piece of S……i…T Chaudrey has been released from Prsion before the full length of his sentance, Why? We might all ask-goodness knows why his British Citizenship was not torn away and his eveil bulk deported back to his country of origin. Those killers of Lee Rigby are now expected to serve life, good in one way but that means you and I the tax payer will have to foot the bill for goodness knows how long-execute them now-bring back Capital Punishment for such horric crimes where there is absolutely no doubt of innocents. And as far as the situ with the EU is concerned-Leave means Leave as is being continually claimed so let’s get on with it. The longer this Government shilly shally the longer the EU negotiators will prevaricate against allowing a forward morion of the deal to Leave. Every person who is of the same mind must write to thier MP no matter that MP’s affiliations. What a mess everywhere.


  2. Edited Highlights says:

    Yes the BBC are getting quite excited about the Losers Vote – thousands are going to be in the streets – the BBC with its campaign to prevent Brexit are hoping it will be at least 100,000……it will all be breathlessly reported on the unbiased BBC…..

    Whether its stuffing Question Time panels full of remainers or running more project fear scare stories, or glum faced Newsnight ‘reports’ into the ‘impact of BREXIT’ the remainers can count on the national broadcaster for their support.

    Just look at how they report the result – to 2 decimal places as if that invalidates the outcome!

    ‘The British public voted to leave the EU by a margin of 51.89% to 48.11% in a referendum in June 2016.’


    • Kaiser says:

      remainer march, remoaner march, peoples vote, losers vote, vote on the deal

      quite what is it that these people are marching for bussed at soros and the EU’s expense


    • RJ says:

      “the BBC with its campaign to prevent Brexit are hoping it will be at least 100,000”

      If only 3 men and a dog turn up the BBC will use stock footage and tell us afterwards there were 100,000.


      • ID says:

        According to LBC, there are now 660,000 on the march, only a twenty sixth of those who voted for Brexit. Deluded LBC weasel tries to argue that because the number of people on pro leave demos “seems less to him” the tide must be turning.
        The BBC, LBC and Sky are constantly prattling on about the dangers arising from the “rise of populism”. What could be more populist than a street mob demanding the overturning of a legitimate democratic vote approved 10:1 by the supreme democratiic authority in the land, as they keep telling us, the members of the House of Quislings.


    • Guest Who says:

      100,000 on a subsidised jolly to London is… in democratic terms, irrelevant.

      A majority by a margin over ten times that in a secret ballot is.


  3. smoogie7 says:

    I’m at work so keeping out of it. Most people couldn’t care about the march anyway. People a few Labour voters trying to force another election on the sly


    • Kaiser says:

      it will be full of people saying the EU protects jobs and workers rights, whilst driving down wages by creating an endless supply of cheap workers


  4. G says:

    Length of so-called, Transition Period? – (forgive me, I cannot find a suitable large symbol for ‘infinity’. So you just have to imagine it the ‘eight’ lying on its side. That’s not too difficult using Treezers language.


  5. Guest Who says:

    There is a ‘wrong type of democracy’. Apparently.

    I wonder who the bbc will throw their weight behind in promoting this ‘fight’ too?


  6. Guest Who says:

    The ever impartial Dom Cascani is in full flow.

    So far, #CCBGB

    I wonder if he will be there later with Anita Anand sporting their hers and hers matching BBC #Loser beanies?


  7. john in cheshire says:

    Tommy Robinson, the real reporter, is back in court next Tuesday, if the swamp dwellers don’t postpone it again.

    It will be interesting to see how many Tommy Robinson supporters turn up outside the Old Bailey to hear the outcome; though I wouldn’t be surprised if the session lasts a few minutes and a date set for the trial proper. It’s the kind of trick the swamp dwellers are likely to pull just to drag out the mental anguish of uncertainty. They have no concern about justice being swift, fair and transparent. Does the judicial system these days require these creatures to swear an oath of persecution of patriotic Englishmen and women?

    I wonder how much air time the far-left, Tommy Robinson hating, muslim loving bbc will give to this important case?


    • john in cheshire says:

      I think people should watch this 5 minute video. It’s real reporter Tommy Robinson’s rebuttal of all the lies that are now being spread in the fake news rags about him and his real reporting of the muslim rape gang trial in Leeds.


