“The people of Britain are under attack. We are being brainwashed. We are being brainwashed completely, ceaselessly and cynically… So just who is doing the brainwashing? How are they doing it and for what purposes?

David Sedgwick’s latest book takes the reader on a disturbing journey deep into the realms of mistruth and deception to reveal, for the very first time, the many tricks and subterfuges used by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Every time we engage with BBC content, the author argues, we are exposing ourselves to a very dark art: the art of brainwashing. Wilful, deceitful and incessant, Orwellian parallels define the modern corporation and should chill the soul of all who cherish freedom and liberty. Mind  control is here. This is not fiction.

BBC: Brainwashing Britain? is a shocking expose of mass propaganda, its components and aims. You may never look at Auntie in the same way ever again.”

I commend David’s book and will be doing a video interview with David in January!

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  1. Panda says:

    They can’t be doing a very good job of it. It’s so obvious every single day whether on news, plays, ‘comedies’ and virtually everything else on radio or tv.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      It is obvious to us.
      To those in, or recently departed from, the educational propaganda process, the BBC is presenting self evident truths.
      I voted for the Communist candidate once.
      Many on BBBC left school/college with juvenile Socialist views.
      Acquaintance with truth and reality knocked the Lefty nonsense out of us.


  2. Fedup2 says:

    Dear Mr Vance

    Thank you for information about this book and for this website .
    I monitor and support your comments on Twitter as we look forward to an EU – free 2019. Happy Christmas ..


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      Special thanks to you and other moderators for your hard work this year.
      Relax over Christmas.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Thank you -LastChance – trying to avoid the BBC and heading to box set land …but will be monitoring this site …


  3. Dover Sentry says:

    Brainwashing Britain Corporation.


  4. Guest Who says:

    Brainwashing? Surely not?

    They will be allllll over this, no doubt.


    • vesnadog says:

      “isn’t it a bit odd”

      Correct! we must never forget George SOROS paying $2000 or more to any anti-Trump protestor who turn up at Trumps inaurguation now in office :

      Billionaire financier George Soros provides the money for anti-Christian activism and violent protests worldwide.

      Step forward financier George Soros. The billionaire funds ‘Occupy Wall Street’ through an intermediary known as the Tides Foundation in San Francisco. Look for any anti-Christian NGO worldwide, and you can be sure the Tides Foundation is funding it. Gay rights in Uganda, abortion rights in Tanzania, you name it. Tides, and others like them, are putting up the money.


  5. G says:

    Petition past 250K mark and still doing well. Average 967 per hour over the last 4 hours. Bravo!


  6. Navets says:

    David Vance
    Just bought a Kindle version, can’t wait to read it. Thanks for the heads-up


  7. Nibor says:

    Debate in politics is no more . It’s sneering and denouncing anyone not of ones thinking . It’s specialists telling us what to think and do , and thus how to vote .
    This is especially true of the liberal/ left and its mouthpiece the BBC .
    The Labour Party is no longer the party of the working man even under Corbyn and McDonnell . It’s the party of university lecturers , bureaucrats and troughers . The Conservatives seem hardly better . More attention is paid to pressure groups , corporates and public payroll shouters than the mass of ordinary people .


    • tarien says:

      It is indeed Nibor no longer the party of the working man and never really was. The main source controlling the Labour party and its policies comes through the auspices of those whose control of world affiars, bring pressure to bear on weak broken political parties such as Labour. These controllers have used Labour over many years to be subservient to their polices of that time-to disrupt the economy in order for them the Elites to gain more, to place fear into the minds of the people through the many ‘Think Tanks’ under their control-and so on…. Indeed they have and still are being conned left right and centre ceaselessly & that includes the Conservatives.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      This tendency is at least a century old.
      Political Parties, Robert Michels.
      The Road to Serfdom, Friedrich Hayek.
      The Managerial Revolution, James Burnham.
      The Ruling Class, Gaetano Mosca.

      There must be more recent books but I have not read any of them.


