Midweek Open Thread 30 January 2019

If the first ‘sitting ‘ MP in 30 years gets sent to prison one might have thought an objective news organisation might have fully reported it . But as we know the Far Left BBC is anything but objective and the Lady MP isn’t the subject of much criticism by the MSM.

As an aside – she is making the traditional ‘appeal’ noises but might realise that to get 3 months for that sort of crime is more than soft – particularly since she is a ‘lawyer’. The BBC relegated story to a Cambridgeshire story – an insult to reporting the News .

Midweek Open Thread 23 January 2019

A new word has entered the language – Dox

‘To search for and publish private or identifying information about ( a particular individual) on the internet , typically with malicious intent”- used recently in the Catholic School boy incident in America which the hateful left wrongly misinterpreted and exploited .

So bits of the world change for the worse -don’t they ?