      • theisland says:

        Thanks for this. Everyone watch.

        Also, Ezra Levant has arranged for impartial reporters to cover TR’s case on Tuesday – at least one has arrived.


      • pugnazious says:

        TR says this story is ‘One day’s news…and it’s gone’….that’s true on the BBC website…the story has been vanished to the England page…a story about a twenty strong gang of groomers and abusers just suddenly not of interest…or rather they don’t want you to keep on reading about it. Maybe they don’t want another Darren Osborne who was radicalsied and inspired to attack Muslims by the BBC programme ‘Three Girls’. if it happened here again I’m sure TR would again get the blame as he did with Osborne…blamed by the BBC on Newsnight when it should have been the producer etc of ‘Three Girls’ if anyone.


    • TheRebelUK says:

      Our national broadcaster must of hated reporting on the Muslim rape gang who abused all them white girls. These filth who commited these disgusting abuses got on the BBC news site for a few hours and now no trace. Even the regional Leeds BBC news page no longer mentions it.
      Can you imagine if it had been a white gang who had been caught abusing Asian girls?? This would be headline news for weeks and they would be demanding all sorts of action.

      BBC you are complete left wing biased and have obvious love for Muslims and dont give a sh*t about white working class people in this country. To think once you were a great broadcaster. Those days are gone and hopefully you will soon stop forcing an unfair TV licence tax on us all.


    • Beeb Brother says:

      It is so obscene how they frame him as an ‘extremist’ for merely standing up to extremism such as child rape etc. That photo of all the army lads with him was glorious as it showed that how despite the media being united in portraying him as a nasty ‘extremist’ nobody believes one jot of it.


    • jip says:

      According The Jay report, Rotherham has a population of 8000 Muslims, of these 50% are women and 30% are children, so there are about 2,800 Adult Muslim males. Yet the report described 1,400 child gang rape victims. Some were raped hundreds of times in total, so probably in excess of 14,000 rapes in total. That means 5 rapes per adult Muslim male on average… What is more we have similar numbers in Telford, Sandwell… and many other towns, hidden by a government that refuses to do a proper study

      Click to access independent_inquiry_cse_in_rotherham.pdf


  8. pugnazious says:

    I note the march is top news on UK page whilst the Huddersfield grooming gang has disappeared completely or has been made so unobvious that no-one will notice it. However they do have one bit of top news…

    But is he right? Seems not…..Amere Dhaliwal reportedly [not by the BBC of course] converted to Sikhism after the abuse began…of course what he converted from is not clear….BBC not mention the conversion in case it gives an opening to the possibility in people’s minds that he was a Muslim…however the BBC do put out a spoiler half-truth that suggests he wasn’t a Muslim whilst there is as yet no proof that he was or wasn’t…but it looks like he cetainly wasn’t a Sikh at the time of the offences…..

    From the Independent:

    ‘Members of a grooming gang who abused vulnerable girls in Huddersfield have been jailed for more than 220 years.

    Three trials at Leeds Crown Court this year heard how at least 15 victims were groomed and raped in the West Yorkshire town between 2004 and 2011.
    Dhaliwal, who has children of his own and converted to Sikhism in 2013, was convicted of 54 separate offences, including 22 rapes involving 11 different girls.’

    From local paper….

    ‘The ringleader, Amere Singh Dhaliwal, converted to Sikhism after the abuse. He wears a turban, carried a kirpan in it and swore on the Guru Granth Sahib before taking to the witness stand.’

    Sjy are also supposed to have reported this fact…as has the Mail…

    ‘Dhaliwal, who is married with children and converted to the Sikh religion five years ago, carried out some of gang’s most sickening abuse. ‘

    Today programme this morning [Why does Muslim Mishal Husain always get the Muslim stories? BBC journos are already pro-Islam so to put a Muslim journo on to cover these stories kind of doubles up on the bias] was pushing the narrative that Msulim girls also get abused…thus it’s not a case of ethnicity or religion.. I note Sarah Champion’s phone line wasn’t connecting as she tried to make such a link…unfortunately cut off [curiously that does happen coincidentally on a few occasions with ‘contorversial’ guests].

    Still at least the Home Secretary isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade…


    • Rob in Cheshire says:


      I noticed it too. Amazing that we can talk to a person in space but the BBC can’t manage a phone line.