  8. Moodswing6 says:

    I haven’t commented for a few months maybe? Truth is I can’t remember exactly. I get my main news/information from the John Lewis wine bar in Oxford Street. It’s a damn sight more interesting and trustworthy than that WE BELIEVE THAT WE GOT IT ABOUT RIGHT building around the corner.
    I have a new Samsung smart TV on my bedroom wall. No TV licence because I don’t need one as I only stream Netflix, Prime and you tube. Notice how I didn’t use capital letters for yt because I can’t even trust that any more. I can’t trust anything anymore. Those of us on this site are aware how bad things are and probably feel like I do. Not quite as hung over as I am but you will get my point. Night before last I couldn’t sleep. Despite being exhausted I was drifting in and out of……..for the first time in months I switched on the radio. It was tuned to bbc radio 4. I heard the end of a world service documentary about a US destroyer that was captured back in the late 50’s early 60’s as a spy ship. Sorry to be vague or not 100% accurate but unlike bbc or any main stream news/reporting I try to post some truth/honesty. The news followed and the first headline/story was as I knew it would be about President Trump. Yep even after at least 4 months maybe even 6 months of never switching on the radio and I was a guy who had the radio on constantly both for news and entertainment here I was in the early hours taking a risk and hoping that I might find/get something honest and real. Are you kidding me. I expected the topics to be about 4 things and that was President Trump, Brexit, transgender, or multiculturalism because that’s all the bbc can now do or what they choose to do or what they are told/instructed to do. The very first news story was about a woman (SYRIAN) who had been granted a visa permission to visit the US to see her dying son before his life support system was turned off. This was tied into of course President Donald Trump and his ban on the 7 Muslim countries regarding visa applications and travel to the US. I’m trying to be as accurate as possible but may not be due to my alcohol intake, my health and the surprise and disgust ANGER at what I was hearing after ignoring not listening too or turning on the radio for so long. The most important things I picked up were muslim ban on travel. Dying sons bedside, switching off life support etc etc. So we have the bbc as always leading the news with a pro Islam anti trump brainwashing headline news story about a woman and her dying son. No other background about anything. Regardless of the true circumstances about the story it was as I expected a complete and successful attack on President Trump. The rest of THE NEWS was non eventful propaganda rubbish. Next up was HARD TALK. Yes I should have switched off but I let it go further. It was the obnoxious John Sackur. He was interviewing/interrogating famous author Lee Child. I confess never new of heard of this man who created the Jack Reacher character. That makes me pretty sad because I like to be up to date/knowledgable about people and world events. That’s why I used to listen to and TRUST the bbc. That’s why I used interview/interrogate because Sackur Stephen wasn’t being very hard on Mr Child this made me suspicious and sure enough into this hard talk piece guess what the bbc managed to do. Yes they brought up guns and violence which feature in child’s books but Sackur, succour, shit face turned it into another Donald Trump attack. A hit piece. Now Mr Child who is a very famous very wealthy author someone I should know of be aware of and feel ashamed that I’d never heard of or if I did, had not rememberd actually replied in a response to a question about President Trump in relation to whether he’s read about Jack Reacher …… Mr Child’s response was I DONT THINK HE READS.
    This is the bbc WORLD SERVICE. It was my go to place for knowledge and trusted information at one point in my life. Ok I’m posting now. It’s a rant and if I was as articulate and as knowledgeable as many on here it would be spot on. However despite any factual errors and the way too long tirade you will understand my despair about not only the bbc and brexit and the government and everything. Merry Christmas and happy un global compact. It has been very cleverly hidden by the bbc and T May.


    • Fedup2 says:

      The World Service is a concentrated reflection of what has happened to the BBC. When it was funded by the Foreign Office is was professional and trustworthy -without the continuos drone of left wing anti British bias .

      The World Service used to be the place I went to for grown up authoritative radio. Not any more.

      The BBC took over financing and the rot set in . People go on about Britain having ‘soft power’ but if it was the World Service discerning listeners will smell the propaganda and wonder what the hell happened to Britain .

      Mood swing – your comment was not a rant . I think it’s a common view .


      • Kaiser says:

        the Foreign Office has been infected with all the leftie nonsense as well the end result would have been the same sh*te being spouted


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      “from the John Lewis wine bar in Oxford Street”
      Would that be part of the John Lewis organisation which has 99% black models displaying their clothing?
      Which is on my list of companies which are to be Nationalised without any compensation to shareholders.
      Which is a long list.

      Which is also on my list of companies whose senior employees are to be investigated for crimes including treason.


      • Moodswing6 says:

        Are things really as bad as that at John Lewis. The drinks are really well priced at the wine bar.


  9. Guest Who says:

    The BBC of course has ambitions to project its brainwashing a lot further.


