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  1. Roland Deschain says:

    Agreed. But the poison spreads far beyond the BBC, as both the Buzzfeed and the Covington Catholic this week prove.


    • Guest Who says:

      Well, Katty is doing well out of this, for one.




      • Roland Deschain says:

        Katty & Jon appear to have gone uncharacteristically quiet on Twitter today. For some reason.


        • Guest Who says:


        • Guest Who says:

          RD – maybe this is why?

          Of course, being the bbc, all fines covered and a promotion down the line are assured.


        • Guest Who says:

          Ricky clearly waits for them to tell him how to think. Or rethink.


          For an avowed comedian to go the #justjoking route but no one thinks it is funny is ‘brave’.

          Wonder what excuse Nish will offer?


      • NCBBC says:

        This is a fairer report and analysis of the incident.


        Having watched the youtubes, the boys were restrained beyond belief. Its the Native American and the so called Black Hebrews (whoever they are), who were totally out of order. As adults they lacked any sense of restraint and good manners. Just boorish and vulgar. They certainly are not good examples.

        The Native American and Blacks took advantage of their higher cultural status (undeserved as they or their group identity has contributed nothing, zero, to civilisation), and racially abused the boys.

        Unfortunately for these well behaved young boys, they were White, boys and Christian. That puts them bottom of the pile in the West.

        In a previous post, I pointed out the immense damage that is being done, through the last 20 years of denigrating White boys. Most of it done in school by mostly female feminist teachers, heavily indoctrinated by Marxist lecturers at universities.

        Weekend open Thread 19 January 2019

        It is most important that we support and encourage all young men we come across, regardless of their race, for if men lose their courage, we all lose. Women most of all.


        • Guest Who says:

          It is expected if not excusable that the American media stay true to their TDS biases to the bitter end.


          However, over here it is fascinating the cherry picking going on.

          The BBC is quietly oozing away from the whoopsie they dropped in the initial excitement, but an Indy tweet just a few minutes ago shows the press the BBC relies upon has not.

          What amazes and appalls are the comments, which suggest some really are limited in where they source their information from.

          Oh, and are allowed out unsupervised.


          • NCBBC says:

            Guest who: It is expected if not excusable that the American media stay true to their TDS biases to the bitter end.

            well, here’s how one writer for Vulture put it: “I just want these people to die. Simple as that. Every single one of them. And their parents.” The students were, in this estimate, only “white slugs.”

            I suppose this is what they mean when they attacked a group of well behaved and well mannered young boys. Staying true to their Pavlovian TDS.

            This is so despicable I cannot understand how America has become like this. A decent tolerant and generous Christian country has becone a country that cannot abide decent young boys.

            The US MSM commentariat is wrong. Its not just about Pres Trump. The leftist marxists have a different goal. They had seen an opportunity for making the USA a socialist state. With two terms of Obama followed by two terms of Hillary, and unrestricted migration, it was a good bet. In fact a certain bet.

            That project of turning the USA into a socialist state, after the collapse of the USSR, didn’t happen. The most unlikely candidate defeated the favourite. This was just too bitter a pill to swallow. You could hear the bayings, howlings and sobs of the disappointed, across the world. It was hard to imagine that this was the maturest democracy in the world.

            Hence the threats of beheadings and murder of even decent boys from decent families.

            All of the US MSM it is now fully complicit in this as in totalitarian states of the past. Even now, all they can offer are weak excuses, instead of apologising that they made a very very bad mistake based on their mental distrophy. To get down on their hands and knees and take a vow of silence for a month would be a small token of repentance.


        • StewGreen says:

          here’s a quote of @NCBBC January 19, 2019 at 2:53 pm

          White men are now regarded as a minority group.

          Thirty years of propaganda and persuasion in all media and schools that boys are worth nothing, while designing courses and exams that had little or no challenge, has borne fruit. No of encouragement of boys, while encouraging girls all the time, even to the extent of falsifying grades to benefit girls and ethnic minorities, has borne this evil poison fruit.