      Before Sarah Champion, they had on some sort of dhimmi social worker, who was back to calling the muslim paedos “Asians” once again. She made the point that most paedos are white (true but irrelevant: most gang grooming paedos are muslims), and then seemed to think her work was done. Then we go to Sarah Champion. As soon as she begins to comment on the ethnic background of the muslim paedos, her line goes dead.

      I could believe this sort of thing happening once or twice by chance, but ever since the Referendum it happens time and time again to people who dissent from the BBC party line. It cannot be a coincidence.

      The rest of the Today programme was then made up of pro-immigrant propaganda, reporting on a mob of 4000 Hondurans who are trying to invade Mexico en route to the USA. We are meant to feel sorry for them, apparently.


      • Kaiser says:

        if pakistanis reported child abuse within their own community to the police I suspect the percentage of overall pedo’s who are white may come down dramatically

        There is a reason oldham was known locally as the incest centre of britain


    • NISA says:

      After many months just a chance event that the reporting restrictions lifted on a Friday which will produce least noticed media coverage?


    • smoogie7 says:

      Sajid Javid should be seen as a good role model for all UK Muslims but because he is a Tory the BBC seem to ignore that he is there when they try to hype up another ‘Tory Islamophobia’ story just to try and get even over Labour’s ongoing and still problematic Anti-Semitism issue which seems to be ignored by the BBC at the moment.

      The BBC even had the cheek to claim that the ‘non whites’ of Britain are more likely to vote for Labour which is laughable as I am yet to see much evidence of this. The same BBC have been stirring it up all week at the moment this week. Anti Tory this, anti Brexit that, throw in some trivia over ‘trans community’ related stories and maybe something anti America as well.

      The BBC is little more than anything than anti western, anti capitalism and anti conservatism. As for being impartial and democratic forget about it. The BBC is a joke and not a funny one either


  9. Fedup2 says:

    Chelsea v manu is obviously far more important than some nonsense snowflake march but it does make one wonder what they would do if another vote delivered the same outcome ….


  10. Englands Dreaming says:

    On Sly news they are trying to equate the Losers march with a rally Nigel F is holding in Harrogate, saying there are a lot more people at the Losers march!


  11. john in cheshire says:

    Has anyone else seen this report on Westmonster website?

    The collectivist losers just can’t resist scraping at the bottom of the barrel to make a new low. They are disgusting and God help us if they are yet again allowed to hold the levers of power:

    No doubt the drones in the hive that is the far-left bbc will be sniggering among themselves at this loser poster.


  12. Kaiser says:

    bbc reporting 600,000 retarded losers have gathered in london

    hmmmm we will see what the real figure is later


    • Fedup2 says:

      Freedom to protest is okay for some but when the Democratic footy lads protested the state treated them somewhat differently

      I suppose if remainers want to undermine brexit negotiations its their right to do it . And in 160 days they can celebrate the ReichEU flag being taken off of registration plates , buildings and other signs ( built with funding by the EU) what a lie that was .

      Whatever the outcome of negotiations we are not being told – with less that 6 months – how border control is going to be improved and whether people coming into UK are going to be recorded as well as leaving – and arrangements to deport EU citizens who have no right to be in UK.

      The government it not telling the British people what is going on and what will happen in the period after we leave which is just not right .


  13. Doublethinker says:

    It seems likely that, eventually, by whatever means, the UK Remainer elite will win the day and we will more or less remain in the EU. The Remainers do not want to be seen riding rough shod over democracy. So they will either run a second referendum , laughingly referred to as the People’s Vote ( what on earth was the first one then!) and claim that the people have changed their mind, but only if they are absolutely certain of winning , probably by fixing the ballot. Or they will arrange with Brussels for us to apparently leave when the truth is that we won’t really have ie BRINO, and that we can rejoin at a later date.
    But whichever subterfuge they implement 17.4 million Leavers will know with certainty that democracy has been trampled in the mud and that we no longer live in a democratic country. The long term consequences of this are unknown but probably serious and profound. I even note amongst some of my Remainer friends ( I still have some) growing realisation that if we don’t leave properly their’s will be a Phyric victory from which more harm than good ( in their terms) could well result. Remainers are now beginning to fear remaining!!