  10. tarien says:

    Indeed we have been and still are being brainwashed by the elite which has been their main aim further back than you would want to know. The High Cabal and what they control. The Cabal known perhaps better as the elite own the media, banks, defence and oil industry, they are the wealthiest families of the planet and exercised in a powerful, profound and clandestine manner.
    This control began in Europe and has a continuity that can be traced back to the time when the bankers discovered it was more profitable to give loans to governments than to needy individuals. Their power is enormous and it is through their efforts as to why Brexit is having such a rocky ride. The majority decision by the British people to leave the EU took the elite unusually by surprise. Further as a result of the UK leaving the EU they the elites, could see their control of the EU diminishing as in all probability other countries inside the EU might vote to leave. Some of their stooges such a Soros, have been encouraged to bring about instability in a number of countries within the EU and much publicity has been thrown at this matter. The Elite are and will do anything they can to stop Britain leaving without a deal, it is not in their interests to see us fly away from the EU control which of course is fully under their control.
    Winston Churchill knew of them (the elites) and knew that despite the dangers, he would have to use them, to enable him and the British nation to fight WW2. Now they are the main reason for the fighting in the Middle East. Whilst those countries war, so they make enormous sums of money-they have no qualms concerning the massive disruption to the various populations such war brings. President Donald Trump’s decision to pull his troops out of the Syrian debacle will be vehemently fought by the elite; their profits will drop.
    A global economic system erected on inhuman and predatory values, where a few possess more wealth than the billions of hungry put together, will end, but the end will be painful and bloody. It is a system in which the elite thrive on war and widespread human misery, on death and destruction by design. As Einstein said, “I do not know how the Third World War will be fought, but I can tell you what they will use in the Fourth – sticks and stones!”
    Perhaps we should all consider those words.


  11. Eddy Booth says:

    who are ‘they’?


  12. pugnazious says:

    BBC not bothered enough to report threats to Tommy Robinson’s family from left-wing thugs…that ever present threat from various sources….not to mention the constant bullying his kids get. Death threats to ‘political’ people and bullying…two subjects the BBC usually loves to cover in depth…depends of course who you are…Jo Cox or Muslim/BAME persuasion you can guarantee frontpage news.

    Boris is cleared of wrong-doing after the Burkha scandal that never was….but the BBC haven’t yet noticed….still working on the script for Nicky Campbell….Boris was cleared however…….

    Even the Guardian mentions it…..and remember why Boris was attacked so savagely….by pro-Remain and Muslim activists….it was an invented ‘outrage’ designed to silence a political opponent, nothing to so with genuine concern about Burkha clad women and jokes…..

    ‘Boris Johnson has been cleared of breaking the Conservative party’s code of conduct over his comments about veiled Muslim women.

    An independent panel investigated the former foreign secretary’s comments after he used his Daily Telegraph column to suggest women wearing the burqa looked like letter boxes or bank robbers.

    His comments triggered a furious response from senior Tories, with demands for an apology from party chairman Brandon Lewis. The panel is understood to have found he was “respectful and tolerant” and was fully entitled to use “satire” to make his point in his column in August.’

    What about those two women murdered in Morocco?

    The Mail…..

    ‘It’s Allah’s will’: Fanatics branded two Scandinavian women the ‘enemies of God’ as they filmed themselves decapitating one of the tourists in Morocco – ‘and posted video pledging allegiance to ISIS’

    The BBC’s story, hidden away on the Europe page, gives a much less informative and dramatic take on things the women merely suffering knife wounds….guess being beheaded could be so described…quite a serious ‘wound’ though!

    ‘Four men arrested over the murders of two Scandinavian women in southern Morocco had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group in a video shared on social media, a prosecutor says.

    Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, and Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway, were found dead from knife wounds near a popular tourist spot.’

    The BBC just aren’t interested in this story or the others listed above….just as they aren’t with so many others of a similar nature that portray and report uncomfortable truths about the BBC’s favoured groups be they Corbyn or Allah flag-waving supporters.

    Interesting that the BBC did put out quite a lot about Corbyn and his ‘Stupid woman’ comment [which he did make] but have been less than enthusiastic about covering Labour’s little problem with anti-Semitism….the BBC more comfortable defending women’s rights [Pay aside] than Jewish ones? Guess it depends who is being anti-Semitic…Chelsea fans in Hungary and the BBC are on their case….Britain’s opposition and a leader whom many in the Jewish community thinks is himself anti-Semitic and the BBC seem not too interested. The leader of a major political party…and the BBC are not interested…..Tommy Robinson on the other hand…..