          .. Link to his full post
          (direct links within this site itself need to be written in html ..otherwise they don’t work)


        • tarien says:

          Most profound NCBBC- Particularly the para ‘In a previous post… too many female teachers in schools altogether as I find now with my Grandchildren-thankfully my sons were mostly educated within single sex schools by mostly male teachers, and they did well because of it. Not just the fact that they all played Rugby and loved it, or that two of them went into the Military Service which was they agreed hepled by having Male teachers which allowed the lads to retain their maleness and without having to be nasty macho types. My wife and I both went to single sex schools and I think felt happier in that until we went into further education. That took some adjusting on both sides for a short while. But with the seemingly push to involve a female at every level of opporttunity is or will have an effect on the male population-result agressiveness to women or indifference in male/ female relationships-unnatural for a woman to have a baby then six months after be back at work, hardly time to link a close relationship with the child- yes it is appareciated that the family needs two incomes today-another propaganda exercise from the EU and its rulers to keep every person no matter, employed that would generate more money for them irrespective of the damage it causes- I know of young couples who both work god awaful hours, hardly have time to talk properly to their children, or have private moments to themselves which can lead to a breakdown bweteen both, very sad. Labour Government under that loathsome individual T. Blair has been responsible for so much trouble we now face-just look for example at the number of female MP’s in the current Labour party. I’ll stop now and get off my high horse.


          • NCBBC says:

            A few months back I was at a lecture on Renewable energy, given by one of the propaganda quangos of the government. Among the topics, the speaker moaned that it was difficult to get female engineers, so they offered stipends to women in engineering schools. He was clearly virtue signaling, and expected praise.

            Question time I posed the question that since student intake to any STEM discipline was fixed, then a financial bias towards females was going to deprive a deserving male student, in a discipline he wished to do , to a female student that had to be bribed to do engineering.

            This question stopped him dead, as he was expecting praise. He tried to think of an answer that would not put him in greater difficulty.

            Following up, I noted that female entrants to medical students out numbered male students. Was the government doing anything to remedy that discrimination. Umm. We moved on.

            Anyway. I have been doing my best to encourage young boys for 2 decades at least. Over the last year Jordon Peterson has done a sterling job for the same.

            It is of course coming from marxists who have infiltrated the media, BBC chiefly, and educational establishments. This attack on young boys will be the death of Western civilisation, which is what marxists and Islamists want. Young men are distinguished by their courage in adversity, in standing up either peacefully, or when required with their lives. Individually or collectively, young White men have been responsible for ALL Western civilisation. The contribution of any others is virtually nil and secondary.

            T Blair has a lot to answer. He deliberately imported Blacks and Muslims to change the demographics of the UK so Labour would always win elections. This is treason. It never struck him that both these groups have 6 or 7 children, and sooner or later would cause a civil war in the UK. France is our future.


            • tarien says:

              Good points NCBBC well noted. Interesting as the UK’s downward troubles as we know began about the time of WW1 and has continued unabated apart from a short terribel period in WW2 when we had a stateman at the helm for while, he came upon us at the right time. Since then whenever we have had a labour government in power, any good the conservative government may have done was undone, so on step forward 2 steps back or so it seems. The National Health Service was a great innovation but was only meant for those who could not afford the Doctors fee, not to support the whole dam population which now stands around 70 million-of course the service was likely to drop to its knees. Away from that subject to the future of our young men. I did CCF at school in readiness for National Service which I would have had no trouble in doing, however I missed the call up by about 8 months, so instead joined the TA for 2 years and mostly enjoyed it. Such a service as the National Service would do so much for young men-many I knew would never had made a bed in their lives, never done much about cleaning and washing and ironing their clothes, cleaning shoes, learning some manners, such as giving up seat on public transport to a pregnant woman as my parents made me do from a young age-not these days, the woman would probably argue that you were patronising her or some such rubbish. I have three grandchildren two are boys one 11 and one 8 and although they enjoy sport, the younger loves Rugby, however they are often playing alongside girls- I only hope with encouragement they will manage to learn about life without some kind of Propaganda suppression of they being male, pushing them down. My son who spent a number of years in the Royal Navy, had a woman commander as his captain on one ship-in fact the ship had been refurbished to accom women, but after one trip lasting 6 months, the women didn’t want to be with the men gain, so how much did that cost the MOD? Women and healthy young men in very close quarters for a long time! Well you can imagine. Indeed Blair is without doubt the most traiterous person we have had in a postion of power for over 1000 years- should have had his passport ripped up, his citizenship null and void and sent packing pack to the Middle East and delivered to the Taliban.
              My wife and I spent several years working and living in Southern France and enjoyed our time very much, finding the French in the most part welcoming and I think speaking reasonably good French undountedely helped, irrespective we are not Continental, we are British and of Britain, so we voted out of the EU a most subjugating enslaving socialist orgainstaion, and our French friends would be happy to be out as well, they like us see the EU crumbling within a few years if the march if Islam continues to swarm across Europe-now over 75 million Muslims reside there-terrifying.


          • Fedup2 says:

            As a chap it did strike me that women who worked for me would go off and have baby then come back soon after only to give a fair chunk of their pay to someone else to look after it .

            I wonder , too , how much interaction with men these little boys get when they are being raised by the saintly single mum ?

            I understand most primary teachers are female now and men are demonised as paedophiles at worst or misogynistic at best .

            No wonder the suicide rate heads upward .


            • NCBBC says:

              Let us look at Nick Sandmann and his demeanor that has the marxists up in arms, demanding he is beaten up.

              As the photo is a still, one gets the impression that Nick had a fixed smile of superiority. But it turns out that this was a just a brief smile to the Native American, approaching him, that Nick meant no animus.

              But even then, what is so hateful of a person smiling while wearing a MAGA hat.

              What is galling to the marxists is that Nick Sandmann, a Trump supporter, did not immediately hang his head in subservience to his “cultural” superiors – the Native American and the Black thugs.
              What the left marxists are demanding is that all of the West acknowledge defeat and hang their heads in shame for their existence.

              Well great for Nick . He did what Prof Jordon Peterson has been telling browbeaten young men – Stand straight, shoulders back, and head high. Look your opponent in the eye. Smile too.

              The native Americans the Black thugs expected surrender, and got confused when they didn’t get it. The Native American then ran to a compliant marxist media to get his story in first.
              Encourage young men and boys. If they are young men, guide them to Jordon Peterson. Its a matter of survival of civilisation.


            • tarien says:

              Well put Fedup2


  2. Annunaki says:

    Everyone terrified by a hard exit… if I wanted to get divorced I would not be so worried just f@king walk let them get on with it why allow these to dictate our laws and insist we import albanian gangsters, romanian pickpockets and beeg eeshoo sellers and next the turkish sex assaulters and rapists while we all get up tomorrow and scrape the ice off our cars to go to work to pay for their welfare


  3. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    Agreed David. Axe the licensing. Axe the whole damn thing. The BBC spreads poison around the world. Being situated abroad, I really have to stick up for Britain all the time both for it’s role in history and in today’s world. The BBC put forward a distorted view of Britain and it is very persuasive.
    A large number of intelligent people have a poor view of the British today and when I engage with them in debate I ask where they get their views from and it is heavily BBC (or to some extent The Guardian.)
    The problem is the BBC became the model for excellent broadcasting many years ago and despite it’s subsequent decline into a seedy political propaganda channel it is not recognised as such by the world. People take it’s word as gospel sadly, and the Candian CBC, The Aussie ABC and Radio New Zealand are pretty much on the same lines. Though they probably don’t bash their own countries as much as the BBC bashes all things British. They wouldn’t be that unpatriotic.
    If the British want the world to have a positive image of them, then getting rid of the BBC is a must. Wield that axe! With enthusiasm!!