  14. G.W.F. says:

    Poor Linda, working class woman, tricked into voting for Brexit, but finally sees the light and joins the People’s March.
    Yeah, they think we Northerners are this stupid.


  15. Richard Pinder says:

    The Communists call it a peoples march for a “Peoples Democratic Dictatorship”. It works like this:

    You vote in a referendum: If you vote “NO” to the European Unions Peoples Democratic Dictatorship, then you are forced to vote again and again and again and again, on and on and on, for ever and ever, while remaining inside the dictatorship for ever and ever. But if you vote “YES” to the European Unions Peoples Democratic Dictatorship, then you don’t get to vote again, because you have just voted for a peoples democratically elected Dictatorship.

    This also happened in National Socialist Germany and Islamic Algeria, as well as in Communist countries.


  16. theisland says:

    No way of knowing – but stand firm!


  17. Scroblene says:

    Of course the numbers will be hugely inflated!

    Photoshopped pics all over the place, showing – strangely – a summertime view instead of an October one!

    (Just enhance the green bit Anjem, nobody will notice, and we’ll have the lot done by tonight, then down to the latte for pinkos shop)!

    Never, ever believe a word our tax-payer funded notional ‘broadcaster’ says or does, they just spout lies every time!

    What a disgraceful shower they are.


    • Guest Who says:

      I no longer sign petitions.

      I cheat on polls.

      I do not go on marches.

      The only thing that matters is the outcome of secret ballots conducted by personal attendance, preferably without ‘postal votes’ for any bar those with a darn good reason.

      So let them have a million if they want.

      That is still around 16,000,000,000 shy of any significance.

      Hope they all had a lovely day out on Bob, George, Patrick and the rest of the muppets.


  18. Fedup2 says:

    Don’t forget of course that many of these marchers were bought by the likes of geldoff and soros . That does not negate the sentiment of people standing up for what they believe but the time to have done that was when the original referendum took place .
    That referendum was based on ‘ no ifs no buts’ – there will only be one go at this ….. once in a generation – lifetime or what ever .

    I come back to this —- we leave – WTO -and if it fails we will have to rejoin …. accept the Euro, a federal Europe , an EU Army , unified taxation , turkey in the EU, a president and subservience to the Franco-kraut set up in – say 5 to 10years …. assuming no one else destroys the EU Reich for us ….

    …. but when we succeed using a better tarif system and border controls as well as saving the financing of the Reich others will see us and maybe we can set up an alternative European Trading Organisation without the need for a swamp of drunks in Brussels …..

    It’s a national shame that because the BBCis so biased the kind of thoughts I’ve written above are not discussed . And – yes – I know floating the idea of rejoining could potentially weaken the brexit case I am being practical .


    • tarien says:

      Agree Fedup, not surprised that the likes of Geldoff and Soroa would have been behind this mass hysterical farce. Maybe I shouldn’t be but I am simply astounded that we have nigh on 600, 000 traitors and allowed them to march though the streets of London-there was a reaction from UKIP further north but barely credited with any even publicity. This Prime Minister of ours has to come to the screen and tell the public inno uncertain terms that there will not be a second referendum, and further that details of what is being proposed by Britain to the EU negotiators be printed out in all Newspapers and through other such outlets. People need to know the full extent of what the situ is and that this nation will leave the controlling claws of the EU next March 2019 END OF>


  19. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    See that mare of London, Khan.
    He was being interviewed at the March.
    He said “nobody told us that leaving the eu meant leaving the single market”
    He was not interrupted at all and was allowed to waffle and lie.


    • Fedup2 says:

      If he really said that he must be even thicker than I thought he is . Just survives on animal political cunning and playing the race card and bus drivers son routine when needed


  20. yohodi says:

    Neat, I mean brilliantly done.. The March Against Democracy..(Mad)…you could not make this poo up!…Lefty logic ..


  21. Up2snuff says:

    The BBC are claiming 150 coaches came to London for the Peoples Vote march. That’s under 9000, assuming all coaches were full. Londoners will account for the bulk of the march with easy access by bus, local rail and London Underground. Then there are affluent anti-Brexiteers who travel by mainline train services. Anyone here who works for Network Rail and sees passenger numbers and can run some checks?