  13. Beeb Brother says:

    The devil is often in the detail with the vile BBC: “radicalised on the internet” is a a typical one, which absolves them having to ask any questions about what on Earth is happening in these ROP ghettoes. They talk with such confidence and authority though that you can easily get conned.

    I hate how they frame things, which is telling you what to think before anything is said. Jordan Peterson is described as an ‘author’ rather than ‘former Harvard lecturer’ whereas some puffed up sh*t stirrer with the IQ of a crisp is nobly described as a ‘community leader’ ; Mueller is ‘respected’ rather than ‘conflicted’; obviously anyone with a modicum of decency is ‘Far right’; we ‘crash out’ of the EU rather than ‘break free.’

    Thank God we have alternatives now. Like all tyrants they will squirm and do everything possible to cling on to power but with every day that passes their power diminishes. Every time the noble US president denounces them as ‘fake news’ I quiver with delight, and they must privately curse themselves for finally being rumbled. We will never forget their disgraceful behaviour with Trump and Brexit. God only knows how many lies they have got away with in the past which we never found out about.


  14. Philip says:

    Another BBC Book is out this Christmas. Not quite as insidious as the one above but made all the more relevant as its been written by a BBC member of staff (who left in 2012). Its further reviewed in a long feature by the ‘leftie’ influenced London Book Review…

    Can’t afford to Tell The Truth by Owen Bennet-Jones on the state of the BBC… writing in December 2018 London Book Review*

    Trouble at the BBC according to Chris Moore (Author of Going Gone: How Newsrooms Die) * has worked as a BBC staff insider at the top and is now (ex) BBC (2012) tells it like it is. This book review is a serious article outlined by Owen Bennett-Jones on the state of the BBC is a take on the waste and mismanagement of the BBC Corporate. He documents a long list of BBC failures including wasting £3.8 Billion pounds a year on its mission to compete with Facebook, Apple, Netflix and Google… He explains that the cost strapped BBC (always short or money – so they say) cannot ever hope to compete with any of them for a number of reasons, that Chris Moore explains in the book. He likens the BBC to the poll tax as it has to reach 90% of th UK audience which is steadily and increasingly dwindling. He points out that the BBC are able to use figures that measure radio and TV audiences in terms of once a week, once a month even if viewers or listeners only do so for a second or minute. The BBC are able to chalk this up as adding to the numbers. This is important for the BBC as the BBC funding is based on hitting this number, (as the Author stresses) is a higher BBC priority than anything else such as informing, educating and entertaining. From the BBC’s point of view, he states that for several reasons the BBC are doomed as they are desperate to raise revenue but are hopeless at living within their means. This means for an example the BBC takes thirty staff to Davos (World Economic Forums) and over a hundred to Nelson Mandela’s funeral. BBC Managers spend most of there time avoiding ‘bad’ publicity on excessive deployments that many of us read about in the Daily Mail. The cost over runs are so excessive ‘in-house’ is due to routines that commercial companies just could not afford. Such as using the same ‘spokespeople’ until it becomes obvious that in house messaging has to be called in to ‘halt’ repeated use of their favourite pundits. Each programme sets its own budget and economies of scale is never materialised. The BBC journalists are competing with each other and suspicious of each other in equal measure. It is a pecking order of conformity, lesser journalist refusing to appear on lesser programmes as they consider beneath them. An example is the bottom of the pile is Radio Wales and Radio Scotland. These are services by a team of freelancers who are paid £40 for just three minutes work. Barely any thought is given to what other broadcasters are doing. They are too preoccupied with what other people are doing at the BBC. For an independent UK programme maker, selling a single TV documentary to the BBC can involve ten face to face meetings, dozens of conference calls, and several hundred emails over a year or two.

    That the BBC can waste so much money is argument enough for radical reform of its funding arrangements. And a change is bound to come. Moore accounts for the slow decline of the World Service, its incompetent take over ill motivated, and grossly overpaid managers….. Moore is furious that these senior executives have dismantled the best aspect of the World Service. More complained but got nowhere with these imposed senior managers who were there solely for the high salaries and pension arrangements. He gives examples of Mark Thompsom (former DG), Alan Yentob and their ilk in which he set about the hopeless task of urging them to fly economy. Since the W1A appeared BBC managers (under parody) have become a national joke. The problem, he says, is structural. Today the system has collapsed, Tough decisions are endlessly battled between departments – programme, legal, editorial policy, multi-media, news and current affairs, and even health & safety – as everyone tries to avoid taking a decision. Manager’s admit (talking about the World Service) lack any knowledge of what editorial decisions that came before them. BBC managers are also unsackable. None have been sacked even when confronted with Jimmy Saville expose or the public court case against the BBC by Cliff Richard changes anything at the BBC. Nobody resigns at the BBC. It was ITV that had to uncover the abuse of Jimmy Saviile, the BBC refused to expose or even that he ever worked for the BBC.