    • LastChanceSaloon says:



      • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

        Yes, that’s what I meant! I felt at the time ‘enthusiasm’ didn’t do my feelings justice.
        But you got the picture, that’s good.


    • tarien says:

      Absolutely Yasser, tell us how we should go about it? Not having the money to spend every night out or sitting on a beach in the Sun, my wife and I watch TV, we now record nearly everything we like to watch and that’s not much, repeats abound, drive one up th wall, BBC spends umteen £10000’s on producing rubbish, plonking journalist’s down in some god forsaken country of absolutely no concern to us, and of course is so bias in every direction-God old Lord Reith would tear his hair out if saw what was going on with the BBC he so lovingly developed. I wonder how it would all be if Televison had not been invented? No Mobile Phones! Wonderful.


  4. MarkyMark says:

    But when the BBC lie it’s too late .. the lie has gone, and the correction never reaches day light …

    Friday 17 November 2017: Question Time, BBC One, 27 October 2017
    A questioner referred to “low and decreasing numbers” of non-white and “poor” students at Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

    In fact the number of BAME (Black and minority ethnic) students at both universities has increased since 2014.

    Research by David Lammy MP, to which this question referred, did not in fact include figures for students from poorer backgrounds.


    . . . .

    Chris Evans, Radio 2, 12 October 2015: Finding by the Editorial Complaints Unit
    A viewer complained that Chris Evans’ references to the first of his upcoming series of TFI Friday on Channel 4 had been inappropriately promotional.

    As the producers of TFI Friday profit from its sale to Channel 4, it comes within the scope of the editorial guidelines dealing with references to commercial products, organisations and services. Contrary to those guidelines, the references to TFI Friday were largely promotional in character, and more numerous than was editorially justifiable.

    Further action
    At a meeting following the finding, the management of BBC Radio spoke to Chris Evans about the issues connected with commercial products and the editorial justifications for mentioning them.


  5. NCBBC says:

    29th March is when the war starts.

    Brexit is just the opening shot to reclaim Britannia from the clutches of multiculti invaders. And proper justice for the tens of thousands of young girls raped by Muslims, in silent concert with the Establishment.


  6. lojolondon says:



  7. StewGreen says:

    I used to think the BBC could be reformed
    but there is something intrinsically bad about large orgs , especially monopolies, that makes them screw up.
    As an engineer we used to get our quotes from GEC , cos they would always be the most expensive. After less than a decade GEC fell apart.
    There is a strong argument not to have commercials
    ..but now it is intereesting the Evans breakfast show won’t have them, just sponsorship.


  8. NCBBC says:

    Austrian Secretary of State at last gets an inkling what politicians have done to Austria and its people.

    One recalls that female politicians were vocal in in supporting the entry of millions of migrants. They were warned here that it will lead to tragedy for girls and women o f Europe but were shouted down.


  9. StewGreen says:

    Banning stuff always seems an easy solution
    “just make it go away”
    ..but the problem is full colour complex, multifaceted
    We have the waste of money, the metrolib supremacist imperial that that causes real damage to society
    eg the way TV cameras can easily make it to Calais , but not into Rotherham or Rochdale
    ..We have to think about the good BBC staff that inside are not corrupted like the rest, and that go around biting their lips and playing the game.

    You can’t just ban stuff, you have to have a fulll plan to move towards.
    eg Start by splitting off and privatising certain BBC units

    And we know the metrolib bias problem is MSM-wide .. not just BBC


  10. Celtic_Mist says:

    The far left Biased BBC and The Guardian would make good bedfellows whilst Attenborough is making a fool of himself..



  11. Celtic_Mist says:

    The Biased BBC was fawning over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, surprised they didn’t report the world ending in 12 years. Actually it isn’t surprising that few of the media fact checked it because what used to be middle is now left and what was right are called radicalized extremists




  12. Celtic_Mist says:

    To get something readable from The Telegraph one has to pay a subscription


  13. Celtic_Mist says:

    #FFS Sky News has gone full remain