    Whatever the total demo number, it is not what really counts unless a significant number, say 1.0m+, 1.5m+, or more. The politicians who may or may not deal with another UK Referendum on the EU in the HoC & HoL will still be pushing for it if they are remorseless Remainers or resisting it if they care for our democracy or are Leavers or both.

    In a way it is a futile exercise because the ‘Vox Pops’ that I heard showed up Remainers in rather a poor light. One poor lass (R4 at lunchtime 1pm) must have been struggling to be a snowflakette, definitely not robust enough to be a full-on snowflake. She had grandparents living in Germany and thought that the UK leaving the EU meant that she would never be able to visit them or they her.

    It is amazing what some people believe about the EU.

    Anyone else who voted Remain and hears her piece on R4 will be wondering if maybe they did the right thing.

    Then there are those who voted Remain who do not want another vote and are either concerned for UK democracy or have seen the EU in a new light, courtesy of some of their fellow countrymen and countrywomen, since June 2016 and do not like what they have seen.


  22. Nibor says:

    The Remainer BBC announces about the march to take place in Remainer London weeks in advance , telling everyone ALL the main parties are represented .
    No they’re not . UKIP isn’t , and it’s more of a main party still than the LibDims .

    I haven’t seen any footage of the march but I’m betting myself this can of beer that their placards and attitude were ugly and rude , unlike other demonstrations about this . Was Geldof there ?


    • Fedup2 says:

      I suppose the liberal leader was there to bore everyone to tears . By now – Saturday evening -,they’ll be on the lash telling each other War stories about marching for freedom . 159 days to reality


    • smoogie7 says:

      Not very rude:


      A bit rude:


      Very rude:


      Clearly used at Corbyn rallies:


      So yeah it was a mixed bag but as you can see there is a hint of Labour voters out there as well. Funny how their messiah Corbyn didn’t show up, I would have thought that he would have cashed in on their for extra votes!


  23. Englands Dreaming says:

    Look at the “star” speakers
    Chuka, Soubry, Khan, Cable, Lucas
    Ye gods, a mass orgy of virtue signalling; at least the poor crowd were spared Sir Bob and Bono

    Cleggy of course was to busy updating his FB page


    • Fedup2 says:

      I wonder if the ReichEU will grant those who marched refugee status so they can make a chose of country to go to since they love their political regime so much – and of course retain their EU passports and renouncing UK nationality …..


    • Guest Who says:

      Was Femi there? Or providing running commentary from the BBC studios?


  24. Dover Sentry says:

    If the ‘march’ had comprised people who had changed their minds and now wanted to remain, I could understand it’s significance.

    But the ‘march’ comprised those who voted to remain and lost.


  25. smoogie7 says:

    From the main BBC page, a bit more Tory bashing I see?


    How about attack all MPs who voted leave, like that Mr Corbyn who himself hates the EU? You know, the guy who would ruin the country?

    Oh that’s right, Corbyn is allowed to stay out of it because he made a cheeky U-turn and they want him to be PM.

    I should have gone to that protest just to protest against the BBC live on camera against their left wing bias but had I done that my picture would be plastered all over their main website above the now buried grooming gang articles and referred to as a nasty far right troll who tried to spoil the peaceful protest.

    In fact I was at work today and took no notice of the whole thing whatsoever. I have better things to do with my time


  26. pugnazious says:


  27. Guest Who says:

    Sky, so OT, but they do like posing questions too.

    That said, #CCBGB


  28. smoogie7 says:

    Last thing before I head off. This was posted by someone on a Facebook page that I post on where there is a war going on at the moment. Not BBC but reflecting today’s events:


    ‘Ok, let me try and put this as simply as I can. I knew exactly what I was voting for, I knew it would be a very difficult process, not without pain. I knew the EU and it’s masters would fight tooth and nail to keep us tied to them. I didn’t vote Leave because of anything politicians were saying or putting on buses, I did my own thorough research, long before the referendum was even announced. If I didn’t care about the future for my children, grandchildren and future generations, I would have opted for the status quo and voted Remain. It’s precisely because I care, that I took the opportunity given to us, to get out of the EU and all it represents, hence giving future generations at least a chance of remaining free. It seems to me that the Remainers haven’t done much actual research themselves, but merely take note of what so called ‘experts’ feed them. Do you and they not see how you are being manipulated, aided and abetted by vast sums of money, from people who have a vested interest in keeping us tied to the EU?