    The BBC claim to have over 5 hundred million world wide listeners however this is sleight of hand to achieve this which makes it largely meaningless. The trick is to chop it up into smaller pieces and range it out on every social media platform imaginable even if momentarily and by accident, counts as a member of this audience. The BBC does attract an audience in failed states around the world such as Somali, Afghanistan and South Sudan although it does not measure them in those countries. The BBC performs badly in the US where its agenda is seen (by those bought up on FOX news) see the BBC as a liberal leaning reinforced by the ‘re-broadcasting’ on US funded public radio stations whose audiences tend to be liberal.

    Underlying all these uncertainties is the BBC claim to be ‘..the World’s Service is one of the important cultural exports and one of our sources of global influence.’ This statement by Lord Hall, the Director General of the BBC who is convinced that the BBC is in the first rank of British brands, alongside the royal family and the premier league. Such statements are intended to encourage generous licensee fee settlements and top-up funds for the World Service.

    Despite such sentiment, there is plenty of evidence that the BBC, in both its international and domestic manifestations, deserves the epithet ‘state broadcaster’. The most important moment in the recent history of the BBC news was the publication of the Hutton inquiry into the surroundings of the death of scientist David Kelly. The report was highly critical of the BBC and ever since, editorial controls on output have become ever stifling. Most (BBC) editors now are less concerned about what should be ‘in’ than what should be left ‘out’. Its a fear of compliance and peer pressure. The vast output of news is is now merely sanctioned news from officials, and other news outlets. Most BBC journalists prefer to read the News (such as in The Guardian) rather than break the news nor see it as their job to do.

    Until 1990’s it was the job of Mi5 to monitor the political opinion of its staff. This is no longer the case. The BBC can ‘leak’ information and change the timing or release of information to secure favourable coverage even to the point of denying it exists.

    There are so many failures at the BBC but the license fee creates the incentive. The BBC still enjoys a high level of public support. The author argues that this is because of the reflection in the rest of the media and he gives two examples. which I find fascinating reading from a BBC insider…

    Of the two national dailies The Guardian and the Financial Times both together have 334,000 circulation. Both papers have consistently been against BREXIT. Despite the BBC claim of ‘balance’ (which is still unproven I think, although the book the author claims otherwise). The two papers that backed BREXIT had over 4 million readers (that would be the Daily Mail and Express).

    However, those that don’t trust the BBC around 20% to 35% are rejection what they think is fake news. All this poses a significant challenge to the BBC. No matter how many time the BBC point out a fake news item, it fails to alter the belief. Although the BBC insists on its commitment to impartiality there are times when it takes sides and ‘tells the truth’ as the BBC declares that a failure to lead, on some issues, a failure to take sides will lead to bad publicity.

    As an example of this (so called) impartiality we are given the Climate Change Lobby, which the BBC had endorsed as ‘truth’ and that MMR vaccination does not cause autism. Not because of medical fact but the fear or of a backlash (from higher up) if it doesn’t.

    The same goes for BREXIT. The fact checking only goes so far. The BBC is nervous about its future, it cannot survive without government subsidy and yet the licensee fee is unsustainable (an outdated and unpopular poll tax). A subscription is considered for some channels. The BBC has a hundreds of channels and most of Radio and TV will have be accountable to the huge losses it generates annually. If more widely known many would close.

    The BBC will never embrace such a future. And it is to big to be reformed.

    I have edited this and added some comment but you can see the general direction of the book. It is a lament of the once famous BBC let down by new wave minions hell bent on taking over the BBC for their own destructive politic and in doing so lining their pockets as the ship sinks. I have left out much more that may be of interest but I have had to edit a lot. Its worth more as he is passionate about saving the BBC, but he fears its too late. They are sinking. And many BBC presenters and staff unhappy with this overall direction are jumping ship. This could be the end of the BBC.

    Going Gone: How Newsrooms Die
    Authored by ex BBC sound engineer; Chris Moore, 254 pages.

    Daily Mail:

    *London book review.