    It’s a bit like, if I just wanted a cushy existence for the rest of my days I would vote for Jeremy Corbyn. He would guarantee me an increase in my pathetic pension, much better social care and increased services all round, in short, practically ‘instant gratification’. However, this would be extremely short sighted, the cost to future generations in having to pay for this ‘instant gratification’, would be enormous, where do you think this sort of money would come from? (I resist mentioning the magic money tree 🙂 ). It would come from massive borrowing, this has already been stated by the Labour party. So you see, I do know exactly why I voted the way I did, along with millions of others’


    • tarien says:

      Yes smoogie, like you I had taken time to study the options offered, I have lived in Europe and saw the EU from that angle as well as from the British side, and I didn’t like what I was learning or seeing. I am well old enough to recall the stealth of the early 1970’s when Britain was bounced into what was to become the European Union and I thought then as now that such a move would lead to Socialism and then to Communism and it is well on its way. To see 600,000 people wandering around the streets of London having mostly been conned into thinking as you put it, ‘a cushy existance,’ would be lovely and keep us all warm and comfortable doing exactly what a group of enslaving socialists would demand of us. Traitors the lot of them-perhaps many misguided shall we agree-and deplorable to use Sir Winston Churchill’s statue as a theme for goading the rabble to vote remain in the EU-he would have been a leaver but I doubt he would have ever allowed Britain to be conned as it has been in the first place.


  29. pugnazious says:

    Remainers don’t understand maths, or democracy. If 16.1 million votes don’t beat 17.4 million how does 700,000 wailing voices in the wilderness win the argument? Less is more? Should that be the Remainer slogan?

    Seems the EU doesn’t understand democracy either…it wasn’t the politicians who took us out of the EU but ‘The People’….


  30. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    Henceforth this demo should be referred to as ‘The March of the NPCs’.

    Apparently calling them this really stings and they are trying to make it a hate crime.

    (For the uninitiated it means non-playing character and is a mindless slogan shouting nonentity. Rather apt, yes?)


    • Scroblene says:

      Love it, Yasser!

      In the good old days, Private Eye would have started a column called ‘Snowballs’, where snowflakes, sjws and – yes – npcs, could all get quoted for their vacuous mumblings, sqeaky voices, lattes on a stick etc, and we could all have a good laugh.

      Of course, that doesn’t happen today and the much-despised bbc turn up to take endless pics of people who’ve never really grown up.

      NPCs! National car parks would have a field day, or at least somewhere to park the three coaches of oddballs who didn’t understand what they were voting for!


  31. Roland Deschain says:

    Interesting to see that all mention of the march has gone from the BBC’s front page. Could it be that the numbers claimed and reported in the media do not bear scrutiny and it’s best not to have them questioned?


  32. taffman says:

    Because Trump news trumps all on Al Beeb . They hate the POTUS.


  33. Beeb Brother says:

    What they never mention about all these ‘marches’ is the huge leisure element. Who would not want a day out in fantastic London, especially with free transport there and back? It must also be a great chance to meet girls, especially on one of these ultra middle class anti Trump events. Meeting a girl called Annabelle by Trafalgar Square and falling in love discussing politics over coffee . . . That is the stuff of fantasy, not some noble ‘resistance.’ You could imagine Richard Curtis writing a blockbuster romantic comedy about it.

    I do not agree with them at all but I would have loved to have a day out in London; alas I had children to look after. Where do they get all this free time to devote to ‘activism’?


    • Guest Who says:

      A friend bragged on Facebook about going on this the other day. There was a scattering of oo’s and ah’s from unsurprising quarters but then, hilariously, it went the shape of a pear.

      Because they decided to combine it with a series of social engagements. ‘Meet at Cafe Poseur for a skinny at 11?’. And all of a sudden the rest of us joined in.. perhaps not in the way hoped.

      I have heard that he popped into Waitrose and emerged with a ‘Gentleman’s Smoked Chicken Caesar Roll’ for lunch, but got spotted by some of Sadiq’s feminist morals police, and was torn limb from limb.


    • smoogie7 says:

      ‘Where do they get all this free time to devote to ‘activism’?’

      I have mentioned that there is a hint of Labour voters around so people with a bit of free time and liking free stuff as in free transport?

      I should have taken advantage of it as well and had a free day in London and then disappeared off somewhere else. Maybe jumped on the train towards Hampton Court and bask in some real British history of kings and queens and see the English gardens before sneaking on the coach back home.

      I wonder how many people who went are actually Brexiters who simply went on for the day out?


      • Rich says:


        I wonder how many on this march are actually British or even entitled to vote?

        How many of them I wonder are ,although born in Britain, first generation, with parents from countries lesser to ours, without the innate understanding of democracy that those indigenous to Britain are born with pre Common purpose re-education?

        Take a look at the number of bBBC staff who have non-British surnames, including those that are obviously Irish, or are the offspring of immigrants to Britain. Many come from nations where religion, often Islam or even devout Catholicism, has a huge influence on or control of social and political life and others from countries that are politically corrupt or unstable, often no more than dictatorships. Basically societies where they are told what to think and do.

        It baffles me as to how these people, when given the opportunity to think for themselves and given a democratic voice, replace the ideologies and beliefs that they found repressive and that they claim to reject with others such as extreme socialism, marxism, political correctness or by converting to Islam. It perhaps explains the dedication by many to the EU, but can not excuse it, and I find their continued ingratitude to Britain and their slavish obedience to doctrine, along with the treachery of those afforded the freedoms of Britain by history and birth, offensive and pathetically cowardly.


        • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

          All of the above are a prerequisite to work for that shower.

          John Smith or Tony Jones need not apply.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Also, the MSM rags would have been more honest if their headline read:
      A bunch of Remainers go on a march to Remain in the EU.


  34. Roland Deschain says:

    This speaks for itself. That’s one of the regularly-wheeled-out-by-the-BBC remainers.



    • Roland Deschain says:

      Close up of the placard that Adonis is happy for a child that age to carry and be photographed with:



      • smoogie7 says:

        Poor kid doesn’t even know what is going on. I expect then when the schools go back after half term he will be the one sent out of class for calling another kid a ‘ball bag’


      • R P McMurphy says:

        Written by a female no doubt. The male anatomy always used for an insult or derision. Can you imagine if the reverse was used. A little mangina in the making there. Should have been at the rugger or soccer with his dad.


      • Dave666 says:

        Somebody should report that child for a visit by social services.


    • john in cheshire says:

      The caption should read:
      Village idiot, using a child as a prop to promote his imbecilic ideas.


  35. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Does anyone know if there was any violence or trouble at this march?
    Had it been a leave march you would expect the black clad, face hidden antifa (and the rest of the losers) to come and cause trouble so that the police and media can blame the leavers.


    • theisland says:

      Antifa were probably at the march with their parents.


    • Guest Who says:

      No. And the remainers, and police, and government are missing the actual point you make.

      If Treezer had been Home Sec and Alistair Campbell had muttered that it would be a shame that any old white men with beards walking their dogs didn’t make it through the day if she lets a Leave march proceed, the M25 would have been barricaded.


  36. MarkyMark says:

    Politicians …. praying that you forget what they said 5 minutes ago ….




  37. Jeff says:

    I didn’t see her at first. I’d just tuned into The Marr Show and was pouring my first cup of rosy of the morning and had my back to the telly. I heard the voice and she sounded about twelve and was waffling about what a disaster Brexit was going to be and that Brexit voters (that’s me and 17.4 million other voters) needed to be educated.
    And then I turned I caught sight of this ghastly apparition sitting on the comfy BBC sofa.
    A black girl, smothered in tattoos, rings, studs and other bits of ironware threaded about her face and body. And I thought, Jesus H Christ, she is a spokesperson for yesterday’s Remoaner march; is this the best they can muster? Actually it probably is!
    I’d been up in town yesterday evening, meeting a mate and blowing the froth off a few, as the stragglers of this highly hyped demo mooched along to Victoria Station. A number stopped off in “our” boozer and as they sipped their over priced white wines they were clearly happy that they were going to be given a sympathetic hearing by the dear old Beeb. And they weren’t wrong! .
    This semi literate half wit, lecturing us from Marr’s sofa was a bloody embarrassment. If anyone from the Tommy Robinson camp had turned up for an interview looking like they’d just dragged themselves out of a puddle and sounding like the village idiot, they’d be torn to bits. As it was she was treated like some sort of political sage.
    No-one asked her “Who the fxxx are you to tell us what’s good for us? You can’t even dress yourself!”
    In fact the ever impartial Marr even offered her advice, telling her to get the message out to the north and east of Britain. Thanks Andy!
    You know, I wonder if the media will be quite so sensitive and helpful next week when Tommy Robinson goes back to court?
    Probably not…


  38. smoogie7 says:

    Scare mongering?

    ‘UK firms near point of no return

    Businesses are becoming exasperated at the lack of progress in Brexit talks and are pausing or cancelling investment in the UK.

    A week that many had hoped would bring progress in the talks has now come and gone without a breakthrough.

    Employers group the CBI says 80% of surveyed members feel Brexit uncertainty has already had a negative impact on investment decisions.

    On Friday, Theresa May held a conference call with 150 top bosses.

    She wanted to reassure them that she was still confident of striking a deal and that she recognised their concerns.’

    Any good news to counter this? The BBC don’t post good news so of course I can see none of that on their website.


  39. NISA says:

    Mention his name often enough & maybe readers will be left with the impression he is to blame
    Woman dies after crash at Trump golf course
    The crash happened near the entrance to the Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeenshire
    A woman has died following a crash near the Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeenshire
    Police said the 38-year was in a black Volkswagen Golf that crashed on the A90 at the entrance to the Trump resort in Menie


  40. DavidS says:

    Loving this:
    ‘We are the EU robot’


  41. Dave666 says:

    Lots of coverage on BBc was there an official attendance figure? Certainly no where near 17 million not so much on Sky.


  42. taffman says:

    We have already had a ‘peoples’ vote following the £9 million leaflet telling us to ‘stay in’ the EU and the great debates that followed, yet we voted out.
    The marching desperado are calling for another vote? We have not left the EU yet, we need to get out first.
    We all knew that the desperado Remainers would get more desperate. Expect even more to come from Al Beeb. Al Beeb knows its end will be nigh once we get out.
    Things may change after Wednesday if Mrs Chamberlain gets her marching orders and if the 1922 Committee grow some?
    Anything on Al Beeb about next Wednesdays meeting?


  43. oldcrone says:

    Losers March … interesting opinions?


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      Young people? Educated? Informed? British?

      What a load of overhyped tosh it all is.


  44. RJ says:

    I know all about Godwin’s Law, but I found this interesting. We’re always told that all the young and well-educated voted Remain and so the rest of us should defer to them.

    “These were influential and for the most part well-educated men. Two thirds had a university degree, and over half bore the title of doctor, mainly in law. At the same time, they were strikingly young. Almost half were under forty, only two fifty or over.”

    From Mark Roseman’s book “The Villa, the Lake, the Meeting. Wannsee and the Final Solution”, describing the attendees at the Wannsee Conference.

    If you don’t want to read the book there is always the Kenneth Branagh film “Conspiracy”.


  45. john in cheshire says:

    This isn’t related to the Remainer march or directly to the far-left bbc but it does provide a little insight into the filth that pervades our government swamp.

    It’s primarily about the US swamp and the wicked dealings of their swamp dwellers but if you listen to it, you will realise how central were our swamp dwellers in trying to prevent Donald Trump becoming President.

    It isn’t very long but it’s well worth a listen.
    Mrs May and others in our government must be up to their evil necks in all of this.


  46. Guest Who says:

    A President The BBC approves of…

    ‘Marr’ is apt.


  47. david01 says:

    Wow, so many people at the London march. However most blokes that I know were amongst the 4 000 000 attending their professional football club matches, 200 000 watching Heineken cup rugby, 200 000 at race meetings, fishing etc and at least a million playing amateur football, rugby and other sporting passtimes up and down the country. The mindset of the British male is largely to take part in, or watch, sport on a Saturday afternoon, not to wander round Hyde Park 200 miles from home. The march numbers are totally meaningless in terms of trying to ascribe some democratic validity thereto.


  48. Fedup2 says:

    The Guardian has a list of posters carried by the remainer march including one with Boris and TR linked as ‘Blood brothers’ delusions or what …?